Some considerations need to be given to the recently completed “handicapped curb ramps” within the Borough of Boyertown by the State of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the job remains incomplete and a hazard in certain areas to pedestrians.
For example, at West Philadelphia Avenue and Walnut Street, NO cross walk or ramp has been provided for North-South pedestrian crossing. That intersection contains Rittenhouse Apartments and Good Shepherd United Church of Christ with Walnut Woods nearby. It is an obvious area for pedestrian traffic and necessary traverse North and South; yet, no provisions for pedestrians are evident.
South Reading Avenue and Third Street has no traffic light; yet, it has the necessary cross walks clearly marked.
One might ask,“Did they run out of common sense or money?”
Clearly, the State of Pennsylvania must accept responsibility for safe and acceptable pedestrian crossing of their highway. Simply to deny pedestrian crossings is NOT the answer.