When my parents refused to re-list their property with Linda Bobski, she stole several home decor accessories from my mother. I guess she felt like she wanted something out of the deal and since she couldn't sell the house, she might as well help herself, right? Then after stealing these items from my parents home, Linda Bobski refused to return my mothers phone calls or her property until my mother agreed to relist the home with her. I believe that is contractual duress at best, although I would simply call it blackmail. Regardless, I'm going to allow our loyal readers to examine a little slice of evidence to verify this incident.

I've taken the liberty of editing a couple family photos and super-imposing those edited images onto a screen shot of Linda Bobski's staging website and then I posted the photo here: http://tinyurl.com/d26ekd

Note the photos framed in bright yellow. One is of a floral arrangement and the other is a pot with stick thingys. These are the edited family photos I spoke about. Now follow the bright yellow arrow up to the thumbnail shown at the top of Linda Bobski's website. If you look closely, both my mother's accessories are included in that photo at the top of her page. Coincidence? I think not!

And just for a bit of added verification, I encourage you to visit this thief's website yourself at luxuryrealestatestaging.com

Now this is not the only example of Linda Bobski's extortion. When she failed to produce a buyer for this property, her and her broker (Karen Bergin of Coldwell Banker Advantage) filed an illegal document against the title of my parents property; thus making it unmarketable. They then demanded a ransom to be paid by my parents before they would release the encumbrance.

The document on file at www.recorder.claycogov.com can be viewed by the public by visiting the site and logging in a guest (no password required) and running a search of the real estate records for a business named RSB Realty. This illegal document filed is dated 08/06/07, book #5778, page 125. You can pull it up, view the actual document and even print out a copy. There is no denying that this document served no purpose but to muddy the title to the property given that 8 different attorneys (licensed by the Missouri Bar) deemed it illegal. But when a bankrupt man has no financial means to defend himself in court, the use of this document by his broker and/or agent becomes extortion.

In essence, Linda Bobski and Karen Bergin blackmailed my parents for financial gain. It is no different than if they were to hold a gun to my parent's heads and scream: "YOU WILL EITHER PAY ME WHAT I DEMAND OR YOUR PROPERTY WILL NEVER SELL!" In my opinion, Linda Bobski and Karen Bergin should lose their real estate licenses for extortion, unlawful real estate practices, coercion, and unethical conduct.