Why do doctors think they can be mean...

Bradenton, FL

#22 Apr 13, 2011
I had a female dr that became emotionally cruel (had me in tears more than once; I dealing with cancer). She barked "I do not have time to write anxiety med scripts". Another time, she whined "I get tired of treating cancer patients'(she is an oncologist).

She took time, though, to ask me to file some kind of paper to support an issue about Dr's and medicare.(I had private ins).

She whined to me about going to visit her sister and dealing with her sister's 'brats'.(wow, her class shone through again). I was weaning from smoking. Her husband smoked and she had time to tell me how she could not get him to stop and made no bones about it that there was a huge power struggle in her marriage.

LOL. The cow gained 50 lbs in between appts. I finally got her back. She asked me how I was doing (before jumping into her next littany of castigations she had all lined up for me). I said I was worried about my weight. She barked, "I don't have TIME to talk about weight". Really? I thought all Dr's considered one's weight part of the larger picture.

I believe she was bringing her personal shit into my appt's. She went to one of the 'best' schools in the northeast. She's a real prima donna bitch. I swear if my cancer returns I will travel far and wide or DIE before seeing this nasty bitch again.

United States

#23 Apr 13, 2011
just dont understand wrote:
<quoted text>Ive heard so many bad things about dr. gott how come no one reported him yet
I'm sorry...were you not just preaching at me about talking about rude drs on the Internet and noe you are chiming in? Yeah you made a HUGE impression on me. Huge.

Lapel, IN

#24 Apr 26, 2011
dr hammond ia a stupis quack of a doctor he gets you hooked then pulls it all away fro m you... how would he like it if someone did that to him??? not very much..... and dr hammond ia a board certified QUACK!!!!!!!!!!
a doctor

Canton, OH

#25 Apr 28, 2011
We're just so busy we don't mean to be rude..

Canton, OH

#26 May 5, 2011
a doctor wrote:
We're just so busy we don't mean to be rude..
Because we CAN!!!

Canton, OH

#27 May 5, 2011
maybe you have never been injured on the job thru no fault of your own and not be able to get ins. pre ex injuries and have not had to suffer? Unless you date or marry a fat drunk Dr. who is stupid enough to have your fat ass that keeps growing! When hes not at one of his numerous girlfriends!!!!! Enjoy your lonely miserable life you wanted so bad WHORE!!!!
the jerk

United States

#28 May 6, 2011
Drs. are people. You have good and bad. If you have a bad one dump him/her. If you have a good dr. remember to tell them that.

Canton, OH

#29 May 6, 2011
DOCTORS, the only professionals that get to bury THEIR mistakes! They have to make a LOT of money to support their mistresses and ex-wives!!!! piss on their new wife dumb enough to marry them reap it fat ass!!!!
i just dont understand

United States

#30 Jun 5, 2011
whatever wrote:
<quoted text>I'm sorry...were you not just preaching at me about talking about rude drs on the Internet and noe you are chiming in? Yeah you made a HUGE impression on me. Huge.
I understand what your saying but ive heard many horror stories about him ive never delt with him as a patient but i have in the health carefield and it seems there are many illegal things going on in that office and everyones story seems to be the same. Sorry if it sounds like preatching but im very passionate about christ and his love and forgiveness its hard not to speak about it. But drs and their staff have bad days as well, ive delt with many paients that make you want to count dow the minutes till time to go home, but it doesnt mean were rude to everyone that comes through the door. No im not a dr. Just work in the health carefield. But those who do things illegally can be causing har to people. the way many peope complain about him it seems dr. Gott should be reported that was all that i was trying to say. im sorry if i gave you the wrong impression.

Bedford, IN

#31 Jun 6, 2011
Sometimes it is only a matter of presented yourself as a friendly person.

Elizabethtown, KY

#32 Jun 9, 2011
While everyone is talking about how rude drs can be, does anyone realize the things that a doctor has to go through? They don't leave their jobs at home when they walk out the door of their office. They have hospital rounds. They are consistently called at all hours, sometimes over silly things that could have waited until morning. They are called by nursing homes and patients all day wanting meds called in or to diagnose and treat over the phone. They deal with demanding and rude people all day. If they have an off day and get rude with a patient (usually one who has been rude to them), maybe you need to realize they are human like the rest of us and look over it. Or even ask if everything is okay with them.If a doctor is consistently rude with their patients, then go to a different doctor. No one, unless it's your insurance, can tell you what doctor to see.

As far as the person who commented about money for mistresses and ex-wives, a doctor has alot of expenses also. Not only do they have their normal expenses for the office building such as water, sewer, electricity, etc, they also have staff to pay, malpractice insurance (and if you think your car or home insurance is expensive, try paying for malpractice insurance), people who don't pay their bills. And for the people who have Medicare/Medicaid or insurance, most doctors have an agreement with the insurances that the doctors have to take a discounted payment. I'm not denying they make good money but it's not as good as most people think.

United States

#33 Jul 31, 2011
I'll take a rude ass MD that knows what in the hell he's doing over the dumb ass MD who is "nice" to me anyday!
have you tried

Canton, OH

#34 Jul 31, 2011
have you told the doctor you're upset? I told my doctor I was upset at how he treated me and he responded in a way that shocked me. He said I was right and that he was a jerk that day for whatever reason was no excuse and he apologized. He asked me to give him another chance and what he could do to make it right. It's all been good ever since. So you can go on topix and bitch to all of us or you can actually take a chance to make a difference for yourself. whatever doctor youre pissed at may not respond this way, but if not, your opinion of them won't have changed in that case so you have nothing to lose.

Memphis, TN

#35 Nov 8, 2011
Its there damn job it they don't wanna be a doctor an listen too patients grap well that's their fault not the patients the patient didn't tell him too become a doctor. It's his job he choose too be a doctor so it's all on him.

Swedesboro, NJ

#36 Jun 6, 2012
Patients being on public assistance and MD's not getting paid much for treating them is no excuse for the MD's being rude to the patients.

New Albany, IN

#37 Jun 6, 2012
Obviously, you didn't kiss ass. How dare you not kiss a doctor's ass. MY GOSH didn't you know they were God? Yu are supposed to believe everything dumbass thing they say and then bow down to them. Act like a nurse next visit.

New Albany, IN

#38 Jun 7, 2012
You might want to try Nashville. In larger cities doctors are not so full of themselves......maybe?
prior knowledge

New Albany, IN

#39 Jun 7, 2012
I dont care how much time, money and effort was spent becoming a doctor. I dont care if you have to deal with insurance companies, people on welfare and your student loan. i dont care if people constantly ask you for advice no matter the setting. None of that gives you any right to be rude. If you are burnt out then move on to employment that does not involve working with others. You knew from the get go what being a doctor entailed. If you somehow missed the memo don't take it out on the patients. No one is any better than anyone else. Patients are dealing with their issues, that may be a bit egocentric but that's the way it is. My situation is unique to me. You may deal with dozens daily that are going through the exact same thing as me. Sorry I am not thinking of that when my own fears, pains and worries envelope me. I could not be a doctor any more than I could be an elementary school teacher. I lack among others things, the patience. The day you cannot be polite to someone you need to start exploring other options. Be it the cashier at Walmart, a doctor, a receptionist, college professor, car salesman etc.We all have bad days and do not expect perfection. Your patients can tell if your having an off day or if you are simply an asshole. It might take a few visits but eventually you will lose those patients. Remind yourself every day you are human, your smart, you went to med school, you had a 6000 square foot home built and your kids go to a private school, your human, you are not God, you are not better than the smoker on welfare or the stay at home mom that is a hypochondriac. You have performed this procedure 10000 times, your patient is having it done once. Treat your patients like you would treat your family.

New Albany, IN

#40 Jun 7, 2012
I'm telling you people pretend you are a nurse and bow down to them. Agree with whatever they say. Do whatever they tell you to do and do not dare question them........big no no! All they are is pill pushers. They don't have a clue how to actually treat your condition. You can find out more with Dr. Google and save some money. Why do you think they are all carrying around their computers with them?

Canton, OH

#41 Jun 7, 2012
No we didn't know it would be like this when we went to medical school. We were also young, had unrealistic expectations put on us by our parents and did what they wanted us to do. We wanted to help people, but the way the system is, it's almost impossible to actually help someone. Plus, when we go on vacation, we're still getting paged, texted and called from patients we've given our phone number's to, other doctors for consults and the nurses in the hospital who still can't seem to read a chart for WHO is on call that day. So we never ever ever get a break. When you get off work, you're done. We are NEVER done, and it makes us a little crazy and mean. So if you need medical help, please come see me. I'm good at medicine and figuring out problems and how to solve them. If you want a friend, if you want information sugar coated to not hurt your feelings, if you want me to give a dam# when you complain about a self inflicted illness from a behavior you won't change, please make an appointment with someone else.

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