Alderman for the Kankakee

Alderman for the Kankakee

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Indianapolis, IN

#1 Dec 19, 2010
Looks like there are a lot of people running for Alderman in the 2nd ward.

Kelly Doyle

Graham Schmidt

Adam Phillips

James Stokes

Jeff Kinkade

James Taylor Jr.

Anyone know about any of these people. I know Jeff Kinkade is the brother of the ex police chief. James Stokes is a Kankakee Fireman. What's the deal with the rest of the men.
concerned citizen

Kankakee, IL

#2 Dec 29, 2010
Kelly Doyle is the ex-Manager of Stages the strip club.
Kelly Doyle

Carpentersville, IL

#3 Jan 30, 2011
I was the manager of stages. I was unemployed and needed to pay bills. It was a job not a career. I have also been and i am still very active in my community. Please visit my website
Thanks, Kelly Doyle

Kankakee, IL

#4 Feb 3, 2011
Kankakee wrote:
Looks like there are a lot of people running for Alderman in the 2nd ward.
Kelly Doyle
Graham Schmidt
Adam Phillips
James Stokes
Jeff Kinkade
James Taylor Jr.
Anyone know about any of these people. I know Jeff Kinkade is the brother of the ex police chief. James Stokes is a Kankakee Fireman. What's the deal with the rest of the men.
James Stokes has a long list of awards from the state and he is a real life hero and is a peoples man. I'm an independent but I will support Mr. Stokes in my 2nd ward
Adam Phillips

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Feb 4, 2011
Check out my website to see what I stand for

Kankakee, IL

#6 Feb 5, 2011
you losers gonna do what you are told just like the foot soldiers with guns.
<--- doesnt see the point in politics other than a soap opera drama for the disgusting to take part in.
seems like the people with power are silent and at work.

if your chain of communication doesnt end with a lawyer, you are doing a stage act and are worthless where i come from.
we dont need pretty faces to smile at us.
we dont need a warm hand to pass information along to.
i'm quite sure your job is to prevent people from gathering to such high numbers that a federal policy is at risk from being changed by vote.
do you know why they prevent a change in policy? because it costs money to re-invent the entire economy.
there is a lot of chaos to be tamed and a lot of care that needs to be used.
we cant rely on people who are sad and depressed from a recession to use care while planning out our future.
these things are usually pre-determined by world leaders during their leisure time.
we would like to think they did it right the first time and have everything well thought out and organized.

you need to wise up to the realization that the entire political body you see is an act to keep the real brainiacs safe.
you have heard it before 'the names and faces have been changed to keep the real identities safe'
i'd press charges for mob action and abandonment of ethics.
because you cant walk up to these people and expect to be filled with the confidence that they are capable (and able) to give our life some direction.

you can write an essay to prove how much you know (and possibly who deserves to get into trouble for causing such an uproar)
but these politicians are actors that do what they are told regardless of what is right and what is wrong.
and that is the key principle of problem.
the main focus should not be listening to a higher power.. it should be holding strong to majority values.
these 'actors' have been brainwashed to what is to be held as valuable.
meanwhile the world leaders are putting society through whatever paces necessary towards the technological revolution.

that could mean something as ugly as driving you mad and using all of the new video cameras and microphones to catch a criminal.
it should be up to you the people to petition such a chain of events with a statement that coincides with the behavioral abilities of the people in the area.
i think if we stop sticking our noses in politics we might get something done.
we could start with the entertainment value available to us.
comcast provides a damn good service, but the content is pathetic and beyond their control.
that doesnt mean they wouldnt want to get involved in a class action lawsuit to improve what they have helped build.

Kankakee, IL

#7 Feb 5, 2011
you are either at work.. at rest.. or at play.
not enough people pointing out real problems.
not enough change taking place when those problems are pointed out.
therefore we are being punished as a whole with the entertainment industry.
i know the average intellect isnt clean.. and i am at wits end about it.
those that dont deserve it are getting treated as if they did.
we need to wake up and realize we are in a position to have an earpiece in each and every ear of the person you are dealing with when you go to a business.. and that person will be informed whether you deserve or dont deserve and you will be treated accordingly.
its logical.. its rational.. and there are people willing to create families dedicated to the process.
these things will put more money into the hands that deserve it.
and your social status would be allowed to speak freely without intervention from some undercover fed embarassing you or disrupting the situation.

nothing worse than trying to run for class president and have some undercover fed being sent information through an earpiece to uncover some facts about you that would embarass you while on stage at the election.
your choice of action brought the availability of such 'facts' to be brought forward.
its like being on stage and you have somebody ran-sacking your house because you were cheating on your wife.. then they bring a used condom and a scientist willing to do a dna test right there in front of everybody.
you'd be well had to see a tube turn blue in front of your supporters.
how bout the IRS coming onto the stage and informing everybody that you would rather spend your money on something stupid instead of paying bills.

they shut the town down and embraced an ego that may or may not have fit well with their natural lifestyle.
but the rest of us have been forced to live in agony while trying to grasp reality.
i'd say they dont get enough done in the amount of time given.
we grow old and i will be sueing for time.. too late for you now that i've said it first, its only fair that you had your chance.
i'm saying that our chance has been booby trapped and its time to get some revenge for the time it took to gather what was gathered.
makes me think you didnt have it in you to construct change now.. why should we listen to you in the future?

i mean.. i know there are dozens of males that look like me. but none of them are as alive and aware as me.
makes me think that i am an original while the rest havent evolved as much.
it makes me a little bit ashamed to see the vast number of people who look like me and have a personality that reminds me of myself.. yet they fail to be as sensitive and aware.
who are we to speak highly of our ancestors and expect the same from their family bloodlines.
perhaps i see a lot of my personality characteristics in those that look like me.. but there are details of such high importance that are non-existant in these other people that make us unique.

Kankakee, IL

#8 Feb 5, 2011
and with having said that.. i would like to start a chant or form a petition or shed light to a sensible change 'that (being all the undercover folks) make us unique'
i wouldnt want to be treated as having done wrong-doing simply because my ancestors were known for wrong-doing.
and i wouldnt want to see wrong-doer's treated with respect simply because their ancestors were known for being upper class and valuable to their friends.
the same can be said for children and parents.
no child should be treated poorly because their parents are worthless troublemakers.

we have the opportunity to get organized and share that organized information with other people so that people get treated the way they deserve.
time and time again we see people earn more money than they are worth.
time and time again we see our bully being treated with respect and praise because people hope for the best and are trained to be kind to everybody.

maybe its because i deserve more than what i have received.. but i dont think it is within nature's power to force people to treat me better.
and i dont think its fair that we cant report all types of pain and seeing a resolution.
the only time the police can help is if somebody physically touches you or you are being disorderly in public.
what about the times when there is disorderly conduct going on, but the owner of the property doesnt care to report it.. that means everybody else has to put up with it or leave.

there is all this talk about taking what is right and being constructive.
but there isnt the same amount of effort going towards taking what is wrong and being deconstructive towards those situations.
verbal abuse is legal folks.
unless you can prove substantial damage from hearing the verbal abuse.. it is still within their american freedom to talk to you however they want to.
and you wont be reimbursed properly to compensate for all that time you lost.
its better to simply stop that stuff in its tracks rather than look for a fix after it has happened.
i mean...
look at what it has cost us already, people on medication to ease the pain and suffering rather than hunting down the source of the problem and putting an end to the reoccurance.
generally we can tolerate someone else who is stressed out.. but we cant continue to tolerate it without becoming effected.
emotional pain is like a cascading virus.
we dont take the first person in town to get the flu and isolate them from the world so they cant get anybody else sick.
no.. we inject the town with an anti-body so that when the virus tries to spread from one person to the next.. the person who would normally become a new host has now rejected the virus.
this gives the virus no place to go and will die.
those that have the virus will either eliminate it with their immune system or die trying.

we need to stop talking in slang and start being sensitive to what we say and hear.
otherwise we will continue to grow numb and words will not be heard.. this is why you see high school bullys being shot to death.
nobody was listening.. and those that did listen hardly could do anything about it because verbal abuse is legal and we have the american freedom providing the power.
perhaps there are simply too many people on this earth to stop everything and deal with a problem like they used to back in ancient times.
more braun than brains one could say.

Kankakee, IL

#9 Feb 5, 2011
you do realize that voting creates tension and can classify you as being a part of mob action because you are taking sides for reasons other than deserving the position.
there is no winning by popular vote.. you have to be worthy by proof of actions, not because somebody has an opinion of you.

i dont see rules and the way of life in political form.. i use ethics and logic.
which is why i refuse to move away and leave an area i have spent much time absorbing and learning.
why would i want to give all of that up and be inclined to take the time to do it all over again?
an entire town can be cleansed.. and the people who refuse to stay clean can be banned from the area.
these things exist.. why not use them?
if the whole world followed suit.. we could build a giant wall with one door and force the isolation.
its a lot different from jail when there is no food given to you and no cell to keep you safe from an attack by a stranger.
they would have to maintain their own farms and animals if they wanted to live.. but their children dont deserve the same fate as them.
perhaps i am simply sick to death and lost for words.
i want restitution for my wasted time.. that much i do know.
although i have had some time to think and i believe that life isnt a gift when there are all these booby-traps and organized obstacles in the way.
i also believe that if i didnt have so much on my plate, i would have been able to finish my food faster.
perhaps then i wouldnt feel like an 11 year old trapped in a 30 year olds body.
(or a 30 year old with the mind of an 11 year old.. however you wish to phrase it)

i think you people have the power of love and friendship making it difficult to really see and experience what is going on.
that includes all of you actors and undercover people who are doing what you are told.

Kankakee, IL

#10 Feb 5, 2011
besides.. why are you gonna vote for a bunch of people to do the single job of keeping things clean, organized, and respectable?

seems like you need one king and a group of people that know who is the better of such group.

majority vote is to maintain wisedom.
but why select a dozen different people to be praised as a leader?

ya'll are gay and from where i come from, thats called being a minority.

**for what its worth**
i know you have different people for different jobs.. but that is limited to things like a treasurer because they count and organize money.
and the reason why there is a person dedicated to counting and organizing money is because it takes all day.. it takes all week.. and it takes all month to get the job done because more money is being spent and received on a daily basis.
Adam Phillips

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Feb 5, 2011
Bobby, I really have no idea what you just said or what your point is.

If your interested than check out my website

This will give you an idea of what I stand for.

Kankakee, IL

#12 Feb 6, 2011
makes me want to report your stupidity to the authorities and let them come to a conclusion as to whether you are really stupid or simply being disrespectful.

maybe we can work something out with DCFS if you already have children or plan to have children in the future.
seeing the verbal abuse from you as widely open and without much direction is irresponsible and unorganized as well as lazy.

perhaps you need to get some disability money on the side since you cant function with society.
nobody is gonna play with a white smile except the buddies you grew up with.

and its better to keep your mouth shut rather than open it and remove all doubt.

who's next to follow suit with the same rage?
not willing to use your mouth is asking for an alternative method of communication IF i am forced to deal with you.

there is high regards to having a chance and blowing it.
now we should go through the battle of confusion to see just who deserves the order of protection.
because i dont need to be spoken to like that when i make a solid effort to express myself.

your implication that my form of expression is confusing despite many paragraphs on topic to the discussion.. i can see that as ostracism and oppression within half a heartbeat.

treating the insightful as rejects could land your safety at risk.. and i hope they give you hell :)

i mean its one thing to tease the assumed.. but i have laid down paragraphs that wont fit into one comment section.
and i consider it a standard when you actually have something to say.

but putting yourself in harms way to simply catch a person that attacks you is really really stupid since you deserved it in the first place.

you dont have the decency to ask questions when confused.. but you had the chance.

Indianapolis, IN

#13 Feb 6, 2011
Bobby...I don't know who you are but you sound like you need help! I have read your posts and I don't believe any of them relate to this topic. You are clearly a bit paranoid and I can't believe I just wasted my time reading this crap! In fact, your most recent post sounds a bit threatening. Why would anyone need an "order of protection?" Do yourself as well as everyone else a favor and keep your unorganized thoughts to yourself!

Kankakee, IL

#14 Feb 7, 2011
see.. you are disgusting to say things like 'who you are'

i am not running to put my face in the public eye.
and just because i was talking to everyone else about voting doesnt mean i was offtopic.

nothing about paranoia that you have a solid grasp on other than the fact that you have seen bumps in the road that are queer and disorderly.

in fact, you dont need to inflict sorrow about threats.
a case of nonsensical morality for you.
you dont deserve such a strong screen name.

asking why someone would need an order of protection comes across as your blindness and numbness.

being righteous is wild and you are begging long and slow to 'straighten me out'

might as well skip all the minor tidbits and sue the county directly for all the pain and suffering.
but since its hard to provide proof that those people are affiliated with the local government.. its easier to choke them by their words when they make it so easy.

and after some time goes on and it continues.. make a move that you are seeing a loop of the same thing.

its highly annoying to have something against every person you talk to.
not as annoying as seeing a bunch of children under the wing of someone else instead of learning how to grow (and learn the difference between growing and growing healthy).

you play 'swell' and people are gonna explode.
not my fault there are too many people that are involved doing the same thing.

ya'll look like a bunch of organized whine-y brats that get absolutely nothing done day after day.
you need to be in college and bettering yourself.
i can only imagine how ashamed you should be to seek results, yet drive people away.

if you knew this face.. you would know that i have a whole slew of males that look like me and are insensitive despite their intelligence.

perhaps you wont sign up to something that isnt revolutionized ever again.
having an ear piece is worthless if the information available to be spoken through that ear piece is dull.

i dont call that being paranoid.. i consider that a benefit.

making the town numb.. people wont know how to appreciate what they do have because their boss is miserable and refuses to give you a promotion, but is too sad with life to fire you or de-mote you (or decrease your pay).

Kankakee, IL

#15 Feb 7, 2011
sounds like people generally dont want to learn.
and it also sounds like people are provoking a conversation to an end and watching their body language rather than listening to their words.

and you should be happy that it has been that way because you dont have to 'be at work' instead of being with your friends/family.
nothing worse than following a trail of bread crumbs at an ackward time when your desire might be someplace else.

not my fault being part of the community can be a career.
and its not my fault that i have the ability to see do's and dont's of many varietys.

life IS dynamic.
but life around here seems to be trimmed in quite a few wrong places.
i've seen things come to an end too early.. while other things have been allowed to be drawn out.
and when you say enough is enough, they start to speak with an 'ultimatum' style of expression.

i dont want to go to college to please people who are too weak and insecure to function on a daily basis.
walking in considering myself strong and in pain.. met with somebody who is fluttering around like a butterly, slightly confused and fighting insecurity all over their face.
its like watching the other person fight with themself to become a better person, and that fight is on the skin of their face and spills out into the air between them and the person they are talking to.

its a simple case of 'their problem has now become my problem'
and i have enough problems already.
i think those people shouldnt have gotten the job if they havent finished fighting with their own problems.

Kankakee, IL

#16 Feb 7, 2011
i really do remember a time when this town used to use personality shaping with their responses.
and i remember how comfortable people would get.
they would walk around as if their life was complete, mainly because somebody else was constantly 'patching' a problem before their situation would be in shreds.

thats how people would live life thinking they were better than somebody else without seeing the facts straight.
other people were getting the facts straight and they were simply riding the train tracks that the other people worked to install.
and how is the police supposed to know who is right and who is wrong when this type of fighting gets violent?
at worst, the cop (or judge) would ask both of them to provide proof that they are better than the other person.. and chances are high that neither one of them has much evidence because all of the heart-warming satisfaction has come from other people fixing their problems before they happen.
sure, one person might have a reason to be upset with the other.. but that is real work that needs investigated.
the people get their heads filled with joy and appreciation, until they are insensitive and making poor decisions.

there is nothing wrong with telling people to do it themselves.. because if you dont, they will keep coming back for help and wont learn how to solve problems themselves.
people are very comfortable using the internet since their identity isnt known to all those they come in contact with.
you can see for yourself that people will continue to ask for help.. and those questions get more and more stupid because the person asking is getting more and more lazy.

i am not trying to imply that the people i have to deal with when i go out into society are causing people to grow dumb.. but i am saying that there are too many times when i think to myself 'geez i could do it better/faster myself'
investigation should cling onto a situation like that to learn how far up the chain of people does the problem go.. because there might be a solid suprise waiting there to be discovered.
typically referring to a criminal that has gotten sloppy and the problem is starting to surface.

Kankakee, IL

#17 Feb 7, 2011
of course i am upset that it feels like everywhere i go there are problems on the surface.
and it really really hurts to go back and see the same problem.. because obviously there was nobody doing any cleanup.
it comes to a point where you think.. either there is NOBODY cleaning this place up, or the people involved are undercover and being indecent without any regard towards who they are dealing with.
both outcomes hurt.. both scenarios could be better.

saying the same thing over and over boils down to being hurt again and again.
it almost feels like they are asking or requesting that i drown in sadness.
people live their life everyday making those same requests.. some do it intentionally, others do it subconsciously.
as a nation we allow one or the other to happen.. and that doesnt cleanup the problem.
if we were ruled by a king and the city wasnt filled with so many people.. we could stop everything around that person and interrogate them.
in america, we are free to do that.. but you will be ridiculed because you cannot demand results without the proper training and therefore judicial power (not to be confused with political power)
and to that i say, why embarass yourself with harassment charges that SHOULD be valid because you began interrogation (started to work) but could not guarantee anybody an answer.
to me, that says you are poking fun at a problem rather than actually getting something done.
you cant call 'mob action' if these people are trained and have a degree which grants them judicial power.
what you see nowadays are people (possibly families who have been in the game for generations) that are mildly trained and have a certificate and are granted judicial immunity.
thus, when we see someone poking fun at the idea of cleaning up the community we are generally hurt because there is no closure.
instead they say, you are not welcomed here (private party) too bad, so sad.
and that isnt fair.. its a freedom that can turn criminal.
but the worst part is.. you havent learned anything other than the fact that there is a mob of people inside of whom you are being discouraged to share life with.
not fair and no proof provided that they deserve it.
the only 'proof' that can be attained is the fact that they are unwilling to work with other people.
that's lazy considering there are others who will generally work with the public and are smart enough to realize they are talking to a stubborn brick wall and if anything is to get done, they need to move on with their life.

have a look at what that says for the people who are inside the building you have been denied access to.
they are obviously unintelligent in a vast amount of areas.. being trained in one field and unwilling to better themselves.
there are people disgruntled with the lazy receiving SSI.. implying those recipients are unwilling to better themselves.
meanwhile we have amatuers creating a boundry that they have no right building.
and the local police are dumb enough to support it because the situation has been manipulated to serve a purpose for an entire crowd rather than the justified individual.
i can understand closing the business to the public and making people pay a fee to rent the business for a day.
but asking your friends to gang up on somebody with questions or 'set-up' a scene to get someone in trouble on purpose is fun for them and painful for the victim.
its bullying and mob action.
its irresponsible and thus unprofessional.

Kankakee, IL

#18 Feb 7, 2011
but why should we only look towards the groups of people who are causing an injustice when there are individuals infringing on rights/freedoms every day.
i have seen more group and individual's causing an injustice than i can shake a stick at.
for them to point that ignorance in my direction shows a huge lack of rationale (and perhaps logic) since i am always willing to follow the rules as long as they dont hinder or provide a burden.
and i am vastly open minded for closure.. so any unsettling would be on the behalf of my seeing no reason to beg or the other person choosing to be blunt and unreasonable.

we get no chance to report 'invisible abuse'
and i find that to be a huge problem for cleaning up the community.
the local government can designate people dedicated to such a cleanup.. but they cant be everywhere at all times, and therefore the rest of us who are willing need a dedicated group of people that can give direction and provide some support to keep aim generally precise.. which will keep the system from being clogged with invalid reports.
besides, those who have been trained and already granted an immunity or judicial power are well within means to answer reasonable questions and provide a quick and prompt answer towards invalid reports to help keep the system moving.
if that means sitting by a phone like an operator .. there are people who deserve it.. and there are principles of organization that demand it.
sure, you can roam outdoors and force people to hunt you down and ask questions.. it becomes life and makes the person active in the community.

i really think there are times when you try to report something to a corporate office and they dont really care because there is no evidence that it happened and the business isnt willing to find out first-hand.
instead they wait for another incident report before any real concern happens.
the local government is quite the same.. you cant call the police because they will straight out tell you that if nobody was physically touched there is nothing they can do except remove that person from your property.
see.. this is the big problem.
90% of the time the problem is happening on somebody elses property and you cant have the person removed by the local police.. and that means you really cant do anything about it unless you tell the manger.. but the manager either doesnt care or is too stupid to realize what is happening is a problem.

Kankakee, IL

#19 Feb 7, 2011
i have personally found that most people who have authority do not have the capacity to see the event as a problem.
hearing things like 'you are too harsh' or 'thats not right' or 'i dont see why you are mad'
that means we have to try to hunt down the owner of the business and hope that they arent the same dumb and confused.
but by then the problem has already come and gone and the person being 'invisibly' abusive has caused the pain.. and anybody who was hurt has probably left, therefore you cant apologize to those people or try to compensate for their loss.

i'm tired of being telling me they are too stupid to participate or that i am asking the wrong person for help.
shallow is what it causes and agony is what results when mixed with any other problems going on.

what happens when all the domestic violence reports in the paper are no longer acts of the local government?
what about all the children and pets who are neglected because their parents are miserable?
no baby can report that they were neglected last night.
no husband or wife can ask for a divorce because they are being neglected.. no, they have to waste their time and wait to see if it continues.
most people will start to neglect themselves before they neglect the people or pets around them.
and thats not our problem until we try to talk to these people and they give us a cold shoulder or are otherwise rude, impolite, or battling their problems that they have with themselves right there in front of you, causing some pain for you.

that is the emotional virus cascading from one person to the next.
are we done simply writing timelines and waiting to see what kind of a mess people are going to make when they lash out and cry?
because seeing no cleaning has really made my life difficult and i can see how there are many of you who are oblivious to the problems because you have friends and family and money.
perhaps i am the loser who doesnt have a life.. and i cannot get one because going outside is like a pinball bouncing around from one sad soul to the next.

seriously.. if you have been a part of such an event, do you really want to spend your whole life seeing people struggle?
i dont think its necessary.. i think that there are material possessions keeping people from really breaking down.
and i think it would be a real shame to not take evidence as to how these people reacted.
i dont see much happening other than a bunch of tainted air between one personality and the next.
since we have the technology to see who reacts and how.. i think its best that we allow ourselves to see the same people given a chance to be stress-free again.
there is hardly any point waiting for the next generation when there is more information to be had from the current generation.
it creates jobs the first time.. and it maintains jobs the second time, as well as opening doors to new opportunities (so be prepared for that if/when)

Kankakee, IL

#20 Feb 7, 2011
i think there are some people who have grown distant from society and they arent necessarily getting the attention they deserve.
their situations are unique and the current status doesnt allow them to change their situation without facing an inhumane amount of obstacles.
we need to see more since we have the technology to see.
you wonder why the employment rate is down.. probably because people are miserable and dont want to deal with other miserable people.
that means people refuse to hire and people refuse to apply for the job.
we are learning that we are in a disabled time and people are getting paid for being disabled.(and barely enough to wake up and crawl out of bed might i add)
i have learned that there are drugs available and how they can waste 20 years of your life trying them all only to find out that the results are pathetic compared to illegal alternatives (nothing hard needed.. respect the plant's existance)
i see that we are making life undesirable, and yet people continue to have babys.
perhaps you might find this interesting that i am on SSI and asking that we have the chance to follow rules that dont cause a conflict with our rights and freedom.
asking that we have nobody in our local government allowed to be rude or cause problems.. only that they are resolving them, therefore we can highlight the trouble makers.
the human species has a chance to finalize their views and beliefs associated with DNA .. and we have the technology to provide evidence so that there are no human errors in the way.
if i had the chance.. i would ask 'why is it taking so long for you to record change.. are you willing to write a large novel for each persons life?!'
the bigger the book the more complicated things may be.

and trust me on this.. if we have all of these channels preventing all of the 'good' entertainment from being used up, forcing us to play re-runs.. how on earth are we supposed to provide new, innovative, and creative content if we are saddened or in misery or perhaps even agony?
how are people supposed to go to work and record results of data from breakthrough technology if they are in the same sad boat as the rest of us?
does it appear to anybody else that there really isnt anything to do since all these new and fancy things have been discovered and the majority of it is perfected but being mastered.. so now we are all stripped from our will power and are being intimidated to live life with a degree of misery.
and for what? to keep us from absorbing all of the new toys too fast??
everybody has a cell phone or knows somebody that does (or has come to terms with why they dont have one)

the economy wants us to spend.. but we are losing our energy to wake up and go to work everyday.
i see a conflict people.
and i have seen more painful things that have really ruined my will to live.
perhaps not that any of you care since its not your problem.. but i could try and setup something to catch you when you are in the same scenario.
you might be happy now and currently blind to other peoples problems 'trying' to become your problems.. but perhaps one day you too will let down your wall and allow other people's feeling to come pouring in, drowning you in the process without any help to keep you afloat.

and hmm.. why wasnt there any help?
there wont be any help if everybody is grumpy and unwilling to get involved with other peoples problems.

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