Torrance man accuses city's Police De...

Torrance man accuses city's Police Department of racial profiling

There are 446 comments on the Daily Breeze story from Mar 10, 2010, titled Torrance man accuses city's Police Department of racial profiling. In it, Daily Breeze reports that:

Torrance resident and Inglewood-based pastor Robert Taylor claims he was a victim of racial profiling by Torrance police after he was put through a felony stop by officers and then given differing stories as to why he was pulled over.

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Richard Holbrooke

Los Angeles, CA

#482 Dec 16, 2010
Ted Stevens wrote:
Read Fear of Flying. It was great novel in the 70s. I should have retired years ago. Senator Paul Wellstone and JFK jr told me to retire years ago, but I didn't listen.
torrance police thinks they are very slick. if you drive an old vw bug at night they love to shine their lights on you and follow you around for no reason. ususally people of the wrong ethnicity drive around at night in old vw bugs. they like to stay way behind in your rearview mirror. then they gun it fast. and they follow you on your blind spot just to see if a non-arayan will try to make a run for it in torrance at night... torrance police is not alone. la county sherrif likes to do similar things. they like pulling people over and asking them all sorts of questions without telling them WHY they are being detained. if you don't like it, they tell you to change your attitude.(ie i have a gun and a badge. i will find a way to beat the f2ck out of you and my fellow cops will go along with my story. we do not like FREE SPEECH!)
i thought this would be a good day to wikileake torrance police and their vw bug fetish...
senator ted stevens told me to retire years ago. billary clinton also hinted that i should retire because hamid karzai and pakistan's isi did not like my attitude...
wikileaks forever!
the net is a great equalizer.
now anybody who does not like being bullied by cops can just post it on the net with his name badge# and incident...all his friends and family can google his name ...
Abdul Qadeer Khan

Los Angeles, CA

#483 Dec 16, 2010
some people wait years, even decades, to settle old scores. science and the pen is much mightier than the sword...

Phoenix, AZ

#484 Dec 16, 2010
TDP Sucks wrote:
Everyone who gives TDP props probley are TDP or have a friend or family member who's a cop. They abuse authority and profile. They intimidate and scare people for nothing. Is it fair for a cop to go past your home every night 20 times and shine the light at your house or you if your standing outside.
Everyone attacking TPD is more than likely a criminal or has a relative that is a criminal. Blacks cry racism every time they, a friend or a relative get arrested. They will never take responsibility for their actions. They pretend the police are racist, rather than admit they committed a crime!
Actual Torrance Resident

Gardena, CA

#485 Dec 17, 2010
"When I get stopped, I don't get upset because I know I am clean and not out there capering. I like my police department being proactive and getting stopped and talked to for a few minutes does not bother me at all."

Lucky you! To get stopped and "talked to". Unfortunately, my African_American brother nor husband have ever been "stopped and talked to for a few minutes". It's more like:

"step out of the vehicle"

"you have any weapons? Drugs?"

Later handcuffed, detained in the back of the police vehicle while they search to "make sure". Run all info: license, plates and criminal history! Both hubby and brother are model citizens (no record at all); baby brother is only 18! Once this is discovered, they give a threatening comment, totally out of line, then send them back to their ram-sacked vehicle.
Same circumstances

Canyon Country, CA

#486 Jul 1, 2011
TPD is aggressive! Aggressive at using properly taught tactics in the wrong way! I have lived in Torrance for over 40 years and have seen and experienced many injust acts! ANYWHERE there is going to be good cops and bad cops just the same as the general populous! We need to focus on the bad cops and their supervisors who allow them to act in these inappropriate manners and make it known city wide these practices are unacceptable and will not be tolerated! Most of you don't have a clue because they haven't picked on you! YET! My hats off to the good ones! And shame on you to the minority bad cops!
Ya for free press

Canyon Country, CA

#487 Jul 1, 2011
Try and find other articles on the Internet that state negative accusations with TPD! they have somebody working for them that is good at squashing stories for damage control! This just says that they are aware of the situation! Think about it!!!!!
TPD_did_abuse_me _F-em

Lomita, CA

#488 Jul 1, 2011
Most crooked police in the world. From the top down the TPD are all in the same bucket, the crap bucket.
The rep is earned, they do whatever they want and get away with it.

United States

#489 Jul 2, 2011
if you black stay away from torrance. It is in your best interest since torrance is famous for entrapping people of color.
One flew over the cuckoo

Redondo Beach, CA

#490 Jul 9, 2011
adios uncle tom wrote:
ok profiling someone wit tattoos or someone that looks like a suspect ok..but what was the race of that man that blew up that federal building?was his name not timothy mcveigh?isnt he white? uhh yeah exactly dont u f***in idiots feel stupid racially profiling minorities,blaming minorities for americas crime rates,when u got inbred redneck racists like Robert Chambliss who blew up the 16th Street Baptist Church,and by the way,was a member of KKK...with that being said,its ok to racial profile suspects,but make sure u also profile that white man with glasses,he might be a pedophile or is planning to blow up a federal building....
Don't you ever see or listen to 'the news'?
Only about maybe 1 out of 1000 of the terrorists are white (or European),
the rest are Arab, or Muslim.
One flew over the cuckoo

Santa Clara, CA

#491 Jul 9, 2011
reasoning wrote:
if you black stay away from torrance. It is in your best interest since torrance is famous for entrapping people of color.
It is not that simple. The entire Torrance P.D. is weird.

I got stopped by a black (T.P.D.) cop, during noon, riding my bike
down Hawthorne Blvd approaching P.C.H.,
(traveling North from Rolling Hills Estates),
for apparently no reason at all , except for "I look suspicious",
and I happen to look 'brown'.

He stopped me, and hassled me, and finally looked me up in his
'database', and couldn't find any warrants or anything on me.
Then he called up (on his radio) some of his white buddy cops to
come and take a picture of me.

What was that all about?

They're all racists,
The Whites, the Koreans, the Blacks, even some of the Hispanics
are racist.

I could go on, but I'm tired of typing...
Police opinions

Canyon Country, CA

#492 Jul 11, 2011
My friend was stopped right in front of his home in Torrance. He had a meeting withe the department a couple months earlier which resulted in a marijuana infraction. That's it, a very little amount of marijuana in which he does carry his medicinal marijuana card! Back to the story now, they had him out of the vehicle face down and could not answer to what initiated the stop. They tore his truck apart(badly) with 2 officers for well over an hour, to find nothing! They then bring in the K-9 unit to sniff for drugs and of course nothing was found! As the K-9 officer was bringing back his dog he passed my friend saying "don't you realize this is a good neiborhood and your kind are not welcome in this town and I feel you should move away"! Where are we living? Mayberry in the 1950's? The cop should act in a mature unbiased manner that includes keeping his f?!king mouth shut and keep his personal opinions to himself! Telling someone that has never been in trouble with the law and has lived in the City of Torrance(kindergarten thru high school and works) for over 30 years that he should move out of his home town is ubsurd and oh so unprofessional! My friend tried to tape the conversation but only got the last few words! Anyway just another little insight to our "Protect and Serve"department in which both my friend and myself pay his salary with our taxes and shouldn't have to be subjected to anyone's redneck thinking attitude!!!!

Santa Ana, CA

#493 Jul 15, 2011
I worked as police officer for twenty years. I have seen officers from TPD and other departments stop people because of there skin color.
open your eyes

United States

#494 Sep 18, 2011
The other day my boyfriend and I were riding through Torrance and we were pulled over which was not shocking to us at all seeing as too how this was not the first time. My boyfriend is hispanic and I am african american and after the police flashed the light on our car we knew what was about to happen. I had to use the restroom and we were on our way home from bowling but we needed to make a quick stop at a 24hr del-taco so I could use the restroom so the pull over was bad timing the office approached the car asked my bf for his license and registration while his partner kept his flashlight on me the ran his record and when it came back clean they gave him his things back and said the famous question "so do you know why I stopped you tonight" my bf said no and they told him one of his break lights was out (my bf and I knew this wasn't true) but went with it knowing how they operate we knew to keep our mouths shut the officer then proceeded to threaten my bf stating "I'm sure you have no comments or complaints on y I stopped you I would hate to have to write u a ticket so were perfectly clear on why I stopped you right?" My bf answered yes and explained to the cops that he's just wanted to get me to a restroom I have never felt so powerless in my life after I used the restroom and we came out of del-taco I told my bf to push his breaks and was almost brought to tears when I saw that all of them were working and his tail lights as well reading all of these post is very discerning is society really this blind? Do people really believe things like this don't happen? I really feel powerless now even more than I did that night...

Yorba Linda, CA

#495 Sep 18, 2011
Virtually all LEO's in So Cal profile people based on race. I've owned some nice cars and they often flip u-turns, call in my plates just to be sure someone with dark skin actually owns them. They'll usually pull off, once they find out they are, in fact, not stolen. But once in a while, they pull me over just to throw their weight around.

I love reading about cops getting whacked. It's called karma.
Police opinions

San Francisco, CA

#497 Nov 28, 2011
Earl wrote:
<quoted text>
Everyone attacking TPD is more than likely a criminal or has a relative that is a criminal. Blacks cry racism every time they, a friend or a relative get arrested. They will never take responsibility for their actions. They pretend the police are racist, rather than admit they committed a crime!
Earl, you could't even buy a clue if you had all the money in the world! Torrance Police Department is as crooked as the day is long! Earl your statement shows how ignorant and uneducated "most" cops and families are! Rarely do you see an officer with a 4 year degree or much of anything resembling an education past high school! Why is this? Because an education is not that critical to lie and mislead people and throw your weight around like the majority of "Torrance Police Dept"! Whomever your higher power is, please start praying to them so that TPD (Krumbach) does not get involved into your lives and negatively affect another law abiding family for reasons that you are just different than they are! Something must be done and fast!!!!

Chino Hills, CA

#498 Nov 28, 2011
What a shocker! So Cal pig racially profile people?!!

Stop the presses! LOL!!!
Luis Rodriguez

Los Angeles, CA

#499 Jan 27, 2012
Abdul Qadeer Khan wrote:
some people wait years, even decades, to settle old scores. science and the pen is much mightier than the sword...
The following is being posted so that Torrance Police gets to have its hypocrisy exposed for the entire Ummah and the rest of the world. I want to humiliate the fine city of Torrance as being the origins of 9/11/01 and how Torrance police does not care about Barbara Olson getting killed or the hundreds of cops killed on 9/11/01!
This is for ther two Torrance PD patrol officers who wanted to know WHY I was walking down the street: It is NONE of your f333cking business! Furthermore, why don't you call the Secret Service and ask them which of their agents called 829 N. Alta Vista LA, AFTER the owner of the building, Konstantin Goldenberg, MY FORMER LANDLORD, had given the National Republican Congressional Commttee $10, 500. Konstantin Goldenberg got to have dinner with George W. Bush. DO not attempt to ask idiotic questions when I have FIVE defferent instances in my lifwe in which FOUR different US presidents have crossed my path.(I have F~~ documents to prove it!) I moved to Torrance in April of 2007. On 4/27/2007, Joe Anzak of South High was in the LA Times on the SAME PAGE that the FBI OFFICE that I called on 12/12/98 from Harbor/UCLA demandimng my civil rights, MONTHS BEFORE Bill Clinton's vsist to Harbor/UCLA, and Medicare were on the SAME PAGE. There were rumors of Joe Anzak's death, yet he was still alive. FRANK SCOTTO, why don't you investigate why George W. Bush had Jaewon Ryu MD on his white House website the SAME DAY Joe Anzak was in the LA TIMES. JOE NAZAK was later TORTURED to death in IRAQ. Frank Scotto went to Robinson helicopter in TORRANCE when George W. Bush paid a visit to Torrance on 1/29/08. WHY ROBINSON HELICOPTER, FRANK SCOTTO and TORRANCE POLICE?
Casino by Nicholas Pileggi, page 304-305. The 12/4/98 PDB given to Bill Clinton. It is part of the 9/11 Commission Report, pages 125-130. MARRIAGE is a code word for terrorism.
Back to Casino, pages 304-305. Frank Rosenthal filed for DIVORCE on 9/11 of 1980. His wife was at Harbor General(Harbor/UCLA) in the psychiatric ward. He flew to TORRANCE AIRPORT!!!!! ELEVEN DAYS AFTER Frank Rodsenthal filed for divorce, Jimmy Carter was at North high in Torrance, 9/22/80, the SAME DAY the Iran/Iraq War broke out. I graduated class of 81! I sent copies of excerpts from Casino to Fred and Kim Goldman in the late 90s, BEFORE Bill Clinton's visit to Harbor/UCLA on 7/9/99, OJ SIMPSON'S BIRTHDAY! Bill Clinton had crossed my path on 5/20/94, at UCLA while I was attedning UCLA.(I WAS GOING TO GET DOUBLE MASTERS AT UCLA, MS IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, RUSSIAN STUDIES, ALONG WITH AN MBA. BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON RUINED MY LIFE AND THE FBI LET IT HAPPEN.) I told the FBI in LA about possible links to the OJ Simpson case, organized crime and terrorism, BEFORE Bill Clinton's visit to Harbor/UCLA.
These are very serious misdeeds by the executive branch and Torrance Police and Frank Scotto will NOT investigate. Frank Scotto was at Robinson helicopetr on 1/29/08 to kiss the asses of Jane Harman, Arnold, and Geroge W. Bush.
10/13/88, George HW Bush and Michael Dukakis were having their debate at UCLA. I was attending. I stopped paying the IRS just in time for Timothy McVeigh to blow up a federeal building in Oklahoma City on Valerie Plame's birthday. The IRS has done NOTHING to contact me; YEARS BEFORE Bill Clinton's visit to Harbor/UCLA. I worked fulltime at Harbor/UCLA from 92-2000. Bill Clinton made sure to sign an executive order on 7/7/99 regarding the Taliban. Hillary Clinton was busy that SAME DAY. She made her intentions to hijack the senate and White House official. The Clinton admminstration made their visit to Harbor/UCLA public that very SAME DAY--all under the noses of those law and order Torrance Police.
Everyhting that Torrance Police and the FBI stands for is a joke! Everything America stands for is a joke.
Luis Rodriguez

Los Angeles, CA

#500 Jan 27, 2012
Go ahead and put nuts, clueless, etc on my postings. That is all American law enforcement can do. You can't investigate. you are powerless to do so, because it would lead to the Oval office and the Justice Department that you don't have the balls to investigate in the frist place.
Luis Rodriguez

Los Angeles, CA

#501 Jan 28, 2012
FACT: 11/6/2006, I was attending LACC when Jane Harman, Diane Feinstein (members of the intelligence community) Baraba Boxer, Phil Angelides, and Antonio Villagraigosa came to campaign for the midterm elections. I moved to Torrance a few months later. Joe Anzack is DEAD! NOBODY in law enforecment will investigate the LA Times for putting Joe Anzack on the SAME PAGE as the FBI in LA, and Medicare; or George W. Bush putting Jaewon Ryu MD on his White House website the SAME DAY rumors of Joe Anzack's death were in the LA Times, while the clinton scum is planning another bid for the White House. I am sure that al Qaeda in Iraq has lots of influence with the editorial board of the LA Times and the FBI in LA. TWO consecutive administrations have linked themselves to Harbor/UCLA. By the way, I want all those detectives in Torrance PD who fight terrorism to know that I have spread this information all over embassy row and various overseas US embassies. The FBI already has acknowledged receipt of those emails. I was dating the ex-wife of an FBI organized crime investigator when I began contact with Fred and Kim Goldman. What is Johnny Chung of Torrance doing these days? He knew Hillary Clinton when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. How is Roger Clinton of Torrance doing? Has he tried to help any of his pals in the Gambino family lately? I had told Fred and Kim Goldman that the Gambinos were behind the murders BEFORE Bill Clinton ruined my life by executive order--and the fBI did nothing to protect me!(I took ghoulish pleasure incitng Pakistan BEFORE FBI agents were blown up in Pakistan in March of 2008.) Bill Clinton visited Harbor/UCLA on OJ Simpson's birthday AFTER getting a PDB from the CIA on 12/4/98 that shows terrorist chatter using "mother" and "in the 9th month of pregnancy" as codes for terrorist activities. The PDB also draws attention to Coleen Rowley's birthday, 12/20/98. It may not prove anything in court, but I thoroughly enjoyed spreading it all over embassy row so that the intelligence analysts in countries hostile towards the USA could benefit from it and use it to discredit the US. Lang and Vannater published in their book about the OJ case that Town and Country Limo was based in Torrance. They also mentioned leads about Mafia and money laundering as being the reasons for...OJ Simpson had played golf with Bill Clinton a about 3 weeks BEFORE the OJ murders. Bill Clinton visited UCLA where I was attending UCLA on 5/20/94. TWICE Bill Clinton has crossed my path!
What was done to me is WORSE and MUCH LONGER than what my family went through in communist Cuba. The system works for YOU--not me! Therefore, I have bitter resentment and hatred towards the USA, American society in general, and the farce that is the justice system of the USA. I have repeatedly told China directly, as well as Hizbullah, Iran and Syria, that if Chinese generals are planning to attack the USA using nukes as they have threatened in the past, then I am willing to go! I want to share some of the misery that American society and the justice system has allowed me to suffer for over THIRTEEN YEARS. I have the educational background where I could easily become a nuclear scientist in Russia. It would give me ghoulish joy to help Iran target Torrance with nuclear tipped missiles. Those hopes and dreams are what has kept me going for 13 years. The next time America decides to abrogate civil rights for ONE individual for the greater good, you know FOR SURE you will pay a heavy price.

Buena Park, CA

#502 Jan 28, 2012
This why I don't bother to stand for the national anthem. If you're dumb enough to think we live in a free society, you are a fool.

I will admit we are far better off than many other parts of the world. But far from "free".

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