Sweet girl

Fort Thomas, KY

#1 Jan 18, 2009
Anyone know anything about him???

Fort Thomas, KY

#2 Jan 18, 2009
Yes, very nice. Last time I saw him he was at dinner with his girlfriend- very pretty tall blonde, kind of young. I think he has 4 kids but can't remember....
i know

United States

#3 Jan 18, 2009
r u talking about dr bush? he is married. and yes he has 4 kids and they was wanting more.. i seen him just before new years and he was with his wife and kids.
Dont be blind

Hebron, KY

#4 Jan 18, 2009
He isnt married, but he does like the ladies. He dated the same girl for awhile who worked as a drug rep. I talked with him a little while before I found out he had a beautiful/super sweet gf he was trying to mess around on. He said they weren't together anymore, but she and everyone else must have missed that memo. I think hes a great guy but if that girl couldn't keep his attention, good luck to you. I'm sure he'd be a lot of fun to be around though.
i know

United States

#5 Jan 18, 2009
well i don't know then he said he was married when i seen them togeather. hell who knows about him, i heard that he was not a very good dr. but i have seen him a few time and have had no problems with him,

Trinity, TX

#6 Jan 18, 2009
i have seen him twice and if i ever need anything else took care of it will be by him! he does a great job and has a wonderful bedside manner! the office staff is nice too! i felt very well cared for!

Fort Thomas, KY

#7 Jan 18, 2009
I think you guys should get facts straight before you start trashing someone. He dated her for a long time, she moved away which is why they broke up. NOT because he cheated on her. They were very serious, he wanted to marry her. Don't comment on things you have no idea about! He is a great person and she was a sweetheart.
Dont be Blind

Bowling Green, KY

#8 Jan 19, 2009
Kelly wrote:
I think you guys should get facts straight before you start trashing someone. He dated her for a long time, she moved away which is why they broke up. NOT because he cheated on her. They were very serious, he wanted to marry her. Don't comment on things you have no idea about! He is a great person and she was a sweetheart.
I know he was dating her while he was calling me. I seen them in surgery together, and out together. I work in the ER, and my friend is a nurse in surgery, so it was confirmed x10. I didn't talk to him because of that reason. Lucky for her I don't mess with men who are in other relationships. The question asked about him, and I stated the facts I knew from personal experience. I'm sure he's a great Dr, and she was a great girl. If it were one of my friends, I would hate to see them be hurt. Just my dealings with him, take it or leave it
Wayne Bush

Utica, KY

#9 Jan 21, 2009
I just got wind of this site and looked through the comments. Normally I would just ignore them and move on, but some of you have absolutely nothing better to do than sit around trashing good people and hurting others for no reason. Had you just involved me, I couldn't care less, but you hurt someone that meant a great deal to me and now you've hurt our friendship with lies and garbage. Kelly seems to be the only one here that actually knows me and the truth of the situation, so thank you Kelly for your comment. I was absolutely crazy about the girl I was dating and never did I cheat on her or even attempt to. We had even talked very seriously about getting married, but that was not in the cards for us, for a number of reasons that are none of your business. I assure you if I asked anyone out on a date, it was after she and I had decided to call it quits. The fact that someone didn't know that doesn't give them the right to trash someone else. That's your ignorance, not my wrong doing. To be very blunt, I've not met anyone in the Bowling Green Med Center ER that even holds a candle to the sweet, beautiful woman I was dating so don't kid yourself. Get your facts straight and get a life!!

United States

#10 Jan 21, 2009
wayne, people just like getting on here talking trash about other people cause they have nothing better to do.. i think you are a wonderfull person. and a good dr as well. u was my moms doctor and done a great job on her maybe even saved her life.. thank u
Wayne Bush

Utica, KY

#11 Jan 21, 2009
Thank you very much! I have no problem with people disagreeing with me as a professional, that's just part of what I do. I can't stand those who think it's ok to make personal attacks that harm good, innocent people when they have no knowledge whatsoever of the facts. Otherwise I wouldn't even be on here giving them the time of day! Thanks again!!
OR Nurse

Alliance, OH

#12 Jan 22, 2009
I work with Dr Bush frequently and he is one of the sweetest, nicest men you'll ever meet. Professionally, he is one of the two best surgeons in Bowling Green along with Dr Wierson. That is not just my opinion but the opinion of most nurses here. He has saved more lives than some of the idiots on this site could count. He has far less complications than most surgeons and when he does have one it's because he operates on the sickest of the sick patients and they sometimes just don't do well. As for his personal life, I know for a fact that he was very much in love with the girl he was dating and she was beautiful. They didn't work out because she moved back to Louisville for her job, not because he cheated on her. There's nobody in this hospital that was going to replace her I guarantee it and he has been terribly sad since she left. Everyone notices it. Many of the rumors about Dr Bush in this hospital come from a handful of crazy, jealous women including his psycho ex-wife that have started them to be hurtful and mean. Anyone that really knows him thinks the world of him, and those of you that don't need to shut your mouths and stop hurting good people.

Alliance, OH

#13 Jan 22, 2009
I absolutely agree. I know Wayne Bush well and he has never been anything but a gentleman to me and anyone else I know. The most impressive thing about him is the relationship he has with his three kids. He is the most amazing father around. He is actively involved with his kids every day and any woman would be lucky to have him. Rumor has it that the reason he no longer dates that beautiful girl he was with is because she moved away and said choose me or them. He chose his kids and everyone here admires that decision. There are a lot of men that would have bolted for her. If I weren't married I would gladly take him. I know for a FACT there was a girl at the medical center that started rumors about him cheating on his wife and her, because she got pissed when he stopped seeing her (while he was single). I heard her bragging about it. She is crazy and he didn't do anything wrong. That's the kind of crap that goes on here all the time. I'm not in surgery, but I also hear he is an outstanding surgeon and his patients love him. He treats everyone in the hospital the same from doctors to nurses to guys that mop the floors and do the laundry. As far as I'm concerned, he is a wonderful man!
Big Doug

Alliance, OH

#14 Jan 22, 2009
I've known Doc since college. Played ball with him. He was one of the best guys you could ever meet then, and still is. He was known for two things back in the day. He was one of the smartest guys on campus (He kept damn near a 4.0 gpa while playing 5 years of varsity football), and every woman he dated was a 10 (some fine ass women). And they all loved him because he was good to them and he didn't act like some player. He's just as good to me now as he was back before he got the MD at the end of his name. If you're hatin on Doc then you don't know him!

New London, MN

#15 Jan 26, 2009
Let us see. If this guy is like Sam Bush the mandoline player, he is carrying on a tradition of professional pride in So KY. 4 decades ago we had a stock car racer at Beech Bend known as Red 'crash' Bush,(Beer by Falstaf). Is Red still around? Is he related to Sam the Mandolin player?
phi delt

Glasgow, KY

#16 Jan 27, 2009
I remember you Wayne. I went to college with you. You were a Phi Delt with my brother. I didn't know you were an md..... Good job!!

Evansville, IN

#17 Feb 1, 2009
I am sorry but this thread really irritates me. Probably because I became very close with Braelynn- she was a rep that called on our office and came to be like my daughter. There is SO much that none of you know about that whole situation and I will leave it at that. Remember that there is ALWAYS more than one side to every story. The one thing I am sure of is she would be so angry if she knew there were people who clearly don't know her discussing her personal life on this site. That is one thing she always hated about dating Dr.Bush- her business was suddenly everyone elses. Have some class and do something with yourselves!

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