free tess damm!!
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Lafayette Beast

Boulder, CO

#1 Mar 31, 2007
The poor child was only acting in self-defense, and her drunken mother deserved to take it in the neck. My mom was a drunk, too, and I wished that I'd stabbed her or had my boyfriend do it for me.
Charles Bronson-style

Boulder, CO

#2 Mar 31, 2007
Lafayette Beast wrote:
The poor child was only acting in self-defense, and her drunken mother deserved to take it in the neck. My mom was a drunk, too, and I wished that I'd stabbed her or had my boyfriend do it for me.
You are one sick puppy.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#3 Jun 24, 2007
I don't totally agree with twat happened. But I can imagina how bad Tess must have felt, being supressed by her mother.
I want Tess to go free.
She didn't want it to end this way. She wanned to build on her future, without her mom standing in her way.
But that's how parents can be, specially when they abuse drugs or alcohol. They abuse their power over us, their kids.
Milk Dud

Longmont, CO

#4 Jun 24, 2007
I know Tess, and proud to say that Bryan and Jared are good friends of mine and will be 'til the day that I die! Im not saying what they did was right, and Im not saying that Linda deserved something... but they screwed up the rest of their lives because the fucked up system we have in place that is supposed to prevent this sort of shit! Wishing death upon anyone is wrong, nobody should have a death wish on them, I dont care what you have done in your life! As for Tess... she shouldnt get off scott free for what happened! True, she didnt have the best upbringing, but she didnt need to go this far. And even worse bring other people that she "loved" into it
Yo Mama

Orem, UT

#5 Jul 26, 2007
Tess Damm is a cold, calculating murderer. She partied in her house while her mother lay rotting a few feet away. She should go free? Is this a joke? I assure you, she won't. May God have mercy on her soul.

Fort Gratiot, MI

#6 Jul 26, 2007
There is no excuse....Normal people don't act like this.
Millions of kids are what. They manage without killing their mother.
Sicko's need to go down forever.

ICP sucks.

Chillicothe, OH

#7 Jul 27, 2007
Give me a freakin break. Go free? Get a clue people. She murdered her mother and partied less than 50 feet away from her rotting corpse. She is one sick, twisted individual and needs to be locked up for the rest of her life.

Chillicothe, OH

#8 Jul 27, 2007
And yes, ICP does suck. And so do their followers. Losers with no life....


#9 Jul 27, 2007
Let this bitch go free?
she KNEW what she was doing and any normal person would've felt guilt - but obviously she is not normal.
now if she had've felt guilt and come clean about the crime and tried to get her life on track I might consider her sanity and let her get a reduced sentance but this is one sick bitch.
Sounds like a little brat to me.
rot in jail


#10 Jul 27, 2007
^^^^ why does it say I'm from Riverwood? I'm in australia but where the hell is that?

Waynesboro, VA

#11 Jul 27, 2007
Lafayette Beast wrote:
The poor child was only acting in self-defense, and her drunken mother deserved to take it in the neck. My mom was a drunk, too, and I wished that I'd stabbed her or had my boyfriend do it for me.
you need help. you are as sick and twisted as tess and her murdering friends. she should be put under the jail never to see the light of day. grow up idiot child.

Samford, Australia

#13 Jul 30, 2007
once again, don't free this little bitch, she has no remorse.
rot in hell ugly bitch

Paradise Valley, AZ

#14 Dec 19, 2007
I hope this bitch rots in hell!!! Dies with her jugglustestgolub <- the gay group she worships.. basterd wanna be group..!! She should rot, her bf should rot and never get back!! Your 14 you know exactly what you are doing...!! Give me a break!! DIE BITCH!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#15 Apr 17, 2008
Tess is guilty.

Linda Damm is the victim here! Don't you DARE try to lay the blame at her feet!People need to take responcibility for what they choose to do.

"Oh,she asked her boyfriend to kill her mom and he did,but if Linda hadn't been an alcoholic,if the police had stepped in,if Social Services had followed up,Tess wouldn't have asked.So it's not her fauuuuuult(whine)"


Tess and Bryan made the crime.Let them take responcibility and take their sentences.
Grow up.

Castle Rock, CO

#16 May 21, 2008
She's a kid and shouldn't have been tried as an adult. You're either and adult.. or you're NOT. Surely, she needs some psych eval but she doesn't need to rot. From what I understand SHE didn't do ANYTHING except agree that the mom should be killed. Big deal. How many kids wish their parents dead?! LOTS.
This is the STATE OF COLORADO's fault. They should have stepped in long ago. But.. Colorado doesn't care about kids, that's why the state is number 1 in the nation for child abuse.
The state failed Tess and Linda failed Tess. The blood is on the hands of CPS, no matter how much Colorado wants to blame a confused teenager.
If Tess had been the abused and neglected spouse of an alcoholic husband and had knowledge of the same events, she'd have been accquitted.
Here's the real lesson: be better parents and your kids won't snap.
one less juggelette

Broomfield, CO

#17 May 22, 2008
regardless of your alcoholic parent or your mental status, you are responsible for your OWN behavior. tess was not acting in self-defense like an abused spouse. she planned, schemed and then went joy riding for days with the rotting carcass in the trunk. when a crime is this heinous, she should be put away for as long as possible. tess got off easy!

Castle Rock, CO

#18 May 23, 2008
Using "One Less Juggalette" as a username to post here is very calous. And, yes, mental status is a legal factor when determining one's level of responsibility for their actions. Besides not having the faculties of an adult because she is a child, Tess is bipolar (at least) and had suffered at the hands of uncaring and unfeeling people. She's a victim too. Read her Jan 19 07 myspace blog entry. Contrary to these horrific events, the girl has a heart and was screaming out for help.
one less jugglette

Denver, CO

#19 May 24, 2008
hey squeaky,
i worked with her at the juvenile center. my space is about as reliable as wikipedia. having dealt with these morons face to face, seeing her laugh and brag as if nothing happened, she never screamed for help. life was just one big ICP party and her mother was getting in the way. she got off easy and you, squeaky, are also a moron.
one less jugglette

Denver, CO

#20 May 24, 2008
oops. i just drank a beer. hope my daughter doesn't have me killed and put my rotting carcass in the trunk of my car.

Castle Rock, CO

#21 May 24, 2008
olj.. with any luck she will.. then there'd be one less idiot in the world. i doubt anyone would miss your hateful ass much. furthermore, i don't believe you worked in the juvenile center. if this is true and you're making comments like this, i'm sure, if identified you'd be fired. you're not fit for the position. there's only one position you're fit for.. bend over.. i'll drive!

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