Who is Dale McQueen?

Blue Ridge, TX

#81 Apr 21, 2010
Two misplaced words, just like a misplaced period instead of comma in a headline, and Rosey loses her mind. Have fun kissing Dale's stupid a$$, you verbally flatulant cow.

Carrollton, TX

#82 May 3, 2010
Has anyone heard if he got his required signatures to run for County Judge as an independant?

Caddo Mills, TX

#83 May 3, 2010
Gawd, I hope not, but interestingly he has been seen at public events with Eileen Cox, all chummy like.

Greenville, TX

#84 May 3, 2010
nope wrote:
Gawd, I hope not, but interestingly he has been seen at public events with Eileen Cox, all chummy like.
Tells you something about his character ( and common sense ) doesn't it?
I know

Caddo Mills, TX

#85 May 10, 2010
who is Dale McQueen? The most negative and hateful human in Fannin County. He contributes nothing, does nothing but tear down what others try to do, and is just a big mouth with a little mind. He is, without doubt, a cancer on civilization, a self centered hater of all things good and right, and I doubt has a personal relationship with the Lord, as there is no evidence to the contrary.
Hee Hee

Caddo Mills, TX

#86 Jun 20, 2010
Heard Dogged Dale got about 30 signatures. Looks like the short schoolbus may need to be a little longer. I want to know who those folks are, so they can be avoided.

Question: why does this nutcase continue in his crusade of destructive self promotion? Can't someone tell him his "leadership" isn't wanted or needed? Fannin County needs hopeful, innovative, forward looking people, and it looks like all but 30 folks know McQueen doesn't fit the bill.

Maybe since there is a new animal shelter coming, Dale could run for dog catcher....nah, to much integrity required.

Greenville, TX

#87 Sep 21, 2010
Heard Tom Turner is now a Dale Desciple. He and Dale came into a meeting for the railroad today wanting to know where the money for a 20million dollar grant went to, and accused the train owner of taking some of the money. Trouble is, no grant like that has been awarded to anyone...where does he come up with his rants?

Texarkana, AR

#88 Sep 21, 2010
McQueen and Turner are not the stupid people some try to make them out to be. They just see things as they are, using some logic, gosh logic cannot be tolerated. Maybe a grant hasn't been awarded at this time but there is definitely something to individuals looking to profit from the infamous railroad project. Why else would anybody think a railroad, very costly, would be a benefit to this place? So many other things are needed before a ton of money is spent of the railroad. One more reason people with common sense and some business experience need to be making the important decisions affecting this community.

Texarkana, AR

#89 Sep 22, 2010
Business experience or not, sounds like they need to get their facts straight if they are going to try and be watchdogs.

Texarkana, AR

#90 Sep 22, 2010
They get the overall picture at least which is most important.

Greenville, TX

#91 Sep 22, 2010
The overall picture? The only project in Fannin county that has people's support from both sides of the political fence, and the only thing that holds a glimmer of hope to bring jobs and economic activity to Fannin, and they have the overall picture? What is the overall picture? A wrongfully exonerated,likely criminal, negative nutjob, with, nothing, nothing to contribute, and has never contributed, and never will. If you have more of the picture, let us know. He doesn't even live in his district, but has supported Strong, only because Hilliard has had the guts to tell the world what a waste of space McQueen is.
Dale McQueen
#92 Sep 22, 2010
Having made a presentation before the monthly railboard on Tuesday 9/21/2010 I have again stirred up all the individuals who have an agenda that has nothing to do with the facts. Having been before some of the county meetings before I know to have a detailed, fact supported presentation whereby anyone who chooses can read where my information came from. The 21st was no different and I made it very clear upfront that I was going to read a one page agenda before the commission and would not take over 2 minutes of their time. The agenda I read is below if the admin. of the site allows it to post or you can call up the rail board yourself and see an exact copy as I gave them one that must go into their files also. You can also go to http://www.thevoiceoffannincounty.com/images/... and read the entire presentation as well as the facts supporting it that were obtained from the Rail Boards own files under a Texas Public information act. Many of the comments appear to just be what has turned into the political classes chant across the country in that if you disagree with them in anyway you are stupid and just don't understand, that if you leave all decisions to them it will be fine.
The presentation is below:
In response to your agenda for today I would like to make the following statements on a point by point basis:
Item #6: Mr. Grigsby of the Reader Railroad made his intentions clear in an August 14, 2010 interview with the Texarkana Gazette that he is going to work on getting his tourist railroad back up and going within the next three years in Reader, Arkansas. Hopefully he can overcome the safety obstacles that shut him down in 1991 that were outlined in his own words in the Arkansas Railroader of August 1991.
Item #7: In regards to resubmitting a new Tiger grant it would likely be very informative to the Grant administrators in regard to the role the Reader railroad has had in the determination of what numbers need to be in the grant request in order for them to benefit in the best possible way. Asking Mr. Grigsby and Mr. Templin to look over the grant request so that they might give suggestions is a breach of ethics in regards to the taxpayers as they would directly benefit from a successful grant.(If a board member did this they could be terminated and face legal consequences for their actions with no protection from their liability insurance policy Ė hopefully the same will apply to the board member who willingly requested this information from individuals who would benefit)
Item #9: You need to get a mailbox whereby I will have a proper address for the State of Texas and the Federal government to contact you concerning Item #7 above.
Item #11: In regards to a UDSA grant you have already received a $175,000 grant of which you only created 2 jobs for a total of $93,030 worth of work on the portion of the rail line from MP 94 to MP 117 (to Windom) of which you have no intention of using for your supposed tourist train. Of the remaining you spent some on legal fees and $60,450 on crossties. How this created the number of jobs that were supposed to be created is beyond me.
Additional Item that should have been on the agenda: I have contacted your insurance company to let them know that you are not actually wanting to have insurance on a supposed Railroad and Shop Operation and Maintenance program with a reported payroll of $7,500 (which you donít actually have) per year but that you needed the policy to meet a TXDOT requirement in order to keep your lease intact. Your actual plans as outlined in a letter to Allen Lambright are to use free labor from a county commissioner and TDJC inmates to do work on the railroad. This might make them re-look at the policy they sold you.

Thank you,

Dale McQueen

Greenville, TX

#93 Sep 22, 2010
wow. after you destroy the railroad with misrepresentations of facts and outright lies, can you please have the old courthouse torn down? and bulldoze Lake Fannin Park, turn Powder Creek Park into a landfill, and lease the multiuse center for hazardous waste storage? Your vision for Fannin County is a breathtaking vista of decay and despair. Can't really wait until you get to shake hands with your father Satin in Hell. Lying criminal.
This Place

Texarkana, AR

#94 Sep 22, 2010
Huh, you must be the voice of Fannin County, not Mr. McQueen. How many people in positions of leadership in Bonham and Fannin county would not have serious criminal charges against them if it were not for the loopholes and the "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" mentality. This is so sad that when people(and there are many), disagree with you, they are then crazy criminals who do not belong. It has to be your way or no way. Hopefully, citizens are beginning to see the light.
Dale McQueen
#95 Sep 22, 2010
It's amazing what a few real facts and information can do to in regards to all of Huh's comments above. Huh has no facts that can actually stand a little sun light exposed on them so they just run everything down based on their own petty mindset. The writer might actually want to read the facts themselves but based on the hate displayed I have to assume that they already know most of the actual facts but choose to ignore them.

Texarkana, AR

#96 Sep 23, 2010
Looks like a bunch of crap that no one cares about. Dale, why don't you run for office if you are so interested in all of this stuff?

Greenville, TX

#97 Sep 23, 2010
to run for office you have to tell the world what you are FOR, and not just what you are AGAINST. The only thing Dale is for is Dale.
abunchofdonothin gidiots
#98 Sep 23, 2010
If any of you keyboard warriors had any balls you would put up or shut up.
I congratulate and encourage Mr. McQueen to keep bringing to the surface the questionable numbers and facts our county claims to be true and so often are not. His efforts to expose the Fannin County bureaucracy are un matched in this county. If you disagree please tell me of any other person who has so publicly questioned our elected officials. Many of you whine on here but are far to gut less to identify yourself.
If one of you computer Rambo's have the guts make YOURSELF PUBLIC and refute McQueen's facts do so... please. Still waiting...
I commend this man for taking action and standing up for what he believes in. If maybe just one percent of our citizens were as involved as Dale McQueen (no matter what side they are on) this surely would be a better place to live.

Texarkana, AR

#99 Sep 23, 2010
Dale is one of those that whines about any money being spent, yet never once has proposed how to pay for everything without spending money. Apparently he thinks the world still evolves around the barter system of animal pelts and magic beans.

Texarkana, AR

#100 Sep 23, 2010
Thank you for abunchof do nothingidiots. You hit the nail on the head. Mr. McQueen just tells it like it is, may not have used all the tact in the world, but at least hasn't refused to put his name on here. He also hits the nail on the head and these morons can't stand it. Keep doing just what you're doing, however, you may have to kiss their butts a little along the way. You are suppose to honor and revere them, tell them how wonderful they are, play the game, what a laugh. You are not off base and many people know that, just haven't been brave enough to speak out the way you do. I commend you also. The reason you have griped is because there is a lot to be unhappy about. None of the so called leaders will listen to anyone, that's why nothing ever gets done in a logical and positive way.

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