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#1 Feb 23, 2013
Need a job, i would like one i can stay at home and take care of my baby as well!

Sofia, Bulgaria

#5 Mar 7, 2013
The internet's top 1 rated affiliate program SFI. Become an affiliate marketer with a real proven company. Join our team.
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#7 Mar 7, 2013

Louisville, KY

#8 Mar 7, 2013 This is a website that is for Customer Service is off the Office of Employment and Training website.....don't know anything about them, but it is advertising for inbound at home work....
I can help you out

Miami, FL

#9 Mar 7, 2013
lol - This is a 100% legitimate company that's accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an "A" rating. So how about before you speak make sure you know what you're talking about. And I noticed you didn't elaborate what so ever. You're entitled to your opinion, but you should have some kind of basis before you shoot someone down.

I'm open for discussion, but all you did was call my job "scam" like a child. Please elaborate, I'm open for discussion. Enlighten me how I'm trying to "scam" people? Because I sound too friendly? I didn't know there was such a thing. Everything I said was completely sincere and straightforward.

I explained the entire business model step by step and as you can see, the flow of money is entirely transparent. This field of marketing is known as one of the best industries for people working at home. It's called freebie marketing (due to the fact that we promote free trials) and it's a multi-million dollar industry. If you were such an expert, you would know that. Also, like I said we do business with Fortune 500 companies like Direct TV, Netflix, Disney, WalMart, etc. Are you saying they're involved in a scam? Next time think to yourself before you shoot people down. In the very least, do some research... or ask me a damn question. Don't just throw false accusations around like it's no big deal.

I understand you're just looking out for people, but all I ask is that you have some logic and reason before you go on the attack. I'm a genuine person and a man of principle. I would never be involved in a scam and I resent the fact that you're saying others... based on NOTHING. If you have something useful to bring to the table, I'll be happy to hear you out. But if you're just going to insult me, I won't waste my breath... even though I kind of just did haha

G Kahn

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#10 Mar 7, 2013
Scam = just stop, it's not working in any of the cities where you are posting your junk.
I can help you out

Miami, FL

#11 Mar 7, 2013
PLEASE elaborate on how you think this is a scam. I'd really hate to be doing something unethical, so I'd love to know how I'm scamming people. You aren't doing anything but shooting me down with no basis what so ever.

And what I'm posting isn't junk. I'm responding to people that are looking for ways to work online. And I'm offering them a REAL job. It's known as one of the top companies for people working at home. I've already proved a million times over that this is a reliable company. I've completely dissected the business model from the inside out for you. And out of all the details I've provided, you haven't pointed out a single thing "scammy" about it. Clearly there's NOTHING you can say to back up your statement, so instead you act immature and type a single sentence just to shoot me down.

If you're going to think for other people, explain why your making decisions for them. Give a reason as to why you think the person shouldn't fall for this "scam" or "junk". I know there's a lot of BS out there, but this company isn't on that list. As you can see, our company has an "A" rating with the BBB...

I'm simply here to offer advice and introduce people to a company that's been nothing but a blessing to me. Yes, I make a commission when they join but I give almost half of my commission back as a little "thank you". Plus most of my comments have a link to the MAIN PAGE of the company, not to sign up under me. It's just for them to take a look around and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. Instead of listening to hateful people like yourself who don't know what they're talking about.

Furthermore, it actually has been "working". Believe it or not, people actually read the forums and UNDERSTAND what I say in my introduction to the company. Right off the bat, they recognize the business is legitimate.. it's pretty straightforward. These people click my link or personally contact me. They ask me questions, do research. They are MATURE adults who voice their concerns by having a normal conversation. They aren't people like you who do nothing but problems.

And there will always be people like you. That's probably why you think it's "not working out" - because there's destined to be a distrusting person here and there trying to shoot me down (like yourself). But you'll notice that each and every person never elaborates. They just hide behind the anonymity of the internet and yell "what a scammer, blah blah blah" without even knowing WHY they think it's a scam. The fact is, people HAVE been joining through this forum and some have already made commissions. And EACH person got my start-up bonus and marketing system for FREE. What kind of scam does that?

I know you won't believe it, but I'm helping people. That's all I've been doing, and you've done nothing but insult me. I would love to have a decent conversation. I honestly would like to know how I'm involved in a scam. I'd hate to think that I've been scamming people without knowing it!! Just give me some details! Please! If you have nothing to bring to the table, then don't bother coming to dinner. Thank you and have a great day
Total Scam

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#12 Mar 8, 2013
This is a very sophisticated operation that strings together every tried and trusted technique (Ponzi, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Spam, Deceptive Advertizing) into one large funnel, with your money at one end and their bank account at the other.

Their advertising is very keen to make out that it costs you nothing (to get started). This alone helps them get past one hurdle, the on-line job websites will not accept any vacancy that carried an up-front fee. So that means that CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Your-Local-Classifieds and more will be full of the same ad in a different cloak.

Part 1 – Trainee
After looking through their training materials, it first appears that the ‘job’ is signing up for trial periods with web-based companies (such as Free Credit Reports, ID Protection, Satellite Dishes etc.). After doing this, the job is to get as many other people to do the same thing. This generates affiliate income which is where all the $20 bills start appearing. Spam more of the people you know into signing up for dodgy services and the more money you make.
Part 2 – Passed Probation
After you’ve alienated your family and all the people you’ve ever got an email address from, you’ll be hungry to find some more income opportunities. This isn’t a problem, the helpful FCM/DICN people have a website jammed full of helpful resources to help you write, distribute, market and communicate with lots of new people who probably don’t live anywhere near you. And guess what? they ALL cost something.

Any questions? Here’s all the answers

So now, you’re faced with spending money to spam people, spam craigslist, spam every forum and blog and comment form on the world wide web. They have links to automated bots, email spam lists, classified ad sales – even printers who will print $100 flyers for you to ‘drop’ at every retail business in town… and did I mention that they all cost $$$?

Part 3 – Team Leader
But the basic business premise (getting people to signup for web-based services that they’ve already got sick of seeing on the websites that they already visit) has begun to pall. Your friends now not only avoid you on sight, but have de-friended you on FaceBook and publicly disassociated themselves from you on Linked-In. But you still have friends on FCM/DICN – they have a way you can make even more money – by promoting the lame-ass ‘money-making opportunity’ that you were fooled into getting involved in. So, in true Ponzi style, you end up promoting a job that involves nothing more than promoting the job itself.

Part 4 – Retirement
… and good luck getting out. By now you’ve probably given your credit card numbers to a whole bunch of shady internet crooks, who will use them when they get a chance to defraud you further. You have no friends and your family have changed the locks.

Let this be a warning to you. Home based businesses DO exist, but the only ones you’ll see on Craigslist are the ones that take money FROM you, not the other way round.
Total Scam

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#13 Mar 8, 2013
Stop assuming people are stupid
I can help you out

Miami, FL

#15 Mar 8, 2013
And I'm not assuming anybody's stupid. So don't put words in my mouth. I'm assuming that they want to work from home.. which is an accurate assumption (based on the topic).

All I've done is offer my advice. And share a job that has been a blessing to me. The type of job that's KNOWN as one of the most popular work at home opportunities. Our field of marketing is called "freebie marketing" since we promote a website full of free trials.

Freebie marketing is one of the leading industries for people working at home. You seem pretty knowledgable, so you should know that. Do some research and you'll see that it's a multi-million dollar industry. And the company I work with is one of the best in the busines. If you're saying my company is a scam, you're saying the BBB is a scam for giving us an "A" rating. They must be in on it, right?? Please keep the distrust to yourself and let people decide for themselves.

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