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#1 Dec 5, 2012
Astronomy and cosmology are a hobby of mine. And has been all my life. Just thought I start a thread to give those of you who are interested something a little different to read about bsides all the hate and crap on here. Hopefully I may even get a few of you interested in the hobby, hope you enjoy.

1--Did you know that from september 2006 to june 2007 that our planet Earth had not one, but two moons? Its true, an asteroid 2006RH flew near the Earth on its path around the sun, our planets gravity captured it. The object orbited our world roughly five times before it continued on its way. Why didnt you notice? The asteroid was just 16ft wide, too small to have an effect on our moons orbit.

2--how come our sun and moon have no name?
Actually they do, the sun is sol, the moon is luna.

3--nasas lunar crater remote observation and sensing satellite (LCROSS) dredged up a variety of minerals from the moon. They consisted of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, mercury, and even silver.
Also found was a mineral called volatiles, compounds that freeze instantly in darkness, yet vaporizes just as instantly when hit by light, much like cotton candy melts when dumped in water.

4--2013 earth will be visited by a huge comet, ISON, that will be so bright sciencist believe that it will be brighter then a full moon, and will also be visible in broad daylight. It will miss the earth only by a few hundred thousand miles (in astronomy terms that is actually a near miss).

Not going to bore yall too much with this, and will love to post more ocassinally if you are interested. Just post and let me know if you liked.
Would love to get people interested in the cosmos, you have no ideal whats out there, and the strange things that occur.
just me

Tucker, GA

#2 Dec 5, 2012
Please continue to post true facts. I want as much knowledge as I can get.

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#3 Dec 5, 2012
1--our sun spins about once every 25 days.
2--pull out a dime, hold it up for 1second. Guess what? About 150 billion tiny nearly massless particles called neutrinos just passed through it as if it were never there. These particules are found in every star.
3-Saturn is a planet of gas, it has no surface. If you could place the planet in a bathtub it would float. You would need a big tub though, you could fit about 852 earths inside saturn.
4--if two peices of uncoated metal touch in space they will be permentaly stuck together. This is bc of the vacuum of space.
5-The earth has a 'planetoid'(mini planet)that follows it around the sun, same direction, same orbit. Its name is cruithne.
It is what it is

Tucker, GA

#4 Dec 6, 2012
When in 2013 will that happen?
Just wondering

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#5 Dec 6, 2012
Very interesting. I love knowledge, personally. So what about this near miss in 2013?

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#6 Dec 6, 2012
Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis, the sound you hear is just gas releasing

New Albany, MS

#7 Dec 6, 2012
I'm a witch. Boooo

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#8 Dec 6, 2012
Keep the knowledge coming it would be great if people could start praying for world peace than for the small stuff,just saying

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#9 Dec 7, 2012
It is what it is wrote:
When in 2013 will that happen?
Sorry, I thought I put that in, by bad. It will come in the fall o 2013 and early 2014, it will be visible for several months, of course the closer it appears to us and the sun the brighter it will become.

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#10 Dec 7, 2012
The asteroid belt lays between mars and juipture, so far about 90,000 asteroids has been discovered in this belt, rangeing in size from a small car to larger then any monuntain on earth.
Sciencetist belive that something happened in the early years of the solar system that interfered with the gravitoral orbits of these objects, shakeing them up and slanging some of them toward the sun and inner planets, earth included. That is why there are so many craters on the moon, the earth also got hit by just as many, if not more, then the moon. The only reason we cant see evidence today with out naked eyes of theis bombarment is bc of the wheather, rain, heat, wind, etc, that has eroded most evidence. Since the moon has no wheaather it is a labortory, frozen in time.
What might have caused this bombarment?
One theory is is that our sun has a companion star, called a brown dwarft. These type of stars are small and hard of see through telescopes.(one out of every three starts you see when you look into the night sky has a companion, those of you with even a small telescope can spot alot of them.)
Anyway, if the sun does have a companion out there somewhere (our sun and the companion orbit each other)and this brown dwarft get too close, it would shake these asteroids out of their orbit and toward the sun and earth.
They seem to think that this dwarft star ventures to the edge of our universe every so many million years, and we are now approaching that mark, anytime between now and the next thousand years.

United States

#11 Dec 7, 2012
I said edge of the universe, sorry, I should of said that this brown dwarft is believed to come near to the edge of our solar system.

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#12 Dec 7, 2012
There are eight planets in our solar system, mercury, vensus, earth, mars(all these are rockey planets),juipture, saturn,(these are gas planets, they have no surface), uranus, neptune,(these are called icy planets).
In addition there are five known dwarft planets so far, pluto, ceres, makemake, and haurmea.

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#13 Dec 12, 2012
newly discovered asteroid will whizz past the earth in 2013, it will miss our planet, but barely. It will come closer to earth then some earth orbiting satellites, it is due to arrive on feburary 15th,2013.This will make two close calls for planet earth in 2013, lets hope no more will be discovered, or if they are, lets hope they all miss planet earth.

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#14 Dec 13, 2012
What is the largest star so far known to man?
That would be VY Canis Majoris, is so big that if you placed it where our sun is now, it would extend to saturns orbit.

New evidence suggest the two, not one, asteroid impacts are responsible for the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

Actor Charlie Sheen says astronomy helped cause a serious fight(ending in his arrest)with his wife, Brooke,about whether or not pluto is a planet.

How often does a meteorite hit the moon?
Impacts hiting the night side of the moon or visible from earth, most with the naked eye. The flashes these impacts are short,0.05second. Impacts happen to average about 520 per year. So the next time you look at the moon and think you saw a quick flash, well, you may just have.

United States

#15 Dec 13, 2012
Sciencetist exhume the body of 16th century astromer Tyco Brahe to learn more about his mysterious death and, presumably, his legendary metallic nose.

Christian runs the story'information learned about comet hartley already written in the bible'. Of course, the one place sciencetist didnt look.

Sally Ride,61,the first american woman in space and also the youngest died this past July. She was on board the 1983 Challenger flight.

Peoria, IL

#16 Dec 13, 2012
It's impossible to kiss your elbow( dumb but fact) lol

United States

#17 Dec 14, 2012
Did anyone see the meteor shower last night? It was one of the best, about 20 per minute.

Only 7 days till the 21st, the end of the world--lol, think I will lay off the christmas shopping until the 22nd, just in case. LOL

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#18 Dec 14, 2012
Astromers has determined that giant gas exoplanet wasp 12b has a high carbon to oxygen ratio beneath its thick atmosphere. In other words, the planet may be just one big diamond in the sky, literally.

Tupelo, MS

#19 Dec 15, 2012
levi wrote:
Astromers has determined that giant gas exoplanet wasp 12b has a high carbon to oxygen ratio beneath its thick atmosphere. In other words, the planet may be just one big diamond in the sky, literally.
Do u ever give up?

Tucker, GA

#20 Dec 17, 2012
Is this Yates ???

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