people that abuse the welfare system

Kankakee, IL

#123 Oct 3, 2011
funny how we are in a state of 'i love you more than you love me' and all of that i bring is invisible.

no credit for that, and when i do get some credit.. i have to process it like milk and meat to beat it into form that i am willing to accept.

your case is that i am of differing taste, either ethically or morally.
dont elude the facts by simply adhering to the case.

Kankakee, IL

#124 Oct 3, 2011
the problem is money.
when they are not building and creating, there is nothing for them to claim value of.
because they must spend their money on everything required to wake up and crawl out of bed (including the house and bed they are in).

strides are missed when people say 'this is how it rolls, dont ever ever fall off or you will be kicked to the curb to die.. and if you are lucky enough to be found, you will be with the stench of death'

everybody is in chains in some shape, form, or fashion.
freedom is invisible, and that is apparently how/why you fail to see any problem.

no sense changing the topic on the board for your service agents to change their attitude.
the attitude was there as a roadblock, not to provide a path of progress.
these people earned what they did, nobody is going to discredit them for it any time.
participation counts, being born again is a gamble, and simply being associated with 'help' does not make you exempt from damage.

people walk in to the governments help (or anybodys help) and they are awarded with being always right because they show the ability to be aware.

how do you send a person to a store that ruins peoples lives everyday and allow them to walk out without their life ruined too?
you give them an answer to what the rest of the people are unaware of.
the person goes in and shares the 'awareness' as if it was a password.

you give the password to anybody you want, deserving or not.. not one to really give a damn here.
the place of business is supposed to be operational.
anything less is a felony.

if i dont want you to get the password, i will avoid you.
and when you hunt me down, you get mistreated.
if everything is getting worse with no sight of a way out.. the mistreatment turns into something more violent.

i've got knives and pieces of wood with nails in it in my visions.
and to make matters worse, i am forced to face the energy that is needed to leap into such an action.
if that wasnt enough, the energy is bestowed by the psychological motivation.

you can thank any tramp that walks around with a perfume for that.
dare you become that grounded of such matters with me.

you are already in enough trouble that my options to rest are pooled in pages of teasing and/or taunting before non-existant before uber lackluster.

and let one not forget..
your definition of rest may not be the same as mine.
be forewarned, i reserve the right to carry more than one definition of rest.

and if you think i am fulfilling my grant with the situation i am in.. be forewarned that these actions are only to make matters worse each day to build on top of what was already there.
the help as it exists is defined above.

my single word of rest certainly does prove to be enough to hold my case.
however, i am lingering towards the thought of other words growing reasonable.

to say you were there for a greater purpose is to say you were irresponsible enough to not pick and choose (or know ahead of time) who does and doesnt need the 'secret treatment'

Anchorage, AK

#125 Nov 4, 2011
Freeloaders wrote:
Yes I am sick of the link card as well. My neighbor has a link card and medical card for her and her kid I'm sure they get other assistant on housing and utilities as well. The thing that pisses me off is she works a bullshit part time job at a bar for cash, but seems to have enough money for a boob job, two boats, a corvette, a scooter and all the best toys and video games for her kid. I want to report her to the system as well.
Way to do Obama!!!!
youre an idiot troll, anyone that works a bs part time job and has foodstamps could not possibly have those things.
who cares

Joliet, IL

#126 Nov 5, 2011
I am thinking a little some thin on da side hehe jealous much or maybe a rich boy friend she is using and I could go on all day who cares

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#127 Nov 7, 2011
yeah welfare comes out from my hard earned money. 90% of the suckers on the system abuse it greatly. they have little to no education and hate themselves and have shitty relationships with family. esp relationships with women.. i feel bad for daughters or sons growing up living a quote, normal life and having to deal with all the bull shit that goes along with welfare if my dad is on welfare and i get a good job while still living under his fixed income it makes his free money less every month. witch will not make him happy. most people on welfare are indeed able to work they justly choose not to. you will notice people on welfare are always doing stupid bull shit work at there free houses like moving boxes of junk or simple remolding stuff there houses get inspected every 6 months. people on welfare expect tax money back every year from there family meanwhile a person on welfare does not pay taxes and should not receive a time.. allot of times people on this system are hoarders, smoke way to much tobacco drink everyday use drugs loaf around daily. dress like bums (allot of sweat pants) they believe they are important bc they have things.. but don't realize how much nicer things are when you work everyday for them. how much better things work around the house. and how much more people will talk to you. they are often cheap with there money too. they are home all day doing what they want. it erases any responsibility they might have. they should erase the welfare system and see how much better things get. maybe it will erase a vast amount of our way over populated human race. at least the large group of lives no buddy will remember.

Kankakee, IL

#128 Nov 20, 2011
first of all.. 99% of these people really have zero evidence as to where the money comes from.
without watching the digital transactions take place from inception to deposit in the persons bank account (and then doing it again for each and every person) there should be zero talk about where it comes from, because you fall victim to your own selfish idiocentric 'ideals' that help mold, form, and shape the situation into something that finally allows you to speak.

a correction needs to be made, the people have little to zero education.
and what does get TRAINED into these poor souls.. there is never enough results coming out of them.
being trained gives them a path to walk down, and they walk down that path without any creativity or incentive to learn why each step is critical.
they let that part linger to the most important thing to learn, but allow that singularity to be the gift time gives them after 30 years of putting in 'effort' towards whatever company(s) that hired them.

they dont take the creative learning path that lands them job security, lots of respect, and people working under them.
instead, they are too busy 'hating themselves'
and how do they 'hate themselves' without the visible depression and sadness?
they buy into the economy and flaunt their choices as if those choices are physical trophys (and/or depictions) of their judgemental rationale and free time.
participating in a hobby is one thing.. participating in an economical concensus and then reverse-engineering requests for approval.

and what makes the requests for approval worse?
men looking for a girlfriend, women looking for a boyfriend, and either one of them using family for friendship while constantly keeping an eye out for more friendship.
they get stuck in a loop of 'localization' where they care more about what is going on around the people they know than the time and effort they put out.
and the government isnt there to help, they slap them down when they make any attempt.. as if it is a game of who can try the most and get shot down without giving up.
which brings us to the need to sue for lost time and slandered effort, but nobody really ever realizes the case can be put into words.
those of us that do realize the case is formed, shaped, and molded.. we also realize there is a giant wall of majority rule in the way.
it then turns into a war of life with glowing amounts of begging or murder for slander.

a life of neglect for begging, and a life of abuse for murdering the slander.
with no other choices, other than rely on your family when you are a child.. the economy should be ashamed of themselves for the soil they provide for their seeds.

we all know it to be true, everybody wants to be 'first' when it comes to who is right and who is wrong.. that way they can continue along their day without being pushed aside.
to be first is to be last, because being last means your justification can 'last' throughout the whole arguement.
the purpose of being 'right' for the whole arguement is to 'block' the other person in a fight, and show somebody else that you are not the trash to be losing.

having friends on the system is not running in place.
it is more of the 'running from solid stones' regardless of validity.
they jump from stone to stone looking for solid stones and cause a big uproar when they find stones that are loose.

it is no wonder why things hit the fan when one of those idiots steps on an animal in the water and the animal moves, then the person flags that stone as 'loose' because it moved.

these children are the same stupid as the police officers.
both of them are looking for solid or loose stones and count the stone as 'loose' because the animal didnt like the person stepping on them.

spending more time learning about their surroundings (other people, other places to live, other things to buy) instead of learning about themselves from questions and responsible answers.

Kankakee, IL

#129 Nov 20, 2011
the real truth is..
their family has done something to make themselves unpopular, and they dont have anybody there to help with a job.
and why did this start?
because people would offer the job and the kid didnt know what they wanted to do, making the business slow or irresponsible.
these adults wanted to avoid the need to tell their friends some nasty truth.
the whole 'your child is doing more harm than good' gets avoided like a plague of bradley rebel boys.
this has made it to bourbonnais and kankakee.
nowadays, any of them could be righteous and stubborn or simply ignorant and mean.

what started out as simple confusion being woven at a start, now has turned into entire blankets of woven conflict.
and sometimes things dont call attention upon themselves until one blanket begins being woven into another blanket.

you see the commercial where people let the running water drip because 'it is only water and you dont want to touch the nozzle because there is germs there'

truth of the matter..
you werent thinking about washing your hands and slapping soap on the nozzles to clean them as you turn the water off.
you were thinking the soap isnt strong enough.
when i was a kid, i had a problem with 'the soap isnt strong enough'
but what did i do?
i did it anyway and walked out with a fragrance, and on top of the fragrance.. i walked on the reward of coming to completion with something.

look at yourselves, completion is something you are constantly getting your nose in.
seems like you are claiming responsibility and you slander your own lives to slander somebody else's.
and when it comes to proving a point, you prefer to keep only half of the facts in perspective.
because you were some place you were not completely agreeing with.
you fell for a policy that you didnt 100% agree with.
and instead of taking those things you disagree with and ignore them, all while taking the chance of getting fired and then pointing out what was wrong with the policy.. you decided to ignore the things you didnt like, and when it came time to defend yourself.. you totally forgot about those things you wanted to throw out and ignore.
you find yourself staring at those exact things, but instead of fighting and arguing.. you dont want to get fired from your job and you let anything else get you out of trouble as long as it means you get to keep your job.

a valid complaint starts from 'not enough time in the day'
the second valid complaint is 'not enough responsibility in the day'
the third valid complaint is 'not enough passion in the day'

and this can be easily fixed.
erase the second complaint and replace it with 'not enough passion in the day'

nobody wants to sit down and talk to somebody unwilling to credit reality.
when people get into trouble for verbal abuse, the right to speak and say whatever they want has been removed by the business owner.
instead of the business getting into trouble.. nobody wants to open their mouth a second time because their battery is already low from the lack of compassion.

owning a business is a very stupid endeavor nowadays.
that means job security is down the drain unless people take a risk of losing everything and becoming homeless after hitting a wall with a boss at work.

i always speak about the little guy getting treated with abuse by their boss because the higher up in the ladder you are, the more you've had to learn how to hide your personality problem to keep your job.
and when you are hiding your personality problem, what happens?
you take it out on the people below you, as if it is your method of breathing.
and if you dont take it out on people at work, you take it out on your children at home.. as if warning them about how bad life is - but really warning them about how much you hate life.

if it isnt children at home you are taking it out on, it's friends.
because they dont make the full effort, and that makes them worth less, right?
it applies to family, pets, friends, co-workers, and 'others'

Kankakee, IL

#130 Nov 20, 2011
a lot of time can be wasted when you get lost and start asking the people around you for the right from wrong answers.
they are lost too.
and these people look towards those that go to college, or they keep searching within the group for the answers.
the government isnt there to answer questions.
the articles are small excerpts of information from the full list, and those excerpts are bland without any aim towards who it should benefit.
real aim, like tall and fat with brown hair versus short and fat with green eyes.
the government has goverened things far too strict for conversation to continue.
the strict and narrow are angry at the wide and kind.
the wide and kind are angry at the narrow and short.

the definition of wide versus short is confused every single day.

and far too many people realized there was more traps going on than opportunities.
these people 'joined forces' and didnt do anything more than what they were told.

now instead of there being more opportunities than traps, the government has removed as many opportunities as available.
they were given reasons to shun other people away, but they neglected to realize the error of their selfishness.
whether that was the cause of greed or improperly aimed selfishness, i sometimes wonder if i would come out with an answer without a scratch.

a cleanup act is promised.
cleanliness is a passion best left lived rather than hoped for.
it looks like a move from independance day when all of the pilots get together and fight off the aliens.
there is no need for practice, since your kindness is in your blood and your wants for other people are real.

productivity is nothing without being able to party while doing it.
because partying requires extra responsibility, and with that responsibility.. you can always turn down the music and pay closer attention when needed.
parties cant happen without time, and time cannot be lost without money saved up - because the economy shows itself as constantly taking away without ever giving anything back.

be ashamed you cannot get a deep discount on your property tax when you spent 9 months partying at some club.
the constant flow of money is NOT the same importance as the constant flow of time.
the welfare system is a pathetic example of such a sentence.

what irritates me the most is..
the rest of you go to work and spend the majority of your day there, and you use that as an excuse when people look at you for a solution to the world's mental and emotional crisis.

i've heard it way too often 'i have to work all day'
and to that i say.. why are you not gathering up a team of workers that you can party with the whole day while working?

blame the manager for picking a dull group of people.
blame the district manager and blame the business owners too.
blame yourselves for not quitting your job and moving over to working with your friend.
blame the world because they make such a fun thing seem like it is impossible or irresponsible.
simply because THOSE people did it irresponsibly, that doesnt mean you and your team of friends will be irresponsible.

trust me..
if your friends are too irresponsible to make such a thing work, then you shouldnt be friends with those people in the first place.

it means they need more time to themselves to learn and grow up.
being irresponsible is a clear sign that the person needs to stop, breathe, and learn.

they say families run things and mobs run things.. because they do it, why arent you and your friends doing it?
probably because owning your own 'store' is the worst thing you could do because of the many 'chains' and corporations.

more teams of friends should be working together at these places.
and most of the time, these places are too busy to work on the friendship.. and that is why people dont do it.
they are too impatient.
and they dont care enough to see or hear about what happens to their friend each day.

people get a job and hope to find friends at the job.
doing the job comes second.

Kankakee, IL

#131 Nov 20, 2011
some people rationalize the action as something healthy.
it makes the job fair an absolute nightmare for those of us looking for serious careers.
we shouldnt have to go to college to be serious about working a store floor and being there to help answer customer questions.

job security is shattered and it terrifies me when looking for a job.
i cannot live my life under a contract that uses works like 'okay' or 'sure'

most of the time these people are looking for friendship as if getting a job is 'courtship' to a castle.
and instead of searching hard within their co-workers.. they bounce back and forth between working literally and catching up on friendship until neither one of them gets the attention it deserves.
and that is when they start complaining about being stuck in a dead-end job.

nobody should be scanning the place for people before putting in their application.
you should be applying because you agree with the business and what the business is all about.
that way, if you dont agree with one of the co-workers about something.. that way you can still walk away knowing they are there for the same reasons you are.

team work and 'togetherness' is totally broken in more places than not.
it keeps me asleep in my bed for embarassing amounts of time.

supervisors are over-worked and cannot be there to allow you to keep your profile up to date.
you walk in and spit a sympathy story about how you want to help the business because you like what they do, but then you cant continue talking about it.
maybe the supervisor is too busy to listen.. or maybe the supervisor doesnt want to hear you go on and on about it because there is an opposition in the sportsman ship.
meaning, you got personality and your supervisor doesnt.
and because of the party-pooper, your job security is in question for talking too much.

if it isnt talking too much..
it is being slow to learn because you werent being teached with enough care.
and if it isnt one of those two, it is because your working pace is different than what the supervisor wants (whether you agree with the company's presence or not).

my blunt honest mouth is not willing to fake a smile, and i much prefer to snap and yell at customers or supervisors alike when the situation goes astray from cleanliness.

and you read in the paper about people being arrested because of verbal abuse.
they never-ever tell you how the person that called the cops did something wrong to cause anger in the first place.
it isnt against any law to speak your mind.
you just cant violently (or sexually) touch the person unless it is to prevent them from physical harm.

with the lack of comprehension of such simple rules, i would rather not waste time or cause confusion.

and dont forgive yourself as innocent, because i am known for throwing out a few lines of adult humor care-free and seeing the whole situation grow out of control because the 'adult' part was totally missed.

in fact,
those exact instances has ruined life for many decades before the 1980's.
that same crap attacked me in school when i was on a roll of academic success.
lost my ability to study and focus, and lost respect for my entire scenario thereafter.

now i am poor and need nothing more than security, but cant rely on anybody as strong as i rely on myself.
i'm not willing to waste my time learning applicants, because it causes mental/emotional/health issues.

i do believe i am hemorrhaging at the thought of lost time and lost opportunity.
i've got the joint noises and chest pains and headaches and organ excretion noises and discolored skin and baldness and dementia to prove it.

i feel disgusted thinking about children being raised in these 'times' period.
witnessing being poor on welfare is simply one of those reasons.
too much technology trash and not enough open-minded to teaching and learning high-grade things.

i'm guilty of high-grade disability.
audio/video evidence can save some, but the narrow-mind remains as it takes health.

Harrisburg, PA

#132 Feb 20, 2012
bobby wrote:
you people are foolish.
check the FACTUAL AMOUNTS and understand that these people manage money better than 65% of you 'other' people who go to work and complain about money.
i'm supposed to pay rent.. utilities.. food.. car payment/insurance.. clothes.. and daily condiments (toothpaste,toilet paper) on a punk $600 a month.
some of you people complaining are spending TWICE that amount on rent.
YEAH, you heard me.. RENT
lemme tell you about the dumb asses in the trailer parks who could be buying TWO houses together at the same time instead of paying off a loan on their trailer PLUS lot rent.
my income doesnt come out of the community taxes.. but the way people spend the money, thy theives are the least of the worries compared to the intangible money management.
there simply isnt enough available from the system to actually be considered a thief.
you could be saving $20 bucks on doctor co-pay and whatever the pill co-pay is.
i only get $11 for foodstamps each MONTH
i really dont see how i can be a threatening prospect with such a low amount.
there are more than one way to get assistance, but ya'll talk as if those funds are able to be combined to equal an amount worthwhile for arguement comparing wallet amounts.
any-way you slice it.. the assitance available is enough to pay for food or fun.
there simply isnt enough to pay for both.
and besides the foolish overlooked motive for arguement.. everybody has credentials and the credit system has existed for many years, all the while growing stronger with each financial/unlawful decision made.
if you dont live in high prosperity, you'll know when you try to get a cash advance for a toy or whatever you consider 'fun'.
sure, you could try to find a loan from a buddy or something off the streets.. but you wont gain credit this way, and also your possessions are on the market to be destroyed because of your debt.
not being able to keep up with maintenance, the job of destroying what you DO have is being made easy.
Maybe start applying for jobs. Sitting around collecting free handsout? You should get nothing. You're the scums who abuse the system. There are plenty of jobs that can get you more than $600 a month. Go cry to the government about it because no hardworking person really cares.

Kankakee, IL

#135 Mar 5, 2012
well that should wrap up the psychology of any idiocentric responses.

it boils down the facts of the matter not yet seen in this discussion.
some people physically dont care to help other people because there isnt enough mental and emotional support within the society.

hard working.. yep, because you didnt drag your friends along.

life is about who you are with and what you do together.

rather than come here with arguements weak enough to see a credit score update, why not focus that effort on getting businesses to allow a group of friends to work together.

you'll stop complaining about how half of the 'job force' is your club to make friends, while the other half is when you've been there 6 months and realize the people you work with are idiots.

some real scum?
wait to learn your friends are less than who you thought they were.
the longer the better, because what you people go to work and earn money for .. the things there are to spend it on is trash.

you work for the money or the monet .. only the intelligent ones work for both.

i'd probably snuff the next idiot that mentions anything about a 'system' when there are pipelines comprising of many systems that create the house.

lets stop thinking only as far as we can pee.

Kankakee, IL

#136 Mar 5, 2012
far too many people growing up to be only twice the age of their children, yet they think they've got the ability to raise a child.

how you shape the disability is all your own.
i see it as an empty blob of playdoh yet to be molded into anything.

same with most of the 20-30-40 year olds out there.

jst because you are organized enough to financially pay for a child, that doesnt mean you are capable of mentally paying for the child.

because breaking even is for losers.
you wont excel at anything, and neither will their portrayed 'leaders' because they are the same idiots .. jst faster at the draw when it comes time to decide how they plan on remaining confused to keep their innocence right there close by as if it is a badge that guides them through life.

far too many humans sticking to dumb and confused to keep their sense of innocent high.
you see no such thing here.

and when they do reach for something, they've always got the weight of the cherry on top of their shake.

lots of people picking out only the things they can use, and trying to run off with that little piece of the conversation only.

keeping people in their place to prevent a riot of mental support has been an embarassment for anybody that follows.

it isnt about caring who gets a group together to change the world.. it is only a matter of who talks about it and who doesnt.

when|if it comes time to live underground .. there will be millions denied and left for dead on the surface.
because they do nothing more than eat and consume the food.

physical labor is nothing without the intelligence to grow a positive attitude.

time's are indeed tough.. but the idiots are always quick to remind me of that very fact within the first 10 seconds of the conversation.

i'm like.. HELLO, the only way to beat the thing is to be smarter than it.

there are lots of people jst waiting for all that recording to come to a solid foundation.
because how dare you be treated something you dont deserve.

new job roles will need to include the ability to go from 'you dont deserve' to 'you do deserve'

do you really think the world is prepared for such a two-faced daily routine?

the disability stems bigger than me my friend.. and that is exactly why i cant find a way to fix the problem.

i find it hard to get out of bed because of the sadness, depression, and anger out there.
i avoid the sunlight because i know that is when the problem is out there twirling away.

people are jst too stupid to realize.. disability is a situation of sensitivity.
if you arent physically disabled, you can generally count on the person being sensitive and emotional if they are not mentally retarded.

but people move too fast for such a thought to dawn on them.
they should thank you for inspiring me to write such a thing.

rest assured, the amount is a constant reminder to get out there and get a job.
meanwhile.. those that were previously homeless now get a sense of 'home' and cleanliness that helps them go out there and get a job.

maybe you are looking to go back to school.
you've gotta earn the claim and dedicate your life to those decisions because you feel those are the right choices.
seeing a whole world of people that make those decisions hard doesnt help any arguement here in this thread, or any related topic in the future.

the wise way for me to get off the system is to go to school and make something of myself.
i was at the local college last month getting registered for some math classes before i can enroll into the degree program.

dont forget a sense of respect for a person willing to receive such a low amount per month.
the sad part nobody is going to like is.. some people earn the righ to abuse whatever 'system' you think they are tied down to.

people on the highest tier should be taking the money from people who are in trouble for the month.
therefore my case comes to an easy rest.
and i dont plan on repeating anything since computers & microphones record.

Long Beach, CA

#137 Apr 11, 2012
Freeloaders wrote:
Yes I am sick of the link card as well. My neighbor has a link card and medical card for her and her kid I'm sure they get other assistant on housing and utilities as well. The thing that pisses me off is she works a bullshit part time job at a bar for cash, but seems to have enough money for a boob job, two boats, a corvette, a scooter and all the best toys and video games for her kid. I want to report her to the system as well.
Way to do Obama!!!!
I can understand where you're coming from. My husband works and I'm a stay at home mom. For a while my husband wasn't working so we got on food stamps and medi-cal. We couldn't get it but as long as I could get it for my kids that's all that mattered. I am the type of person that doesnt like help and likes to work for my money. I hate the fact that we have to get food stamps, but it's only until I find work which I hope is real soon. I know someone that has had family members live with her and they paid her rent and she has a boyfriend live with her and she never reported that once to welfare which I know she was supposed to . She gets food stamps, cash aide, she gets money for one of her kids that's from her dad who passed away , and she gets money from the boyfriend that lives with her. She just recently started to go to school. Of course she got a loan that she has to pay back when she gets a job , but my thing is she uses all this free money for bday parties for her kids, to go to theme parks. Oh and she uses the money to pay for her car. She gets free health and dental and her kid had to get work done and they told her she would possibly gave to pay for some services and she stood here and told my mom and I that she wasn't gonna pay. She also lied on her taxes saying shes a massage therapist and she works from home, but of course she knows her way around things and can talk her way out of anything cuz the tax person didn't even ask for w-2s or receipts real stupid. When my husband was out of work we did try to get cash aide, but they said because I owned my car worth $5000.00 I couldn't get it. They basically told me to sell my car to get the money I need , but this person can get cars and pay heir payments with welfare????? Don't understand that . This person is my own sister. She has the attitude that she deserves the free money. I confronted her once asking her if she knew where welfare came from and she looked at me with the look of "yeah so what " and said yeah she knew. It was like she doesn't care , and that has made me not want anything to do with her. I've told her she should try to get a job even if it's part time and she claims that there are things wrong with her kids and she can't be away from them cuz they have problems. But yet she goes to school and goes out with friends to clubs. She's dilusional and a cheat, I really wish that the what goes around comes around would happen to her already . She's been receiving welfare for as long as I can remember for at least 10 years. Why haven't they made her get a job yet. I try not to think bout it anymore and just pray and believe that someday god will give me a job and we can get off food stamps and free health and hopefully get kaiser again
Tax payer

Bourbonnais, IL

#138 May 17, 2012
bobby wrote:
you either get loads of money from the link card to pay for eligble items only.. or you get a check that is turned into cash to buy whatever you 'think' you need.
you wanna run your mouth about something 'important' turn to people who drive without car insurance.
by feeding the poor.. we prevent violence and criminal activity.
those same people would have to find a way to stay alive somehow.
i think it is better that the government is taking money from everybody to feed these people, rather than the poor holding a knife to you and demanding money.
you would be in trouble too if somebody took all your money with a knife.
some bills would not get paid and you would go into debt. maybe creditor collections calling you asking for money that you WOULD HAVE had if you hadnt been robbed.
we cant kill the poor, but we can ban certain problematic DNA strings.
we can take 'KNOWN' problematic family last names and offer them an exclusive chance to better themselves.
i believe most people in trouble are not a 'runt' from an otherwise good group of people.
me thinks the entire family is poor and uncapable of helping eachother, which leads to the young ones struggling IN PUBLIC.
the older ones are too busy at work, while the young ones are too busy in school.(cant make any money while you are in school)
i think it is easiest to compare humans with their money as animals and their food.
step one:
there is not enough jobs to support all the people on this earth.
the increase of businesses to accomodate an ever-increasing population is senseless and not efficient.
it is comparable as such when there is not enough vegetation to support the vegetarian species that are then eaten by the meat-eating species.
(it is an extinction event that i am talking about.. and obviously must be avoided)
step two:
i dont know of any animals that refuse to have children because the group is becoming over populated, but we as humans are intelligent enough to stop having children so there is enough resources to fulfill each and every one of us.
i'm glad that kankakee is a great example of an over populated area with a high unemployment rate.
THERE ISNT ENOUGH JOB OPENINGS in the area to provide for such a high number of people.
there are two reasons for this..
1. there are more houses than buildings made for business.
2. the buildings made for businesses that already exist are not big enough to accomodate lots of workers.
Bobby, get off your a** and get a job. We that pay the taxes in this country are getting tired of working like dogs to support our families and yours too. Why are so many people on public assistance are having children when they can't even support themselves. Anybody who wants to work in this country can find a job. Just ask the 20 illegal immigrants living here.

Oh, and if you think you can use a knife and take my money, give it a try.

Tucson, AZ

#139 Apr 4, 2013
Hi! I don't have any sources to back my opinion up yet, but I have based my opinion off of observations and historical knowledge. I think that it is interesting to point out that when welfare systems were created, they were a last resort option. Families would work extremely hard to be self-sufficient and provide for their families even if it meant taking unskilled, unglamorous jobs, and if there was no employment available, there was personal innovation to create use for oneself in society. We were also a society who would try to save as much as we could, and the concept of mass amounts of debt was extremely rare. In America, we now believe that we are entitled to the luxuries and a life of ease regardless of if we have worked hard for it. We expect jobs to be provided for us, we expect not to have to work to hard, and we expect low-skilled high paying jobs. We then blame our shortfalls on the Government or the President when we fail to be useful members of society. There are always jobs to be done, but there are people who think that they are better then those jobs.It is a matter of ego vs practicality. American's no longer have any concept of family planning, responsible spending, and prioritizing, and it really shows in the mass amount of people currently dependent on the Government in this country. TO close, I would like to point out that poor Americans are more likely to be obese, while in other countries, the poor population is starving to death.

Bradley, IL

#140 Apr 4, 2013
you can't expect a person to be born into the world & already worked to live a life of ease.
that isn't necessarily exactly what you said, but it was implied without block.

we see an economy that channels us into a grid system of design, thus the expectations you speak of are somewhat the moral views of judgement placed upon the grid.

saying people aren't expected to work to hard, well it really isn't easy to comment about it because 'hard' is defined differently from one person to the next.
for one it might be physical labor, for others it might be mental thinking, for others it might be a fake smile on their face.

jobs are intentionally designed to be low-skilled in many places, simply because good organizational skill of management & execution has created a widespread sharing of effort across the employment field for said business.
but don't confuse skill with need for more money.
some people add up their money AFTER taxes, because they know a lighter can ignite a fart and there isn't any reconciliation for the fact other than the tax return they get every year.
(and in all honesty, they say people pay into taxes.. then suddenly this amount isn't necessary, only to read later about the state or local budget in debt .. quite the conflict BEFORE looking at the gasoline industry)

so if you are putting $9 per hour into your pocket to do your job, does that really say it is enough to boss other people around & potentially ruin their day?
that $9 per hour isn't enough to cover the expenses of insurance, whether it be health insurance or car or home insurance.
the company in defense would stagger to speak of the full amount, simply because it looks good on paper to see $13 or $14 per hour , but the amount actually pocketed is the reality.

there isn't enough to defend themselves, not with insurance.. not with paid for entertainment to ignore any reason to defend themselves.

there is a huge deficiency in the menu that we call economy.
call it civilization for all i care.
but because the problem is as big as it is, you are expected to note it.. especially when you say your opinion is together with observations.

civilization demands a go.
the economy's character is the lost practicality.

look up and realize the cost of rent is a 1:1 ratio of the amount of money people bring home in their pocket.
that is before monthly utility bills, before food, before transportation to get to work, before an aspirin to get rid of a headache to function more efficiently.

the cost of food isn't much better than the rental market.

the ideals that are attractive to the masses ever made it to ideal because wholesale was meant to satisfy the masses.
that means the same for anybody of any garden, whether it is food or materials.

the fact is.. doing something small all on your own and trying to push the scale until you are working in tandem with other people to fulfill a demand, those efforts are only as big as the ease of functionality.

it shouldn't come as a suprise to think a corporation has a huge automated garden underground somewhere able to provide to more than a million people every single day.. yet you go to the local diner and pay more money for less in return.
there isn't anything rational about it, other than getting a bit away from the shallow casted mold those corporations place onto people.
there shouldn't be anything stopping those diners from working with a large effort that is quite the same as the providers for the corporate food suppliers.

and when those two are considered comparable, why stop there when the items in the grocery store can also be put into the same comparison?

it is rare to find an alternative to money with as much power, and simply because it hasn't been made extinct yet doesn't grant the right to expect those rare instances are putting food on the table or paying bills.

money shouldn't dilute intelligence, or effort, or uniqueness .. but it does.

Bradley, IL

#141 Apr 4, 2013
you know what they place aim towards when they argue money doesn't dilute intelligence, effort, or uniqueness?!!!!!

they ASSUME people have family or friends or local government SERVICE (regardless of whether said service is known or secret) to be there providing mental and|or emotional support.. when certainly the assumption is inflammatory aggregation.

they assume the teachers from pre-school on upwards to college will be there as a secondary platter of net to catch such neglect.

they assume the local police force, as well as all the contributors with an opportunity to simply open their mouth with any power, are also there to prevent negligence.
that would be the local newspapers, any group of people advertising participation within philanthropology - whether it be direct or indirect.

what power is to come from a satisfied parent or cousin when they don't possess the power to award the person with anything more than that which is casted into the walls of their house?
it takes a lot to simply get somebody awarded in the local paper.
and then there is the myriad list of alternatives like magazine or internet articles.. mixed with the possibility of television or a movie based on real events.
(but when have we been seeing movies based on real events meant to award a person?!!)

nope, and no.
your swelling of prosperity stops at your family & friends house most of the time, and if not there.. then perhaps the county you live in from a newspaper article.
otherwise it goes to a magazine and there is no certainty as to who read it.

don't think it is impossible to use a closed group of family & friends as a scab or casted molding you can't get out of.

and certainly, as that proves to be true.. don't think for a second that one family is 'better' than another simply because they claim to possess the power to make your existence 'well-known' or 'public' or 'viral'
because it is those same families that hold the power preventing lots of innocence from unraveling their roots to grow into something improved.

tell me there is a list of excuses, because it will always come back to the irresponsibility rising to the surface.

Bradley, IL

#142 Apr 5, 2013
you do realize what inflation means right?

the only place inflation can be supported is at the garden.

for example, if all houses are to be made bigger..
then more wood needs to be grown & sold cheaper.

what happens when they refuse?
there are complaints & problems of shortages .. and if that wasn't enough to hear there isn't enough wood available to build your house ,.
you hear & realize there are people milking out absurd amounts of money from the people looking to swell the size of new houses being built.

the same holds true for all materials & all food.
it's simple oppression & assault because demand is being choked by the suppliers.

Chicago, IL

#143 Feb 13, 2014
I'm a construction worker as u may know it's a seasonal job I am union so I make a decent wage but I get laid off in the winter. It sucks to see me work my ass off through the good months pay into all this government crap all yr and when my layoff comes u try to get assistance and u get shot down because I make to much on unemployment. But these scumbags who never wake up in the morning never put a dime in the system just lye around and soak up what ever I pay into get free Osama phones free Osama care free Osama food stamps and when it comes down to me getting help for a month or 2 it won't happen cause I make 20 to much every 2 weeks this system we got is so damn backwards it makes me sick. I think kicking these free loaders off after a certain amount of time should be the awnser why would u wanna work if the gov wants to pay u to be a loser get off your lazy asses and go to work so when someone needs assistance they can get it all these losers Obama lovers know they can get away with it that's why it will never change then u see buckwheat get into his 2012 caddy with 5 grand worth of rims 200$ Jordan's and they pull out a link card man get the f_ _k outta here with that crap man this government needs to get their head outta their asses and fix this crap u all make me sick
Joe Bell

Murphysboro, IL

#144 Aug 9, 2014
Tim Caraker & his entire family are leeching off the Government Welfare System . I seen where he brought his Daughter Kristy Caraker from lower state Illinois up here & she has 4 children without fathers . Tim gets away with it because his wife Terresa , works with the Counties DCFS . They are riding on our tax dollars & enjoying every moment of it . Absolutely ridiculous how much corruption is right in front of our faces .

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