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October 4th Gubernatorial Special Election: Who gets your vote?

Created by MagnoliaWarbler on Sep 30, 2011

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Clarksburg, WV

#5368 Sep 4, 2012
Farmgirl wrote:
After four years, the Bush Bash is growing weary! What has taken place the last four years?? Improvements??Empty promises and conflict, more unemployment than we've ever had in this country. Health care is a nightmare and the continued spending is atrocious. Michelle Obama has over 50 people on HER staff. Her own chef, the kids chef, an event planner, her stylist, her hairdresser, her massage therapist and on and on, at tax payers expense I might add. The personal vacations have totalled in the millions not to mention each time Air Force one is fired up. Laura Bush had one assistant. Millions of dollars have been spent on "personal entertainment" for the first family. If we are tightening our belts, should our president and his family not set an example instead of ludicrious spending that has nothing to do with governing our country. The list is so endless, it is tiresome to even start. Wake up, read the facts and make wise choices
Aren't you so surprised by how Dem's don't seem to pay attention to see the truth of Dem's? Everything you said was so true, yet you don't hear people talking about it. Sick. They dog Romney's wife for expensive clothes. O's wife has just as expensive a wardrobe. Frustrating!

Clarksburg, WV

#5369 Sep 4, 2012
1.6 million spent on Michelle Obama's assistants. That is tax payer money. Of course, 48% of peeps don't pay any federal taxes, so probably few on this site.....

Bluefield, WV

#5370 Sep 4, 2012
Birddog wrote:
<quoted text>Bush bashing does not have an expiration date. It will go on and on in our history books since he is the Republican President that put this country in such a hole that we are still digging our way out. You have lots to say about Michelle Obama but can you back any of these statements up? Now I know you are tired from reading this so called endless list but try really hard to back up your accusations.
Actually the Wall Street Journal reported her staff is paid over one and a half million dollars of tax payers money each year. That is a lot of letter writing and party planning in my book for any woman, even a FIRST LADY!!It is just my opinion that with record unemployment in our country that she would have such a costly staff, but you probably consider that her contribution to unemployment.

United States

#5371 Sep 4, 2012
Lets not forget that the economy crashed under George Bush, not Obama. And that was after 8 years of republican leadership, 8 years they had to try it their way saying dont worry, it will trickle down to you and promising tax cuts for the rich would produce jobs. The historical facts show us that not only did it not produce the jobs, it made rich even richer, everyone else suffered, and the economy almost collapsed. Now after blocking everything Obama tries to do they scream... look he doesnt do anything..blah blah blah, he still hasnt completely pulled us out of Bush's mess, blah blah blah. 8 Years of GWB/Republican and we get a depression. Now they want to do it all over again. Romney/Ryan=Bush/Cheney on crack.
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Clarksburg, WV

#5373 Sep 6, 2012
plz citizen....Which Bush? Bush had a slim Republican majority in the house until 2007 when the Democrats gain a 233-198 majority. The Senate was split 50-50 at the beginning of his first term and 49-49-2 at the end of his second term. The democrat party had control of both the the House and Senate, starting January 4th, 2007, when the recession began. The democrats kept control until the voters chose the republican party to reclaim the House starting on January 3rd, 2011, after the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency. Clinton likes to take a lot of credit for wealth during his presidency and don't get me wrong I think he did a lot of things right, BUT he took office and the techno-boom.....dotcom.boom occured..remember Gore saying he invented the internet.....the internet revolution propelled the economy. Clinton was on auto-pilot. That is probably why he had time for BJ's in the oval office.

United States

#5374 Sep 11, 2012

United States

#5375 Sep 11, 2012

Thurmond, WV

#5376 Sep 12, 2012
truth wrote:
You must ADD-MITT America is in need for a little R and R.
I couldn't have said it better myself,you made my day, I hope this message gets through, and GOD bless America!
bottom line

Fairview, WV

#5377 Sep 12, 2012
I was born and raised Democrat. Sorry people, in the big scheme of things this should mean very little. I was one that wished with all my heart that he would do great things also. I feel that you should vote in the best interest of your country, plain and simple! It's not at this point about either party, it's voting for the lesser of two evils. I honestly believe Obama is an evil man! I believe he is trying to ruin us. When you all pay so much for gas that you can't afford to get back and forth to work, you can blame yourselves. There are some that have to drive long distances to and from work. But, on the bright side, we can still get badly needed oil from Russia after they begin drilling on the free oil rich islands he gave them.
Tall Texan

Dallas, TX

#5378 Sep 12, 2012
We don't care here in Texas

Spencer, WV

#5379 Sep 12, 2012
They are going to put in there,exactly who they want to,its all bought off,you know it just the same as I do,They are going to take away our coal,and take away everyone's income.WV will be a ghost town,God please help us..They want to take God out of schools,and prayer,Then what I bet Obama will not be able to keep his hands off the MONEY,When it says In God We Trust..Guess What You Mix Breed,You Will Not Take God Out Of Our Hearts!!!!
you will care

Fairview, WV

#5380 Sep 12, 2012
Hey Texan, that is funny! But hopefully he won't start on the oil already being drilled here in the US, but I'm afraid he will. We can't be using up our own resources, we must be indebted to other countries. He has to be the most beloved President to them. As for Just Wondering, it terrifies me to about God. If we take God out of our country he will remove his hands from us. Before it's all over he will see to it that we all have to praise Allah. They will have to kill me first!
one more thing

Fairview, WV

#5381 Sep 12, 2012
Hope and pray he doesn't want to impress Mexico. One morning you'll wake up and your new address will be Mexico, just like those people in Alaska. They were never asked how they felt, but their new address is Russia. So good bye Texan.

Princeton, WV

#5382 Sep 12, 2012
Terrorist That Killed 5 US Soldiers Freed After Obama Refuses To Put Him in Gitmo


Ali Mussa Daqduq killed tortured and killed 5 US soldiers in Iraq back in 2007. He was detained by the United States.

Instead of sending him to Gitmo, Obama turned him over to the Iraqi authorities. But to Obama's surprise (not ours), Iraq freed him.

Judicial Watch via Breitbart:

But President Obama didn’t want to remove the terrorist from Iraq without permission from the country, in order not to violate its sovereignty. He also refused to take Daqduq to the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Cuba, which houses other high-value terrorists, because the facility is an anathema in the Middle East and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki would not approve the “unacceptable” Guantanamo option.

So Obama handed Daqduq over to the Iraqis even though several members of congress pointed out that it would be the same as freeing him. Apparently, Iraq pinky promised to hold him accountable for murdering our soldiers. No one, probably not even Obama, really believed that and this week a national newswire story confirmed it.

Obama wants to claim he supports the troops? That he values their service? But why doesn't he value their lives? Why doesn't he seek justice when 5 US service members lose their lives to a terrorist? Hey President, where's the apology to the United States people for this unfathomable error you made?

Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/...

Idamay, WV

#5383 Sep 13, 2012
Please, go to the msn news page and click on Lynching pic used in vote drive. A pastor from a church used a picture of two black boys being lynched in 1930. Get real. Underneath it, it says, Is this a reason to vote?! REALLY?????????? I am so sick of them being able to do that stuff, but let us say something, anything! I nor my family have ever lynched a single soul in our lives!! I don't think anyone on here has even mentioned anything about color! I'm sick to death of them USING it, saying we just don't want a black guy in their. Get real! They are the ones who are prejudice and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore!! I am not prejudice, but by gum, Barrack Obama is a terrible President!! Doesn't matter the color, if you suck, you just simply SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
kitty kitty kitty

Princeton, WV

#5384 Sep 13, 2012
and that is why i dont watch msn abc cbs or nbc, they are all one sided and are doing what their bosses tell them what to say. that in the workforce is what we call a suck or brown noser.
kitty kitty kitty

Princeton, WV

#5385 Sep 13, 2012
fox news fair and balanced
kitty kitty kitty

Princeton, WV

#5386 Sep 13, 2012
Hell yea

Hurricane, WV

#5387 Sep 13, 2012
No dem. vote for a rock first
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not bright are you kitty

Idamay, WV

#5389 Sep 13, 2012
Hey kitty, you're as stupid as you sound! This is a serious thing. Don't you hate being accused of things you never did? Well I am!!!!! First off, msn is on the computer. Why don't you try reading some news yourself, then maybe you might gain a little knowledge. No, msn is not at all one sided. Check it out for yourself smarty!! Why should anyone vote according to things that happened in the 30's? You should vote for who you think is the best candidate, not by color and not by party. Grow up kitty, or maybe you could run into a big dog somewhere.

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