AR15 Round + Dead Gregory Harrison = ...

AR15 Round + Dead Gregory Harrison = Hero Keith Casada JUNIOR?

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Hebron, KY

#2 Aug 13, 2012
you are pathetic, and barely coherent bouncing all over the place. always the retards and lowlife's letting their hearts bleed for scum...weird.

Sarasota, FL

#3 Aug 13, 2012
Good read

“Listen Up!”

Since: Jul 11

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#4 Aug 13, 2012
Certain members of the UK law enforcement do carry firearms. Idiot.

Nortonville, KY

#5 Aug 13, 2012
I enjoyed reading that myself.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#6 Aug 13, 2012
PatrickBG wrote:
Certain members of the UK law enforcement do carry firearms. Idiot.
U need to go hang out by the railroad tracks, with no weapons, or inclination to hurt anybody, at around 4am... Nobody would miss u. The only reason this is ok in bg, is b/c Greg Harrison was an undesirable. But ya know, I hate Lexington for arresting James Brown over 1000 times, but they were able to do it w/o murdering him. What did Jesus say? He said LOVE your Enemies... he said to turn the other cheek... he was absolutely revolutionary. The Police needs to find themselves some Jesus... WWJD? What would Jesus have done? Would Jesus have loved Gregory Harrison, and treated him like a human being should be treated, or would Jesus gun him down like a roadkill cat, that nobody would ever miss? If you have any sense of morality, it's clear.

And cops love a "good" killing, just like Bloods and Crips, murdering a Kentuckian citizens is great street cred for them. They get to give each other high fives, and then they'll probably get drunk in celebration. My guess... Keith Casada will get away with murder, get medals, picture in the paper, and treated like he's a hero, when he's anything but. Going to his trunk to get out an AR15... ALSO, it was just those two folks, so it's anybody's guess what was going on... and Cops lie. That's what they do. Cops oppress. That's their job. It's not surprising, for those Americans who actually know how to use their own brains to question authority... you know, be REAL Americans.
youre a moron

United States

#7 Aug 13, 2012
The person that called it in said he had a gun. He kept putting his hands behind his back. The officer had every reason to believe the guy was carrying a gun and that his life was in danger. So he was just supposed to not do anything?? I hope you never need help from a police officer. He shot hime in the stomach obviously not intending to fire a lethal shot. If he was intentionally trying to kill this man, he would have shot him in the head.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#8 Aug 13, 2012
Keith Casada Jr was trigger happy, pulled out an AK47, or AR15, , and blew Greg Harrison into Hell, for all of eternity. Or perhaps he did put him of his misery, since it's clear that he's had a hard life.

Whose more dangerous? The man who murders folks with AR15s, just for fun, without batting an eye, or feeling a twinge of guilt for it, or some local drunk?

Also... who called it in? There have been several reports. Some say Greg Harrison called it in himself. So if you're so smart, who called it in? And since Greg Harrison had no weapon, why did they lie?

I'll tell u why. This was a fun exercise for KKK Casada Jr., it's a fun sport to slay poor people, whose drunk, on the traintracks, by himself. The only person's word we have on the incident is Casada, and he's a murderer, so who cares what a murderer thinks? Of course he's going to make up stories, saying he had his hand behind his back... and why not use a handgun? If it was to stop him from whatever... why pull out an AR15? Why does he even have one of those anyways? How many times has AR15s been needed in Bowling Green? Do the cops also have biological and chemical weapons? How many nukes does KKK Casada have? He's the dangerous one, and justice is an eye for an eye. He should be tried, and if guilty, recommend the death penalty. Eye for an eye is justice. He murdered an innocent man, in cold blood. He's a criminal. He's a psychopath murderer. He didn't save anybody that night. He got mad at something Greg said, and so decided to have as much fun as he could, b4 the other police arrived. He didn't just want to stop him, b/c that would have been a handgun thing. Instead, b/c he's petrified w/ fear (which means he should have never been a cop to begin with), he goes to the trunk of his car, pulls out an assault rifle, and goes to town on Greg Harrison. And for those who defend bloodshed, without knowing the truth, well, that makes lots of yall a bunch of bloodthirsty vampires. You love the blood. You love death. You aren't lovers of life. Yall are lovers of death. Here's what reading ur people's topix reminds me of:
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#9 Aug 13, 2012
Another question (besides "Who called the 911 call in?"... which I doubt you'll answer)

How bullet holes were in his abdomen? When's the autopsy report supposed to happen? And will the Coroner, or any other public official w/ police powers be willing to arrest their buddy and comrade, since he's a cold-blooded killer, whose murdered more folks than what Kentuckian Charles Manson did. That would determine if he meant to kill him, or not. A round is lots of bullets. AR15 against an unarmed homeless man... wow. Just wow. smdh
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#10 Aug 13, 2012
Topix reports:

“Adult 5'6 190 drunk havenot man in white shirt and white socks was lying face down on CSX rail tracks, life signs checked by police, loaded onto gurney for Medical Center transport, did not appear to be moving. About 2am, lighting by street lights, emergency and police vehicles, can say side view of man on transport had a buldging mid section - stomach. Can not tell the ethnicity, only white shirt and socks with heavy midrift stomach while transported on back into ambulance.

edawrd anderson said:“his brother was 40m miles away from him... BGPD knows that he was not a threat to anyone.”

Time for the good ole boys aristocracy to come crashing down in Bowling Green.

One anonymous topix coward said that calling him a trigger happy rookie cop was “way out of line”... but then rationalizes the murder of a havenot. He was drunk, he was stupid, so it's okay to shoot a drunk stupid person, and nobody will care. But if we can't protect the least among us, we can't protect anybody. It's not about protection though, now is it? Cops are here to oppress the people, for the government. They are the King's men. They are the soldiers of the 1%, and they shooting the 99%. If u got cop buddies, then feel lucky, b/c then u got some protection... but if they aint your friend, and a cop comes into your town, that's worse than Blood and Crips. Gangs run this world, and no different for the good ole boys wite supermacists aristocracy in Bowling Green, KKKentucKKKy.

Lexington has arrested James Brown, a local drunk, over 1,000 times without having to shoot him 100 times in the stomach.
The only mistake Gregory Harrison made was NOT having a gun behind his back. Had he had a weapon, he would have had a chance at life, but since trigger happy rookie psychopath bloodthirsty KKKeith KKKasada Jr. was there, he didn't stand a chance.

“There was one officer on the scene. I did not notice Gregory step towards the cop. The second cop did not show up until after he was shot. It is so brutal and horrible that they allowed him to lay on the tracks without even trying to check to see if they could help him. He was not married and had no children. Get your facts straight. He was an individual that was mentally unstable and all the BGPD knew who he was.( obviously except for the cop that took his life) When he lived in BG many of the cops would give him a ride home and put him to bed. They knew that he would never hurt anyone. He wanted help that is what he kept screaming at the officer.[Harrison yells “Help me!”, and then Ratatat-tat] It is a horrible situation because Gregory was well liked in our community. We all knew that he would have his moments, but we also knew that he would never hurt anyone. Prayers go out to the family. The officer shot without reasonable evidence of any harm. I do understand that the officer had to protect himself, but from my view the officer was not in any harm. I feel that if you cannot do a job without being scared then you do not need to be a police officer. Gregory was asking for help and as I stated earlier they were aware of his past. He would never hurt anyone and there are aware of that. I pray that the cop steps up and is honest about the situation that way the family can have some type of closure. I pray that the truth comes out because this person did not deserve to die in such a brutal way.”
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#11 Aug 13, 2012
“First of all you do not know him. Greg has never been married, never had children or anything like that. Get your damn facts straight. Look at the arrest dates on the jail site idiot. Since, he declining health we moved him to Edmonson County where we could take care of him. He went to spend the night with a friend and that is why he was in Bowling Green. You want to sit back and talk about him getting out of jail on the intoxication charges, yeah he paid his fines and had to pay to go to AA meetings. It would be different if he had violent crimes but he didnt. Think about what you say and make sre you know the facts before running the deceased persons name in the dirt. He was a human being and someones family you would not like it if someone you were close to "got what they deserved". Just because he told the cop to shoot him did not make it okay to do it. If one civilian tells another to shoot them and they do it. Guess what, they go to jail. It doesn't matter that they had permission.”

“I wonder if they will give the man an all star funeral like they did the dude that got caught in the crossfire in 2006. I bet the police dept doesn't even send flowers.”

“The cop coward will get promoted and get an honorary medal and the tax payers can pay for a fancy dinner for him. Anyway the bgpd are better than a lot of small town cops because they do have to deal with more being a larger city than a lot of towns around here however I lost all respect for them when they shut down the city in November 2006 when the red headed cop was killed and they had that huge funeral and shut down every road in town even the interstate for the parade and acted as if he was some saint, sure I felt bad he lost his life in a terrible error by another cop, but at least show a little respect for this guy you killed last night and give him the same respect at his funeral. Favoritism has always been a big problem with the police. To my knowledge there has never been a spouse or close family member of an officer that has ever had a speeding ticket, DUI, or major arrest.”

“It makes me sick that you cop defenders here act like they do nothing wrong when that is absolute BS. There are cops in surrounding cities that deal drugs, have sex with women while on duty and married, drink on the job, etc. That is how my family took down a small town police force when they pointed the finger at us, we fought back and made them look like clowns.”

“he called the cops on himself to keep from someone being hurt including himself.. So please if you don't know him or his family don't judge him.. He loved kids and would do anything for anyone..”

RIP Greg Harrison, I hardly knew ya. Taking a man's life away is the worse thing anybody can do. It takes away who he is, and who he will ever be. Saying Greg Harrison's name outloud, to the Earth, keeps him alive.

“Thank you to all that has had a kind word for my uncle and my family. He really was a special person who never understood life. I just want to know how the BGPD can tel the KSP he was highly intoxicated when they never got near him to find out. Yeah he may have been yelling so theysay although people in the immediate area can only recall the gunfire no yelling. And to anyone who dosen't know you should have heard his voice when he talked you really could not undersand him well. So therefore, that was not him being highly intoxicated that was his normal speech.”

“Cops talk to people like they are shit.”
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#13 Aug 13, 2012
“He won't struggle with taking someone's life. You have to have a conscience for that and Keith Cassada doesn't have one. He has been making up facts, twisting stories to fit his own assumptions for as long as he's been a cop here. I know several people from traffic accidents to more serious stuff who say he twists words and files false reports based on his opinion of something alone - not facts and not what's said to him. Only mentally ill people beg to be shot. Officers take an oath before God to PROTECT and Serve people. So much for protecting Mr. Harrison. How many more people is Cassada going to make up stories about to serve his own delusions? Someone's been playing to many video games and living in an alternate reality for too long. He should just go sit on the tracks for a while and think it over, especially between 4-6 am.”

“I didnt read all the postings... so i might have missed this.... Where or what was the gun this guy had? Where were the other cops to back this one cop up? Donut break? Also the cop had to get out of his car/ unlock and unchain the trunk of the car to get the AR15. Which is fully automatic with select fire. Why didnt he use his handgun? Or did he have laser sights on the AR? One shot to chest was all it would take. Just think they could have shot him with something different and maybe in a less legal area. Granted... i might have shot his knee out... and then went for the next shot to be a kill shot if he moved an inch. But no one will ever know all the truth. Thats just how things in bg are.”

I mentioned above about him being homeless... he wasn't, which makes this worse. Bowling Green... home of Rand Paul's anti-Obama gun toting paranoia.

One fascist defender asked... How about some personal accountability? That's just some anti-poor bullshyt, but more importantly, how come Casada doesn't have to have any personal accountability? He's just allowed to murder in cold blood, and that's it?

Bowling Green, KY

#15 Aug 13, 2012
Tell me what you would have done if you were the cop responding to a call stating that there was a guy that appeared to be intoxicated and appeared to have a gun screaming on the railroad tracks in the worst part of BG? Maybe everyone can learn something if they are ever faced with a situation like this.

Bowling Green, KY

#16 Aug 13, 2012
Oh and remember the guy that supposedly had a gun started walking to you hiding his hands, warning you to shoot him, screaming at you and would not show his hands and prove to you he wasn't intending on hurting you.

Somerset, KY

#17 Aug 13, 2012
I'm thinking someone using the Lord's name in such manner is in danger of Hell. May want to sober up and repent. You clearly aren't in a position to know the facts of what happened and are making stuff up.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#18 Aug 13, 2012
Denny wrote:
<quoted text>
Your the same piece of shit that writes the gibberish after stories in the BGDN. Wondering how I, a normal tax paying citizen might deal with you.
Denny the Vampire... I can see the blood dripping out your mouth... Justice is an eye for an eye. The Death Penalty is still legal. Had Greg Harrison did the same thing to Keith Casada, what crazy bloodthirsty bs would u be spewing? Justice is blind, and nobody is above the law. A murderer is a murderer is a murderer.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#19 Aug 13, 2012
Jack wrote:
Tell me what you would have done if you were the cop responding to a call stating that there was a guy that appeared to be intoxicated and appeared to have a gun screaming on the railroad tracks in the worst part of BG? Maybe everyone can learn something if they are ever faced with a situation like this.
None of what you said is true. Keith turned copping into a bloodsport... that's serious... for those folks who believe in life. For those who believe in death, shame on you... and for the good folks, watch out... yall got lots of insane psychopaths infesting your town... all over... just sadistic oppressors... that's a whole lot of ya.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#20 Aug 13, 2012
nObama wrote:
I'm thinking someone using the Lord's name in such manner is in danger of Hell. May want to sober up and repent. You clearly aren't in a position to know the facts of what happened and are making stuff up.
Here's a white supremacist vampire right here! I love how "Christians" always use religion as a bully weapon... read the Bible. What would Jesus do? I dont remember Jesus Christ picking up an AR15 assault rifle, after unlocking it out of his truck, and slaying an unarmed drunk, who was yelling "Help me!"... and we ignored him, just as he had been ignored for years... love. That's all we can do to get crazy people back to the planet... sure, protect yourself, but this world doens't have enough love... come on Christians... That's a Bible thang... LOVE. Jesus said love God w/ all your heart, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. The Golden Rule. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, so reverse the roles.

If Keith Casada was drunk, and yelling on the traintracks, does that justify Greg Harrison pulling out an assault rifle, and ending his soul? Of course not. It's a crime, and that's how you can test to see if something is fair or not. Just reverse it. If it's not fair that way, it's not fair the other way either.
Jesus Christ

Louisville, KY

#21 Aug 13, 2012
How come none of yall answering my questions? Do u know who called 911? Do u even know what happened?

It was just 1 v 1... only 1 person is a witness, cuz the other is dead and gone. I dont trust that person's word at all... bad judgement, too quick to put 100 bullets into his stomach... or however many bullets a magazine round of an AR15 has.

Bowling Green, KY

#22 Aug 13, 2012
Jesus Christ wrote:
<quoted text>None of what you said is true. Keith turned copping into a bloodsport... that's serious... for those folks who believe in life. For those who believe in death, shame on you... and for the good folks, watch out... yall got lots of insane psychopaths infesting your town... all over... just sadistic oppressors... that's a whole lot of ya.
I don't know if it's the truth or not. However that is the information that has been released. Therefore I assume it's the truth. According to what you said you were not there so how do you know if it's the truth or not?

Bowling Green, KY

#23 Aug 13, 2012
So again I ask. What would you have done if you were the responding officer?

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