Are not the porches, stairs and outer parts of a building inspected when lead paint is of concern?
1978 to 2013 is 35 years of federal level law which has been repeatedly ignored by many property owners in the city of Manchester and the inspector's at both federal and local levels of responsibility for these concerns.

Remember Sunday Abek? She died from lead paint poisoning. The apartment was allegedly lead paint free but not the porch she played in.

Within 20 days of coming to America she was hospitalized. 10 days later she was dead due to massive brain malfunction caused by lead paint poisoning.

Children american or not are subject to these exposed and degraded porches,stairs and framing of these vey old and not fully code compliant or inspected premises.

Now another child, a human being has been poisoned by exposure to lead paint from a porch.

When is this city and the federal level agencies that are supposed to enforce these rules going to get it right?

If a tenant receives subsidized housing, federal inspectors are supposed to inspect yearly. This city inspects every three years.

How any lives must be sacrificed before the rule of law is enforced and followed up re: these life taking and threatening poisonous conditions????