Eden Teenager Killed In Overnight Crash

Eden Teenager Killed In Overnight Crash

There are 298 comments on the WGRZ Buffalo story from May 14, 2008, titled Eden Teenager Killed In Overnight Crash. In it, WGRZ Buffalo reports that:

The car struck a tree after leaving the road just before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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seA n

Buffalo, NY

#238 May 16, 2008
Dominique wrote:
<quoted text>
I actually think I may need to stop coming on this forum because of the unwanted and definatly not needed frustration it causes. I am glad to see those on here who showed their sympathy and discussed the sadness of it all and stood up for the family. As for the other people, I just wish they would start a drunk driving forum for themselves so they can discuss their concerns there. I know this is all freedom of speech, but we could all show some class and be kind and not make assumptions over something we know nothing about. Best of luck to all of you and those who choose to be negative, I hope one day you can understand why people had a problem with your assumptions. I don't think anyone shoud be on here bashing eachother and most of us lost focus on what we should of been here for and that was to pay our respects to the family and show our concern for what happened, not be rude to one another.
My prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends.
couldn't have said it better myself. they don't care though.... in a week they'll still be saying "how stupid" he was . the kid is trying to work and an awful tragedy occured....simple. atleast he was trying to make an honest buck . it's not the best buck but atleast it was honest . these people have nothing better to do. they have been on my case for five days now just cuz i tell it like it is. they have started threads about me which is flattering to say the least . don't let the bass-tards bring you down!!
the Crowleys

Buffalo, NY

#239 May 16, 2008
For those of you who are first hearing of Luke and his family on the news or this website, your job isn't to cower behind your computer and rub salt in their wounds with your thoughtless, sanctimonious ramblings.
A beautiful family has just lost their son and their big brother. Try to put yourself in their shoes. If it was your loved one, would you want a stranger from cyberspace preaching at you about the evils of drunk driving and underage drinking?
Everyone should be showing this family nothing but the upmost sympathy and support during this difficult time, after what they have been through it's the least we can do.

Seminole, FL

#240 May 16, 2008
Rose, tell them to get off youre ass already!!!
Not Appropriate

United States

#241 May 16, 2008
Kathy wrote:
<quoted text>
Oblivious is exactly what you are. The first short article telling of the accident said alcohol and speed may have been factors in the cause of the accident. Rose said nothing deragatory about the young man who lost his life, in her first statement, related to the first article that appeared on the net. She appropriately addressed her feelings about drinking and driving. Then all you "fine upstanding citizens" started bashing her. Well here are some facts you all may find interesting.
1st Those who had a relationship in one way or another with the young man will address this accident subjectively and strictly on emotion and will want any possible negative aspect of the accident swept under the rug.
2nd Those who did not know him, while recognizing this is a tragic time for his family and friends, will address the accident objectively with very little emotion.
3rd Most funeral homes have websits set up where all messages addressing nothing more than sympathy can be sent to for the family to read.
4th This is a public form where comments can be made, by people who are strangers to the victim, about the social issues that surround many of the accidents we see taking the lives of our young. IE the street racing accident.
5th Those who are not ready to, or do not ever want to read the comments about the social issues should not be coming on this site getting themselves all upset then making nasty remarks.
Now, whether it be he was drinking or just sick with mono, neither is a condition for which anyone should be driving under. A public forum is a very good place to drive those points home because by doing so it just might prevent someone else from doing it.
It's been pointed out before that this is a forum for opinions - that's true. That being said, there is absolutely NO appropriate place for some of the comments that have been made here.

When it becomes obvious that a family member is reading the comments - and she actually feels compelled to post a comment in reaction - does anyone think calling her rude is an appropriate response under any circumstances??

Family and friends - please know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Hamburg, NY

#243 May 16, 2008
I MISS U luke

Venus, PA

#244 May 16, 2008
Rose, You did not now this high school graduate, worker and college student. He was a wonderful boy from the most awesome family. Nobody should ever have to endure such a loss, especially a family like this that their entire lives revolved around their children. May God bless the Bierl family and yours that you may learn to stop and think before you write hurtful words.
Rose wrote:
I'm very sorry this happened and my prayers go out to the family. However, I am very surprised that an 18yr old still in high school was out at 2am on a Wednesday night, and may have possibly been drinking. Did he not have a curfew and was he not under any type of adult supervision? I've mentioned this more than once...Driver's education should be a high school graduation requirement and the driving age should be raised to 18. It would create more defensive, mature drivers and help prevent high school dropouts.
a student

Buffalo, NY

#245 May 16, 2008
i just wanted to say may god bless the family and friends of Luke. And although no one can no the pain that you are feeling count on each other and God will get you through this. Im so sorry this happened to you all

Hamburg, NY

#246 May 16, 2008
for the record rose he graduated already his family is friends with mine please be more respectful it was not his family fault

Richmond, IN

#247 May 16, 2008
My sympathy to his family. May God shine over you and get you through these incredibly sad days ahead!
May God Bless,

Utica, NY

#248 May 16, 2008
Every parent of every teen SHOULD send their child to driving school. It isn't all that expensive and then you would know they were trained by experts.

Both my sons went and they are both excellent drivers. They adjust their mirrors before moving, they always buckle up and they are just very careful.

That isn't to say that an accident can't happen to someone who had professional training but at least as a parent, you won't have your conscience questioning if you did everything you could have to ensure their safety.

Regardless... my thoughts and prayer go out to this family. I don't know how I would ever cope in their situation. I don't know them but here is a big hug.(((((((((FAMILY))))))))))

Utica, NY

#249 May 16, 2008
Mark wrote:
I'm sorry for the heartache the family and friends are going through. I'm also sorry if anyone with personal ties with the victim read certain comments posted here. It upsets me... I can't imagine how his family feels. WGRZ should consider not having a forum for this type of tragedy. Absolutely no one can know the exact circumstances. For those who see this as just a news story, please think about those that loved him. Again my condolences.
If someone here knows the family they should just suggest they don't come here and read this stuff.
I agree, these type of stories shouldn't have a forum.
king of op

Buffalo, NY

#250 May 16, 2008
Bonehunter wrote:
<quoted text>
If someone here knows the family they should just suggest they don't come here and read this stuff.
I agree, these type of stories shouldn't have a forum.
wow this statement is such a brown nosing statement.....that's like telling a crackhead not to smoke crack . you have trashed every thread you have been on . no offense . you are as bad as the others , could you kiss a$$ a little more ? HYPOCRITE!!!
Kelsey F

Buffalo, NY

#251 May 16, 2008
Luke~ what can i say other than he was a very sweet friend to have for my brother...He was my brother Koreys Best friend and he will always be in our hearts...Good-bye Luke
rude comments are dumb

Buffalo, NY

#252 May 16, 2008
Wow kathy, or whoever you are, you have no right to talk about the family in that way, they are loving caring people and you don't know squat driving, i feel for this family and i go to school with their one daughter and she is a very nice person, if you really cared you wouldn't be leaving these dr. philbilly comments and being stupid. The family is going through a rough time and i'd be surprised if you never been speeding and drinking. I feel for this family and they are some people that i care about. if you gave a care about this family you'd know that you should only leave comments of sympathy and prayers. Hopefully if you ever do leave another comment it will be someting people actually want to read.... including the family.
GOD BLESS BIERlS and may gods peace be with you and i will pray for you every day
If there is one thing i have realized through this its that life is a gift and everything should be lived to the fullest. GOD BLESS and gods peace.
<3 a person that knows and cares.
Sean Crowley Eden NY

Buffalo, NY

#253 May 16, 2008
Robin wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you read the post I read earlier.. Driving tired is just as bad as driving drunk.. On the driver and others.. I do feel bad for the family I can't imagine how they must be feeling..
Writing stupid is just as bad as writing ignorant. It is abundantly clear you are friendless and you have no life why else would you take up so much of your own and everyone else's time with your moronic sanctimony. Do you really think you have an answer for everything ? And you saying no wonder the world is the way it is simply proves what a tiny person you are. Most of us love things in this world and find some of it to be beautiful. The world the way it is includes you with your self righteous megaphone trying to lecture people whose hearts are filled with grief and loss. I'll pray for you, not very hard but I will and maybe you'll see some of what the rest of us love about the world and a great family like Luke's. You have truly the missed the journey and by the sound of it you don't even know there is one. Stop talking and LISTEN for a minute.
Kathleen Eden NY

Buffalo, NY

#254 May 16, 2008
kathy and rose go away wrote:
<quoted text> Rose's and kathy's comments are uncalled for. I am guessing "rose" and "kathy" are adults, so act it. People are in mourning and they just won't shut up and leave. No one wants to hear their points of view on drunk driving. This is not a forum about that. Nor do we care about your parenting skills. Most of these kids are just trying to grieve, and obssesive lecturing and callous comments are not only disturbing, they are provoking arguements..Not debates..not discussions...They are pouring salt into wounds. No wonder some kids have no restpect for adults..because of adults like you.
AMEN! Couldn't agree more with your comments. And I am grateful that I won't be known as one of the few fools who used this moment to go through their points A through Z as if anyone could care. I wondered outloud while reading Rose and Kathy's comments if the world was full of s***heads and my husband said," No. There are many more good people, like our neighbors and their friends and family who are supporting them in this horrible time. The problem is the s***heads out there make such a stink they are hard to ignore." At first. Those people will always be glad to run their mouths and play the fool. Show some class and human decency. That is all that is required. Save your boring opinions for the poor slobs that HAVE to listen to you. The rest of us would choose to ignore you. God bless this lovely family for the loss of a wonderful son and brother.

Westland, MI

#255 May 16, 2008
to everyone who thinks this is a time to lecture.... have some sympathy and keep your cold hearted comments to yourself. you should be ashamed. My thougts and prayers are with the family.
oh no

Buffalo, NY

#256 May 16, 2008
does anyone know if he just moved to eden within the past 2 years from hamburg village? god, i hope not

Buffalo, NY

#257 May 16, 2008
I knew Luke years ago through religion classes at St. Peter and Paul Church.. We were in the same class ffrom 3rd grade to 6th and we served the alter togather during the weekends masses...I didnt know him much after those classes ended but he was great to be around, he had so much energy and kept the classes entertaining.

RIP Luke

God Bless the Bierl Family

Utica, NY

#258 May 16, 2008
king of op wrote:
<quoted text>wow this statement is such a brown nosing statement.....that's like telling a crackhead not to smoke crack . you have trashed every thread you have been on . no offense . you are as bad as the others , could you kiss a$$ a little more ? HYPOCRITE!!!
Really? Who in the world am I brown-nosing? And when one brown noses there is usually a benefit of said act. What is my benefit?

I think you are smoking "something".

And I have never trashed any thread here. I try to be polite and nice to everyone.

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