Restaurants needed in SHV and BC; if you don't believe me look up their websites:
El Pollo Loco great grilled chicken marinated Mexican style, awesome burritos, tacos, salads, no fried Crayfish here.
Bucco di Peppo: great Italian food, and atmosphere puts other Italian restaurants in the area to shame.
In-N-Out Burger enough said.
Pick Up Stix: great Chinese food, reasonable prices, cooked to order not food sitting in some steam table. take out or dine in.
Total Wine not a restaurant but unbelievable selection of beers, wines and spirits. Give you an idea: Gentleman Jack Daniels 1.75 liter bottle in Dallas and in California $38.99 in Bossier same bottle $54
BJ pizzeria: great food beyond just their deep dish pan pizza-microbrew in house with 10 different selections changed throughout the season. You can order beer testing glasses and try all 10 beers. The glasses are the size of 3 shoot glasses
Cheesecake Factory-a bit pricey good for special occasions
Sprouts not a restaurant but if your tired of paying outrageous vegetable prices here in La the. Sprouts in the place. They also have a large selection of natural products similar to Sunshine Foods
Trader Joes not a restaurant but they have great selection of all types of natural food(not processed and over preserved) Microbrews and $2 buck Chuck red wine
Costco not a restaurant but has a better selection than other warehouse type stores.
Carl's Jr- there is one on N Market enough said.