San Raphael at Renaissance Commons

Cleveland, OH

#348 Jul 26, 2011
Since your only ignorant solution to everyone's blatant agony over the apparent lack of intelligence from the HOA is to tell everyone to "just leave," then maybe you should pay all of the special assessment fees that all the tenants will have to pay when the only people keeping the community alive do actually leave. I will be sure to send my bill your way.
Lovin San Raphael wrote:
I have tried my best to be courteous and respectful of your opinion. However, you are just an absolute asshole. If your are so unhappy here, leave. What is the problem with that. I listen to you and see someone banging their head against the wall to get even with the other guy. You rent, just find another place to rent and enjoy the rest of your life. Stop wallowing in your misery, move on. We wish you well. See ya,
Lovin San Raphael

Boynton Beach, FL

#349 Jul 26, 2011
San Raphael Sucks wrote:
<quoted text>
Charlie - I completely agree that we need to stop the likes of Lovin to rule our community and tenants. I have more homeowners that are willing to band together with us as well. What do you believe the next steps should be? I have been researching about filing a claim against the HOA. I am interested in getting this moving as quickly as possible.
I am not interested in ruling anything. I love the community, abide by the rules, understand that San Raphael is no differant than any other condo, with rules and regulations. Filing a claim about what, why not just attend the board meetings, which by the way are overwhelmingly positive about our community, and express your concerns. I am sure if they are valid the members of the community are interested in hearing what you have to say. Maybe we will see you there tonight.
Lovin San Raphael

Boynton Beach, FL

#350 Jul 26, 2011
DriverLady wrote:
Since your only ignorant solution to everyone's blatant agony over the apparent lack of intelligence from the HOA is to tell everyone to "just leave," then maybe you should pay all of the special assessment fees that all the tenants will have to pay when the only people keeping the community alive do actually leave. I will be sure to send my bill your way. <quoted text>
Tenants have absolutely no obligation to pay any special assessment fees. That is the owners responsibility. I just do not think you understand how popular this community is for renters wanting to live here. My only point is that if someone is so unhappy why would they stay if they did not have too. I believe our management company does a great job, and our community is great, sorry that you do not.
Lovin San Raphael

Boynton Beach, FL

#351 Jul 26, 2011
San Raphael Sucks wrote:
<quoted text>
If only it would be that easy, considering I am an owner and bought it at the peak of the market. And again, I agree with Charlie as you are definitely in need of a real estate lesson if you think that Renaissance Commons is somehow going to magically increase in value again. By the time the market recovers, Renaissance Commons will be an old and outdated community known for their idiot HOA. They can't even get anyone to move in now, thus why it turned into rentals. You truly are a moron of the worst degree.
So your problem is not with San Raphael, your problem is that you made a bad real estate investment, so did I. However, I love the community, love the area, and believe that the management company has made this community one of the finest in Palm Beach. In regards to the value drop, no where to look but in the mirror. Stop wallowoing in your pain, and trying to make everyone as miserable as you seem to be. All of that being said, I hope you are current in your maintenance and special assessment payments.

Cypress, TX

#352 Jul 27, 2011
Alas! You admit it... You made a bad investment. That is fine that you like the community, but trolling around this discussion board is not a way to live life. If you truly believe you can justify and alter the other posts with your words than you are more naive than originally thought. Do you really think you words are protecting your atrocious investment?

This is a discussion board and it appears you Lovin San Raphael are of the minority here.
GT Canada

Delray Beach, FL

#353 Jul 27, 2011
OMG, Resident you hit the nail on the head about Lovin! I have lived here for 2 1/2 years, and my wife and I can't wait to move. We haven't been able to sell or rent this place. We are trapped here! I have a question...does anyone ever smile or say hello here?????

Way to go Charlie and Resident!!

Lake Worth, FL

#354 Aug 20, 2011
Kayla wrote:
I just moved in a week ago! I agree about water pressure! Ours sucks to! & It includes free basic cable, But I would like to have other channels available to & Their company DOES NOT OFFER DVR!! Im very pissed about that!
Other then that I LOVE IT!!! beautiful neighborhood, walking distance to everything!
Can you tell me the name of the cable company? I am supposed to be moving there next week.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#355 Sep 16, 2011
The cable company is Dish Network. However, you must go through a third party provider: Beyond Communications.

New York, NY

#356 Sep 23, 2011
I am coming down from NY next week to look at a few condos there. Im not so sure now, unless anyone has a 2 bed condo there for under 60,000. Sorry about the terrible investments you guys made. I would be glad to take the condo off your hands.
Go Blue

West Palm Beach, FL

#357 Sep 23, 2011
There are great deals on condos, all over this your horizons, beyond Boynton Beach....

Boynton Beach, FL

#358 Feb 10, 2012
i am a homeowner, our condos went down hill when some scum renters moved in

Boynton Beach, FL

#359 Feb 13, 2012
My main problem here is parking. I was once asked that my friend parks his car at Pei Wei (just around the corner) so I wouldn't need a parking permit. An our later, the same security guy showed up at my door thinking that a white Mercedes parked on a resident spot was my friend's. I told him that it wasn't, but perhaps Pei Wei's parking lot was now full?!

A friend of mine got her car towed and had to pay $115 to get it back. The parking rule is pretty much the only rule that drives me nuts, all other rules I agree with and try my best to abide by.

The sprinkler next to my parking spot spreads its water all over my car. Have complained several times about it but to no avail. I wish I could wash my car, but why should I when I get the white little spots all over it by the next morning?

Another aspect that I feel is not right is the attitude and tone in any communications that the HOA has with the people living here. They always leave sheets of paper hanging in the the door knobs with all sorts of threat-like messages. It has been brought to our attention that some residents force their dogs to defecate on the premises and intentionally leave it there, duh! Well, I don't have a pet and HOA sure knows it. Why the rude letter to me? Why not address it to people who actually have pets?!

Now I hear that renters don't really matter and should not even attempt to have a say. Well, I beg to differ, as I believe my money goes towards the fees. But since I am considered a 2nd class resident, I might as well consider leaving. Well, I just had enough.

Mr. Steven, the happy-trigger parking enforcer, towed away my friend's car, while his GMC SUV sits right outside the premises with no decal and no parking permit. He claims his car is an emergency vehicle and he is a paramedic and that he needs no parking permit. Go figure. Well, granted that, I believe his POV is an emergency vehicle only while responding to an emergency call and should, as a result, be towed away as it is not meeting the HOA rules. Mr. Steven thinks differently, of course.

My two cents? Read the forum before moving in and get your own conclusion. These many people can't be all biased, right?


Boynton Beach, FL

#360 Feb 13, 2012
monteverde, who moved in and how did they lower your investment's value, if I may ask?


Boynton Beach, FL

#361 Feb 14, 2012
Adrian. If you try to follow the rest of the rules why not the parking. All of the rest of us that live here do the same. Just because your a renter you dont have to follow parking rules, wrong. Emergency vehicles on the other hand never and will never be required to have any kind of passes or decals and many department have policys that those vehicles can not have anything put on them other then the department what they approve. and just FYI for you. One of the security officers vehicle got towed when they parked in the garage without a pass also. Dont bash the community because you cant follow simple rules and if you dont like it PLEASE move out. We the residents here dont want and need people who think they are better then the rest of us and dont have to follow the same rules because they dont like or want to.

Boynton Beach, FL

#362 Feb 14, 2012

I have never said I did not want to or did not follow the rules. I said the guest parking rule is draconian and I have not found this rule anywhere else yet. The rule is a rule and I follow it, I believe you got me wrong here. I had many friends coming over, I took permits for each one of them, but I still believe this is a major inconvenience, having to "hunt" for the security guard for 15 minutes to get a permit for someone who'll be gone in 20 minutes. My friend's car was towed because we missed the parking permit thing. She had a permit in her windshield from the previous visit and it was expired (huh) and also facing backwards in the rear-view mirror, barring Steven from seeing the unit number. I was not aware of the permit being expired nor misplaced until the car was towed. I want to believe that had he seen the unit number, he'd come knocking at the door. I don't know if he would have had done so and have no way of knowing right now.

I have never said nor thought of myself as being better than anyone here, I'd like to just think myself as equal. I read above some fine examples of how renters are considered a lesser class, see above.

Again, by all means, I abide by all rules. The fact that I do not approve of the guest parking rule is something else and since the majority wants it, I am and will be following it. It's called democracy and I don't think I'm about to change that :)

Best regards,
F you

Boynton Beach, FL

#363 Apr 27, 2012
Eat *hit and die. I f*cking parked in a guest spot and was towed. What a scam they got going one.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#364 Jun 1, 2012
The buck stops with the Board and the unit owner that controls the Board. Rules are necessary, but they are confusing and certanly punitive to the renters. The parking will remain a problem, until signs, reasonable rules and an area is set aside for anyone to park for a short visit without being molested by the guards. Someone should staff the entrance, so guests can get out of the rain and figure out what they need to do or where to go. The amnenities should be acessable to all guests, owners and renters equally alike. No one should have to where a id bracelet when acess is fullly controlled by the Association. Everone should treat each other equally.

The amenintes are locked up and half of the space goes underutlizied. That is a waste of money and resources.
The construction was fair to start with and will require maintainence soon to address problems the board is not qualified to undertake.
In a very short time, the Boards lack of skill will become evident to all the residents as assesments increase and they will be disliked by everyone including their friends.

Good Luck
Board Member


#365 Jul 6, 2012
I happened to come across your post and wanted to take a moment to address some of your concerns.
San Raphael is no differant than any other condo. Regardless of the length of visit, a guest pass to a guest is issued. The boards position has always been that the number one job of our management company and our security company is to confirm that anyone on our property, belongs on our property.
Our guards do not molest guests, and the feed back from residents on the job they do is overwhelmingly positive.
The amenities are available to owners and renters equally. A guest of either, does not have free reign on our property. The ID bracelets are intended to help our security and management in making sure that who is on our property belongs on our property, no differant than any other condo.
The amenities are not locked up,and are available to owners and renters during specified hours, again no differant than any other condo.
If you are an owner, my suggestion to you is to attend the next board meeting. If you are a renter my suggestion is that you discuss your concerns with your unit owner and have him attend the next board meeting and have him discuss on your behalf.
The board did not write the condominium documents. Every prospective owner is given a set of the docs for review prior to purchasing in San Raphael. Every prospective renter recieves an orientation prior to moving in, and signs off acknowledging the rules and agrees to abide by them.
The board has continually recieved the phenomenal support from the owners of San Raphael. We are always open to recieving feedback from our residents as we strive to make San Raphael a model community to live in.

New York, NY

#366 Oct 31, 2012
worst place ever to live or better yet- be jailed.
Gonza New Jersey

Delray Beach, FL

#367 Oct 31, 2012
I TOTALLY agree!

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