Is Bowling Green a good/safe place to...

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#21 Apr 21, 2013
I dont think you will find anything decent in a good area for under 700 a month. If you are set on moving to bowling green i would recommend looking in the outskirts. Wouldnt move to town. Been a lot of crime here lately and getting worse. My kids have went to city schools and county. Not very impressed with either. Scottsville not to far away and seems pretty quiet. Hear its a smaller town and cheaper to. Best of luck
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La Grange, KY

#22 Apr 22, 2013
I was thinking about this post and thought I'd come back to it...if you don't want to live in Warren County there are two places that I'd choose in surrounding counties. They are Franklin and Glasgow. Both of them are nice little towns that have quite a bit of industry. I know for sure that the cost of living is much cheaper in Franklin. If I were going to pick between the two, I'd probably pick Franklin. You'd be about 20 minutes from BG and about 40 minutes from Nashville.

Canton, OH

#23 Apr 22, 2013
There are some decent apartments and duplexes on the north side of town out near Warren East High School.

Bowling Green, KY

#24 Apr 22, 2013
I was born and raised here. It's a great place but you need to find a good job. Fortunately, there are several employers. I have never had any problem with crime but have lived on the the east side of the tracks.There are several apartment complexes with more coming every year. I would just find one close to your job. If you wish to commute, Woodburn, Auburn, Rockfield and Smith's Grove are all within 20 miles or less. I work at WKU and a lot of my co-workers do that. Good luck and welcome if you come here!

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#25 Apr 22, 2013

the jobs suck, rent is too high, and there is nothing but restaurants and retail

been here since high school - it's a trap; a hole you fall into and spend half your life crawling out

stay away

i've almost got enough saved to leave and never return

Morehead, KY

#26 Apr 22, 2013
Anyone know how much utilities would run for Ashton Parc or Cameron Park? They look nice and reviews are good plus it would be in my price range if water/electric run about $150 a month, which is more than we pay now for utilities but you never know what it will be for a different apartment in a different town.

Bowling Green, KY

#27 Apr 22, 2013
I pay less than $150/month for an entire house.
What the heck

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#28 Apr 22, 2013
mel wrote:
I dont think you will find anything decent in a good area for under 700 a month....
Sure you can. You just got to look for them.

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#29 Apr 22, 2013
Native wrote:
I pay less than $150/month for an entire house.
You must be in the county,cuz you sure as hell don't pay 150 for an entire house w/bgmu.
Hell,they charge you damn near 500 just to turn it on.

Bowling Green, KY

#30 Apr 22, 2013
nofoolishness wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be in the county,cuz you sure as hell don't pay 150 for an entire house w/bgmu.
Hell,they charge you damn near 500 just to turn it on.
No wonder if you're in Texas. Has to travel a long way from BGMU.
getawaywhileyouc an

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#31 Apr 22, 2013
No,this is not a safe nor a good place to live.
The only way that you will ever be safe here is if you ARE A CRIMINAL!
Murderers are the only people who can safley walk the streets with no harm.
You can find places to rent for less but you will be in horrible area. I actually looked everyday for a reasonable place to live,for over a year. This is a collage town,nothing is cheap,most of all the rent. You can find places for less then 500, but you will be in the middle of the slums,surrounded by trash.
It's not been but a couple OS months since my pre next-door neighbor was shot through her door!
How safe does that make you feel?
We run on the good ol boy system here,which means if you don't play cards w/judges or have a pocket full of old money,you ain't getting Shit, much less a fare trial!
Don't ever call the police cuz you'll be dead and carried off before they walk across the street.
If you are a victim a violent crime ,as I was,no need to worry the offender will only Serve a few years and be release. Just to commit the same crime and actually kill his next victom.
The good jobs are gone. If you don't know someone on the inside your screwed.
You might get lucky and get a job selling used cars to spoiled collage students,and their rude parents.
The schools here leave lots of children behind. That speaks for itself.
As for surrounding towns,Scottsville is awful,as an outsider you will never be welcomed.
If your not from there or have family there you'll always get the cold shoulder.
So hossadiddy in fact,that Walmart won't even step foot there.
Franklin is good still has the same smalltown feel,just like when I was a kid. Not much has changed there.
As soon as my lease is up here I'm taking my family franklin,where it is peaceful,I can live and not go broke and my kids will have a better shot at a good life. A-men.
its ok

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#32 Apr 22, 2013
U can a 2 bedroom for around 500 but the deposits are,outrageous for electric water trash sewer cable and gas you would need around 3000 just to get moved in to a decent place

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#34 Apr 23, 2013
I was born in the late 80s, but I have heard Bowling Green before the 1980s was just a country town. It's a shame it had to grow, it was better when Scottsville road was a chicken farm.

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#35 May 6, 2014
its ok wrote:
My boyfriend is from west liberty and has a daughter there I would say the biggest challange for ur family would be the cost of living here huge change its not a bad place but forniers everywhere nothing like west liberty . We would love to move to harlan olive hill or west liberty for a
But no jobs most of the good jobs here are throught the temp services 9 or 10 a hour temp to hire
OK. I read you post and had to completely discount any of the words as you cannot spell or put together a complete sentence. I was considering a potential career move to the area but posts like yours scares me to death. For the love og God, PLEASE get an education to a 4th grade level.
Saving Grace

Elizabethtown, KY

#36 May 6, 2014
Hey Dave!!! You misspelled "of." Have a good day!

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#37 May 6, 2014
You wand to live east of the train tracks. The south east is the nicest but most expensive. There is a college here so there are international students and some immigration. But the majority are of scots irish descent. There are a ton of restaurants of every level. 2 Wal-marts and other grocery stores. Lots of city parks with a lot of activities. If you just lock your doors you'll be safe.There are clubs, live music concerts, and a host of sports. There is a rush hour on 31W south and scottsville road at 8:00 and 4:00, but compared to Nashville, which is just 60 miles away, it's nothing. If you live in the county it's cheaper. Several small towns close by are Woodburn, Richpond, Scottsville, Richardsville, Morgantown, Auburn, and Glasgow. They are all within 30 miles. I'm raising a family here.

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#38 May 6, 2014
Russellville, Ky, would be a great place. It's a little bit smaller and more of a country town but still has everything you need and only about 25-30 mins from bg down 68/80, which is a good road. There are several places to rent there and jobs as well if you're looking to work and live in the same place. But I did commute back and forth to and from bg for work and it's not too bad.

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#39 May 7, 2014
It's not bad, some areas are better than others. Anything across the traintracks downtown is kinda skeevy, but every city has that one area. I've lived in some pretty shit neighborhoods, but none of them were ever so bad that it felt dangerous. Stay away from Willowcreek apartments, their management is shady as hell and rent is high for what it is. Don't listen to the people further up in the thread creating drama, they're just being tools.

As far as a social center, Bowling Green has a couple of live performance centers, a couple of not crappy bars, and pretty much every restaurant you can think of. There's plenty of stuff to do, especially if you come from a small town.
Not a fan

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#40 May 9, 2014
It's not the worst place on earth, but it's not great either. There are jobs, but they aren't great. The schools are terrible, but that's true all over Kentucky. Need to deal with the courts for any reason? Need to accomplish anything? Determine the amount of time it takes to do what you are trying to do anywhere else, then figure in about 5 orders of magnitude. The reason for that is about 99% of the population can't be bothered to do their job. The people are rude. Well, there is a pocket in town that isn't that bad, and I stick to that bubble for the time I'm here. If you aren't from here, are friendly, are competent, and have hobbies and interests that aren't having affairs and creating drama, stick to Downtown. It's the only neighborhood that's livable for a transplant. If I were you, I'd consider leaving the state since the opportunity to move has arisen.
From Bg

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#41 May 11, 2014
Bg isn't a bad place to live at all! It has everything you need , malls, parks, restaurants, etc....without being too big or too busy. Greenhaven apts have a bad reputation and I wouldn't dare live there or let my children go to school in that district. I had looked into the schools at one time and was told that American children were the minority. There are plenty of decent apts especially in your price range. Good luck!

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