I was at Morris County Jail when this happened. The reason that this happened was due to lettuce that was served the day before. Only this man and another consumed this, and the other inmate was a bit more fortunate, though he was eventually rushed to the hospital in time to save his life from the food poisoning. He spent a few days at Morristown Hospital. Both inmates continued to complain to the medical staff, who disregarded their complaints as well as the officers that were present. This could have been easily avoided, and the family should rely on their own resources to get all the facts to this tragedy. The medical staff is incompetent, and uncaring. Most times the only "medical staff" is a Practical Nurse. Jeff Anton (spelling?) was the one who survived. This can all be proven by Jeff and the hospital, and the cell mate. Just another "questionable" incident at MCCF who cover up these events, and take no responsibility. The family should seek the truth and should not accept the "not responsible" lie. Yes he was "just an inmate". He was also a son who was loved and a good member to the community with no serious record. When will someone investigate the investigators. The Warden once again should be held responsible for what happens in his jail. I am disgusted at the numerous events that have happened by DOC just in the last few weeks. What other incidents have happened that the public is unaware of. It's well overdue that we clean out house at MCCF, and get some honest people with values and character to oversee what is happening in their jail, though this would be difficult in NJ, but not impossibe.