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Principal Mark Rathbun Alvaton Elementary

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Bowling Green, KY

#1 Aug 15, 2012
Does he really care about the children of Alvaton. I have a friend and their child got hurt. He acted like he didn't care. Alvaton is also not doing good on their test, I heard they sent a letter that it was free to change schools because they did not meet the standards.

Decatur, AL

#2 Aug 15, 2012
He is an awesome principal.....and my children attend the school and we did not recieve a letter.

Bowling Green, KY

#3 Aug 15, 2012
Does anyone know Mark Rathbun the principal of Alvaton? I just moved here and thinking about taking my kid's there.

Bowling Green, KY

#4 Aug 15, 2012
He is a GREAT principle! Good guy as well.
They did not pass

Bowling Green, KY

#5 Aug 15, 2012
The school did not meet, their academic requirements they are in the lowest percentile of any BG school.

By law (no child left behind) parents can change their kids to a new school, and Alvaton has to pay for transportation to the school you choose.

We received the letter also, every parent should have received it by law the school has to send it to everyone.

However, I will say I really love the school, and the workers there. It is not a BAD school, in my opinion it is the best school in BG they simply need to improve their testing scores.
They did not pass

Bowling Green, KY

#6 Aug 15, 2012
Here is the list of scores taken from bgdaily news.
Alvaton did not meet the scores they are "progressing"

T.C. Cherry Elementary School: 84.6, 92.2, 88.3, 90.3 - meets goal

W.R. McNeill Elementary School: 91.5, 107.7, 108.4, 108.1 - meets goal

Bowling Green Middle School: 86.9, 87.6, 89.7, 88.7 - meets goal

Bowling Green High School: 85.7, 88.2, 90.2, 89.2 - meets goal

Alvaton Elementary School: 89.2, 89.6, 87.7, 88.7 - progressing

Briarwood Elementary School: 87.3, 102.3, 96.2, 99.3 - meets goal

*Cumberland Trace Elementary School: 87.3, XX, 89.6, 90.8 - meets goal

Lost River Elementary School: 86.9, 90.6, 86.7, 88.7 - meets goal
They did not pass

Nortonville, KY

#7 Aug 15, 2012

Math we rank 70%
Our district is 73%

Reading 73%
Our district is 77%

Science 62%
Our district is 70%

Social Studies 41%
Our district is 48%

Writing 65%
Our district is 60%

We're doing good in one area writing!!

Bowling Green, KY

#8 Aug 15, 2012
Alvaton is not a Bowling School; it's Warren County. They are two separate systems.

Bowling Green, KY

#9 Aug 15, 2012
It is a great school!!! We moved to the Alvaton community so our daughter could go to Alvaton. We received the letter as well and I was surprised they were below where they are supposed to be but "progressing". We received the letter at the beginning of my childs 1st grade year, and the reason I was shocked as my ydaughter was 7-8-9 (max of 9)and at a mid-range 2nd grade reading level at the end of her Kindergarten year. Then came 1st grade...I was not pleased with her teacher at all. My daughter regressed drastically to 4-5-6 level. We got a summer tutor for her and this young woman is a teacher and said she could not understand the drastic decline in my daughters test scores especially in reading after working with her for 2 weeks my daughter was excited about school. We met with the teacher because there were some issues and she had not a clue that there was an issue. I have two friends that are teachers and they both said that the meeting we had with the teacher should have been with the principal and even Mr. Murley, because the issue was extremely serious, but we didn't want to taint our childs reputation because she was in first grade and had 11 more years in the Warren County School System. If I had known that her scores were going to slide like they did, she would have had a very difficult year and that meeting would have been with Mr. Murley. And I do know that one bad teacher can ruin your school career and deter your learning. I think the teacher is a good person, but as my husband put it...she was so busy doing her blog and trying to get pregnant she didn't take care of business. In the real world, not teacherland, that crap would have NEVER flown. But with that being said, it is a great school in a super community with great community support. I have been impressed with Mr. Rathbun. And her teacher in Kindergarten and this year is SUPER. And there is not one school that everything is have to take the good with the bad, and I would take Alvaton any day.
Pole Cat

Bowling Green, KY

#10 Aug 15, 2012
Alvaton is a great school, as long as they have stopped doing that clown school. Everyone knew that was a waste of time.

Nortonville, KY

#11 Aug 16, 2012
I agree he it is a great school, and I truly believe he is a good guy. We received the letter last yr also. I have had a few issues with the school, but who doesn't.

When I have tried to talk to him he tends to come off like "oh it'll be ok" about every situation it is not that he doesn't care because I am positive he does.

I believe that it's just his communication skills lack compassion, and that's ok with me because mine do too, and in the long run he's right most things will be ok.

Remember we're parents we tend to over react. There are hundreds/thousands of us, and only one of him.

Corydon, IN

#12 Dec 16, 2012
Alvaton School, Mr. Rathbun and the Alvaton teachers all rock! The only reason the scores went down is because the Warren County Board of Education redistricted students from Cumberland Trace to Alvaton a couple of years ago. These students live across Scottsville Road from Cumberland Trace and the move to shuttle these students 8 miles out to a rural county school does not make since. Ever since then, Alvaton's scores have gone down and Cumberland Trace's scores have gone up; go figure! One has to wonder why a decision such as this was made.... I can only suspect that it was either political, financial or both.

North Ridgeville, OH

#15 Dec 17, 2012
My children went there for 3 years. Since they redistricted it has been going downhill. The innercity kids definitely have more behavior problems than kids out in the county. I know this for a fact. When you have a new group with behavior problems, the teachers quit paying so much attention to your child that actually lives in the district. I was told my son had been given less attention because of other students.... Mr. Rathburn has alot on his shoulders, as I have known him since elementary school where he was a teacher. They just need to focus on the task at hand but that begins at home. You cannot expect a child to behave at school when it is not enforced at home as well. God bless all educators.

North Ridgeville, OH

#16 Dec 17, 2012
parent2 wrote:
<quoted text>
I have had to deal with him a few times and definitely felt disrespected. Did you actually have your husband call and get your situation resolved? If so I will have to get my hubby involved. My son is getting picked on a lot I feel it goes beyond just playground hijinks but he always blows me off,, so frustrating!
Yes and we were having the same issues. A lot gets pushed to the backdrop. I do think side we have more kids and regardless where they are from a lot more behavioral problems. Bullying is much worse and Should be taken more seriously! Nothing was done until my hubby called. Good luck! I know it is so frustrating!

Bowling Green, KY

#19 Dec 18, 2012
When my kids went there, they scored very high. Parental involvement was very strong. Since the redistricting bussed in a lot of kids from the city it has saddled them with a lot of trouble makers that are way behind and parents that don't care.

New Albany, IN

#24 Dec 18, 2012
true very true wrote:
<quoted text>
True an he likes to hire cutie teachers
Yeah but he is scared to death of them so they run all over him.

Georgetown, IN

#25 Dec 19, 2012
Pole Cat wrote:
Alvaton is a great school, as long as they have stopped doing that clown school. Everyone knew that was a waste of time.
I resemble that remark!!!

Hanna City, IL

#26 Dec 21, 2012
You have absolutely no idea what it takes to run a school. Alvaton historically has had excellent scores. Yes, the past 2 have been lower - but they're still not bad. As a parent, I get it when you think your kid didn't get full treatment regarding certain issues. But there's no need to be petty and get on some place like this and do your best to annihilate the character of someone who actually is a really good guy.

Can he make mistakes? Yes, but that doesn't make him incompetent. Could he overlook something? Yes, but that doesn't make him an arrogant asshole. If you feel that a certain situation hasn't been resolved, then you should go and discuss it with him in a professional manner. I can assure you that if you go to any principal and complain with any kind of attitudes presented here - they're not going to listen to you.

Fail NCLB standards? Yes, along with most of the other Kentucky schools. But don't worry about that letter you have that says go take your kid anywhere. NCLB was exempted from the state of Kentucky back in February. As of June, 33 states have been exempted due to the fact that NCLB was a good idea, but failed in proper assessment.

And the worst part of it all - perhaps you think you're cool or interesting because you can anonymously post that he's a pervert because he hires cute teachers and blast that he's having affairs with teachers - you're wrong. You say you know things - but you don't. Don't argue and say you do, you just want people to think you do. Whoever you are. If you have such undeniable facts, then present your evidence to the central office. Oh wait, you think there's a "good ole boy" network that'll protect him. Then take your evidence to the Kentucky Professional Standards Board. But you better have proof and not some other piece of trash going around saying whatever they want without consequence.

Grow up - get your facts straight - and get a life.

New Albany, IN

#31 Dec 24, 2012
Curious wrote:
Well, do tell tell!
Heard one re: him and the FRC lady. Hmmmmm?
That's just funny to think about...he wouldn't know what to do with her!
She'd have him as an appetizer. Before breakfast. On a Tuesday.
And still have time to cook bacon.

United States

#40 Dec 30, 2012
My children go to Alvaton and they recently had an award ceremony and there were several ( more than not) that had proficient and distinguished awards. I feel like parents need to get more involved with their children's education. Studies show that when parents are involved scores are better. It takes a lot more than a principle and teachers to run a school. I give it to teachers, I can't imagine trying to teach 25 first graders to read!!!!

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