Dead beat dad's in Borger

Dead beat dad's in Borger

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#1 Feb 5, 2009
Ok Many of you know me...Michelle (West) Humphrey... I am from Borger, was born and raised. I need some help finding my dead beat ex. His name s Gabriel Chavez, he about 5'7" tall, has hazel eyes an brown hair. He has a tattoo of a pot leaf on his leg just about the knee. He is over 25,000 behind in child support. He has paid a grand total of 634.00 in support in my daughters whole life and she is about to be ten. He has never wanted to use his visitations, or provided the medical support he was prdered to. He was last seen in Borger, just a few short weeks ago. I needan address of phone number, as the Child Support Division of the Office of the Att. General says I have to locate him before they can enforce the order of support. Any help would be appreciatd!

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#2 Feb 7, 2009
ANyone needing help finding their dead beat babies daddies can post here and maybe some one will help ya out, or if you just wanna talk aobut your situation, feel free, tell us who he is and why he is a dead beat....I know there are dead beat mom's out there too.. so guys, let us know!

Garrison, TX

#3 Mar 26, 2010
There is no guaruntee they can get him served in Borger even with an address. The AGs office has been trying to get my ex served in Borger for nonpayment every 3 months for the last year and have a confirmed employer on the service order. Goodluck to you. His name is Cliff, looks like Tim Magraw, and does water haul off in the Borger area. He is 22000 behind, but to his credit finally he is for the first time in 3 1/2 years actually making payments though. Before now he would change jobs as soon as the Order to Withhold went through. His current wife has even contacted me and told me she wants him to run because she wants his $$$$.

Frisco, TX

#4 Oct 14, 2010
Does anyone know a David Alan Hampton? He's my sons dead beat dad. Abused my son at 4 months old, now 6 yrs. Never seen a Penny & they "can't" find him. any help is great.
be grateful

Quanah, TX

#5 Dec 5, 2010
If a deadbeat doesnt want to be in a childs life why in the hell would the mother force him to be through legal it so the mother can keep them under their thumb or is it for a few bucks.i was a bastard child and i am very thankful that my mother raised me on tips instead of forcing dear old dad to be a part of my life so she could get a few extra bucks every month because had i have been around him i possibly could have adapted some of his ways and been just like him.count your blessings.

Frisco, TX

#6 Dec 6, 2010
Well be greatful, the lady above has stated that her child was abused, hmmm maybe this low life pos should pay for thus childs medical expenses.. Maybe this low life should be hung from a prison cell but he's not. I agree that no one should be forced into someone elses life but, I also agree these dogs shouldn't be going around droppin there load and producing children for them to abuse and walk out on! They should be held responsible every DAY just like these mothers are supporting their children every DAY! I would like to see all these dead beats put in prison for being so selfless that they won't MAN UP, take RESPONSIBILITY for there actions, and do what they should forvthese CHILDREN! I'm appreciative of your opinion by the way.

BUT! Especially if he's an ABUSER, he should not be allowed in the child life but should be held accountable for HIS actions and provide medical & finacial support to this child. No telling the damage that was done tovthus four month old child

Pampa, TX

#7 Dec 13, 2010
maybe the mothers should have closed their legs in the first place...

Dallas, TX

#8 Dec 14, 2010
Okay, so what I'm reading is that these women should keep their legs closed, correct? so it's okay for a man to go sleep with whoever/whenever because they can't get pregnant? What about people in multiple year relationships? Then have a child & the dad decides he still wanna run and play and not take responsibility for his child? Yess hmm yess that's the womans fault too, darn s/ut should kept your legs closed, cuz your a psychic like that and know your so called lover/husbands gonna abandon you, abuse you, why didn't you just keep your legs together!!

To the previous post, yes lots of women do w#0re around and get pregnant but what about all these douchebags who just produce life and leave. Come on now don't be sp shovinestic to just blame this all on the mommys.. I mean really? Have you been locked in a cage for years or something.


Pampa, TX

#9 Dec 14, 2010
first of all he wouldn't be running around if the so called wife was doin her job like taking care of him ...second, if she would have got off her ass and went to college instead of sitting on her fat ass eating bon bon's like peg bundy she wouldn't be in this situation, stop using a child as a dam pay check, and third' aww forget it your an idoit .........

Dallas, TX

#10 Dec 14, 2010
What about the mothers who are working, educated, & self suffecient? I believe mothers like us deserve support as well.
Double D

Sugar Land, TX

#11 Dec 14, 2010
I am educated and was married to him for 7 years. He would tell you I didnt do anything wrong in our marriage. I have a Bachelors degree and going back for my PhD so education and sleeping around has nothing to do with it. I can not make him see her and I am certainly not keeping him from her, but he can help contribute to her upbringing even though it doesnt even cover half.

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#12 Apr 4, 2012
longhorn72 wrote:
first of all he wouldn't be running around if the so called wife was doin her job like taking care of him ...second, if she would have got off her ass and went to college instead of sitting on her fat ass eating bon bon's like peg bundy she wouldn't be in this situation, stop using a child as a dam pay check, and third' aww forget it your an idoit .........
Wow u are the biggest fuckkkin faggit on here oh wait but what boy isn't (key word boynot man) all these woman are trying to do is get the money the deserve for there kids. Look at it the other way around if u were raising a baby and having to work 2 jobs with no family or help! That's not them wanting money or trying to live off someone that's them getting the money they deserve! So u can go to hell woman are a lot stronger mentally than boys like you we through stuff you would never imagine! Mayb if boys weren't such horn dogs girls wouldn't get pregnant so why don't u fuckin watch ur shit telling women to close theirlegs when guys would stick their dick in anything or anyone just to do it so wanna talk shit on people like these women well u have another thing comming and I have all day piece of shit
Someone needs to cut ur junk off and make sure ur stupid ass doesn't reproduce anymore and hope to god u haven't already because u dont deserve any of that you peice of trash! Go ahead n talk more shit because all ur doin is making urself look stupid. Someone will figure out who you are and you will think its funny then when ur getting ur ass pounded for talking shit "BRO""" "

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#13 Apr 4, 2012
Wow why can't we live in the old days where wen a man got a woman pregnant he stuck around because most of the time the couples having babies were married! To bad men these days can't own up! Get a girl pregnant and leave I mean you are the one that created it a baby shouldn't just be a mothers problem she can't get pregnant herself? That's why we have child support today some people don't understand how much money it takes to raise a baby! College education or not babies cost a lot of money no matter what kind of job you have! A. Woman shouldn't have to do it on her own that bastard should pay because he got her pregnant it was just as much his actions as it was hers! There is no reason why a man shouldn't have to pay child support if it's there baby! Inconsiderate men!
Bobby Ray

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#14 Aug 16, 2015
Well some of the guys don't really know if its there own kid, that there Ex is wanting support for. And some women are having six kids so they can draw $500 a month in food stamps
Why is it always the Guys fault.
Bobby Ray

United States

#15 Aug 16, 2015
I really don't think there's many women out there that can cook anymore, THEY say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, LOL.............maybe if you could cook something other than MC DONALDS he would have stayed around.

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