Shawn Denstitt

Since: Dec 10

#62 Jan 13, 2011
you tell ppl to get off here and get a hobby but yet your on here talking shit and putting your business out here for the whole town how about you take your own advice and get off here and get a hobby.

Frisco, TX

#63 Jan 13, 2011
Just saw in the police blotter that mr Shawn was arrested. Dang hopefully he can learn from THIS mistake

Gatesville, TX

#64 Jan 13, 2011
Amanda wrote:
what ever your just an idiot you apparently dont read correctly your a fu*ckin dumb ass do you not have anything better else to do. Considering i have my own place and a job now i think thats called supporting my kid. Im not a guy that has 3 kids and lives at home with my mom, and off her foodstamps. Atleast im out doing my own thing and on my own two feet. Look at all these other people around this town thats never home with there kids. Me on the other hand i am home with her, i dont party, or drink (before i was pregnant) so all you dumbasses cant make up all the false allegations you want it shows and proves who the dumb ass is and it aint me. It shows here two mothers that take care of there kids, two mothers that has graduated or i have and i believe she is soon. So i dont wanna hear anymore of you BS get the fuc*k off here and find another HObby.
i just said i was glad you had a job lol..glad you are now gonna be able to provide for your baby now :)

Deepwater, MO

#65 Jan 14, 2011
Amanda and Shawn this bashing each other is unnecessary, yall have a child together and that child is the only one who is going to be hurt in the long run....take it from someone who has been there it will break that child's heart that yall can't get along

United States

#66 Jan 14, 2011
if you notice all of this stuff isnt even shawn it is all from amanda and paige figting over shawn all os this neds to stop this is so stupid it just keeps going amanda nees to get a life and a JOB and stay off of hear or as she says get a hobby
my name is ha ha ha ha

Crowley, TX

#67 Jan 15, 2011
angela wentzel wrote:
Well amanda u need t get ur sory straight he does not stal from the mission. And the only reason why he has nothing to do with ur daughter is becouse of things like this ur mouth.. And u can say what u want about him but u need to look in the mirror. And leave the rest of my family out if ur drama.. And the goats sleep outside by the way. WHy dont u go get a job and quit worring about child support and ur welfare that u draw.. And dont say its becouse ur pregantbecousei worked up till the day i had both mine.. So leave my family out of ur drama.. And like say what goes around comes around..
frist of all tell ur brother ouite knocking girls up and he want have people talking about him wood he f!ck off and stay out of it that goes for him momma to..........
my name is ha ha ha ha

Crowley, TX

#68 Jan 15, 2011
comfussed wrote:
i think she needs to get a job and quit useing welfare that i work hard to pay. if her boyfriend goes to school thats why they have daycare the goverment owes you nothing get of your butt and get a job and support your kid if you cant support your kid them maybe you should have gave it up for adoption so someone with a job could have a child thats not worried about how much money they can get
and bye the way where is amanda mom at ant she a memaw too so u ant the only grandma that child has..........

Salina, OK

#69 Jan 15, 2011
I think you all just need to shut up and quit trying to nagg on a situation thats no longer a situation. Were trying to work something out and if you people keep talking the way you do your only making yourselves looks dumber and dumber.
ha ha ha ha

Crowley, TX

#70 Jan 16, 2011
comfussed wrote:
im dont even no who they are but from what i have seen that you have wrote i feel very sorry for the whole family when you talk about a job i mean a job you go to for 8 hrs and get paid not a job that you have where you sit on your butt and draw money off other people i didnt know that when people had kids they should get paid for it and not have a job boy my family would be rich i have 2 kids but i work and so does my wife and apperently you have a hard time taking care of a wild child mst be because of you. and if he does sign his rights away he has every right to see her after she turns 18 and you would have nothing to say about it
hun u want talk ur shit what does amanda mom have to say about this shit u think the denstitt is bad ass find out about amanda dad she who is bad ass then u ant nobody but a punk takeing up for the denstitt so who are u his brother

Salina, OK

#71 Jan 16, 2011
Shut up they have no clue what there talking about, Just stop writing on here your making yourself looks stupid whoever you are.
Amused Crowd

Wichita Falls, TX

#72 Jan 23, 2014
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Time 4 a Change

Haslet, TX

#73 Jan 28, 2014
Well, if Shawn is such a dope head then why on Earth were u with him? Either you r on dope too or you condoned him using. You had sex with a dope head. You chose to bring the child into the world. U say his family is crappy but u birthed em another family member. So, what exactly does that say!
#2 baby mama....why would u have a child with a man who doesn't take care of the kids he already has?
& u was having sex with a fatty, huh? U liked tit cuz u did it more than once so her rolls canyon bother u that damn bad so shut up with that ignorant name calling stuff.
Glad I dont know you

Bowie, TX

#74 Feb 26, 2014
That was great I read every comment and aside from having to find a complete idiot to translate the ancient retard and redneck to English it was very entertaining. This situation in its entirety is why I fully support post birth abortion for rednecks over 18.

United States

#75 Apr 5, 2014
Lmao gotta love how one question turned into an Amanda bitch fest. I'm aware that this was in 2010 and it's now 2014. But amazingly Amanda's mouth is still running like crazy. Lol I remember seeing her drive past my old house waving and flipping me off strictly because I was friends with someone she hated and who had stolen Shawn from her. She only talks shit about Shawn cause she is mad that he got over her. But I don't blame him. She is an annoying, selfish peice of shit. Shawn I hope for the best. I know me and you kinda disliked one another. But no man deserves what Amanda and Tiffany do to you.

Alma, AR

#76 Apr 6, 2014
Who r his baby mamas. Amanda who
Tiffany who

Since: Apr 14

United States

#77 Apr 6, 2014
Amanda Howard and idk Tiffany's last name. But he also has a son with Paige Wood.

Decatur, TX

#78 May 24, 2014
Shit wouldn't mind tapping his girl paige girl knows what she doin XD

United States

#79 May 26, 2014
joker wrote:
Shit wouldn't mind tapping his girl paige girl knows what she doin XD
you must like those chicks who don't shower. as much oil she has in her hair i could fry some chicken. No telling what bug she has eithrr js if you do wear a condom... gross.
NothinElseBetter ToDo

United States

#81 May 27, 2014
When did The Jerry Springer Show have auditions? Lol....

Since: Apr 14

Hinesville, GA

#82 May 28, 2014
Drama is the main reason why I completely left Bowie. All these people are overly dramatic... Btw Shawn isn't worth fighting about. He is a worthless peice of shit who beats girls. Amanda is a SKANK she doesn't know how to get her legs closed. When's married to a guy name David and uses him to get what she wants and while he is busy working she puts her kids off on other people so she can fuck everyone in town. So she isn't much better then Paige. Paige will fuck just about anyone. She says she loves Shawn but you know how that goes. He beats her and then she hates him for a few days and goes around fucking random guys and within a few days she is over it and misses him an does back to him... She's an amazing mother compared to Amanda she just needs to learn to respect herself. And this is the end of my pointless rant.

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