Pat Hillard needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Hillard needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mccoy, CO

#1 Jul 19, 2009
Printed From North Texas e-News
Fannin County Commissioners continue to study tax abatement policy By Allen Rich
Jul 14, 2009
The tax burden shouldered by small businesses and the squeeze put on county government to provide more service while providing more tax incentives resulted in an unusual emotional display at the regular meeting of Fannin County Commissioners Court on Monday morning.
Rick Sheddy voiced concerns about CR1410 as well as the difficulty Fannin County Livestock and Tractor City have had recently as both businesses pursued tax abatements.
"I think it is very important to this county to have both these businesses," Mr. Sheddy remarked. "An abatement of taxes would go a long way toward keeping them here."
With the public comment portion of the meeting over, Fannin County Constable Bob Clemons asked commissioners to allot an additional 100 gallons of gas to help him patrol Precinct 2. Constable Clemons remarked that the county had collected $32,000 from citations he has written. Chief Deputy Kirk McMurray of the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office stated that he considered the deterrence factor of the mere presence of law enforcement to be far more valuable than the citations issued.
“We need to treat all constables equally,” Commissioner Pat Hilliard countered.
“We need to research this more,” said Commissioner Dewayne Strickland.
Fannin County Commissioners Court voted 4-0 to deny the request, with Pct. 2 Commissioner Stan Barker abstaining.
The next two agenda items concerned possible tax abatements for Fannin County Livestock, owned by Wayne Carroll, and Tractor City, which is owned by David Cardile. Both business have showed resolve to work through today's challenging economy and keep operating in Fannin County. Both Carroll and Cardile have been encouraged by discussions with Fannin County Chief Appraiser Mike Shannon.
Carroll will be back on the Fannin County Commissioners Court agenda in two weeks to ask for an ag exemption for the eight acres behind Fannin County Livestock that are under the county's jurisdiction.
Cardile said he was concerned that although agriculture is listed as the number one industry in Fannin County, there seemed to be no intent to include agricultural businesses in the recently completed Fannin County Tax Abatement Policy. While Cardile's Tractor City is the only all green, energy-independent facility of its kind, and he now employees 15 workers, his current payroll is $164,000 which is only a little more than half of the $300,000 payroll criteria stipulated in the county tax abatement plan.
David Cardile said he was showing his support for the county by helping the Fannin County Sheriff's Office get vehicles back on the road, which could possibly be considered a touchy subject by commissioners during budget hearings. Cardisle then said he would pay for Constable Clemons to have the 100 gallons of fuel that Fannin County Commissioners Court had just denied.
Commissioner Hilliard, apparently taking umbrage at the fact that a citizen appearing in commissioners court to ask for tax abatement had just usurped two Fannin County Commissioners Court decisions by offering to personally pick up the tab for a pair of causes he deemed worthy, stood up and verbally assailed Cardisle for what the commissioner saw as transgressions in how this issue was being addressed. Commissioner Hilliard stated that the applicable tax statutes were common knowledge at the time Tractor City was built and he went on to say that no other farm supply businesses were pushing for similar tax abatements.
As Mr. Sheddy exited the room, he expressed his displeasure at a resident being subjected to intimidation.
Commissioner Hilliard said the county was being placed in the impossible situation of trying to repair roads and, at the same time, relinquish tax money.
"That's a separate issue," Sheddy remarked. "I'm talking about intimidation."

© Copyright 2002-2005 by North Texas e-News, llc.

Mccoy, CO

#2 Jul 19, 2009
Go to ntxe-news to read the full story.

This article does not show the anger in Hillards eyes while verbally attacking this man. He needs to resign.
Just exactly who does he think he is??????????

If this were you or I, we would have been fired on the spot.

If he can't handle the job at hand, RESIGN!

Texarkana, AR

#3 Jul 19, 2009
Pat Hilliard has been an ass for years. Somehow TCOG just recognized him as "Citizen of the Year" for Fannin County! What the hell were they thinking?

This is not the first time he has shown how unprofessional and incompetent he is. For some reason the old gang in Dodd City and their little outlying areas keep voting for him in droves. Probably because he smooths their dirt roads for them. Woooo-weeeee!

Mccoy, CO

#4 Jul 24, 2009
Did anyone catch the radio show this morning regarding the plight of the Sheriff Dept only having 3 operational vehicles??
I would love to know what station it was on. I missed it.
I was wondering why 3 of the vehicles went to the shop (or were supposed to today).

It's offical, Ronnie Rhudy will be the Tax Assessor. I'm shocked, what kind of County Job will they find for Butch Henderson??

This is just WRONG.

I think the whole bunch need to be FIRED!!!!

Wilmer, TX

#5 Jul 26, 2009
I am glad that the commissioners FINALLY have to answer for their actions. The news forgot to mention that minutes later after turning down the request of Constable’s gas and the Fannin County Sheriff’s Department request to repair the ailing fleet. That the commissions approved Strickland’s request for $40,000 to purchase two used trucks and a used tractor (every precinct yard has numerous vehicles parked most of time), they were able to find money. Or, when Commissioner Strickland asked for two part-time employees to receive insurance, retirement, paid vacations and holidays; they found the money.
Let’s just get the facts out there...
**Strickland is about to make a run for the Sheriff’s position. If you have any questions on that ask him why he has been talking to TCLOSE about his Texas Peace Officers License. He has made it NO secret that he does not like the way the Sheriff’s Department is ran. Also, half of his employees are the ones the Kenneth Moore booted out the door in his 1st two years because they were not doing their jobs properly!
**Hillard has been telling everyone the past 3 years that this was his last term. This is not true he has now stated that he is going to be making another run in the upcoming election!
Someone in that pct. needs to step up and say no more!
**Barker is up for re-election and has made no bones about it. He stated he would bury anyone that ran against him and dig up any dirt on that person that would EVEN challenge him. I mean look what the man did to his daughter (DPS Trooper Barker) a few months ago when he turned the County Judge DWI story over to the Dallas News Station.
These commissioners are OUT OF CONTROL! They need to be stopped doing what they are doing to this county!

And, YES I think the Hillard needs to RESIGN! And, I think Cardile should have pressed charges on the man that came after him physically!

By the way, when you ask for the minutes of the meeting they cannot be found. KXII and KTEN have been asking for them the past two weeks!

Wilmer, TX

#6 Jul 26, 2009
Everyone needs to read the letter to the editor in the Bonham Journal!
Title: The Death of a County!
Date: July 24th 2009
The Death of a County
By John Ryan
Published: Friday, July 24, 2009 5:05 AM CDT
I preface this by saying I have no intention of running for County Commissioner, again! Also, I was not at the meeting I am about to write about, but have heard the same story from several in attendance, and I have requested the recorded record of the meeting.
At the last Commissioners’ meeting, July 13, Dave Cardile, owner of Tractor City, went before the Commissioners to request tax abatement. During the meeting, Bob Clemons, Constable from Leonard, requested $250 for gas to get him through October; the Commissioners told him to park the car. Bob uses his own vehicle, and has brought in over $35,000 to the County Coffers this year. Dave Cardile told Bob, he and Wayne Carroll from Fannin County Livestock Sale Barn, would donate the $250 to get him through October. The Fannin County Sheriff’s Dept had six cars out of service; the Commissioners told him there wasn’t money to fix his cars. Dave told Sheriff Moore to bring his cars to Tractor City, and he would donate the service and parts to the Sheriff’s dept. Dave said he should give back to the County. The deputies have to use their own vehicles to respond to calls! At this writing, one car has been put back on the road, and another is in Tractor City’s shop.
Now, when Mr. Cardile got up to give his presentation, Commissioner Pat Hilliard flat lost his cool. The out burst was unbelievable, very unprofessional, very rude, and would not have been accepted in other venue under any circumstances.
And while Commissioner Hilliard was trying to belittle and intimidate Mr. Cardile, you would have expected the County Judge to be taken back in astonishment, that a mature adult, a "representative" of the people, and serving public official, would treat a citizen in this manner. Instead, she sat and giggled like a school girl. This is our Commissioners’ Court.
The fact that they do or do not give Mr. Cardile tax abatement is irrelevant, however, it would be a smart business move! What is of great concern is that a citizen can be treated this way when doing nothing more than following procedure, and attempting to help out the county he/she resides in.
Of great concern is that the commissioners, who are each furnished a truck, much more truck than the job requires, and that they use these trucks for personal use, and that we the tax payers pay for all the maintenance, for all the gas, and all the insurance; that you will never see one of them parked due to not enough money for gas, or because they need work. Or, in the preceding meeting, when Commissioner Strickland asked for $40,000 to purchase two used trucks and a used tractor (every precinct yard has numerous vehicles parked most of time), they were able to find money. Or, when Commissioner Strickland asked for two part-time employees to receive insurance, retirement, paid vacations and holidays; they found the money.
There may be other circumstances surrounding Commissioner Hilliard’s out burst, but nothing would excuse it, or the actions of the court. I have requested the "unedited" recording of the July 13 Commissioners’ Meeting.

Wilmer, TX

#7 Jul 26, 2009
Here is the link to the letter...

Wilmer, TX

#8 Jul 26, 2009
Now is time for change…
Monday’s meeting is going to be interesting when Hillard has at stare in the eyes of the news cameras that are going to be there! Oh I wish I was able to attend to watch that man crawl out of there like the snake he is! He needs to go and he needs to go and he needs to go TODAY! And, he can take his buddies with him.

Kirksville, MO

#9 Jul 26, 2009
When the commissioner's court meets, you have the five least intelligent people in the courthouse sitting around a table.

Wilmer, TX

#10 Jul 26, 2009
Here is the link to the North Texas e-news

Greenville, TX

#11 Jul 26, 2009
Anonymous wrote:
When the commissioner's court meets, you have the five least intelligent people in the courthouse sitting around a table.
courthouse....or COUNTY?

Wilmer, TX

#12 Jul 26, 2009
TxRose wrote:
<quoted text>
courthouse....or COUNTY?
Wife of commissioner

Dallas, TX

#13 Jul 26, 2009
To anonymous #5 & #6
First, let me preface with everyone that has written about this meeting was NOT there. It does not matter how many times they have HEARD the same thing!!
Commissioner Strickland asked the courts' permission to purchase 2 trucks (no tractor) with the monies that are in his precinct budget coffers.
Commissioner Strickland did ask for part-time employees to receive retirement and vacation time, NOT insurance or holidays.
Just FYI, Commissioner Strickland is NOT about to make a run for the Sheriff's position, nor has he been talking to TCLOSE about anything in over two years.
Also, out of thirteen employees, one worked for the Sheriff's Dept., he is a certified jailer and runs Commissioner Strickland's inmate crew.
How do I know all of this? I am Commissioner Strickland's wife, and just in case anyone is in doubt of my claim, please feel free to give me a phone call. I am in the book, under my REAL name, not anonymous.
Debra Strickland
Concerned Tax Payer

Wilmer, TX

#14 Jul 26, 2009
OK, I understand that YOU agree that the commissioner did get his “trucks”$40,000 in trucks when the sheriff’s department TOTAL budget for car repair is $35,000 for the year – and this is the budget that YOUR husband voted on last year “$35,000” to keep 22 WELL used patrol and transport cars running! And ALL the law enforcement offices’ in Fannin County cannot get a dime until the “New” budget. Case in point Constable, Pct 2 request for an additional 100 gallons of gas. Thank God for good citizens like Dave Cardile to give to HIS county. But, it is really funny how commissioners can pad their budgets and just move line items around to make everything look on the up and up. Well, I don’t have the funds here so let’s pull from this line item so that I can get what I want. And, yes I have been in several of those meetings or reviewed several of the minutes when that take place.

And, Strickland has hired several employees from the sheriff’s office. They may no longer work there NOW, but he has giving ex-sheriff office employees jobs on several different occasions.

But, the main concern on this topic is Pat Hillard’s actions during a County Commissioners meeting. Which I noticed that you did not deny happened.

Things could be straightened up pretty quickly if those darn minutes could just be found.

By the way, this is called freedom of speech. I think I still live the in the USA where I can speak my mind about what I think. Maybe that law does not apply in Fannin County. It would not surprise me.

Texarkana, AR

#15 Jul 26, 2009

Do you agree with everyone that the commissioner's court has become an absolute joke and embarassment to the county?

Total disregard and disrespect for it's citizens.

Changes need to be made on that court, and it's way past time. We need more professional, open-minded people working with this budget and representing this county.

Fort Worth, TX

#16 Jul 27, 2009
I've never been more ashamed to live in a county before. I've also never seen a county sit back and watch itself committ suicide at the hands of elected officals.

United States

#17 Jul 27, 2009
who is rick sheedy?

Kirksville, MO

#18 Jul 27, 2009
Rick Sheddy is his name from the article I read. He's a property owner and citizen of Fannin County.

Greenville, TX

#19 Jul 27, 2009
I applaud both Mr. Ryan and Mr. Sheddy for standing up and voicing their opinions.

Fannin County Livestock and Tractor City are important to Fannin County, and should be given the requested abatement. We need to KEEP jobs and businesses in this county, not "run 'em off".

For those who aren't aware of some of the chances for industry that Fannin County has had over the past ....Bonham had the chance to have Campbell Soup and Kimberly Clark...but the BUBBA mentality nixed those two industries, and both went to Paris.

The BUBBA's needs to stand down, and allow Bonham and Fannin County to become prosperous again.

Texarkana, AR

#20 Jul 27, 2009
Who needs industry and jobs. We've got more pressing needs, like getting new tractors and shiney new culverts down roads that one person lives on!

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