A few reasons why Bowling Green sucks...
This City Sux

Hong Kong

#41 Nov 4, 2009
You Suck Bowling Green!!!

It sure would be nice to have a Hooters in Bowling Green but the bible thumping city fathers and fat soccer moms in this town would never let that happen. God forbid men could drink a beer in Bowling Green with some hot women running around in little tight outfits. We would all be on the Hell express!!
How many times has that club Good Times been shut down now because of the crowd that always takes it over? There are so many wannabee thugs and wannabe bikers in Bowling Green its like an everyday costume party. Stay home and play Grand Theft Auto in your mom's basement you posers.
Flea Land is a great place to go if you are feeling a little down. One walk around that place on a Sunday afternoon and you realize your life is not that bad. I watched a 13 year old redneck mother pushing a stroller with her baby and the baby was smoking a cigarette and sipping a Milwaukee's best.

You Suck Bowling Green!!!
You are not alone

Bowling Green, KY

#42 Nov 4, 2009

No doubt! One good look around Flea Land and you can see just how stagnant the gene pool here really is! I've never seen more branchless family trees.

Bowling Green, KY

#43 Nov 4, 2009
Toot's was at one time similar to Hooters, from the way the waitresses would dress, to having them do the hula-hoops on the counters... That was long ago

Hillview, KY

#44 Nov 4, 2009
WELL, just hop your happy a** on down to Nashville, if you hate it so much here!
Love BG

Bowling Green, KY

#45 Nov 4, 2009
Well I love it here in BG, but I still think some of the things this guy is posting on here is very true and funny
This City Sux

United States

#46 Nov 4, 2009
You Suck Bowling Green!!!

What Bowling Green needs LESS of:

* Churches
* White people trying to be Black
* Bosnians
* Banks
* Empty homes for sale
* Mexican restaurants and Chinese buffets
* Traffic lights
* Soccer moms in minivans
* Fake Bikers
* Yankees
* Wal-Mart
* Mormons
* Meth addicts
* Christian book stores
* Temp services
* Lame night clubs
* Liquor laws
* Deputy jailers that think they are cops
* The SOKY fair
* Overpriced snotty outdoor retailers
* Car alarms nobody pays attention to

What Bowling Green Needs MORE of:

* Free abortion clinics
* anti immigration laws
* English speaking only regulation
* More sports bars like Overtime and Double Dogs
* Really good quality titty bars
* Mandatory birth control
* Adult sex toy/book stores
* Gun stores
* Discount liquor outlets
* Massage parlors with a happy ending option
* Legal Marijuana
* A decent taxi service
* Real life UFC fights downtown on the square
* Vigilante justice
* Real biker gangs
* Wet t-shirt contests on Sunday afternoon
* Tailgate parties
* anti-inbreeding laws
* Good jobs
* Local attractions people give a shit about
* Lethal injection
* Firing ranges
* A real shopping mall
* A death row wing on the County Jail
* Horse track with live betting
* A good old fashioned whorehouse

You Suck Bowling Green!!!

Hillview, KY

#47 Nov 5, 2009
snowgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
why don't they have a little icon with someone clapping? Thank you clapping for you and laughing cause that was great!
I know how to type,speak ,and read. I didn't realize that topix was being graded on english.LOL!!! Good now I know!!!

Canton, OH

#49 Nov 5, 2009
S-one needs to get the hell out of B.G . WE DON'T WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!
This City Sux


#50 Nov 6, 2009
You Suck Bowling Green!!!

Hillvue Heights is the fasted growing cult in Bowling Green. Everybody that has been kicked out or banned from the other Churches becomes an automatic member of Hillvue. A typical service includes a Rock concert and rattle snake handling. Cult members are then required to brand themselves with HH on their chest.
You can spot a Hillvue Heights cult member around Bowling Green by the vacant distant stare in their eyes and the monotone voice that repeats "Come to Hillvue, resistance is futile...."

You Suck Bowling Green!!!!
Get a clue

Canton, OH

#51 Nov 6, 2009
HH does not handle snakes, if you would listen to the service you may learn a thing or two.I'm sorry you are full of hate,life must be difficult for you. You are in my prayers.
suck it

Bowling Green, KY

#52 Nov 6, 2009
There is another cult in BG, and the pastor and his wife are alcoholics. Too bad you don't know them...

Elizabethtown, KY

#53 Nov 6, 2009
why does everyone pick on HVH? I know people who go there and they are nice people. I don't go to church there cause Im not in to all that big and fancy but why do you say it's a "cult"
This City Sux


#54 Nov 7, 2009
You Suck Bowling Green!!!

Snottiest Businesses in Bowling Green

* Nat's Outdoor Sports
* Living Hope Baptist Church
* Greenwood Baptist
* Bowling Green High School
* Macy's
* Ford's Furniture
* Hudson's Furniture
* Republic Bank
* 440 Main
* Greenview Hospital

You Suck Bowling Green!!
Big Al

Bowling Green, KY

#55 Nov 9, 2009
Bowling Green, Kentucky has to be put into perspective. If you compare it with towns of similar population and land area, BG is better that average. The university has (among other things) a young engineering school and well established programs in math, computing, and the natural sciences. Enrollment is approaching 21,000 students.

High tech research and development businesses occupy the area in and around the former Bowling Green Mall. The financial services and health services sectors are growing faster in BG than in other towns of similar size.

Candid city residents have never denied that BG has significant problems with with crime, poverty, and other social pathologies. Civic minded individuals are making good-faith efforts to combat those problems. If someone can point out other towns of similar population/area that BG should copy, that would be helpful.

Granted, Bowling Green, Kentucky will never be another Boston or San Jose, but if observers are reasonable, weigh both the good and the bad in the place, and compare BG with similar locales, they will find that BG is ahead of the pack.

I have lived here since January 1963, and I have seen the good and the bad in this place. The future of this city dovetails with what happens to Western Kentucky University and with Chamber of Commerce efforts to both recruit and incubate post-industrial concerns. If WKU and the Chamber succeeed, then BG has a bright future. If not, then maybe some of the criticism in Topix is ahead of it's time.

Glasgow, KY

#56 Nov 9, 2009
Wow!!! Take another toke on your Meth pipe...you have a problem!!! Bowling Green is the least of them!!!

Since: Nov 09

United States

#57 Nov 9, 2009
This City Sux wrote:
This city is a really bad joke.
The jobs all pay $10 an hour and they act like that is great money. I guess to Richardsville, Scottsville, and Edmonson County rednecks this is awesome money.
All the pretend middle class people in BG are one paycheck away from losing their house they are upside down on and have to work 80 hours a week to keep up with their phony image.
The Greenwood mall is a joke. The mall has stores selling clothes nobody in town can afford without using a credit card.
The bars are so lame and they close at 10pm on Saturday night! You cant buy beer on Sunday because of the bible belt laws in place.
There is a Southern Baptist church every 10 feet in the city and a large cult called Hillvue heights. All the people that go to that cult at Hillvue are just plain brainwashed and fake.
The city elections are so corrupt it's like watching the Dukes of Hazard with Boss Hogg rigging the votes. Bowling Green has their own version of Boss Hogg and he owns everything.
One thing Bowling Green has plenty of and that is Churches and Banks. They are basically the same thing though.
Channel 13 News actually takes themselves seriously!! News center 13 is like watching an amateur high school audio visual club project except the high school wouldn't wear so much makeup and make lame jokes.
You suck Bowling Green!!
You know what really "sux" is your attitude. There is nop call for thatkind of crap, and if your really have a problem with bowling green then why are you still here?

Since: Nov 09

United States

#58 Nov 9, 2009
ok one more thing i am a member of Hilvie Heights and we are most deffinately not a cult. and the reason everyone is welcome there is because thats how its supposed to be, no matter what ethnicity or race.
Macy s r bitches

Doniphan, MO

#59 Nov 10, 2009
This City Sux wrote:
You Suck Bowling Green!!!
Snottiest Businesses in Bowling Green
* Nat's Outdoor Sports
* Living Hope Baptist Church
* Greenwood Baptist
* Bowling Green High School
* Macy's
* Ford's Furniture
* Hudson's Furniture
* Republic Bank
* 440 Main
* Greenview Hospital
You Suck Bowling Green!!
yeah one time I went into Macys and they treated me like trailor park trash. I just act like a bitch when I go in there now. Im a nice person when I want to be.

Gravel Switch, KY

#60 Nov 17, 2009
i think bowling green is nothing but DRUG DEALERS, RATS,DOPE FIENDS and THEFS

Hillview, KY

#61 Nov 17, 2009
Big Al is right, for a community this size it could be a lot worse. I agree about the drugs there is no shortage and that does need to be cleaned up. All cities have there fall back the politics is were ever you go in larger cities you just don't hear about it as much. The Ol BOY network does need to be stopped as well. But over all we could be a lot worse. You also have to remember those that snob there nose are doing it at all the surrounding counties because it makes them feel big, pity them don't hate.

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