Fenton, MO

#2372 Apr 15, 2013
Any lot owners every call dig-rite? I was on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get them to find my lot. Apparently Washington County doesn't have a city option of Sullivan.

Any tips?

Florissant, MO

#2373 Apr 15, 2013
Not much buried out there. if it's electric you're concerned with maybe crawford would know.

Otherwise, and I can't believe i'm gonna say, this but-
i'd ask tinker or russ. the office can put you in touch with either. tinker will prob. be there gaining weight. sorry, couldn't help myself.

I've ran electric out there and I don't think anybody gave a second thought as to where/how it was buried. there sure wasn't a map or say an "as-built" record when it was 'inspected'

It's pretty obvious by looking at the pole runs and
I know where it's at and made a sketch on our plot plan, but when I'm dead and gone it'll be another story entirely if that's ever lost :-(

You appreciate the old way of doing things and the leniency at the time you're knee deep in mud, but down the road, ehhh?

Florissant, MO

#2374 Apr 16, 2013
speaking of electric out there.

the code book isn't some evil thing derived by unions and the government just to make your life miserable.
And before you call me dick, let me say that I've cut several corners and broke a enough 'rules' in the 'country' because I can. Everything within reason, especially when it comes to safety, it's all relative.
So here's a few of the big ones i see:

Florissant, MO

#2375 Apr 16, 2013
conductor/wire sizing and overcurrent protection (yer fuse or breaker)
If the wire is undersized for the breaker it's fed from and is ever excessively overloaded the conductor is now a fuse and can burn up before the breaker trips/fuse blows. it's not good to let the smoke out of the wire.
I've seen #10 wire on a 50 amp breaker feeding out god knows what a 100+ feet away. Insulation so brittle from being cooked, just a firebomb in the waiting. Not good at all.

Grounding and bonding is another big problem I see out there. metal awnings, metal sheds, what have you ought to be bonded. at least to the ground wire feeding it if not bonded to a separate ground rod.
Just properly bonding a proper metal box and securing it with stout metal screws to the building, shed etc will get it done. again not exactly code but...

You don't want to be the fastest path to ground if that metal your touching somehow becomes energized.
Bring a ground conductor always, and ground everything.

GFI's are your friend. I GFI protect everything I can out there. I know they're expensive but they do save lives. They aren't happy about being exposed to any weather though and those covers aren't a sealed hatch. The breakers while pricey last almost forever and protect anything on that circuit. Replace the same receptacle gfi a couple of times and you've paid off the breaker...maybe two.
We like to run fridges and freezers on dedicated circuits so they don't have to be GFI protected as they often will trip them, again grounding is crucial. That's the code, at least be mindful of whats running where. If it can get wet or a kid cab get into contact with it, you ought to GFI protect it as a general rule.

Direct burial wire is a joke. Also standard romex NM-B is not the same as UF rated burial and shouldn't be buried.
If your going to open a trench why risk ever having to dig it back up? SCH80 PVC Conduit is pretty cheap stuff and gives you a permanent raceway. If you oversize the pipe you can always bring in bigger/other what have you. As rocky as that ground is why chance it? Shhh don't tell the code police, but we usually leave a pull string just in case.

Proper 90's, sweeps, etc, bends and angles weather you heat it up and bend your own, or use factory ones, straps, proper connectors and bushings in your panels and boxes all make a job look better, and often safer. And by god, don't forget the level! I see stuff at all kinds of crazy angles. Missing / wrong connectors, sharp as razor edges without bushings, you name it.
Speaking of conduit, ENT the blue correlated 'smurf tube', was made for concrete pours and is not rated for exposure to the elements, especially sunlight. it just degrades over time, plus it looks like CRAP! They make plenty of different types of Sealtite(flex conduit), metal clad or non for this. It's watertite and all the fittings are all made for direct exposure. Same grey stuff going to your A/C unit outside, at least it should be.
I've also never seen a mouse or other critter chew thru metal pipe or MC cable. If it's exposed outside it should be in some kind of pipe or flex. I've never cared for the taste of romex, but a lot of critters seem to enjoy it.

I'm all for saving a buck and I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but if you're going to lay out the cash and start a job it's worth doing it the right way, the first time. Most of us will see our spots last generations, don't pass crap onto the next one. Leave them something to be proud of, and therefore proud of you for a job well done.
I'd sign this but then I'll have a waiting list of side jobs and I'm pretty lazy when I'm @ WL :-P
There's a few electricians running around out there. If you need a hand just ask around. Heck, might even be me.
Best of luck and be safe!

Florissant, MO

#2376 Apr 16, 2013
meant that to sound as if any metal awning or shed that has some kind of electric ran to it has to be bonded. I see a lot of romex slung and tywraped and goofy plastic boxes ran all willy nilly. If its out there all by itself lightning is your only concern.

Why topix won't allow an edit is just stooooopid
DOPEuty Doosh

Florissant, MO

#2378 Apr 30, 2013
woodland corupt wrote:
well i see the security cop is back with his druggie ex wife again.
That guy is as useless as a job fair in the ghetto.

For what woodland is fleecing us with by keeping their 'boy' around, we could have several security guards on staff 24/7 and actually stop the vermin that continues to theive, vandalize and plague WL. Highest paid rent a cop in the nation, what a joke!
There's still break ins, theft, vandalism, and all the other bs going on, plus Tom's excessive force/abuse/ and his crappy attitude towards EVERYONE, but they just keep paying him his seriously over inflated salary for nothing in return---well at least nothing "we know of". Whatever the trustees reasons, keeping him around sure isn't benefiting us owners. When will the cronyism and misrepresentation end?

Saint Louis, MO

#2379 Apr 30, 2013
Well if you are upset over Tom, look at linda Nolands Tarp haven lot and she is a TRUSTEE,I'm ashamed!!!!!!!!!!
camping lots owner

Sullivan, MO

#2380 May 1, 2013
i have lots in the southwest corner and have requested electric service but current powers to be have this idea that my stay will be extended,all I want is a cabin on my can a nonprofit company run private business from our office,now equipted with security cameras.did we the people vote for this?new manager paid by we the people?i see deadbeat dad who quits everything he starts.Trust indenture violated and slid under cover of a loophole.let us end the kingship and band of merry thieves for good.
camping lots owner

Sullivan, MO

#2381 May 1, 2013
Well if you are upset over Tom, look at linda Nolands Tarp haven lot and she is a TRUSTEE,I'm ashamed!!!!!!!!!!
// her 140 days started dec.26.she is violating a court ordered eviction but has no where else to go.her campers are less than 10 feet from the right of way,nice

Clarksville, TN

#2382 May 5, 2013
So after fishing at woodland lake this past weekend, the bass were biting, and we caught a few. Now my concern and problem is, these fish were filled with worms. Live Worms called yellow grubs, normally a fish can have a few in the tails and there ok....But these fish were INFESTED badly. Inside the tails, fins, and body. Conservation says a few will be ok as long as they are cooked well, and I would be ok with that...but these fish are BADLY INFESTED. What can be done to fix this situation? These yellow grubs, aka "Grubby Fish" are so bad I would consider them very uneatable, And now am going to consider Woodland lake off limits to me and my family. This Sucks!
woodland lake camper

United States

#2383 May 5, 2013
Jay wrote:
So after fishing at woodland lake this past weekend, the bass were biting, and we caught a few. Now my concern and problem is, these fish were filled with worms. Live Worms called yellow grubs, normally a fish can have a few in the tails and there ok....But these fish were INFESTED badly. Inside the tails, fins, and body. Conservation says a few will be ok as long as they are cooked well, and I would be ok with that...but these fish are BADLY INFESTED. What can be done to fix this situation? These yellow grubs, aka "Grubby Fish" are so bad I would consider them very uneatable, And now am going to consider Woodland lake off limits to me and my family. This Sucks!
HAVE YOU LET THE OFFICE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. if not they cannot se how to fix it

Sullivan, MO

#2384 May 5, 2013
If you have a problem or complaint, please report it. Those of us here who truly care want to know and see them resolved. So many good people here. If everyone will work together it will get better. We really like it here and our friends and neighbors are great. PLEASE stop trying to kill this place by posting comments that stop decent people from coming down. Let's work together.

Saint Louis, MO

#2385 May 6, 2013
Just catch and release the fish. I enjoy catching and releasing them for the next angler. Blaming WL and or trustees for the fish is rediculous.
yellow grub

Sullivan, MO

#2386 May 9, 2013

First remove all snails from the aquarium or pond so as to end the cycle of infection. Treatment is rarely necessary. Minor infestations tend to clear without treatment as the larvae will eventually die and be absorbed by the host's immune system. In severe cases, however, treating the water with Copper Sulfate may prove helpful.

United States

#2387 May 9, 2013
You people are nuts!

United States

#2388 May 10, 2013
You all people racist retarded inbred and dumb! Quit cryin about shiznit and get a life

Florissant, MO

#2389 May 14, 2013
Had a great weekend @ woodland but wanted to let you all know the ticks are really bad.
So with that in mind remember to take the usual precautions.

Keeping your lot mowed and trimmed always helps

Long clothing and tucking pants in boots, especially while mowing & trimming.

Deet based repellants are best

Permethrin can be a great pre treat for clothing - be sure to let it dry before wearing treated items - not for young children

If you do get a tick, the ONLY recommended method for removal is to grasp it with fine tweezers as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull straight out, Dont twist or jerk as it may cause the head to break off.

All the wives tales about soap, heat, paint or anything else, is pure bs and usually makes the bite worse.

Scrub the area, after removal, well with rubbing alcohol, Apply Neosporin or better yet a drawing salve like PRID, and a bandaid and all should be fine.
Lyme disease IS a potential risk in Missouri, but contrary to all the hype, you have a VERY VERY small chance of contracting it.
Some redness and swelling is to be expected with any insect bite/sting. The bulls-eye rash that develops from lyme is quite distinctive and unlike most anything else you'll ever see.
Like always, air on the side of caution and see a doc if the rash persists for more than a few days, continues to grow in size, becomes infected, you have chills, headaches, joint pain or other flu like symptoms.

So here's a few things to always keep in your first aid kit, you DO have a first aid kit, right?
I've always recommended forgoing the small ready made kits and just get a small durable zipper bag or duffel and make your own. If you know any nurses or folks that work in health care they are usually a big help in 'procuring' certain items and of course advice.

The obvious like band aids, tape (medical and electrical), latex gloves, rolls of gauze, tylenol/aspirin/ibuprofen (yes all 3), some tums or other antacid, ace bandages, peroxide, alcohol (the preps are great and make a great improvised bandaid w/ some tape.) I like to keep a regular sling, but a cheap triangular bandage at least. Something bulkier in case of a severe laceration like a real bulky dressing , ab pads, or even ladies sanitary maxi pads work great. Add a few bandannas, which come in handy for all sorts of things, some scissors, zipper bags, fine tweezers of course, flashlight, chapstick, sunscreen, aloe or other sunburn remedy, cough drops or hard candy, fresh eyedrops or even better a small bottle of sterile saline to wash eyes or wounds, quik cold packs, steri strips or butterfly stitch strips, and anything else you can think of.
Another favorite of mine is Benadryl itch stopping gel. Great for any rash/itch/bite/sting. Especially chiggers and poison ivy. It dries clear and is almost like elmers glue, and really does the trick to stop an itch. Also never hurts to keep some reg. liquid oral benadryl to combat any allergic reaction.
Ammonia is also good for any itch and is all that is in those bite sticks.
TecNu liquid skin cleanser is an amazing product for preventing the misery associated w/ poison ivy/oak/sumac. It's a solvent developed specifically to destroy the oils from these pesky plants in their tracks. if used soon after exposure you'll never develop any rash or blisters at all. The US forestry service buys it by the drum, pre treats any exposed skin before and then washes with it again after contact, and even clean their tools with it.

It never hurts to be prepared, but just having a bag of gear does no one any good if you don't know basic first aid knowledge and skills. So brush up, take a cpr/basic first responder course and encourage others to do the same. God forbid something tragic befalls a loved one, friend, or even complete stranger.
Having the skills to render aid before help arrives will give them a great advantage of survival and recovery.

Stay safe, watch for the creepy crawlies and enjoy your summer @ Woodland!
Love to camp

Saint Louis, MO

#2390 May 14, 2013
Medic thank you SOOOOOO much for this post. We have two dogs and are headed to woodland this week. We will be treating them before we leave.

That was very thoughtful of you to post in this forum.

Florissant, MO

#2391 May 14, 2013
Your welcome, thought something informative and productive would be a pleasant change :-)

As for the dogs, frontline...hands down.

Waynesville, MO

#2392 May 27, 2013
You people should know that in the early 90's when I bought may camp lot WLL was a out standing place to take your family and have a very nice weekend. With everybody bad mouthing the place and the powers to be running the place in the ground and giving a bad rep. you can't even sell your property. I know we have tried for five years with know luck. We recently tried to auction it off and that didn't work either. Some the people said they were interested until they talked to the people in the office and some of the full timers there. I own 1 camp lot and three building lot and I will probably take them to my grave. I refuse to let them destroy my credit or give them the satisfaction of seeing another persons go back for taxes.

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