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#1 Oct 8, 2007
Anyone who is curious about why broadband can't have competition in Boydton should pick up the South Hill Enterprise - Saturday's edition. In it, you will find answers as to who is trying to compete & why the Mayor deserves to be thrown out to pasture! He signed away the control of the Town's publicly owned structures to a company who is not even located in the County. This was a clear error that the Mayor now claims you have to live with!

Tuesday, the 9th of October, there is a meeting at 7:30PM at Town hall. If anyone cares to question the Council or the Mayor as to why you are denied choices of service providers, be there. It will prove interesting to say the least.


#2 Oct 17, 2007
I live in Chase City and I just can't stand my dial up any longer. It just takes forever and a day. Its is so slow!! For the life of me I don't understand why I can't get broadband??? We don't live in the stone age but sometimes I feel like I do with dialup. I feel like all we do is fight for things that we should have if we are willing to pay for it I don't understand what the problem is??? What is going on in Mecklenburg County? From Broadband to Landfills to Ethanol Plants. Don't the local people have a voice anymore and did they ever??????
Stephen Hatcher Jr

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#3 Oct 18, 2007
The people dont have a voice because they choose NOT to exercise it. Most of the poeple in this area will complain to you all day. But they are either to busy to go to the meetings to get results or just dont wnat to be confrontational. In either case do not blame your elected officials as the only reason this is happening. Blame yourselves for not taking action in your community as well. You have to remeber that this is a goverment FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. But if the people keep quite then the goverment can not act in your best intrest. Then you have sole individuals like Broadband for all that has the testicular fortitude to buck the system and take it on head on. Imagine what you can accomplish if you had a number of people taking them on for what we need. I will leave you with that thought!!!!!!!!!!

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Chase City, Va

#4 Oct 18, 2007
Shirley, just coming out on topix is a good start to having your voice heard! Good job! If more and more people like you, Stephen and bb4all start speaking up people WILL listen. We don't live in the stoneage, we just have people who are too selfish or too afraid of change so they try and keep others down. Our past has caught up to us and we're beginning to let our the future pass us by. But we can make a difference if enough of us try.

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#5 Oct 18, 2007

If you are "in Chase City" but have no DSL or cable option, you are in the same boat as I was. The situation is as Stephen has described & while I appreciate his support, I need more "Stephens". We were refused entry into Boydton (3 companies this year) based on 1 politician's view that competition was not needed, nor was a basic A/B choice. While this situation simmers till it boils in Boydton, I need really more people to get involved. It had to start somewhere & Boydton has become the battlefield, for the time being. My quest will not end until every man, woman & child has a CHOICE of connectivity that exceeds DSL speed throughout the County.

I am going to post meeting announcements that I will attend but I really need as many people to come to as possible. You don't need to live in the Town, City or County but you need to become involved enough to hear some of the absurd rhetoric that "officials" spew when confronted. Even if you don't make any comment in public, we can meet each other & get in synch to work as a group by exchanging email or phone numbers. While Topix is a good place to exchange thoughts, it leaves alot to be desired when trying to contact anyone who posts. If you look at wifidx [dot] blogspot [dot] comm, you may get me your street address. I amy be able to get wireless options to you. My e-address is wifidx [a-t] Gmail [d-o-t] comm for anyone wishing to become involved in the quest for broadband service at a fair price. Verizon isn't doing it, cable & satellite suck... The choice is up to people like you to help push the door open... Wireless is the only option to bridge the gap of the "Last Mile"...

Thanks all for your support & I look forward to hearing from you all!

"The beatings will continue, until morale improves..."

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Norfolk, VA

#6 Oct 19, 2007
I agree with Stephen. It simply amazes me the things I hear people gossip about they stand around and complain and ring their hands but when it comes down to the wire they stand there and SAY nothing! People want change, they want wrongs righted but are not willing to stand up and SPEAK it to anyone that can do something about it. they would rather gossip about it to people like theirselves.....Not to anyone that can make a difference. I have never been been afraid to speak up, Where do I sign up??? <grin>

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#7 Oct 22, 2007
Hello All,

In the continuing effort to bring basic choice in broadband services, I am asking anyone who wants or needs it, to attend the meeting in Boydton Town Hall on 11/13 @ 7:30PM. Even if you live in the County, this battle has to start somewhere. We need your support by attending & if you are troubled by the lack of progress in Information Technology available "around here", voice your opinion during the "Public Comments"period!

It appears that as of this morning (Monday), our final offer to mediate the issue by meeting with the Town Council, will continue to be ignored right to the deadline of Thursday. The truth is this is the first step in the FCC complaint process. Town officials have yet to take us seriously in any explanation of Federal law (Communications Act of 1996, section 704) as it clearly applies to the denial of collocation of comparable services, on publicly owned structures. If we don't have a meeting arranged by this Friday 10/26, step 2 will be filed with the FCC. It will be headed to Federal Court in Richmond or DC!

Even if you do not make a comment, we need to pack that room with people because until that happens, the Council & the "Mayor" thinks no one is watching or cares about what public "officials" are doing on behalf of those who put them "in charge" of the Town's best interests.

Please prove them wrong by attending the meeting & making your concerns known!

Thank You for your continued support!

For directions or other information, please contact:

w i f i d x [a-t] g m a i l [d-o-t] c o m
native living in raleigh

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#8 Oct 27, 2007

Since: Sep 07

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#9 Oct 28, 2007
There is one taking hold as we speak...

I quickly learned this as I was at Boydton Day & had some very high County officials seek me out of the passing crowd to ask me what was the status of our Boydton battle & shake my hand. I was so shocked to find them in agreement with me, I couldn't wash my hand for hours...

Hopefully I won't contract the staph infection!
native living in raleigh wrote:

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