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#164 Sep 19, 2012
My son's father owes $5200 in back child support and doesn't work he has full custody of one child from and previous relationship and doesn't have any dealings with my son! I have given him pleanty of chances to see his son an we were both court ordered to do supervised visitation with our son but the it is $140 per session and we each half to pay half. I did one visit but I stopped because my child needs uniforms and shoes for school and I can afford to support this child by myself! I only receive $23.00 in foodstamps and this man gets $200! I am so pissed off! What should I do???
Mother shaffted

Cookeville, TN

#165 Sep 27, 2012
Danielle wrote:
<quoted text>
WOW! first off..job or not..fathers that are ordered child support should pay. No mother is just looking for a pay check, So BECAUSE you couldnt find work makes us totally responsible, we always pick up your slack of a parent, just because you all are behind doesnt mean we dont get behind or not pay a bill so the kids can have what they need!! ANd OBVIOUSLY if you are behind, how to you expect to care for your child if they lived with you, the mother is obviously doing something if the child is alive and doesnt go without! You all might have great children and thats AWesome you admit that, but the mother cares for them...Hm!
I just had to reply to your post.....I was without family support and my ex and his family had money....they fought me for my child and I lost.....from day one the court said I owe 17000 daughter lived with me....until that time.......but money now I pay 359.00 a month a hundred of it is in arrears......and I never see her.....he acquired felonies in Tennessee And left for California six months ago.....I pay child support out of hate and revenge, because he doesn't even need it.....but likes having power and control......I know that this system doesn't care about families or kids......just the daughter now lives with a raging drunk....who has enough money to do as he pleases and she gets drug along in the nightmare...bye the way she is 8 years old......
Mother shaffted

Cookeville, TN

#166 Sep 27, 2012
Oh yeah and by the can he have felony charges and still keep my daughter.....I have no felonies.....I need a miracle to reunite me and my beautiful daughter.....she needs a mom...not just a check......what the fuc is the child support office thinking.....I hope that life deals them the same blow.....and they miss their kids over can this be.......please pray for us......

Newark, NJ

#167 Oct 13, 2012
not a rocket scientist wrote:
I know what can be done. Pick better men ladies! Goodness... Why would you make a baby with someone who already has kids he's not taking care of? Stop sleeping with anyone and everyone. Wait to make babies until you know you will be with him for forever. And before you say it, I know about divorce. Yes, some marriages don't make it. But if we would at least TRY that would cut back on most of this crap and then the courts and welfare and child support office wouldn't be so overwhelmed with single mothers and dead beat daddies. Yes, it takes two to tango..... but you picked your winner. And many mothers keep doing it over and over and over again... how many dead beats are you going to collect before you figure it out? WAKE UP LADIES. MAKE BETTER CHOICES BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH IT. The courts can only do so much. There are too many loop holes. Be proactive, teach your daughters not to follow in your foot steps instead of defending your actions. Learn from your mistakes. And yes, I KNOW this doesn't necessarily apply to all... It's just frusterating watching women and young girls make the same mistakes over and over and over again....
men change after they have a kid or kids...b4 u have kids evrything is ok but after? They get cold feet and dissapear

North Ridgeville, OH

#168 Oct 13, 2012
jennifer wrote:
How far behind does a person have to get before something can be done? Do past medical bills that they are paying count towards this also? What usually happens.
How mug wood would a woodchuck chuck of a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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#169 Oct 13, 2012
It depends on the other person who filed it if he/she pushes the child support they can lock them up or it can build up. Then when the other wants to do something about it then the payer/ non payer is screwed. Pay your deeds You made it You Pay It
need to know

Lewisburg, KY

#170 Oct 13, 2012
need to know wrote:
I am sorry if this is a repeat question, gotta know what happens in the warren co family court. My son who works 40+ hrs a week is being taken to court there by his ex, for 2 kids, both under 5. He has health ins for them, gets visitation, DOES pay child support. But served 2 wks ago going to damn court. What should we expect, seems like it will not end. Hear the judge is a woman, we cannot even afford lawyer, advice/suggestions are appreciated. What a hell of a mess.
Sorry for repeat question, still having problems, was hoping for some advice from this page, the person who suggested Legal-Aid, Destiny Lane, was abt the only thing I got because the topic completely changed. If there is anyone out there who truly can advise us, I certainly would appreciate it. We are in one hell of a mess, not sure what's going to happen next. Legal-Aid too booked to help us in time. Thanks in advance, hope we find out something, never been in this before.
single mama

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#171 Oct 18, 2012
lmao wrote:
just goes to show....women can't do it on their own ;)
There are guys on here complaining about there ex wife's too. It takes two to make a baby shouldn't rest on one to support it!
real man

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#172 Oct 19, 2012
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
Its not for revenge its to raise your children you helped make!If you didnt want to support any kids then you should of wore protection!!!!!No Ones going to feel sorry for YOU!!!!
unless its me women are spitful and and don't always use the money for they kids the courts don't follow up on things like that I think u right it takes two to have a child that why both parent should pay just be cause urge a mother don't mean you have urge child's best interest.
real man

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#173 Oct 19, 2012
Yea your right to a point but you cant make no one hire you you have to qualify for that job what about the dads that don't qualify for McDonald's ain't nothing wrong wit following urge dreams it take a team to beleave in what u want to do okay don't for get a lot of people mad it cause they never let sooner like u get on urge way

Las Vegas, NV

#175 Nov 1, 2012
Screwed over wrote:
I also got Screwed in court , My x owes the IRS over $50K , Her Credit is less than a Ghost , She is a slob , and yet Very Narcissistic .
I was on my way to winning custody and My lawyer being pre-occupied ,[email protected] up my whole case,my lawyer called for a evidentury hearing witch takes upto 3 Hours just So she could charge me $3000 ,anyway ,this caused my Kids to get interviewed by Social workers to determine who was the best Parent , My X brainwashed my Kids for 2wks Straight on what to say (things like the roof leaks in her Bedroom (the roof is only 3yrs old and does not leak)also that I'am mean (yeah, when they don't do as their told)I got a 9 out of 10 and the Judge Gayle Nathan ,Did'nt let me defend myself at all ,She Just reset my CS ,and gave the Mom whatever she asked for, I guess I'am lucky I did'nt get jail .all I could do was sit there with my useless Lawyer and take it (Lawyer's name Mary Perry )Shitiest Lawyer in Las Vegas.
No man/father will ever get a fair hearing in front of Judge Gayle Nathan, she hates men

Canton, OH

#176 Nov 2, 2012
My ex owes over 10,000 and I can't get anything but his bond money when he does go to jail for not paying. Now he's on the run again GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! This has been going on for 5 years and you think child support office would realize, he's not going to pay..........
not a rocket scientist

Bowling Green, KY

#177 Nov 2, 2012
What do you ladies really expect them to do? Really? You can't MAKE someone do something they refuse to do.

Do you want them to lock all these dead beats up for the rest of their lives so the tax payers have to pay their room and board the rest of their lives?

Funny how you all pick the loser but blame everybody else for him being a loser.

Make better choices! And please teach your daughters to make better choices! You would think you would learn but there are SOOOOOO many (no not ALL) that follow the same pattern over and over again and have multiple baby daddies that they expect the courts to force into being a father. How about you build a relationship with someone before you sleep with them so that if and when you end up pregnant they actually CARE about you instead of being just some piece of tail. Come on, is that really all you think of yourselves?

Again, I know this doesn't apply to ALL.

Cuero, TX

#178 Nov 9, 2012
just browsing wrote:
lets get real most of the time ppl want child support is becouse of hatred and revenge. Iam on disability and get a whopping 658.00 a month. She still wants me to pay even though she makes 30.00 bucks an hour. She loves to brag about how independent she is and how much money she makes and even tells me i dont need your money iam fine on my own oh but when i miss a payment becouse of land taxes i have to pay she threatens me with contempt of court. Its all bullshit and the goverment needs to change the law when it comes to so called child support!
What? Are you serious? What is the point in even talking about what she makes? You laid down with her. You think she gives as little as 20% of her income to the child? No sir. It is a hell of a lot more. You pay so very little and do not put in the time she does. Dont compare a full time mother or father to a weekend dad or mother. You are not the same and your support doesnt make you half way.

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#179 Nov 12, 2012
Well I hear all your comments about dead beat dads, but I just wanted to say my husband, got custody of his children because his wife at the time found a new man on-line and left him and their kids to be with this man never paid a dime of child support until the state wad auditing records she had to go to court so did my husband and she eS ordered child support for 164.00 every two weeks and 34.00 was for her back child support and she owed more then 40,000, on that, she was then garnished but whenever they feel Like paying the child support, but he don't get het tax refund because she makes sure she doesn't get, anything back, and once when she did get her taxes taken the state gave her half of it, so far he hadsnt received anything for over a month now.
not a rocket scientist

Bowling Green, KY

#180 Nov 12, 2012
ang wrote:
... she was then garnished but whenever they feel Like paying the child support...
Her employer can not do that. You need to have the child support office call up there to her work and remind them they have a COURT ORDER and if they do not abide by it they could be held liable for those payments.(Depends on how the orders are actually written here in KY.)
kit cat

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#181 Nov 14, 2012
There is all kinds of reasons not to pay child support but if you just refuse then you are about as good as road kill For those who pay and make less than those getting the payment they can be made to pay you child support for you will have the means to take care of the kids when they are with you. Yes there are some parents that dont take good care of their children and choose to live off of support payments and public asst . I guess some things will never change and people will always point blame thats called life i guess. Hope this helps some of you and if it pisses some off well SO SORRY .
Jonathan Winsett

Elizabethtown, KY

#182 Nov 14, 2012
I believe that y'all women just needs to keep hounding the courts
Dont talk to them dead beats let them suffer. Unless they like jail.
24/7 365 Security room ,bord, feed daily ? 3 meals & a cot. These R not men but lazy deadbeats . Leave m lay in there own puddle. Pray daily that they will change.

Canton, OH

#183 Nov 19, 2012
A Father wrote:
Ok so i am a father of two great kids who i am required to pay child support for and i have never been locked up ever and i am behind tht doesnt make me a bad dad cause i am trying to pay but work isnt available so i think anyone tht wants to bad mouth a dad should know the entire story first cause both of my kids are in horible homes because the mother is more "FIT" than i the court is bogus my sons mom cheated on me with several different men i had no clue he was mine until months after he was born so thts why im so far behind and my beautiful daughter is living with a drug attic mom who just so hapens to be pregnant by my cousin wow what a life for a two yhear old mso cut us some slack the mother isnt always the best choice and as long as ur childs father is in the kids life thts all tht should matter im tired of all these shitty moms using there kids for paychecks
The legal system hurts kids, make no mistake. That's why America is in such bad shape. If joint custody was presumed from the beginning, until proven otherwise, we would be better off.

Lexington, NC

#184 Nov 19, 2012
The original question at top of page is: How far behind on child support can someone get before something can be done? Answer: Many many years. I was divorced in 1983. My 2 children received the payments off and on (mostly off) until middle school age (got a few payments then). Long story short(er), no other payments. He works "under the table" jobs so they cannot ever track him down. My kids are now 31 and 32 years old and he Still owes them thousands of dollars. My case is still open. At one point they closed it, so I had to fill out all the paper work again to reopen it. I supplied them with his address and all info. I had many correspondence letters from my case worker and was hopeful. I have not heard anything for over 2 years now. I will not give up on this. My children are due this money. It is not for me - I do not need it, but they do. The last time we went to court in early 90's, he told the judge he would pay, so the judge said "ok" and nothing was done when he did not pay. I'm sure they hope people with it this past due will just stop, but it is just not right. They give up on too many children needing support. I was lucky to have had a job and parents help me out when my kids were little...a lot of people are not that lucky. The system fails them even now in the 21st century!(After I hit the post button, I see that this is for KY, but I had googled Missouri - sorry. But this apparently goes on all over country)

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