Glasgow, KY

#1 Feb 5, 2009
does anyone know him?

Canton, OH

#2 Feb 6, 2009
bob wrote:
does anyone know him?
Does he live in BG?

Campbellsville, KY

#3 Jun 9, 2010
Yeah Brian Davis is MARRIED to Melissa from Edmonson county.he is cheating on his wife with that girl that hangs around taboo brothers tattoo shop, the place he works. Hmmm the names Jamie Mansfield! Wonder if his wife knows! How lovely it is to be on the outside looking in. People wanna talk about my faults when they have some demons of their own to battle and hide!
Melissa if u are reading this I am telling u the honest truth! No BS! I know I may get my ass handed to me over this but you need to know!

Park City, KY

#4 Jun 9, 2010
OH SH!T if that is true Melissa is gonna whoop someone's ass!!!
its true

Campbellsville, KY

#5 Jun 9, 2010
well its true, I went to tabboo to get a tattoo and he was with a short hair lady and it wasnt his wife. she deserves better than that. dont they got kids too?

Bowling Green, KY

#6 Jun 10, 2010
That's cute how you used "hitman" as a name. If your worried this much about someone else's life, take care of it in person. People like you are weak. Cowardly. You have no heart. I bet your parents are sorry they didn't use more protection.

Dublin, OH

#7 Jun 10, 2010
my wife melissa knows i got haters, it comes wit the job titles i hold. she has been hear'n this for years, she trusts me i trust her that's why we been married for 13 years. as far as jamie we been friends since middle school. i'm done here and i won't be back to fuel you haters. i've got more important things to do, like mind my own business. thank you and have a good life.
hitman sammy sam

Dublin, OH

#8 Jun 10, 2010
i agree with clint when i say that's funny how you used my nickname to add fuel to this retarded fire. if all you guys do is sit on here and try to ruin peoples marriages and lives with pure jibberish then you truly need to reevaluate your own situation. people only want to destroy what they cannot have in their own lives. grow up.

Columbus, OH

#9 Jun 10, 2010
I've ALWAYS gone to Carter's but I hear the Hitman chick is a good artist

Campbellsville, KY

#10 Jun 10, 2010
I thought he was messin with that chelsey girl
Melissa-the wife

Clarkson, KY

#11 Jun 10, 2010
Well I'm so glad you got that off your chest. To think of the many sleepless nights you had knowing that information. Well, if you was so concerned with what I deserve then why are you saying this on here? Why not tell me to my face? That only makes you look more and more like a liar and an instigator. Please, if you don't have enough balls to tell me to my face them don't waste your time on here cause I won't believe it. Well, you know even if you did tell me to my face I prolly still wouldn't believe you. I LOVE and TRUST my husband. So how bout you just go back to your pathetic life with your pathetic problems and keep out of my life. Oh and yes when I do find out who this is you can bet there will be somebody who will be regretting my name ever coming out their mouth.

Detroit, MI

#12 Jan 15, 2012
You go Melissa!
truth is

Hillview, KY

#13 Jan 16, 2012
I'm sry Melissa I no its hard but I no for a FACT he's cheatin on u! Yeah it sux 2 hear it on Internet but maybe ppl want u 2 no and not get caught up in the drama. Yes Jamie is who he cheatin on u with and I think all or just about all the girls he had workin for him he cheated on u with! I no ur gonna come back yellin at me and tryin to get all smart but maybe just maybe you shuld consider it! Brian an Clint shuld maybe take a close look at who ur "friends" is because this stuff all comin from them!

Upton, KY

#14 Jan 18, 2012
It is true, but your right she won't believe u. One day she's going to catch him with her and she's going to feel dumb and she's going to go off. For years he's made my friend look dumb and she's not the easiest person to get along with but she does not deserve what he is and has done to her! I hope she's rakes his ads with child support and I hope she tells the kids that while they been at home with mom dads been at the tattoo shop fkn one of his friends and has for years! E en sd so his self in an earlier post. Brian in your heart u know your a lie! White lie or not you know e eryone that knows the truth just seen u publicly lie about your affair! CHEATER!

United States

#15 Mar 20, 2012
Brian is the nicest guy ever, he takes his family to church every week and doesn't allow porn in the house. You all should be ashamed for telling lies.
Just curious

El Paso, TX

#16 Jul 8, 2015
So... What's the update? Was he cheating or not?? Now, I have to know!! Thanks.
Right down the road

Yulee, FL

#17 Nov 22, 2015
This whole thread books stupid. Go to facebook.

Bowling Green, KY

#18 Dec 3, 2015
Since he's now married to the Jamie chick looks like the allegations were in fact true. Denial is as big a bitch as karma.

Yulee, FL

#19 Dec 3, 2015
Dumb a$s ain't got nothing better to do then talk bout brian? Leave him alone!! Don't hate your not around. Don't go away mad, just go away.

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