Orioles draft Lakewood Ranch's Ohlman...

Orioles draft Lakewood Ranch's Ohlman in 11th round

There are 29 comments on the Bradenton Herald story from Jun 10, 2009, titled Orioles draft Lakewood Ranch's Ohlman in 11th round. In it, Bradenton Herald reports that:

Lakewood Ranch star catcher Michael Ohlman was selected by the Baltimore Orioles with the 326th overall pick of the Major League Baseball 2009 First-Year Player Draft on Wednesday.

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Since: Jan 10

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#21 Jan 12, 2010
Ron wrote:
<quoted text>
In today’s internet world, it is way too easy to find out the truth:
Orioles Draft Report Card
We analyze Baltimore's 2009 draft class
By John Manuel
October 22, 2009
The Hobgood choice may determine how this draft is remembered, but taking him allowed the O's to take chances on Ohlman and Coffey. By diversifying, Baltimore got the impact up-the-middle talent it wanted in Ohlman and Givens while also getting power arms.
BEST POWER HITTER: With his 6-foot-4, 200-pound frame, C Michael Ohlman (11) resembles Jayson Werth, whom the Orioles drafted in the first round in 1997. Ohlman has similar 25-30-homer power potential. Townsend also has plus power.
BEST LATE-ROUND PICK: Ohlman, who got a round-record $995,000 bonus, and Coffey ($990,000) are being counted on to be the best of this bunch. Also, in the December issue of Baseball American Michael Ohlman was named the #1 late round (after the 10th) pick in the draft.
Its one thing to render nasty, malicious, bitter, spiteful and vindictive opinions based on a subjective outlook – it is quite another to take a stance based on total and complete lies which are easily refuted with a little knowledge and research. So it begs the question: how and why would someone embark on a diatribe like this? Is it drugs and/or alcohol? Are you simply a sociopath, hell-bent on spewing your hatred with absolutely no conscience as to your actions, and total disregard for the truth? Are you bipolar, transitioning back and forth between fantasy and reality, with no concept of the difference? Either way, you are a sad and pathetic person as your attitude and behavior cannot be reasonably explained or understood.
Okay guy, put your anger away and re-read what you wrote there..... today's research from the internet like these blogs are unchecked and filled with wrong facts. Many, many, many times, agents and/or parents,(coaches especially), will put it out there what the numbers are for a draftee in order to have a better selling point to bargain with. The fact is, I do have firsthand experience with this subject, working for a Major league team as well as Minor league and you don't.... I can and you can not,look up these facts that you have wrong. You sound like you have little man syndrome, nasty and angry.... Get a grip!!

Since: Jan 10

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#22 Jan 12, 2010
carlo wrote:
<quoted text>so is cheating
his h.s. coach,not michael, yes it's out there.

Bradenton, FL

#23 Jan 12, 2010
Tom wrote:
<quoted text>
Wrong on both Accounts A@@H@le:
Jim Callis / Baseball America:
Orioles Sign Ohlman For $995,000 — The Orioles have signed 11th-round pick Michael Ohlman for $995,000. With Ohlman and 22nd-rounder Cameron Coffey (who got $990,000), Baltimore has paid the two highest bonuses known after the 10th round this year.— A catcher from Lakewood Ranch High …
Jim Callis / Baseball America:
Yankees Sign Murphy For $1.25 Million — The Yankees have signed J.R. Murphy, and BA's Aaron Fitt has confirmed that his bonus is $1.25 million. That's the highest bonus in the second round this year, and more than double MLB's $477,900 guideline for his draft slot (No. 76).
Everyone wants to know why you have it out for Michael Ohlman. What did he or his family ever do to you to warrant being in your cross-hairs? Or are you just one of those people who isn't happy unless you are wasting time trying to make someone else miserable?
Tom.. Michael Ohlman is a VERY NICE GUY and is friends with the boys on our past high school team. We just saw him at a bonfire this last week.... It's not Michael that any of this is really about, but how the Lakewood Ranch H.S. coach cheated, berated, physically, verbally and emotionally abused his players these last few years and it's all on record....... A lot of the facts came across made up......and not just his...... All of us can not wait to watch Michael succeed and play to his potential. He wasn't given that opportunity in school along with the other guys who could have benefited from Michael's talent..... No record was broken at the high school level among other facts.... Please, you did not keep any of the 1/2 dozen books and stats and we did...and so did his parents for the team.... HELLO!!

Bradenton, FL

#24 Jan 12, 2010
Ron wrote:
I doubt the Orioles gave Ohlman $995,000 because the high school stat book looked nice.
You're right, they didn't....

Centerville, UT

#25 Jan 16, 2010
carlo wrote:
<quoted text>Tom.. Michael Ohlman is a VERY NICE GUY and is friends with the boys on our past high school team. We just saw him at a bonfire this last week.... It's not Michael that any of this is really about, but how the Lakewood Ranch H.S. coach cheated, berated, physically, verbally and emotionally abused his players these last few years and it's all on record....... A lot of the facts came across made up......and not just his...... All of us can not wait to watch Michael succeed and play to his potential. He wasn't given that opportunity in school along with the other guys who could have benefited from Michael's talent..... No record was broken at the high school level among other facts.... Please, you did not keep any of the 1/2 dozen books and stats and we did...and so did his parents for the team.... HELLO!!
Carlo, I am so sorry. I had no idea that you had such intimate knowledge and experience with the situation as well as the expertise of working in professional baseball. I just assumed this was just sour grapes from a parent who thought his kid got a raw deal. Please accept my apologies. I’m just an interested observer and casual fan who was hoping to see a “local kid make good”. But, now that I know the real story, I’m embarrassed to say that I was actually rooting for the kid. It’s such a shame that some overzealous parents and his coach could manipulate the kid and everyone else to this extent. As sad as it is, I guess that’s the state of youth sports today.

It appears that postings are now limited, so forgive the fact this has to come in 2 posts. This will be 1 of 2.

Now that I step back and take a look, you are correct about not being able to verify the stories. It is a shame that one must be “on the inside” like you to get the real/true story. I just figured that because all the information and stories I was seeing in the Bradenton Herald, Baseball America, the Baltimore Sun, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, from Orioles management, as well as Orioles Fan internet sites, etc., was all so consistent, it must be true. How foolish of me to make that assumption. Thank you for setting me straight. The parents and coach must be absolutely horrible, shameless people to be this manipulative, conniving and controlling. Do you think this was primarily his parents or the coach who is responsible for this fabrication and fraud?(Sounds to me like you are laying blame on both parties) For this kind of a ruse to take place, there has to be a tremendous level of planning, collusion and cooperation; to be able to pull off a lie like this and totally bluff your way into professional baseball. You would think that someone would have slipped up along the way, or one of them would have “grown a conscience” at some point and blown the whole lie apart. It also makes one wonder how Ohlman turned out to be “a likable kid” as you say, given the incredible lack of character and ethics of the unscrupulous people surrounding him. I feel sorry for him, because it appears he is a victim here too. But, your version also explains and validates some of the other ugly, negative comments I have seen attached to other stories. Based on your knowledge and insight and the other comments I have seen, these corrupt and manipulative folks must have made some real enemies along the way.

Centerville, UT

#26 Jan 16, 2010
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While your explanation now makes sense, there are a couple of things that I hope you can clarify for me to help me understand a few of the finer points:
Why would someone give up a chance to play at the University of Miami for just a $60,000 professional contract? That does not seem like its enough money to cause someone to give up the opportunity to play for one of the premier programs in the country and at the same time, get a Miami education. Heck, a degree from Miami is probably worth an extra $60,000 a year in income after graduation. Could it be that there was never actually a Miami scholarship, or that the parents couldn’t afford the tuition? If they couldn’t afford the tuition, that would also explain why they felt they had to lie, cheat and deceive in order to try to make the kid look better than he really was in hopes of getting more money out of the draft. Maybe they see him as their “gravy train”. If these people are really as horrible as you say, then its possible there was never a Miami scholarship and the story was fabricated, just like his stats, to gain the attention of the scouts and (as you say) to try to use that as leverage to get more money from a professional team? If that is the case, then it really did backfire on them, because in the end, he received little to no money and had no other option, so he had to take what they gave him. What do you think, does that make sense?

What was the advantage for the coach to falsify and embellish a players stats? I can understand why the parents would be incentivized to lie about their kid’s ability and try to make him out to be better than he is, but I don’t understand what’s in it for the coach to even go along with that type of plan let alone spearhead it. What did he have to gain by this?

Since some parents as you say,“embellish, exaggerate and manipulate the story about their kids” then why would the Murphy’s say they only got a $1.25 million signing bonus when he actually got $3 million? It seems to me that most people would either be honest about what they got, or exaggerate the number, so why would the Murphy’s intentionally low ball the amount? Also, if there are no “minor league contracts” like that, how did Murphy get $3 million signing bonus? I seem to remember Casey Kelly from Sarasota got a $3 million signing bonus too a couple of years ago,(but I was told the only reason for that was that he was a 2 sport athlete) and he is still in the minors… What determines who gets a signing bonus like that and who does not? What is the term for the $60,000 Ohlman got?

If you really like the Ohlman kid, and your anger and frustration is really more about the coach, then why have all the attacks been directed at the kid and his parents? Is it that you are blaming the coach for allowing/participating in this lie? By the tone of your posts, it sounds to me as if the Ohlman family basically ruined your baseball team and your season and you are angry with the coach for either being a participant and/or allowing it to happen. I also assume that if these people were as ruthless and selfish as you say, that the other families on the team likely felt the same way. It had to be very difficult to have to sit back and watch this lie unfold, watch these people manipulate the entire process, use you and all of the other teammates, for their own gain, while they ruined your season… that had to be very tough. I feel sorry for you. As I said, so many parents today try to live their lives vicariously through their kids and ultimately end up doing them such a disservice. Because, in their zest to push the kids to heights THEY desire, they ultimately end up putting the kids into positions they aren’t capable of handling, thereby setting the kid up for failure. It sounds to me like that’s exactly what happened here.

Again, I apologize for having doubted you and hope that you can help me to understand the few last questions above
Joe Swatzell

Grand Prairie, TX

#27 Mar 22, 2010
Wow people. Really?
Some of you are INCREDIBLY articulate.
ALL of you have a sarcastic, vindictive streak that even I envy (and mine is pretty wide).
I would LOVE to see you folks locked into some sort of small room and find out if you just verbally rip each other, or if there is any bite to the venom.
Heck, we could probably sell tickets and have a wagering line.

Tampa, FL

#28 Apr 1, 2010
Gosh Carlo, it’s been a while and you have obviously been busy – too busy to answer my questions from January. The good news is that I’ve grown a little bit, and am now tall enough that I am over my little man syndrome and though I’ve gotten a grip, I’m still a little angry and nasty about certain things.

Have you seen the March 15th Sports Illustrated, the one with Matt Wieters on the cover? It seems the parents and coaches have cranked up the Ohlman propaganda machine again. They now have even been able to convince Sports Illustrated that the Ohlman kid received a $995,000 signing bonus and got SI to mention the lie in the article. And even worse yet, they were even able to talk Andy MacPhail, the Orioles GM into lying for them too. Here is the link so that you can see the lie for yourself: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/articl...

I haven’t seen a family this conniving and this powerful since I used to watch Dallas in high school. They must be incredibly persuasive and powerful to be able to convince everyone from the Orioles, to Baseball America, to The Baltimore Sun, to ESPN, to Sports Illustrated that the kid even got a signing bonus, let alone the fact that they claim it is almost $1 million. Heck, even his rookie baseball card mentions the lie. Obviously, they don’t have the ability to check the same facts that you can, or, as you so convincingly point out, they don’t have the firsthand experience you do. It is just amazing that the family and coaches would continue to perpetrate this lie when there are people out there like you who know what the real truth is. But, as you said, cheaters never win and I am sure that the party who is lying here will eventually get what they deserve in the end.

Bradenton, FL

#29 Jun 11, 2013
It is ridiculous around Manatee county and LWR when it comes to baseball. Every parent thinks their kid is going o the MLB. Even to the point that they all are jockying into position of sending little Johnny off to a private school not for academics not because of social issues but to play baseball. These parents either know or think their kid cant make the LWR team so they wont let them even try. If you cant cut it at the public school what makes them think their kid will play in a private school. Go ahead parents pay up to 60k over 4 years to go to high school, good luck, mean while the truley talented kids will excel at LWR and have a state championship team in a few years.
What is really funny is most of these kids fail to work hard and rarely put in extra time on their skills or in the gym, like this Ohlman kid did.
But when the talented hard working players rise to the top the jealousy starts and negatiive comments are made. People should be proud that players are making it to the highest level from this area. Parents tell your kids the truth, they are not stars because they hit a bunch of home runs in little league it does not men squat. Tell them to continuously work on their skills and stop making excuses for their inability to compete with the best players.

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