Thomas Hewitt AKA: Leatherface: Alive...

Sheffield, UK

#2472 Jul 26, 2010
i seriously have no idea whether or not Tom Hewitt was a real person or a fictional character. i always thought of him to be a real person, but i read up on the director (Hooper) to the film 'Texas chainsaw massacre' and he himself has said that the character is a made up and based on the serial killer Ed Gein. he has also said that he got the idea for the massare to hold a chainsaw after being in a busy shop filled with people blocking the exit. he turned to his left/right and next to him was a shelf selling chainsaws, and he thought to himself "a chainsaw would help me get through these people faster". He has also said that the story was presented as a true story to make the viewing more gripping and horrifying.
Even though the director has said this himself, i am still unsure whether or not the happenings of Thomas Hewitt are real or not because i watched this documentary a couple of years ago and they put it out as though Tom Hewitt was a real person who went missing in 1973, when the last reported murder took place. also they mentioned having files of Tom Hewitt and his family in the documents to do with murder mysteries. but from what i am aware, they don't have any documents or files to do with example their date of birth and their born location and so on ..... Also i am almost positive that the house where the Hewitt family apparently lived has also been blocked of.
Ed Gein was a man who wanted to be a woman. he murdered a woman with black hair and ripped out her hair and put it on his own head. back then murders were seen as being monsters but the thought of someone actually cutting their victims into pieces and pulling out their organs in this case, what Ed Gein did to his victims, was seen as being absolutely horrific.
I suppose we'll never know whether or not Tom Hewitt was a real person and his family, or whether or not he is still alive or dead.

Arlington, TX

#2474 Jul 27, 2010
Carl wrote:
Listen Thomas Hewitt from the texas chainsaw massacre is a fictional character as many would believe, he is based apon Ed Gein A.K.A leatherface films such as chainsaw massacre, silence of the lambs and phsycho are based apon him but there is storys of a cover up, and that there was a Thomas Hewitt and the texas chainsaw massacre werent far from the truth.........
man your stupid, he is real.

Arlington, TX

#2475 Jul 27, 2010
wake up

Lakewood, NJ

#2476 Jul 29, 2010
I know you posted this like three years ago, but i was looking up where he died and came across your questions- hope this helps! Some say he was on Edward Gein, in a way, I'm convinced it was but at the same time, I'm pretty sure Leather Face was a separate person. There's some documentaries- real ones on Leather face not Ed Gein. You can find quick footage of a real life officer, who thought leather face was dead, going down into the basement of the house and within a minute or two he's lying dead on the floor- the camera guy was cut on the waist but managed somehow to escape and his footage was at the time, the only known footage of leather face. And no, he's not alive, the police found him dead- years ago.


#2477 Aug 1, 2010
anyway if they say that tcm never happened and that footage is fake, then howcome there was a wedding for the camera dude and the guy holding the mic and some1 recordered it

and there about 80 people that think ed gein is the motivation of tcm but evry 1 else just doesnt want to face the facts... and every 1 of the fake believers also starts of saying tommy never existed but is loosely or just based on ed gein... i know ed gein existed and i know tommy existed becos i remember the breaking news about 30+ killed and in the newspaper it said something like massacre shocks nation- mass massacre in texas and the next day it said i think- police failure to secure hewitt house- leaves two fatally wounded and when we saw the footage everyone was freaked out so we looked into a nearby lake on the hewitts property but the police tape was there... therewere bones nearby and the place smelt like rotten meat and my bro was almost puking!


#2478 Aug 7, 2010
i heard that in 2007 he attacked a group of ametaur filmers and i think it happened in the 2003 and 2006 houses because in 1974 house you would sort of expect him to hear about and get angry and attack them.the 74 house looks ordinary but the 03 and 06 house always looks like theres always something happening there.
also when i sayed wedding i ment a funeral and i cant remember if the camera dude died...

and on this website someone said what i thought that it was so gruesome and true that they didnt want anyone to know the truth so they deleted files and said that it never happened but it was to late newsbreaks flashed and hollywood heard it found an abandened house got some actors and made the film but not everyone heard about the newflashes looked up the files but nothing came up so everyone kept saying that it never happened... but they heard about ed geins crimes, thought about it and now they think that thomas hewitt off texas chainsaw massacre never existed and the murders never happened but some people know the truth about the hewitt family and theyre murders.


#2479 Aug 8, 2010
irish_jock023 wrote:
ive been doing reserach on him he is in the texas prison caleed rusk his 3rd cousin knows my dad
Who is in the prison called rusk?
Just some normal criminal/offender who shares the same THOMAS BROWN HEWITT,what excactly is this thomas brown hewitt in jail for anyway?
Can you get your dad to get a picture of him?
Are you able to go see him as a visitor with your dad,get pics/info?


#2480 Aug 8, 2010
why dosent someone(freind of a freind.....ect)who says that thomas brown hewitt is in a texan jail just ask their freind/uncle whatever to go to this prison and get pics and info and put it on youtube!

Not any fake shit like the heaps that is on there as it is,but real shit!

Why cant someone, "who knows" go and get pics/info from this jail in texas!?

What about going over past, local(travis county)orbituaries under hewitt?
Thomas Hewitt

Mount Lawley, Australia

#2481 Aug 11, 2010
I am alive and well but i am locked in a national state prision I am locked im my cell for Twenty three hours a day and can be found in Consolitary Refinement..........HELP ME
head gein

Lancaster, PA

#2482 Sep 3, 2010
what happens if i dig up his grave?

Bacoor, Philippines

#2483 Sep 7, 2010
If its true, well that's so scary.

Alhambra, CA

#2484 Sep 13, 2010
not a realperson u indians
Ed Gein

Beckley, WV

#2485 Sep 21, 2010
I am still alive and yes.... I am hiding. but not for long


#2486 Sep 25, 2010
anyway people say he is basely inspired by ed gein... he is nothing like ed gein! ed gein used guns and thomas used a chainsaw! ed robbed graves and thomas was to afraid to rob (the consequences) ed put the bodies in his house because he wanted to, the hewitt family had to keep the bodies inside for 2 reasons,(so their soon to be food doesnt get dirty) and (the police were suspicious about the missing teenagers)

ed gein only killed 2 people thomas killed at least 30 people ed killed the girls because (my guess) he went into the shower one day and found he had 3 legs he was depressed so he killed the girls thomas killed because so he and his family could eat and to torture people that used to bully him

Criciúma, Brazil

#2487 Sep 26, 2010
Justinn wrote:
You guys are retarded,'Thomas Hewitt' was not his real name, his real name was Edward gien, he was bored in the 1910's and died in the 1980's, he never used a chainsaw, was only accused of killing two people, both of which killed by a pistol, he was proven inocent for other murder and missing person cases because of the fact of insanity.

now your just hearing rumors... your basicly saying what otheres people are saying.. you cannot prove any of those things you said.. so yeah dont say what you cant prove
Tommy Hewitt

London, UK

#2488 Sep 26, 2010
Thomas hewitt is alive. he was last seen alive and well in 2007, its a true story you know. the chainsaw thing is true he killed 32 of his victems with a chainsaw. and the rest with different methods. but im sure he is to old to kill people himself now, but dont you think someone like that would have accomplices now? i read he had a cook and someone else with him. The texas chainsaw massacre case remains open this day.


#2489 Oct 1, 2010
tommy hewitt is right!!!! but the girl in the 2003 tcm (henriettah) sacrificed herself to save the other members. the police threw a bomb and henriettah grabbed it and held it like a toy tight to her chest... boom!only one person was injured ( the tea lady if it woesnt for her mayb all of the members could be dead. but no body knows how big the injuries of the tea lady is so she might be dead

oh and tommy its thomas hewitt, the cook, and the butcher... thomas gets and kills the butcher cuts it up and the cooks it


#2490 Oct 1, 2010
and yet again ed gein is nothing like thomas hewitt

any way even if thomas hewitt never existed (which is fake) there could be other people trying to copy off him

London, UK

#2491 Oct 2, 2010
I think if he was still alive he would be like 70 haha but the movie freeks me out that it is actually a true story and that someone could do that....

New York, NY

#2492 Oct 3, 2010
this movie and other movies was based on the male named Ed Gein. Yes, thomas hewitt was a real person dumbasses, nice confirming it with your "nonsense" of research BUT, keyword here, BUT, this film was based on Ed Gein and his actions and background, not anyone else people may be thinking or assuming about.IF you really want to research somthing true, research ed gein before you research anything before you reveal your stupidty to the world.
please do us all a favor. THANKS

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