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Resident Alien

Great Falls, VA

#1 Aug 23, 2008
Is CPM a nice place to live? Is it quiet? Mostly families with young children? What about the HOA? Are they really strict and full of their own power?Thanks for any info!

Martinsburg, WV

#2 Nov 1, 2008
the HOA are very annal about the 24 hour parking spaces. My boyfriend lives there so I visit often. I got a notice posted on my car to removed it because I had exceeded the 24 hour limit otherwise it would be tow. I had only been parked there for less than 12 hours! What's worse, the manager did not leave a name or phone number on the ticket. My boyfriend has actually gotten his car towed before when he has not even been parked there for a full 24 hours!

Mount Airy, MD

#3 Nov 7, 2008
Resident Alien wrote:
Is CPM a nice place to live? Is it quiet? Mostly families with young children? What about the HOA? Are they really strict and full of their own power?Thanks for any info!
It is all right in the "nice" department-nice looking that is. Is is far beyond quiet. Yes, there are many kids and they play on the street all the time. The adults are just as loud as the kids. I haven't had any good experiences w/my neighbors, in fact we've been treated downright lousy. Our parking space is constantly being taken while that car is away and a guy uses it as a garage to fix all the neighborhood cars. Our other one, not taken as often but our car has been beat to crap by the cars to each side. Our yard is constantly used as a shortcut by adults and children, and also used as a garbage dump. The HOA will be on you in a heartbeat if you're late with a payment. I've witnessed many in the neighborhood getting away with whatever they want, for instance, if they are breaking all the rules, no one cares, while there are others who get in trouble for every little thing. It's no picnic, but hey, that's life!
CPM Resident

Frederick, MD

#4 Apr 19, 2009
The HOA is ridiculous about parking spaces, they really need to get over themselves and back off a bit. I parked in a visitors spot overnight and they put a freakin orange sticker on my nack window that took me 20 minutes to scrape off in the morning. Its not that nice but they portray it to be something way nicer and the HOA board seems to thrive on some false sense of power they evidently lack in their "real" lives.

Baltimore, MD

#5 Oct 27, 2009
I bought my house here two years ago, and I wish I hadnt. The neighborhood was so quiet, we didnt see anyone outside hanging around in the 4 times we were at the house before settlement. Right. The day we moved in was nice and sunny out and all the teenagers were hanging out being loud outside. The sumemrs are horrible because of the amount of kids that hang around, the young kids with no parental supervision is nuts, the vandalism at the park... If I could afford to take a loss on my house, I would in a heartbeat.

Frederick, MD

#6 Nov 16, 2009
Believe me, I feel your pain Lisa. With all the foreclosures back in here going for 90k-130k, it is going to be a tough sell.
Norman Gruntnuckle

Frederick, MD

#7 Nov 17, 2009
I live in the back of CPM on Murdock Ct. The people are mostly good neighbors but a few are inconsiderate. They take their trash out at odd days and it stays out until trash day comes around. I found it fun to turn them in to the City (CPM is in the city limits) so a $100.00 fine was issued. Be careful to not get caught as some of the people that live there are section 8 animals...but where is the fun without a little risk....Oh and some leave their trash cans out at the curb for the entire week..I collect them and sell on Ebay. Other than that it is a pretty nice neighborhood As for parking I have only one car that I park in the same spot so I have an extra...I hate the idea of having people towed but now and then I will let all the air out of their tires,,,,One Gal confronted me and I told her that I pissed off some of the neighborhood kids and they do that to me now and then..well the word got out and that space stayed vacent for several months...too funny.

Silver Spring, MD

#8 May 3, 2010
Well, if you don't mind noisy neighbors and a HOA that is disorganized and power hungry then come on in! Many kids that i guess get bored with the same old play equipment turn to more destructive fun like spray painting fences, destroying trees, throwing objects at houses, hanging out on the utility boxes, claiming your yard as their own, the list goes on. The adults are worse. Taking your parking spot at the most inconveniant times, Banging into your car doors, not fixing things on their house, leaving the porch light on constantly, hanging out on their steps and carring on loudly and very late, leaving their constantly barking dogs out late at night, not supervising their kids, blasting music, trashing up the grass islands, NOT helping w/ snow shoveling or shoveling snow into YOUR cleaned parking spot or the road, NOT maintaining their lawn, etc., etc., etc. They really diminish the way of life and comfort level and do not care! As Lisa, we would also eat it and sell if we could. Way to bring down the property value "neighbors"!!!

Frederick, MD

#9 May 20, 2010
Mike, I am right there with you. Perhaps we should pool as many neighbors as we can, and when I say neighbors I mean homeowners, and write CPM HOA a nice letter. The HOA will harrass someone over the simplest things, meanwhile it seems everyones else does what they want whenever they want w/ out consequence. If folks ever want to get out of here w/out loosing their shirts, things are going to have to change.

Frederick, MD

#10 May 22, 2010
Jon. The HOA has so far been useless with helping out in ANY situation. I left a message for them to address the issue with the tampered with communication hub(cable tv) and again, nothing. But let them see some peeling trim paint or a well hidden trash can and they are on you in a heartbeat! I do agree with you, Jon, we need to do something about this. I'm sure the Police are tired of coming out here to deal with this nonsense.

San Francisco, CA

#11 Jun 11, 2010
I live nearby, not in CPM...the HOA is bad about the parking because when the development was built they somehow managed to talk Frederick's Planning Commission into letting them build it with only 1.5 parking spaces per unit. How many households have only one car? There is parking allowed on Baughman's Lane, but they keep taking parking away along that road because, again, the Planning Commission allowed that stupid Dreamer's Cove to be built there, which removed parking along Baughman's Lane. Now, Dreamer's Cove was built with 2 parking spaces per unit, but what happens when there's a holiday and they have people over to visit? Or when the Fire Hall nextdoor has an event? Baughman's Lane fills up from totally. Oh, and Baughman's Lane is a snow emergency route, so when there's a storm, you can't park there at all. So it's no wonder parking's a nightmare there. And it's likely to get worse rather than better.

Frederick, MD

#12 Jun 13, 2010
C'mon people, i'm sure there is plenty of positive things to be said about, the stream is kinda nice?!?! Oh and Independant Hose is right next door to put out the fire that someones "cat" started. Give me a break, on top off all of the bad stuff, people have to LIE about things to(so do thier kids)!!! Disrespectful and ignorant just about sums it up.

Frederick, MD

#13 Jan 18, 2011
And now it's winter again. The HOA jacks up their fees for snow removal even where they DON'T plow/shovel. Our court is the City's responsibility, not the contractor's. What makes that worse is the fact that the City cannot even get to the Court because the contractors will not plow their part. It's all a big joke but I'M not laughing as I shovel where i shouldn't have to. The HOA is also VERY irresponsible with handling received payments so i reccomend keeping records of every payment, phone call and letter assiciated with them because they WILL threaten your credit report because of a "missed" payment. Or should i say MISPLACED or even pocketed payment. I plan on attending the next meeting and so will my recorder.
CPM owner

Frederick, MD

#14 Dec 21, 2011
Everyone I talk with hates the HOA, but I think that the real problem isn't the HOA - it is the management company, Association Management Services, LLC. We used to be managed by another company and Nancy Walker was the CPM person in that office. Her services were horrible - as described above with no consistent treatment, poor responses to questions or problems, and nitpicky inspection crap. She left to start her own company (AMS) and the CPM HOA was then managed by a different person in that company. There was a complete turnaound and everyone was happy. Then, Bill Fink, the president of the HOA decided to cancel the existing contract and sign up with Nancy's new company. Since then, service has returned to horrible. The staff at AMS is rude and when you ask for anything, they just can't do it or figure it out. They are the only sizeable HOA management company in Maryland that won't put up a web site for the convenience of their clients!

AMS is the only sizeable hoa management company in which none of the people have ANY national credentials in the business.
AMS is not even a business in Good Standing with the State because they can't seem to file their tax forms each year - beware if YOU don't pay AMS on time!
These people are entrusted with millions of dollars from thier client organizations and have very shaky legal standing.

check it out:http://sdatcert3.resiusa.o rg/UCC-Charter/DisplayEntity_b .aspx?EntityID=D03858743&E ntityName=ASSOCIATION+MANAGEME NT+SERVICES%2c+LTD.+++++++++ &TabNum=1
concerned professional

Detroit, MI

#15 Feb 11, 2012
Nancy Walker was arrested 2/10/12, FORTY-TWO charges of theft from HOA's. Be concerned and contact you Board of Directors.

Frederick, MD

#16 Feb 13, 2012
CPM would be nice if it weren't for the aweful gang problem.

Frederick, MD

#17 Nov 30, 2012
the hoa is the worst gang there. the rest are just wanna be gangs.

Frederick, MD

#18 Dec 1, 2012
I'm sorry you live under a rock or never look out your window.

Melbourne, FL

#19 Feb 20, 2013
Any recent updates? DH and I are looking to rent a house in Carroll Park Manor.
CPM home owner

Frederick, MD

#20 May 18, 2013
I'm a white man an I've actually have spoken to the "gang members" and they're really nice. They always say hi to the kids and my wife.

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