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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 27, 2013
Yes there are lots of issues to cover in all of this as to how it all comes into place by real life activity and "encrypted" clues of the same.

Yes Kim Raponi Stevens links ot me in al of his in BAD way off the Mexico DSS..Off a now deceased Sheriff named Bill Cromie who's doings for Stenves for whatever "reason" in help cover her control of DSS fraud taking place off her restaurant and the promotion of it back then by her..YES thats exactly what she was doing then at me...Could now change her output in this(flapjacking) about it all after coming clean as she has as the ROGUES have plans to continue their HER OR KIMER plans off it all long ago a MOVIE..That was protected then by Stevens "ace in my pocket" now deceased Sheriff Bill Cromie who died in that 6 month time frame that I lived in Oswego, N.Y. at scumbag recruit Lorinda Fullingtons home then in 1999 and Lorinda began the use of Gerge Lundys name as having a "personal interest" in me then to her what that all means now in all of this by "either way" version of it.

Now let me move on for a minute and cover the "Pot smokers" issue in this..I don't have an issue with pot smokers...Been there done that myself..Someone is trying to establish one's part of the Scott Tucker RANGER truck ..where the 48408 NYS Lic plate tires were waiting to be sold to my boyfriend for it..Tucker had NO role in that. The truck sale is claimed to be the result of a DWI..and police told Tucker it must be sold to..Tucker claims he paid his fine wih it. Someone is trying to start POT SMOKER issues with me now..Tucker left the pipe..a pipe in the truck I am NOT T getting involved in what was to come off the rest of that set up plan..This is MY version of how it comes togther..The 48408 tires concern me much more than the pipe..There is also another one starting chit with me on my Facebook page. She can leave anytime she wants too..I know what's behind it all.

There are other isues to cover BUT right now DSS..follow this carefully it heads towards 3-31-13..EASTER Sunday..The rising of CHRIST.. The LAST SUPPER(clue) time EASTER was a issue inthis I was standing in George Lundys driveway on 4-12-09..after being pushed by scumbags about him nonstop bac then..That was the ROGUE me and Lundy write the story plan version push..That EASTER SUNDAY on the "trick" date Thomas lindsey was shot dead ..all pushed heavily on me to talk to Lundy..and it went just as I thought it would..BAD. The clues came off the Syracuse FBI-_"Skullen FBI" male I talked to on the phone there who said "I thought Lundy retired" The line Lundy himself was about to hand me that day what ever deadly plans these ROGUES had off it all..Skullen? son? Thank GOD they shot a FED to clue me..FBI did it on 10-2-12. "cool."

Yes this is the BOOK I will write that I will make no money off of in the ROGUES good guy image or bad guy image to make money "gain" off it later..that is all part of the "reason" ROGUES worked so many scumbags to take control of MY life the way they have in's pretty obvious you'll die medically is a POWERFUL pull on people to comply..I'm going through it myself..YES I am also worried about me boyfriends Maureen Levea #s also now of his medical testing..

The FBI or some ROGUES were at the testing I had done in Cicero for my Plainville hire..standing behind a wall making comments..
My son was fired for bad test result .01 percent worthOneida Platics) which put him at BIRDSEYE in the 3-17-06(Kennedy accident memorial) layoff time frame that moved him into the "JACK HIM WRIGHT" 3008 AKA Erin maxwell's going to die..NYS Lic plate set up...that originated on 4-8-04 off scumbag recruits CHARLES RUNGE and passenger William Supple.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 27, 2013
Now as I post this the newtown cumbags rage the FATHER(mine )was involved in it..Most of his input came from outside..and from a GREEN door direction...BUT..yes later he may after they worked him so hard in 2005 and 06 and 07..there is claims he hooked "for a while" like bill vickery did into the technology himself..I know about BILLS use of it..

The ROBERT DOWNY charades that went on in this way back in 2003..yes the actor...He went on to STAR years later in the NEW ZODIAC KILLER movie..there was news uprising way back that DOWNY had a "secrect" about how he got to HOLLYWOOD..

Todd Bower mad issue of ti behind my back with taunts as the TV reporters were trying to create the issues..It faded suddenly never claiming it was infounded..My father for some "reason" acted out a Robert Downy charade..that my mother quicky told him the was "making of foll of himself" i have to dig out my notes if Davis, Mills or Aftin Devney did not remove them..the issue is there..One thing Maegan BUCK stressed in all of this..was If I "think" I'm going to take these men on .."They WILL kill her" The "KILL' part has been pretty easy for them so far..So tell me what have I got to lose? the clues say I AM the "bury the lying bush" target as soon as MY book is done..and I don"t know if I can ever finish much to write OVERKILL of facts..

Now don't forget My father is he anti christ fo the story image 4-5-07 Charles runge and my mother is invivted though Jerry to the TS casino on 12-5-08..There is strong indications plans were mad eot set my father up as a sex offender also..its a STATE 'sister" clue called JOBS for her and hr Kim Sevens and her daughters POSTAL..and other clues also..

Now to blame my father for all this as they worked it in his head..and nwo the set my boyfriend up as the "reverse" Margaretville "sister" was taking shape in this also on him..figure it out.

How can they be the BAD GUYS? Along with all the others being set in this..NOT one of them fired a deady shot..Raped or killed a little girl etc..Those clues all link in the SAME directions start to finish..See how mental manipulation if the other side has some my father "proff"? Well let's see it..or do we have to "wait" for that also till the ROGUES last vicitim is dead?

Were we ALL fooled by my father? Is that image taking shape now? Well? Anyone?

Was my father using my mother for a cover? I don't think so he was NOT "perfect" and some scare the shit out of him things went on also..medical also to which my MOTHER jumped inthere and said follow me everything will be fine so he did...and it was..The clues were there..

They HAD to set my mother in Bill Vickery's "statement." He came back from the laywers told her and Chris all this and she somehow from there worked all this into place herself or planned ot when she hit my parked JEEP in 2001..and you know CHRIS Vickery Bower as I do she always want to be "in the middle" of things...While BILL Vickery plays the innocent role of being protected this way by both of them in this deadly "reverse" plan..When there is no real "proof" the original Chris Bower "rape" claim was even violent in nature.

So how all of this..becomes a deadly worry for me coming on 3-31-13..EASTER SUNDAY..the last SUPPER ROGUE version of it clued to be a poison clue..Whas CHRIST poisoned? The burden of this deadly CROSS is on MY shoulders. Didn't Christ die after being hung on the cross?

DSS..The DSS IM191 worker "soldier" clue "either way clue and the 2-5 date= LUNDY'S "I was here on 2-5" to me on 4-12-09.?? too "perfect" Did ROGUES use soldiers? scumbag miltary recruits..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 27, 2013
Now i have hear dth edrame claism that "they will show Lundy the "proof" and he will believe it too" well then they do..I have covered this long ago in Fulton ..That was "perfect' "COINCIDENCE" Valerie Dedich time frame of scumbag doings( Patrick Hyde, Deputy Wyman shooting, Mike Millers death on 9-12-the "cousin" direction clue tha leads to IAN lEE JOHN COOK clues "Pat Ricks Hyde" death clue) Ray Gregory's "accident" death on 11-5-11 Maureen levea's birthday- MILLENNIUM ZODIAC KILLER clue) and of course..then off it all LUNDY is supposed to run to Valerie's "GOOD WOMAN" version of things..Do you see howithe deadly taunts were worked on me as "encrypted" clues to somethign I am POWERLESS to fight..except for the book I write "He" and "they" want to steal from me..for "gain" after they make a few adjustments in it..

EASTER SUNDAY the rising of CHRIST..3-31-13 is the day to watch..Lets hope weALL make it though it safe..

The HER OR KIMER -HERKIMER utimatium MOVIE clues..are "ROCK SOLID" just as I was taunted in 2005 and on my case against BILL CROMIE was also..

Now there are the "7 STARS OF ORION" deceased cops..down for ever in all of this..right now he clues are Meryle Streep and Kate Winslet are their replacements..There was talk wayy backk that GEORGE CLOONEY wil play GEORGE LUNDY..So that covers 3 in this and SANDRA BULLOCK was CHRIS BOWERS "they say SANDRA BULLOCK looks like me claims back then..and then there is Lorinda Fullingtons "they say I have Angelina Jolie lips" talk back then..There are now 5 why HERKIMER took place on it all heads towards GOV Andrew Cuomo's 12-6 BIRTHDAY AKA "Angie Vickery Lenahan Vanburen Baby" 1206 cell phone set behind the scumbag military activity called now a JOHN NY DOG clue still "missing" direction...Here's the deadly BOOK you all worked so hard for me to write off it all..some of it..

Then it goes CIA etc..and the deadly drama goes on and on and on..for the "THRILL" of it all. A 10 year girl was just raped off it all and now has no mother again..

FYI did you knwo a Nuclear disaster,,does NOT have to take place off a nuke plant? Can happen in the tranport of waste materials just as deadly as the plant itself..all protected by get this STATE PoLice while being moved..HOLy SHIT are we in trouble somewhere..

"PLUTONIUM" nuclear the MOVIE Silkwood used to taunt me wayy backkwhen BEFORE Fultons 151 scumbag chases began..."You will be another Silkwood" It was a car "accident" clue this time called CHARLES RUNGE..that this time leads to a different type of nuclear death.

For those who lack Karen Silkwood a nuke worker infected with cancer off plutonium died in a very suspicous car accident on her way to meet a report about blowng the NRC in.

Now I get it.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Mar 27, 2013
Now the HERKIMER + HER OR KIMER clue..Carrys out like this in "encryption." the "9 as in baseball' was coming to gether as as "Or low green state"plan..its the State Tom Abelgore's(City Of Fulton Asst. Police Cbief's talking house) "They want her to know it's something Green" on 4-7-11..Orlo Green was in on the "get" my boyfriend plan..??? Then I would soon be nickel less right after just about the time frame Peggy and Aftin pulled their planned "move out" crap..See hwo the FEDS death on 10-2-12 and my Unemployemnt end all merge into one time frame..Then we move to newtown of it and SANDYHOOK the nest day off the 12->13<-12 date clue..More deadly "line up" dates were coming..Judge Spencer Ludington sent his 12-18-12 TEACH ER A LESSON "dismissed" dae an Oswego DA"S(go figure) violation of my fair and speedy trial rights after the 3-19-12(JOHN NYS wif coming clue) set up on me by Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty who "swears" he's a "witness." See how DA Nickelson worked the audio cover up? and now the DAS office jus has to pull off the GREGORY OAKES(TREE) plan of death on me and BOOM the story is well "gain" every direction planned of "WHY" it took it all directs now to the current NYS GOV Andrew CUOMO'S 12-6 off the "Angie (Vickery Lenahan Vanburen) baby" 12-6 cell phone plan..GOV Cuomo was down in HERKIMER thats for sure..SANDRA LEE his actress girlfiend clue might direct to ROGUES plan that to go..

So keep and on this EASTER SUNDAY 3-31-13..I dont fall for "tricks" in the middle..this one is called the last supper..and clues to be a poison..we already knwo where we will eat dinner BUT that leaves our home unprotected..everytime we leve and they "can pick any lock there is" Thank you Charlie Diefenbacher ..and now my "paranoia" time frame begins again as it did in 2005..ONLY this time "they're gonn a kill your son" clues are as realas real gets..

CHRIST - EASTER..Did he die of poison? I don't think so..He died after he was hung on the cross..then on what now EASTER SUNDY he rose.."risen" Right? This is a "Defacation of GOD" plan ROGUE version of it and i have to keep that in mind as I "decipher" "He" and "they "clues..because that CROSS is now on MY back..made up of deadly dates..4-5-07 -4-12-07 and 4-25-07 are the "in the middle" of it...those cops..Now the base of it..are 8-11-Robert Levea's(#4) death on BILL VICKERY"S .George and Jean are part of the 9-29 Lloyd Shoults birthday..on CHRIS BOWERS to that 3-12 'line up" with my 3-11 eviction birthday that Deputy GALLOW-HANG clue was shot the families and friends of the victim's "wait" for a money grab version of it..?
Some tried..
Yes you should see howo each victim date clued inthe 12-5-09 TS CASINO game pieces that cross together..

This is all part of what pswego county scumbags get out of the "THRILL" of working it all for ROGUES and GOD knows who to cash in LATER AD "like a score" after MY death off fit also.they just raped a little girl to get there..It's what they do here in Oswego Co and ROGUE NYS STATE..What it all about..So are they taking the HER or the KIMER MOVIE plan? You tell me..

All this for BILL VICKERY?

YES Pottstown is where FED Barry Lee Bush AKA Oswego County, N.Y,s "Bury the lying bush" originated from his home town..they shot him dead on my fathers 4-5-07 birthday..

SSHHHH "PIPE IT DOWN PIPE IT DOWN" ask any scumbag here..

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