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Kankakee, IL

#21 Feb 7, 2011
maybe i have wasted 20 years and dont wanna be awake anymore and am just trying to prevent it from happening to myself again.
i wouldnt wish the same to anybody undeserving.
and i am already baffled and twitching at the thought of it all happening to me again.

i'm tired of asking if we are gonna wise up and cleanup or force me to get rid of the problem myself.
i have been 'in the hands of the government' since age 6 and havent seen much help.
more like a whole lot of sticking their nose in my life and getting some information without any real problem solving.
the sources that cause a problem are allowed to continue causing a problem.. and have been allowed to cause a problem for like 20 years.
makes me think all of the hidden video cameras and microphones arent getting reviewed as they should.
if we can create software that turns voice chat into text.. we can create the artificial intelligence to take those words and raise a flag that there is abuse being recorded.
wouldnt hurt to have the cops knock on the door and say 'we got a call from a neighbor about possible domestic violence' and it saves the child from being beaten night after night.
and it wouldnt hurt to have DCFS knock on the door and say 'we got a call from a neighbor about possible child neglect' and it saves the child from drowning in loneliness.
it wouldnt hurt to catch a robber who has broken into a house and the cops show up, arresting the guy and say 'we got a call from the neighbors'
all of these because of the automated video and hidden microphones in the house that raised a flag about something going on.

you dare call me paranoid when i am seeing a chance of a better life thanks to technology.. and seeing little to no options whatsoever to rejoin society and carry on and have fun because the general outlook conflicts directly with what i am trying to do.
because after about 16 years of loneliness and a handful of years having less than $100 to spend per month.. i am not seeing my situation get any better since there isnt much of an open chance.
people are constantly closing doors and rejecting people.
i'd be willing to murder me to murder the situation.. but after giving it some thought, i have dignity and dont have access to a painless and easy way out.
at worst, you idiots are rejecting and closing the doors telling me to get help.. which is simply teasing the problem and making you a part of it.

the more data you record, the more you are gonna have to sift through philosophically.
as one person who would like to think they have observed some of what has happend over the last 23 years.. i am bored and at wits end with high desire to stop watching.
seems to me like those who are philosophical and working for the government have already followed suit or will begin to.

23 years of amatuer philosophy
16 years of loneliness
and i am only 28 years old.
i really think there are plenty who are too stupid to realize now is not the appropriate time to say 'you are young and have your whole life ahead of you'
because they would be directly missing the fact that i am upset about the wasted time of my past and dont want to see my time wasted again.
i'd rather die than suffer.. and i am seeing people who would rather hurt other people than organize their own pain.
hell.. i am seeing people who would rather hurt themselves than organize other peoples pain.
i dont have anything and dont see much available to gain.. therefore its gotta be possible that it can happen to others as well.

Kankakee, IL

#22 Feb 7, 2011
you know whats gonna happen?
people are gonna get sad and depressed and start 'making love' in their house since they cant find it outside.
and that means there are gonna be more babys being born.. but the entire work force is already grumpy and slow and not willing to change or grow.
there are going to be more slackers and those slackers are going to have an influence on those that do work.
and those workers will then again grow more sad because of the slackers who arent working.. and then the entire work force will fall sad again.
the whole process will repeat itself.. because i doubt people will stop having children any time soon for the sake of the economy.
probably too much tension and intricate detail to grasp.. other people are simply having 'accidents'
we need to realize that the more people involved.. the harder change will become because there are more people involved and a higher probability that people will think there are more people roaming the earth than there are brains to keep things clean and organized.. which means more giving up and losing energy to work.
its hard to think one person can change a large number of people.. and the government should be scared because more people means a stubborn mess will grow more stubborn.

again, if you seen my face.. you would see that it already appears as though somebody tried to 'inject' their high intellect and intelligence into the world to try and make things better.
it didnt work then and that justifies good reason why it wont work in the future.
if you arent fixing a problem you are somehow becoming part of the problem.. even if its simply getting in the way.

what these people believe in may or may not already have these details included.
but those of us who are angry and have the free time to conceive a threat have spoken.
that doesnt mean you wont be stressed out by some guy who jumped to a conclusion and has hunted you down after being off work for 45 minutes.. because that might be a possibility.

you dont know what lies ahead in the future... but if we keep allowing people to grow sad, QUALITY innovation and creativity have a lesser chance of being there.
nobody is sick and tired of getting excited about spending some time with their friends.. you make plans and get all excited, then when the actual time comes.. everybody is sad and tired which makes conversation less eventful, word and sentences have less of an impact.. they have to leave early because they are tired and want to drive home safe.

a good host will make sure everything is just right.
that means cooking the food and setting the table and cleaning the house and changing the quality of the air and changing the quality of the light.

but it also means making sure they have some energy left to hang out and play once they get off work.
it means creating a soft bed for them to land when times get rough.
it means having the energy and strength to support and carry that person (at least to their bed) when they are not at their best.
its comfortable survival.. because if you arent comfortable, you arent really healthy enough to survive.
sure, there are millions of people on this earth.. ignore us and let them prosper simply because they are blind and insensitive.

i'm done.
i think if there is nothing you can do about the small stuff, the big stuff is only an act because the small stuff holds everything together and sets the mood.

Kankakee, IL

#23 Feb 7, 2011
i dont care who wins.. as long as they are aware of what i want them to be aware of.
and how is that any different than going to their website and reading what they believe in and voting for them because they are aware of what i want them to be aware of.
it shouldnt matter if it comes out of my mouth or theirs.
its a fact of WHAT .. not who.
and that is what i started my posts about.
doesnt matter who you vote for because life is a matter of WHAT more than it is of who.
just check your babysitter for what i am talking about (anybody have one when they were growing up?)
i know it wasnt an issue of who was watching me.. it was an issue of what was to be had while i was at the babysitter.

and dont think for a second that its fair to say we are not allowed to ask these people running in election what they believe in.
because as it has already been proven.. its better to keep your mouth shut and hide rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt (or perhaps forget to include everything)

i got serious and was met with mental retardation.. a direct conflict stemming from extreme opposites.
its not illegal to bring up something to be used in question with their beliefs.
if i had to ask to stay on topic.. do you think any of those people running for election are capable of such a subject as the one i have presented?
i wouldnt allow my children near those people if they are expected to be respected and cannot earn that respect with their mental abilities.
training has nothing to do with how a person is deep inside.. perhaps that persons personality naturally agrees with the training.
but its whats inside that counts.
putting up a front with a website or a smile is only going to be seen as avoiding a real problem.
perhaps that problem is with their personality.. and we need to know this so that we dont elect somebody that is going to embarass our decision.
so that they dont embarass our family and friends and the land that we reside.
having a vote without earning it specifically is simply tearing us apart more.
having a vote is asking us to fight with eachother more.(one person votes for this guy.. the other person votes for the other guy)

i've said my peace so that i can either remain at or change said peace.
perhaps you will appreciate that i have shared my peace and maybe learn something and take it along with you in your journey through life.

i said what i said.. and would it be any different if i asked if any of them prefer shorts over pants or flip-flops over shoes?
me thinks my question was more important.

Kankakee, IL

#24 May 5, 2011
Do we really need someone who married a prostitute, who is half his age, and sells drugs to minors in his neighborhood, because he is too lazy to keep a job and rely's on his stripper wife to support him, representing Kankakee?! I don't think so..
Wow we

Chicago, IL

#25 May 10, 2011
Dang you had to bust on the guys wife! Prostitute that is a bit rough don't you think? I'm sure that's not the case. Dope dealing come on dude get it together, besides Stokes is the Alderman now. Now that's scary, good thing I voted for Phillips just wish he would have won. Maybe Phillips for Mayor in 2013, than stuff might get done around this town.

Indianapolis, IN

#26 May 12, 2011
Bobby do us all a favor and get back on your meds buddy. Crazy.

I didn't know they had computers and this thing called the Internet at Shapiro kind of scary Bobby.

Kankakee, IL

#27 May 23, 2011
the only favor is doing something about that disgusting flavor you spit.

you'd be a real idiot to mention something of sensitivity and expect someone to feel nothing.
you'd be a criminal to say you know what is best for me.

teasing and taunting isnt ethical.
scary is how you can walk all over me with your words and i get nothing for the pain and suffering.
psychotic is when you assume you know somebody.
i am nothing for you to be dealing with.
events that take place are there for you to form an opinion, but that doesnt necessatate how the person is on average.

i'd sue you to the furthest extent of the law, but you would probably ponder the thought of how much money you owe for emotional damages based on one instance.
sorry to say or think that way.
it would be nothing for some stranger to come close enough to you and breath some chemicals your way.
as it would also be nothing to program any piece of your electronics to die a premature death.
how about losing 3 miles per gallon with your vehicle?
maybe the soda machine adds a little bit of extra liquid to your diet to ensure your teeth are easily stained.

you had the smile to write what you did.
the government has the evolution to 'punk' you however they see fit.

Kankakee, IL

#28 Jul 29, 2011
James Stokes is awesome..anyone who has ever had the homar of knowing him will tell you of his greatness...years ago when life was tough, he made sure my kids had a Christmas Tree...he cares about the community.

Kankakee, IL

#29 Jul 29, 2011
Wow we wrote:
Dang you had to bust on the guys wife! Prostitute that is a bit rough don't you think? I'm sure that's not the case. Dope dealing come on dude get it together, besides Stokes is the Alderman now. Now that's scary, good thing I voted for Phillips just wish he would have won. Maybe Phillips for Mayor in 2013, than stuff might get done around this town.
Stokes, scary? Hardly not...he puts his life on the line for others & has done so for years as a Kankakee City Fireman..Stokes is the ONLY one who ran I can say truly cares about the community. He does so much for the youth, trying to teach them a better option, other than dealing drugs, gangs & violence. He teaches them to help the community...what has Phillips done?

Kankakee, IL

#30 Dec 28, 2012
Just seein' this. Ha Kelly Doyle was not unemployed when he took the job at Stages. He had a restaurant that was getting a good start until he chose to play and not work.

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