if you look up.. its gonna hurt

if you look up.. its gonna hurt

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Kankakee, IL

#2 Feb 21, 2011
i suppose people seem to think that the most sensitive persons are okay to be tortured and their personality ruined while waiting for a higher percentage of society to wake up and realize there is a problem.

perhaps i get a job and spend my money on a way out of this mess.
and it wont be a new high definition television.. because why bother when there is next to nothing to display on the screen.

it wont be a new phone, because why bother when people are insensitive and/or rude.

it wont be a new computer, because why bother when the entire system is designed to take your money and offer very little in return (can be said for 'aftermarket' software)

the government has lost their ethics.
people have nobody to look up to for inspiration and/or leadership.
and therefore i see it as a downward spiral for all of us when teachers are miserable and not doing their job 100%
you go to spend your money on something and have to battle all collisions between you, your purchase, and a selling scheme in black and white on paper.

it seems like the only thing that the government has a solid structure on is the tax revenue and all of the ways they plan on publicising a 'roller coaster soap opera drama' to the public.

what about the people who were already miserable before all of this 'system' rolled out?

there's no reason to be under water and holding your breath when you know good and well that there is nothing for you once you get your head above water.

you dare play the game of life and take a chance on stumbling across something special??!
first of all, your odds are low.
and what you do have to sift through are a bunch of hyper-active individuals who are insensitive and irrational.
maybe they were born that way, maybe the economy has 'shaped' them into such a monster.

you'd think that the government has this master plan to help straighten your life out AFTER you snap and find yourself in jail.
but even then, i would hold the government accountable for baiting us.

every single time i talk to somebody or some organization that advertises help, they turn out to be some undercover government agent that is trained to go on and on and on about how they cant do anything about it.
some more rude than others.

i'm sick and tired of wasting my breath talking about where the pain comes from.
doesnt seem to solve anything.

there isnt enough music, movies, xxx content to download that compensates for being in agony.

Kankakee, IL

#3 Feb 21, 2011
it has come to the sad conclusion that there are countless number of people who are willing to interfere with your life for the sake of harm.

being interrupted while trying to do someething and completely lose your train of thought ever?

what about being faced with small civil problems that are too small to be heard in court?
they might be small and wont be heard, but as time goes on and the small things continue to fall onto your lap.. its hard to say that those things dont add up to something more.

i mean, i have a neighbor in this apartment building that coughs and gags as if he is sticking his finger down his throat about 20 times a day.

my rental contract says 'resident shall not violate any government law in the use of the premises, commit waste or nuisance, annoy, molest or interfere with any other resident or neighbor'

cringing at the sound is annoyance.
trembling from listening to it over the course of 2-3 minutes is nuisance.

but the landlord says 'i am not going to do anything about it.. you are free to call the police'

and the police are indecent and rude each and every time i talk to them.
they never told me that there is no policy to obtain anything towards disturbing the peace, unless it involves loud music.
which is a direct lie considering those that scream and shout can be arrested for nuisance.
but listening to someone gag as they stick their finger down their throat doesnt strike them as problematic.

the cop says enraging things like 'am i a cop?'
promoting abuse and intellectual retardation.
then she felt that she had the right to ban me from ever returning to the police station.
thats like a bank banning you from the lobby and using the drive through, but you can keep your account.

wasnt allowed a referral to seek a court order when asked to setup (at the very least) a microphone to record evidence.

no care in the world is what i see.
Charlie Sheenie

Fremont, CA

#4 Mar 1, 2011
Charlie Sheen?

Kankakee, IL

#5 Mar 4, 2011
aw jeez,
i cannot believe my post about the obnoxious traffic light timing is missing.

i think the lights are decent during the day.. and everybody is doing 40mph during the day.. and everybody gets punished at night when the lights switch to a different priority system.

i dont see how everybody can be driving that fast when there are two very important reasons that make driving that fast an irrational decision.

first of all..
the driveways and entrances that connect a business to the road are not designed for a fast entrance.
sure, sometimes it can be done when there isnt any cars waiting to exit.
but most of the time we have to slow down to 20 - 15 mph so that we can turn in without taking a chance of being rear-ended by the car behind us.

the second thing..
our brakes dont reflect the technological change that the electronics industry has seen.
there are some cars that will slow down really quick.
but there are still a lot of vehicles that have obnoxious brakes, regardless of whether they use a disc or drum.

a lot of these cars refuse to slow down quite a lot compared to other cars that do slow down quickly.

besides, if you slow down quickly, you are always taking a risk of the car behind you not slowing down fast enough and slamming into the rear of your vehicle.

you would have a split case between failing to yield to avoid an accident OR driving reckless because you slowed down way too fast.

yes, it all boils down to the car in the very front being an obstruction.
but you cant hold them accountable when they slow down to take a turn because the turn isnt optimized for high speed entrance.

we have to make a full 90 degree turn.
and there is a good chance that it wont change because people will take a 'shaved' corner too fast in the winter and slide into another car at the intersection.

perhaps we wouldnt drive 40 mph if the traffic lights werent annoying and forcing us to stop every two or three blocks.

when you are flat broke.. it gets easier to realize these things.
you start to look around you and sniffle because you see everybody getting their brakes wasted.
the gas that is required to bring your vehicle up to speed from a stop is a magnitude more than holding a speed.

i also sniffle when i watch cars in front of me hit a bump, one after another as if they are waiting in line at six flags great america.

we dont have health care for all of the small important details.
hit or miss

Kankakee, IL

#8 Jan 7, 2013
Hey Bobby do us favor, move out of your parents basement.

“People??? Really???”

Since: Jan 13

None ya business

#9 Jan 7, 2013
I fully get what your saying but doig nothing is part of the problem. Answers and solutions start yes with vocalizing the issues at hand but when thats all you do nothing is fixed. We must stand up as a group to get changes to be made. With out numbers its just a bunch of internet peeps bitching about how life sucks vs those who actually get off the pc and go fight for something! No matter what odds, obstacles they face.

Kankakee, IL

#10 Jan 12, 2013
i dont know that we need to stand up, and i also am not convinced we need to start the focus as a group participation required style of introduction.. because that simply leaves an extra connection more than necessary.

sometimes we cant say 'i think' because of the disassociation it does.
when rushing along completing one thing after another, there isnt room for imperfections.. and imperfections are not how to move forward progressing.
let it be known there is a difference between imperfect & unique.
a prime example of this is any response you hear from a husband or wife, it might not be perfect.. but the situation yields to error since there really isnt any, thanks to no right from wrong necessary ..and thus a lack of perfect can still come without error, creating the spot for unique.

it isn't ethical to clean things up around you without evidence, and once you dive into the realm of evidence.. people demand their past be brought up to scale their persona, and there is room to go the extra step claiming there is much inside that hasnt been said or cant immediately be said.

it's the difference between lawyer and attorney.
the attorney is supposed to conversate with the person, or at least give an inbox to send the thoughts (hopefully organized).
they really allow the opportunity for a judge to grow lazy since the judge can go through the day comparable to playing a game of cards swiftly.
and that is where emotions get lost, because of isolation bringing up energy resembling 'unwanted' or 'unwelcome' on top of a time of crisis.

lawyers on the other hand get in there with their list of rules and are able to feed responses about what portions are in favor and what other portions are problematic.

when the opportunity shows itself as prevention or cleaning up after the mess has been made, allowing situations to grow fragile without safety is a key point.
there's pages of reasons to make a person think twice before prosecuting another person.
yet the pages of prevention seem to show up as missing.
and we all sweat in the heat of frustration, yet the large average isnt willing to move forward without motivation.

i know it myself all too well about charging up something only to see the charged up energy come back and zap me at the sake of the other half of the equation involved.

kinda like everybody living under a rock and it is plenty safe to come out, but noboody goes first and thus the whole crowd doesnt come up from those rocks as the few that refuse to stay get up and go.. but not enough energy as a crowd for everybody else to climb out.

i see a group of wrong people capable of doing more harm than a single individual on the correct course.

i see a group of people on the correct course making large progress, but failing to finalize the situation on a plus side.. thus allowing the emotional melting to happen all over again.
because i view it like a melted sag, and trying to shove a stick up the bottom to lift the sag.. it is a matter of what makes the stick valuable or worthless.
because the stick with obstacles to stay standing is an entirely different thing when the stick doesnt have any obstacles, but the melted sag refuses to lift up like a tent because the tip of the tent is very sharply folded.
an example would be the difference between stiff wool and soft silk.

counting and bitching can lead to cardiac arrest or other health issues, but the tax|assault around you would be in line with being organized.
getting off of the computer simply gives an opportunity to place your view onto something else, but it doesnt say the view was in the wrong place the first time.
it also doesnt say anything about how getting off the pc simply doesnt change the way life pours in like a flood.

you cant just go out in public and feel welcomed by a total stranger as you stand around talking.
they are out there to sell something and the stink of the day is stubborn to budge, to the point of electrical violence intellectually.

Kankakee, IL

#11 Jan 12, 2013
it's like getting a grip is only going to embarass the young child, or embarass the adult because the grip grabbed wasnt long or strong enough (and sometimes a mixture of both).

you can't just go out there and fight using a window of view that doesnt represent a person enough.

gotta take into account all opportunities of being monitored, as there is critical data to speak.
it is very easy to find oneself trying to pin life down to a stop, only to be pushed back by the explosion of facts previously unknown as they aid to the rationality of said person's future.

kinda like being underwater unable to breathe and your eyes start to swell up, and then you get a ticket because your eyeballs swelled up.. and that stink smells like one bad thing happening, opening up opportunity for another bad thing to happen and the opportunity was used.. and in the end the person feels blind-sided by bullying from a lack of organized effort quite comparable to the inflation inside all of us we call a consciousness.

when there is a responsibility to gather up information about what the town is and where it is going, you know it holds true because they have to watch for food viruses and other chemical outbreaks.
that bit of insight stretches all the way to electrical outbreaks, no matter if they are positive progress, neutral progress, or negative progress.
a whole lot of data that can resemble different things if taken into view on more than one account.. therefore far too easy to say something about losing integrity because a person was sitting at some console doing manual investigation work.
because we know that person cant stay there forever to continue rewinding without a good reason, especially if they are needed elsewhere.
and we also know people enjoy absorbing at their own pace & depth.

to say something like 'help clean up by going out there and fighting'.. sometimes helping is simply not adding further to a problem, only to find out all the effort you put in got yourself into more embarassing trouble than victory.

when the teams do set up, you should be able to see here why there are different levels of cognitive function, and how that can be the key lack of function necessary to complete a circle of life with satisfaction's presence.
if not satisfaction, completion.. restitution.. finalization.
because all too often people can find an insight reason to move on, however when they dont gather everything.. the reason to move on floats back and forth between rational & error.

now to say something about repeat offenders, you are probably like 'how on earth is this person still getting away with their ways?'
to say something about that,
maybe those that know are wondering who deserves a receipt if the person get's prosecuted.
maybe they are wondering who deserves to do the prosecuting.
maybe it is taking too long to process rational progress with said person.
maybe the person is doing something unknown to people that is just enough to keep them in the clear.

life is sophisticated enough to suck from a person without the person able to give back, because of reasons of sanity.

i think everybody could agree the pain not knowing if the person deserves less but hasnt been accounted for, compared to additionally counting the number of times said person has upset fundamentals.

i've already leaned back and began thoughting about people getting prosecuted electronically.. whether it be some signal sent to their house, or some wireless connection zapping their vehicle.
there is a lot of funky toys out there in the world that could break.
and there are more twisted (perhaps simply aged) minds than the electronics industry.

Kankakee, IL

#12 Jan 12, 2013
wanting revenge stems right along to not wanting a problem to happen again, but that doesnt say the person not wanting the problem does anything in the week to avoid hypocrisy.
not everybody is accurate with their complaints.
and now the complaint might be valid, yet not accurate because more to the story exists & wasnt acknowledged.

people go as far as radiating body energy not spoken about.. and it's true because they dont say much about the system's that monitor emotions, thoughts, muscle movements.

reporting what can already be reported doesnt speed things up any faster for the team doing data logging.

the future upon us is still questionable to many people as to whether it is based on honesty or some game that trims the truth.

and when the whole essence of the toys gets brought into view, it is a matter of who plays with the toys & where they are allowed to roam around freely.
the gift to be able to pick up the phone and talk to another person and help them vision something that wasnt anywhere in sight, only to be suffocated by business policy that prevents interpersonal contact.. well it causes anxiety that can cause a person to lay down a harder blanket than initially wanted.
when the person has the power to make room for a landing of new information, as well as lay down a blanket.. how hard or soft, as well as how much room was made, can become unstable.
walking away from something less than mature progress is daunting, as it hinders the next performance.

being able to read thoughts or emotions from a circuit, all the way to being able to lay down in bed and draw with your thoughts and|or eyeballs .. and being able to connect to your husband or wife as if a telephone call, if only people were mature enough to register for such a device.
there isnt much in the world to count, as hysterical as it sounds considering all there is in the world to accept as an existance and absorb the existance when counted.

people easily get tensed up as they speak about 'that is all there is'
because it is the same thing that can make a breath-taking sunrise or sunset seem less intense or valuable.

society needs to realize just how plain & simple those high-tech devices are, because yes there is a time period when people absorb.. since some are more mature and rich than others, but that doesnt have any place to get in the way when testing takes longer than a few decades.

we dont need to think about war to get those adorable electronics installed, we can instead think about ourselves selfishly as is healthy.. because there are a lot of selfish people out there that dont go far enough in that direction to avoid the embarassment sometimes lingering in the media.

people think there is pain now, yet the tools arent all that impressive compared to the beauty of life they put on the store shelves.
the list of technology is long, but intelligence as a species is a split figure openly shown in the movies.. and i imagine that is where there will be more showings.

if you can't be there with a reason, then the best thing to do is record it for other people to tour.
because even then, there is always a divide about what is shown to the public on the screen compared to what is readily taking place out in the streets of life as high practice.

the government can gamble with hope of respect, or demand it with rational reason.

any brain wiz can right up a tax market that places a price on every single thing, only to adjust it by subtracting things here and there and adding some since the full list wasnt used .. and then finally adjusting how it gets used internally.
that is a game of numbers for people who enjoy revenue as if it is emotional contact with eachother.
but it doesnt say much about all the emotional distortion in the place when the money was exchanged.

the four points of life are:
1. life at home
2. life at work
3. life in public
4. life while resting|playing

people are in control and you want distortion removed, distortion existed

Kankakee, IL

#13 Jan 12, 2013
if distortion exists casually, you would be sane to think it might come again.
whatever reason to stick around and wait to see if the distortion clears up any .. well that is how friends become trustees, because they are there supporting you.. and that means the friend's existance makes a statement about the other person deserving more opportunity to clear up distortion.
because sometimes people go above and beyond clearing up the distortion as they move into addition.
but not everybody has friends, and not everybody travels with friends in public.

you know what care is when the person is happy from deep inside of themselves.
what makes them happy could be sane or criminal, but we all want to hope that the person was screened during the interview.
a person that has a reason to be happy is usually poised with information.
otherwise the person is there to win themselves an award for physical labor, or the sport of suffocating & steering thought as exploitation rather than communicating reason and sensibility.

people being insensitive looks like highlighted byproduct of any effort to clean up civilization.
sure people can make music and beg for happiness, and people might start singing and dancing.. but that doesnt mean the source of the problem was repaired and prevented from happening again.
same thing can be said for the movie industry, or any entertainment industry as a matter of fact.

lots of people have children, and therefore it is within those equations to stay clean and pump their minds with information to allow them to live more relaxed and knowledgeable to gain the peace of mind from maturity.
that somewhat highlights the collision about cleaning, because it is expected|hoped that those households are already clean.
but not everybody has children.

wanting a person cleaned or some thing?
i dont see why a person cant hold a conversation with themselves and talk about why it is bothering them.
it's healthy if you are taking the time to mentally view anyways.. you just say why it is bothersome and move on.
the computer could analyze your words and agree, then the whole entire future's technology could activate.

if we dont get a receipt, then that tycoons us forward again.
life can be beautiful like that where it just keeps pumping out a reason to live.
its about finding it, counting it, and knowing how to hold on as the roller coaster tracks move your energy about.

we dont get a receipt because then the list of ways isnt known to anybody.
but i'm not one to say the list of things to block obviously has a graphed chart with pages of math per selection chosen.
to say the average list commonly looked upon compared to the more extravagant.

i dont think people need to share, but i think they could feel better if they earned and avoided distortion.

you ever get to compare life like speakers,
for most of us.. there is a time when we dont know of any better simply because better hasnt gifted it's existance in front of us ever before in our lives.

and that is a room for a period where going back can be extrenuated, to say something about history and what it was really like.

there is a lot of houses that got a 100 year bump in the real estate listing.

just think about what it was like 100 years ago and how nobody can talk about it if they werent there.
makes any sane person want to grab an old person and get some story out of them.
because all too many times there are places in life we never ever go to and it is way different were we are, but when we see a picture of the place we never ever go to.. we dont hunt for pictures where everybody else was at that didnt want to be wherever popular place was photographed.

see it is a matter of selection when dishing out platters to the economy.
and when you frame your view onto the alternative lifestyles in a picture, it is much the same of the platters i said something about.

Bourbonnais, IL

#14 Aug 19, 2013
he is sucken on aid eating his babys food he cant even bye a flywheel 4 his van

Bourbonnais, IL

#15 Aug 19, 2013
a flywheel less than 150$ what your ball should be cut off and stop u from breeding
we put are selfs beside

Bourbonnais, IL

#16 Sep 20, 2013
lol broke van siting by dead rr traks

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