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Since: Jul 08

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#1 Jul 22, 2008
still high

Charlotte, NC

#2 May 9, 2010
Don't go there....

Hillview, KY

#3 Jun 4, 2010
still high wrote:
Don't go there....
why not? Do tell
Old Customer

Canton, OH

#4 Jun 5, 2010
My son went there, very good rehab if the person is really interested in help, if not wanting to quit don`t waste everyones time and your money.
hope this helps

Evansville, IN

#5 Jun 5, 2010
It's good. My husband went there, it really turned his life around. The person has to want to be there, and be willing to change their life around. They need all the support they can get from family and friends as well. Good luck in deciding whats best for your loved one!

If your looking outside of Bowling Green, theres a place called Stepworks that I have heard is pretty good.
clean for 2 yrs

United States

#6 Oct 6, 2011
I have been to Questhouse. I recommend it to anyone who needs help. Rehabilitation is not easy, but if taken seriously it can save your life. If you are an alcoholic or addict, Questhouse is a great place to start a new way of life.

Since: Nov 11

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#7 Nov 28, 2011
Not a recommendation! The set up is more of a sober living style. The condo like place where you stay is in a neighborhood living with about 5 others. They take you in a van to the grocery store to shop for yourself and take you up the road to your group sessions and meetings. They let you walk around the neighborhood in the evenings with 2 other rehab patients. The home across the street had young people drinking and smoking pot in their garage every night and patients were getting drugs from neighbors. There is no nurses, medical professionals, or therapists. You do not receive any counseling or therapy while there. They will not let you use the phone till the fifth day and do not give you much privacy and phone calls are timed about 10 minutes, which is ridiculous. Everyone needs their family support and should be allowed phone calls especially paying for treatment. They treat you almost like you are being controlled and punished for your addiction. I ended up leaving treatment, myself and my mother was told I was going to die if I left. If Quest House was the only place to get sober, then there would be a lot of dead people. That is not something to say to an addict for encouragement. They would not let me use their phone to call for a ride. I lived several states away and had to call a taxi and get a hotel until my husband could come pick me up the next day. I had no family around and they would rather me be in an unknown town by myself then let me make a simple phone call and be safe. Not long after I went to Brentwood Meadows in Newburgh, IN. I absolutely love it, so much in fact I did not want to leave. Their method of recovery was amazing!! It is a beautiful facility and would recommend it to anyone! You can also detox there and do outpatient after. There is a nurse on staff 24 hours and professionals there at all times as well as therapists you see off and on and doctors you see at the facility. I have been sober for 4 months now and feeling great. Do NOT go to Quest House. They are just after money. I found out after I left that if you leave before 5 days then you get half your money back. They talked me in to staying for 5 days and then did not try to talk me into staying. They just said I could not use their phone and had to walk and find one to use. Pretty sad treatment program.

Casey, IL

#8 Nov 28, 2011
I think your view point is obvioisly tainted. Sounds like untreated addiction. They didnt do it the way I thought they should so they suck and no one else should go there. It also sounds like you have an unresolved resentment which if not remedied could lead you to get high again. I think the precious ones in Indiana would agree. For your information Questhouse has roughly a 92% success rate at the 3 year mark for those people who are lucky enough to attend treatment there. Hope you get a clue and become more tolerant of other people and more open minded of other methods even the ones that dont work for you. If this post upsets you call your sponsor if you have one.

Cookeville, TN

#9 Nov 28, 2011
Everyone has their own opinion. Someone asked about their experience there and I gave my thoughts. You did not upset me at all, but I obviously triggered something in you to respond to my post. Must be pretty nice to think so highly of yourself to think your negative comments affected me :) I do not let people especially ones I do not know upset me when they do not know what they are talking about. I hope one day to have your knowledge and high ego. Not every treatment center is for everyone and successful for everyone. Thanks for your opinion though, very, very uplifting.
agree somewhat with 2010

Hardinsburg, KY

#10 Nov 30, 2011
I paid for a family member to go there some time ago. What the poster says about the neighborhood and unsupervised time in the condo is correct. My family wanted to leave because others in treatment were partying with those folks in the garage across the street - that is fact.

Office worker, 2 counselors and house monitors were recent "grads" from the program. Very recent. Not good.

Honestly, from what I know over the past of year of individuals that have been thru Questhouse; it's hard to believe the 92% success rate that is thrown around so proudly. I know of too many that haven't made it with sobriety after completing this program. To be fair, that is probably the case for a lot of rehabs as well.

I don't pretend to have the answers. It is heartbreaking, to say the least. I wish you the best.
Agree it is not good

Benton, KY

#11 Jan 15, 2012
I would not recommend anyone attend the program. I Pesonally witnessed people having seizures there. It seemed all about money. I witnessed people leave there and not be able to call their families. There is no help there. The place should be closed.
Agree it is not good

Benton, KY

#12 Jan 15, 2012
I also witnessed a therapist cuss one of the guest because he wanted to talk to him family. The owner threw the guest cigs into the rain and said let them see them there. He is very very mean.
melissa t

Canton, OH

#13 Jan 19, 2012
I am replying to all of these ridiculous comments. Ask yourself, where are you really at today?? ASk yourself where is the staff at Questhouse???(ANSWER PLEASE) Your probably getting high, pimping your sister, and selling your families shit for dope, While staff is clean and in recovery. They say 1 out of 3 in treatment will make it... opps your not that one. A special prayer goes up for you today that you get clean, learn spiritual principles, and in the process of you killing yourself and others stops here. Question 2: Ask yourself, when am I going to stop tainting peoples lives with my bullshit opinions??(ANSWER PLEASE) When i die or kill someone else or when i decide to make a change and enter recovery?

First 3 spritual principles of recovery
1. honesty
2. open-mindedness
3. willingness

With these you are well on your way to a new way of life. Without these your well on your way to the gates of hell. Let me know how it works for you. You can guess which place I am not going to.
spoiled rotten

North Ridgeville, OH

#14 Jan 20, 2012
Melissa t-i can't believe ur hypocricy here. This could be a place for people to come and heal. Wether you are in recovery, and it sounds like you are, or not; I pray you are not too closely integrated, or God forbid apart of staff!! You sound like a judgemental hypocrite!!!
clean for 2 yrs

United States

#15 Jan 26, 2012
What you put into rehab determines what you get out of it. Its a personal thing. You have to want to get better. I went to Questhouse in 2009 and I am still clean and loving life. Sure, I didn't always like what I had to do. But I did it anyway, because I wanted my life back. They are not there to baby you. They are there to help you. And who better to do it than successful recovering alcoholics and addicts? So, if you can't handle it if someone comes down on you hard sometimes to make you understand that you're gonna die if you don't stop putting poison in your body then NO you don't need to go to Questhouse. But if you'll keep an open mind, you can succeed.

Casey, IL

#16 Jan 27, 2012
To the 2 people who posted like they work at this Rehab or someone they love works there, im sending a real prayer up for you. I've never been an addict but I don't think talking to them like you did at this stage in their life is necessary.
They were asked their opinion and gave it. It actually sounded believable but what really won the case was the arrogance and disrespecting way you both answered while defending this place. I bet that was enough for the curious to know that place is useless.
Respond how you feel necessary but if I were you I would quit with the the whole being rude thing and work on your true spiritual healing methods.

Toledo, OH

#17 Jan 27, 2012
How do they monitor the patients who are coming off a drug? Doubt you could be addicted to heavy drugs and live it more of a halfway house?

Benton, KY

#18 Jan 27, 2012
yea,honesty tell that to the owner. this place is a joke!!!!!
clean for 2 yrs

United States

#19 Jan 29, 2012
If you've never been an addict you have no idea how it is. There is a difference in rudeness and being persistent/tough. And I'm glad I had people who were persistent and tough (and patient) with me when I was in Questhouse. If they had not been I might not be clean today. I will repeat my answer to the initial question - I have been to Questhouse for treatment of addiction and I personally recommend it.
bubba gump

United States

#20 Feb 2, 2012
there is absolutly no way of a 92% success
rate unless they are talking about staying clean ffor the first 24 hrs after leaving. seriously only 2% stay clean forever after leaving rehab for good. im in recovery and been to treatment bubut like all addicts have had my relapses. Im staying clean now with the help of suboxone as i never had the confidence that i could do it through na or a sponser and it has been the best times of my life. all i have to say about questhouse is that its in bowling green so the care or attention you recieve will not be as high as if u went to a bigger city. Or if u dont like that comment they will make u go cold turkey off drug of choice with no detox meds.

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