A&G Tree Service Owners Brother..Terr...

A&G Tree Service Owners Brother..Terry Gill

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Cincinnati, OH

#1 Dec 20, 2011
I was told about a mans criminal record that lives and works right here in warren co and didn't believe what I was being told so I decided to look it up for myself on the Warren Co Jail Website...Let me tell you I was baffled...completely stunned by what I found...The mans name is Terry Gill..he is, and has been employed, for many, many yrs through his brother, David Gill's Tree Service.. Which carries the name A&G Tree Service...This man has had and continues to have numerous crimal charges but is allowed to not only walk free everytime, but also work throughout our community, right on our property..To be perfectly honest, after viewing the charges that this man has been arrested for over and over again, I am absolutely afraid to leave my home and feel safe...

Terry Gill has been arrested for RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY CHARGES...THEFT CHARGES...BURGLARY CHARGES...FLEEING OR EVADING CHARGES..WANTON ENDANGERMENT ON POLICE CHARGES...PERSISTANT FELONY OFFENDER CHARGES...TRAFFICKING IN CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE CHARGES...TRAFFICKING IN METH CHARGES...MANUFACTURING METH CHARGES...POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, AND METH CHARGES...POSSESSION OF A FIREARM CHARGE..PERSISTANT FELONY OFFENDER CHARGES.. the list goes on, streaming from the yrs of 1994 to current and have had bond amounts that range from $5,000 to $50,000 cash bonds...He has been arrested 2 to 3 times just this month, with the last arrest being as soon as just days ago for burglary, wanten endangerment, and fleeing and evading...there was a $50,000 bond just on the burglary charge alone and he only spent a total of 4 days before being bonded out...Terry's last arrest for manufacturing meth, along with persistant felony offender, was just this past Sept. and he only spent four days for this as well before making a $10,000 cash bond....

Terry Gill's brother David seems to be a constant enabler for Terry with bailing him out of every criminal situation that he gets himself into and making sure that he always has a job with his company at A&G Tree Service...But still yet, In my opinion the system is to blame for allowing these actions....

I don't blame the police in anyway, because with the arrest that I've seen they are apparently doing their job, and their part to get this man off the streets..
Its obviously our court system thats to blame for continuing to release him after the arrests are made...In my opinion its time to stop letting this man, and anyone like him, buy himself out of anything with the right amount of money...after seeing this mans record it is more than obvious that thats exactly whats going on here...I have never heard of the average Joe, that has no money, having even half of the chances that this one man has had without serving TIME, and im not talking about 3 damn months...I mean come on 17 damn yrs of repeating SERIOUS crimes and hes still walking free, continuing to commit these crimes, and work right on our properties...something is very wrong here!

Somerset, KY

#2 Dec 20, 2011
I know this dude terry & know for a fact that this is true. He gets out of ever thing. the saying (money talks)is sad but true. His bro david has pd dude out of ever thing he got in to. I read another post on here bout ag bein thiefs and druggies.Hes the reason ag tree got such a bad name. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. just like if you lay down wit dogs or a dog you goin to get up wit fleas.
just sayn

Lewisburg, KY

#3 Dec 20, 2011
Thanks for the info...We called on them once when we had a tree fall in our yard. They never showed up. We called several times to try to get them to come out. We finally got someone else to do it. Glad we did now or else we may have things missing here too. I agree with "true"....i read another post about their services. There was nothing good said from anyone. One thing i DONT want around my property is a bunch of druggies
just sayn

Lewisburg, KY

#4 Dec 20, 2011
sorry...didnt mean for that to post twice...

Birmingham, AL

#5 Dec 20, 2011
David gill and family are great people. This is untrue and unfair....watch what you say before tarnishing a good mans name and business he built from the ground up...not cool and I'll be letting David know about this nonsense in the morning! If you have a complaint call him don't do this people...karma will get ya watch out!
To the dumbass

Scottsville, KY

#6 Dec 21, 2011
Innocent until proven guilty ever heard of it and btw hes done his share of time about 6 yrs worth
sorry to say

Somerset, KY

#7 Dec 21, 2011
Ms Rachel I happen to also know Mr David as well as Terry Gill.I also happen to know that what the original post states about Terry being and remaining in criminal trouble, David constantly paying Terrys way out of trouble, and keeping him employed at his tree company is also true facts. People can log on to the warren co jails web page and verify these facts about Terry. It can also be verified that regardless of how many criminal charges and convictions that Terry has had in the past years, that David Gill has kept him employed with his company. Anyone with even half a brain would know that keeping a person on a job that requires this type of person to go onto peoples property is very bad for business. People do not want to have to worry about leaving their homes because of a drug addict, thief, working around their property. If Mr David Gill doesn't want a person to associate him with running a business full of theifs and druggies, then maybe he should get rid of and stop enabling the ones that carry this name.
r u serious

Somerset, KY

#8 Dec 21, 2011
OMG! Tht crap about david gill building his business from the ground up is a real knee smacker. Let me inform u sweet heart. I know david "hog head" from way back. i knew him when he lived in a run down apartment, worked for Anderson tree service, living pay ck to pay ck, and had nothing. See thats where the A from A&G comes from. Eddie Anderson, which also owns A&G Tree service. As a matter of fact Eddie owns about 2% more of the company than David. The only reason that david even got to where he is is because of Eddie. David brown nosed that man for yrs to get him to trust him and let him take over part of the company. David then used the money that he made from his part of the company to start his own tree service (Gills Tree Service)David didn't build shit from the ground up. without Eddie he'd still be where he was back then. Hes the one that made david who and where he is today. Oh and for your info theres nothing untrue or unfair about what these people have said. Terry is, and eventually will pull the company out from under david with his stupid childish bullshit. Hows that man ever supposed to learn anything? If david is stupid enough to keep buying terry out of trouble and allowing him to work for him then he deserves what comes from it.

Glasgow, KY

#9 Dec 22, 2011
Oh did you all forget about the other brother Kenny If you do more search I'm sure you will find more interesting news
Get a clue

Somerset, KY

#10 Dec 23, 2011
To the dumbass wrote:
Innocent until proven guilty ever heard of it and btw hes done his share of time about 6 yrs worth
Well Apparently your the one thats a dumbass since you claim hes done "his share of time" but yet he continues to commit new crimes on a regular bases..don't really matter how much time hes done in the past...he obviously didn't learn a damn thing so therefore he NO HE hasn't done "his share of time". You think that because hes done a total of 6yrs, that is if he really has, that he now has the right to do what he wants because its paid for? LMAO!

Somerset, KY

#11 Dec 23, 2011
Well guess all these bail bonds that David has had to pay to free his loser brother has finally took a toll on ag tree service. I mean since this yr all they could afford to give their employees for a christmas bonus was 25 bucks. Even the foremans, which is unbelievable! They even had the 25 bucks taxed so the employees actually got like 23 bucks.

I know its the thought that counts, but you have to know the history of the bonus' that they have always given, and well lets just say its never been any where around 23 bucks. Guess this just confirms that the company must be in trouble. Guess what David? These men are the very men that pull in the millions that have made this company the billion dollar success that it is today, and you show them gratitude with 23 bucks? Guess David and company forgot that if it wasn't for the ones that actually do the work that there would be no company.

Somerset, KY

#12 Dec 23, 2011
Justwonderful wrote:
Oh did you all forget about the other brother Kenny If you do more search I'm sure you will find more interesting news
It won't pull him up under kenny...u have to put it as kenneth gill and OMG!..I really hope that this man isn't working for this company also because hes just as screwed up as terry...Wtf is this man David thinking letting these men, family or not, work for his company? It's just an accident waiting to happen, and to be honest it scares the heck out of me to even think of this type of person being anywhere near my home...I heard that the man that was driving the company truck in tenn. that caused that accident that killed those men a few months back was also due to drugs...can't remember his name but I know someone who knows him. I was told that he is a regular pot smoker and has tested possitive numerous times for pot, but nothing is ever done. Hes also back working for that company after the wreck... Im going to find his name in the paper and look it up as well...should be interesting to see what all else hes been arrested for....What I've learned so far is just absolutely unbelievable.

United States

#13 Dec 23, 2011
Do yall got nothing better to do? Can we leave peoples personal lives alone? Yeah people make mistakes, and yeah sometimes you gotta fall off the rock alot before ya learn, he has done 6 years worth of time, and truthfully blame the court system with him walkin free on times its all a money game to them just because people have made and are makin bad choices doesnt make them bad people I have met all the Gills and they are good people that have just made some bad choices

Rochester, KY

#15 Jan 21, 2012
Y'all really can stfu and grow up. Mind your own damn business. And if you've got opinions about uncle Daves tree service keep em to your self. Call somebody else I mean damn. This is nonsense bull shit.
just sayin

United States

#16 Jan 24, 2012
Yes, i knew kenny gill from way back when he was still in high school. He was indeed one crazy mother. But seriously, all jokes aside, ive worked with him many years ago and he was one of the best tree climbers ive ever seen, why? Because it takes a truly crazy person who has no disregard for his life to work in those trees with that kind of high voltage. One crazy somebitch.

Columbus, OH

#17 Jan 26, 2012
terry gill had a wreck he almost killed 2 kids and then left the seen and ran but the people knows he did it he thinks he got away with this he was driving a A&G TREE SERVICE TRUCK on hobson lane when this happen a real no good thug

United States

#18 Jan 26, 2012
Yeah i went to the BG Police website and looked up on some of the gills, amazing. Seems as though the human race and our gene pool would be better off without them running around

Dunmor, KY

#19 Jan 26, 2012
You people have alot of time on your hands.

United States

#20 Jan 26, 2012
Yes excessive amounts, but these people give us so much to work with. They are parasites on this planet and have no redeeming qualities about themselves. And while its true that everyone makes mistakes and deserves forgiveness, some like these people have no business being around us or our children, with the kind of charges these people have against them, is it really that far a stretch to say why wouldnt they enjoy raping or murdering a child. Maybe your child. They have proven that they easily have the capacity for such an act. And yes these men have every right to exist but i dont think they should have so much access to peoples property. Just sayin.
lil sis

Canton, OH

#21 Feb 7, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Y'all really can stfu and grow up. Mind your own damn business. And if you've got opinions about uncle Daves tree service keep em to your self. Call somebody else I mean damn. This is nonsense bull shit.
I agree with the lil greatone call someone else.. lets see whatis company with can pick this week may it should be the BGPD see what bad apples are thre..

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