Jordan Wilson & Jessica Newton

Jordan Wilson & Jessica Newton

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Bowling Green, KY

#1 Jan 15, 2011
All this two is nothing but trouble they need to leave people alone i would advise anyone stay away from this two..they are backstabber they will talk about you behind your backs...that why they don't have any friends they just got each other Jordan so fat i don't know how Jessica likes it not telling how they do anything YUCK NASTY..THEY BOTH ARE LAIRS I JUST FEEL SORRY FOR THOSE LOSERS!!!

Canton, OH

#2 Jan 15, 2011
They are liars they made up a story then lied to a JUDGE about, personally I think their asses should be locked up for perjury, but we all know lard ass wouldnt make it in the slammer, he'd be crying for his daddy. And Jessica is just a spoiled, b#tch, she is a waste of ALOT of space that could be used for good. Just remember lard ass and fat b%tch, KARMA IS A B%TCH.
his baby mama

Lewisburg, KY

#3 Jan 16, 2011
i know the two personally i have known jessica all my life she is a great girl and if the judge couldnt see she was telling the truth then the judge is wrong i have never liked william and as for jordan i have meet him through jessica hes a great guy he loves her very much and he cares for her unlike william he never did he always treated her like she was a peice of garbage.And yall think william won he may have but you know who really won was jessica and jordan cause they could care less what yall say jessica and jordan did not make up the topix.Cause they were at my house the day the topix was made we watched a movie and hung out for a couple hours so you can accuse them all along it may be someone who wasnt there that jessica told so accuse them not jessica and jordan and eventually carma will bite william in the a$$ soon enough and he will be put away for a long time.
mr t

Marion, KY

#4 Jan 16, 2011
yall need to stop talking about them befor i come to bowling green kick some ass there are my friend and me jessica use to date and she is a good girl she dont lie to me

Pflugerville, TX

#6 Jan 16, 2011
Hank shut the f$ck up dam. Nobody cares
Little Timmy

Haubstadt, IN

#7 Jan 16, 2011
Listen fat ass, no one gives a damn about you or what you have to say, you both lied to the judge, I know that the 3rd person on this is that [email protected] Jessica, and I know that Swat is you Jordan, so stfu
Little Timmy

Haubstadt, IN

#9 Jan 17, 2011
Curtis, FO retard. You just like Jordan and Jessica.
Little Timmy

Haubstadt, IN

#11 Jan 17, 2011
Come one we all know they don't claim you dope smoking ass, so just give it up. We all know you couldn't beat yourself off let alone beat some one up.


#12 Jan 17, 2011
well i know jordan i have known him for a long time and all he is a patholgical liar he will look u straight in the eye and lie to you abt anything and as far as i know if any of you out there know them stay away. i mean have you guys seen where he lives can you say nasty and jordan dont know how to shower and shave i mean hes a piece of no good so now what

Bowling Green, KY

#13 Jan 17, 2011
Hank shut the h:ll up dam. U can't do sh;t because you can't fright because you still live at home with mommy and daddy. All you know how to do is call the cops. If you do not leave Jordan and Jessica alone I will beat your #ss. I hope to see you out some where I will beat the f#ck out of you.
his baby mama

Lewisburg, KY

#14 Jan 17, 2011
how do you know where jordan lives you dont i do i know he lives in a great house and it is very clean and he showers everyday so back the h#ll up and keep your fu@@king mouth shut
sos wrote:
well i know jordan i have known him for a long time and all he is a patholgical liar he will look u straight in the eye and lie to you abt anything and as far as i know if any of you out there know them stay away. i mean have you guys seen where he lives can you say nasty and jordan dont know how to shower and shave i mean hes a piece of no good so now what
Little Timmy

Canton, OH

#19 Jan 18, 2011
You wont do Sh!t you all talk fat b#tch.

New Albany, IN

#20 Jan 18, 2011
Little Timmy wrote:
You want some fat ass come get some, you still live with mommy and daddy, I've done moved out, dumb phuck. Jordan and Jessica do live in a dumb, they have to sleep in there own [email protected], cause there parents were to pathetic to teach them how to use a bed or a bathroom. Guess that is why Jessica smells like crap all the time. Jordan not only smells like it he looks like it.
Guess that is the smell coming from Linzies on Cave Mill road. I would not ever eat there, JOrdan spits in the food, and pisses in the drinks, they clean up just long enough for the health department, but then go right back to spiting in food and pissing in drinks.
OH MY GOSH!!! I'm guessing that the ones writing this crap don't even have a job how could you when you are on here all the time. How about leaving people alone or is that a new concept for you?? Who really cares if they still live at home. Do you even know the parents? Just a guess but I would have to say NO. Maybe the ones that are talking so tuff need to mind there own business. I know how kind are. You can talk or should I say type tuff but when it really comes down to it you are just a scared punk and does nothing. SHUT UP and leave these 2 alone. If there are happy then so be it. Oh did I happen to mention that I know the owners of Linzies? Nothing would make me happier than to show all of them what you have written about on of their employees and the location of the business. I'm not threating I don't do that. Just making a promise!!!

United States

#21 Jan 18, 2011
Stop talkng about linzie's or I will do somthing about it because I f*cking work there and I love the people that work there and if u don't stop I will hunt your a** down

Canton, OH

#22 Jan 19, 2011
I suggest you leave my friends and I alone, or I can become very critical yet again, I gave you fair warning, guess you thought I was joking didn't you.

And concerned; its called Freedom of Speech look it up, its written right there in the Bill of Rights, besides there is nothing wrong with criticism even negative. and FYI Jordan and Jessica started this BS, also I've invited Jordan to settle this since he says he's gonna "hunt me down and beat the hell out of me" yet that scared b#tch never shows up.

I think he is scared of me, very scared, although he tries to intimidate me it doesn't work and neither does Jessica. Now then I will back off providing Jordan and Jessica back off. That's my terms take it or leave it. This is my only offer you have 48 hours to decide.
Litt matt

United States

#23 Jan 19, 2011
Shut the f*ck up Hank and go to h*ll
Had enough BG

Lewisburg, KY

#24 Jan 19, 2011
Today is the day ...William and Friends. You are the 2nd to know the pressure has gotten to the kids. They had decided to get married. We are so exicted. They both now have jobs. Yes Jess as dirty as you thought she was she cleaned up great not living in your dirty house. (My husband gagged after walking out of it one time and we had to have our home fumagated after she brought things from your home) thats why we didn't allow her to get the rest of her belongings from your house.Would you like to pay the bill for the fuming of our home. And if they don't matter to you all Why Lord why do you borther yourself with them. Leave them alone. If they are so dirty again why be around them. No one cares about you all. We pray for you. You do not Control Us. The wedding is this weekend on Jordon's Birthday if you haven't figured it out it's a shotgun wedding. So a baby is invovled and you will go to jail for indangering a baby...Leave them alone. And yes we will serve Linzzie's to the guest....
Little Timmy

Providence, KY

#26 Jan 19, 2011
Sh*t the F*ck up dam Go to h*ll and kiss my a**
shut up

Bowling Green, KY

#27 Jan 19, 2011
and little timmy aka jordan ashley wilson need to mind his own business he scared to fight anyone he just walk away wow.....

Canton, OH

#29 Jan 20, 2011
Jordan those are my terms above, you can either accept them and abide by them, which would include no calling, texting, driving by, IMing, no nothing; and I will leave you and Jessica alone for good, as will everyone else. or you can chose not to accept them and I will go back to criticizing. The choice is yours, I'll expect a response in 24 hours.

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