Why is the food quality in Kankakee s...

Why is the food quality in Kankakee so poor?

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Kankakee, IL

#1 Mar 15, 2013
Why do place like Boz hot dogs survive? The food is crap. Ever go to Chicago and have a real Italian beef? Boz does not serve authentic Italian beefs made the Chicago way.

Other places that are horrible are Monicals. That sweet sauce they have is just plain disgusting. If I wanted to put sugar on my pizza, I'd just grab a packet and pour it on there lol. You can keep it.

How can these places survive when they serve crap?

Kankakee, IL

#3 Mar 16, 2013
Good one Mugsy lol. The Cafeteria at BBCHS or Coyote Canyon? LOL

Kankakee, IL

#4 Mar 17, 2013
from a chemistry viewpoint,
remember the 1980's ingredients were often like little twinkles of flavor, kinda like putting a grain of salt on your tongue and each one was different taste & energy.

remember there is always a divide about what is capable and what the general consumers get blanketed with, and if you somehow are confused.. always remember there is the consumer layer and a military layer (not to say the military is getting the superior treatment, but it does exist).

with that said,
food came quite a ways since the 1980's
as horrid & stupid as it sounds, think about some diner food.. because honestly the recipes taste bland enough to make you consider the age of the recipe as more than 20 or 30 years old.

what happens is something works quite well without much side-effect , until the time when the side-effect is simply the existance in it's dull form having been the same for far too long.
kinda like saying, look at the human species as an average (everybody has fingers, everybody has arms) and thus food that is exceptionally aimed towards those averages allows the food to stay around for a long time.

there are things about the food industry that get upgraded as an entire whole.
if there is any military use within the food, the 'low-level' needs to be re-mapped into the industry as a grid design (as does most things).

people talk about guns in public, because they aren't awake on the dangers of chemicals at the grocery store.
everything on the grocery store shelves needs an update (or at least loses effectiveness) when the food industry improves.
new training throughout the field of secret service & military (and whatever else you want to call 'em) to adapt to the new recipes.

some learn flavor isn't always the thing that gives your body energy, not that it is enjoyable.. but worthy of note since all of the talk about MIT and uber genius think-tanks that pretty much ended in the 1990's.

it sounds kinda simple because it is, but with all simple steps forward there is criteria of pain and sorrow that must be pertained to - for example, strong-willed individuals suffering from disaster recently discovered while learning something new.

again, of the sparks flying & ignition of flameable content causing a slow of progress.
but go out into public and listen to the attitudes of people, that should help explain flameable & problems with sparks.

i too get upset thinking about chewing on a 50-100 year old recipe.
i also figure the entire garden provider must be willing to grow & sell sensibly to allow businesses to add to their recipes while continuing to make a profit.
it can be said that the garden can be what causes corporations to go bankrupt if nobody else is willing to sell the needed ingrediants.
not that anybody really should be claiming ownership of the garden since we all walk the same planet, but not all janitors are on payroll when they start cleaning.

i've had complaint about the food going down like cardboard for a good decade.
and before the change in the 1990's.. i also complained about the food.

when you think about all the molecular structures being broken down into tiny pieces, viewing that from the top looks beyond seriously complicated.
but people live & they put in their vote as to what the next order needs to be.
the math of the grid design simply extends those tracks and bends them in the right (or wrong) direction.

there was a large focus on helping the human species evolve the last time.
but if we continue to keep aiming at the bottom lowest end while neglecting & torturing the top, positivity goes from shame & embarassment to growing pockets (or bubbles) of psychotic rooms.

the highest priority is always evolve & prevent psychotic rooms within people.
because if money is what allowed people to evolve, then it wouldn't be fair.
if money was the key indication of power & fame, then the richest people on the planet would always be a target.. as well as a victim of pirates (small or large).

Kankakee, IL

#5 Mar 17, 2013
one must always view the grid as enjoyable,
because within the multiple layers of the grids, a single unity forms - called direction.

but one must always view pros with cons & count them in their full quantity.

why would anybody leave out some quantity?
money, power, fame have been the three biggest key providers for a long time.

you know good & well the amnesty when you look into a person's character & fear sets in.
to make a planet more diverse, the allowance of chemical makeup within people are allowed to extend to far limits.
then to keep those limits from causing distortion, they put in place a system to keep the magnetic energy isolated from eachother.
that amounts to not being able to evolve with spirit from another person, as well as not being able to evolve by hunting down some food that your body absorbs well.
within those two counts, life certainly begins to look as if things are pointless or hopeless.
then add to that the economy that neglects & tortures & berates people every single day..'as if'(certain for some of you) begins to extend to deeper certainty.

it is true, two things can flip-flop back and forth to form a walk, while three things can form a triangle to rotate.
the saddest part is the realization of those shapes in planetary execution, because two triangles in contact with eachother as gears have the large gaps inbetween the points as they rotate.
walking with two pieces is nothing more than a lack of sanity, because sensibility clearly defines this:
if you've got two pieces to walk with, your lead foot is only as strong as the room to move that foot outwards and make the step complete by moving your body.

within the realm of oppression and slavery, as long as the rest of the pool is stiff - the person looking to walk is going to be met with high amounts of tension appearing as if impossible.
and quite frankly it is a valid equation with valid purpose & value.
see, when you look at the 1990's with all the emotional problems causing violence & confusion .. it was also a said time when the youngest child could easily realize there was a mixture of international races coming together as one community.
therefore, to suppress emotional problems - simply isolating them into a sense of security helps ease emotional problem, but downside to that is - not only is it anger & rage or depression & sadness .. but also enjoyment & happiness as well, since all of those are in the same criteria of passion.

where it gets more complicated is when considering any criminals remaining involved & participating in the grid, because inevitably there would be a reason for said criminals to be within their own hive of value in|of the grid.
it is only a matter of purpose as to where & why, as well as seen or unseen (known or unknown) leading to the allowance & permissable existance.

in a day & age where people's nerves can be used as circuit traces, i can tell you reasons not to fear & reasons to fear.
(and before that it was hypnosis)

sometimes the saddest part of being a parent is controlling somebody (or something).

but within that context comes the desire to see peace, to allow the innocence to grow without burden.

IF people were turned into a robot, their criminal history would continue to exist - simply to work as a net to catch other criminals.
that valid fact can never-ever die, because if a criminal walks & looks like a criminal - but acts like an angel, then natural judgement of love at first sight begins to grow gay.. something not tolerable because of the huge catastrophic consequences needing insurance.

instead, the bot would view other bots for criminal contact.. and then the only worry is being lead on by the bot into thinking there is room for doubt as to whether it is safe being around the person or not.
but that really stems back to love at first sight and choosing to use it or not.

there really isn't a simple end in life when worried about wrongful prosecution of such a high tier, but i know how.

Kankakee, IL

#6 Mar 18, 2013
because of clones, it is easier to replace a person in life..
i know the first amount of worry is 'where did my baby go?'
i know the second amount of worry is 'what if they come back?'
and the third worry is 'how do i know?'

well the first question is quite simple really, and some people are going to be more upset with what i am about to say than hearing about robots.
if you had the opportunity to build a ride, kinda like something at universal studios florida, would you entertain people or throw in some education?
..and if you could throw in some education, would you build such a ride for the single purpose of education?
the answer there is yes.
what would a person ever come to find after building such a thing?
simple really,
when people are being held accountable for their crimes in a training course, their body starts to thirst for the pieces missing.. and without feeding them those pieces, they simply wont learn.
all the gore starts to happen, with twitching & vomiting.
..but there is also the question as to whether you teach the body how to re-create the missing pieces to burn as fuel later, or simply feed them the pieces necessary to absorb the data and leave it rest there.

when you run the training exercise enough times, you know the person isnt always willing to go forward, and your first instinct is to satisfy the person to get them further down the track.
the easy approach to a beginner is entertainment, or just enough happiness to get the person willing to continue moving forward.
but from there you realize you could use math to induce a person towards the next step, as if hanging a piece of meat in front of an animal to ride on the back of it while moving forward.

well with that much power in the math, because seriously.. all math gets done & it stays done - there is new worry about the power of said math in the hands of abusers.
but there is also worry about the power of said math in a list much longer|different than abusers, because there is also room to say something for the scared, or the sad, or the angry, or the gay, or the _____.

in the face of insurance, why is there reason to be more angry at that than the bots themselves you ask?
because the training & parenting isnt happening in the public schools, since people still believe parents are given the opportunity to raise a child to avoid growing up to be criminal.
the truth is, it takes a team to raise a child when the person is empty inside.. but said team is atrocious, if it can even be considered a formed team.
the school system seems to have two different classes, the high-class and the low-class.
it is certainly not fair to keep the high-class education at home where the child is home schooled amongst a 'society' of intelligence, because it simply shows the unwilling passion to keep said intelligence isolated from innocent potential.
that is how a menu to the world suddenly vanishes, and thus the result of such equation.
it always comes back to the workforce, where people complain about not enough manpower or math to keep cleaning the world.
you see evidence at school when the classroom size is too big.
you see evidence when you ask questions about specifics & all you get is a pimple-faced teenager not giving you an answer.

Kankakee, IL

#7 Mar 18, 2013
there are two paths in life:
1. driven by hate
2. driven by love

either one can keep tension high, but it takes natural passion to control love simply because the correct answer isn't well absorbed for whatever reason.
hate is easier because the rewards are easier to comprehend, but love works the same exact way as long as the rewards are comprehendible.
it's clear & obvious hate can be controlled by natural passion, but the irregular portion is where hate is rejected because of morale views & the magnet fight of opposition is overwhelming, thus leeching on time .. leading to leeching on money, power, fame.. causing the hate to become ever-more thirsty, yet poised to grow more help - stuck in a conundrum.

with hate, math is always the enemy.. because too much of it will bring love.
there is always the wanting desire to keep power out of the hands of the abusers.
but there is enough math to keep it organized, there has been enough math to keep it organized long & well enough to form a sanity test .. because bad meat hanging from the bones is always something to clean.

in a perfect world, people go out into life making money in a way they are completely satisfied with.
in hell, the right to make money in a way they are completely satisfied with is taken away for whatever reason.

see it always starts like this..
first comes the money to help other people, then the power to help not only comes from the ability to know what to do - but also the tools necessary to complete the job.
from there fame is viewed as a job complete without error, completely obliterating the possibility of allowing fame to be nothing more than who was chosen to complete the job.
..you see, that right there is indeed the certain fact where problems are faced today.
because there is a lot of effort put into allowing international evolution, without any reward from it other than being able to stand next to somebody & absorb the time.. but with the economy constantly keeping people oppressed into slavery, the natural ability to rise to fame is convoluted within the design of the grid.
thus those participating to keep the design of the grid active are certainly guilty.

it doesn't matter how long we sleep, it doesn't matter how many hours we work at a job, what does matter is the job gets done & people are healthy.
health has been said to come from a feeling of organization & team effort.. thus the reason time has been forced upon us with its schedule .. but truth be told, it isn't absolutely necessary.
from there, sleeping & working within the design of the grid is what keeps order & peace in the evolution of growth for the human species.
otherwise some people would be living to be 200-300 years old while others die before 100 years old .. something that would bring fear & anger amongst civilization, causing a huge war of protest.
but what isnt getting any light of fact or truth is that of those who truly deserve the extended life (or the opposed).

Kankakee, IL

#8 Mar 18, 2013
it really shouldn't be frightening or bothersome to hear this equation..
you've got two people, both punk criminals, and if you simply melted them together you would be with one decent person.. so instead of rationalizing with the idiocy of society by allowing them to remain seperate, helping life is that which we create.
now some people believe in balance as necessity, simply because their view is too shallow to see a future without criminals.
but the truth, again something that doesnt get any light of fact, is when people are overly afraid about people constantly bringing new life into the world until the surface of the planet is overpopulated with a need for multiple layers of housing built into the sky to give everybody a place to live.. when the real truth of nature that is ignored is when people simply choose not to bring children into the world because they would rather remain busy doing their list of jobs.
and with that said comes the next fear, where people that deserve to bring new life into the world simply dont because they would rather not be weighed down by the child .. leaving room for the opposite to happen where massive numbers of people that dont deserve to bring new life into the world are constantly growing new numbers, causing the government to consistently work overtime by putting things in the food and other medicines in the body during pregnancy to bring the value of deserving up higher than what it was.
but again, there is room to speak about fact & truth that doesnt get any light.. where the deserving person can bring new life into the world without sticking around to raise the child.
yet again there are new fears, because some people believe a child raised without a mother & father is cruel punishment - regardless of whether the single parent is capable (or receiving help from friends).

from that point on, you can see where the sanity problem exists - because it points a lack of trust & respect towards the single parent (regardless of whether they are receiving help from a team or not).
it is shame blanketed over the human species potential to grow, raise, and maintain life (perhaps simply because of their own problems of growing, raising, and maintaining life).

it could be said about a void simply not filled in, however if there are more pros than cons.. hustling happens sometimes.
but it is no more than elated time coming to pass, causing the list of pros & cons to change.. thus the need, as well as why the food hasn't evolved much.

the evolution of food is rather dangerous to those unknowing of its power, because you could eat some super food and vomit it back up without digesting it simply because your body was too weak to absorb the power.

that brings up the next point of concern,
how or what to do about cleaning up the world?
well it certainly helps to know the past, present, and an idea of the person's future before attacking & prosecuting.
those key bits of information wont come without help from a team (no matter if it is human or machine).
otherwise you are simply laying something down putting it on pause until court comes along to judge whether the actions were justified or if there were any objections.

that brings us to the next worry..
criminal groups ready & willing to object to keep their clan|society alive & powerful (something that seems to attack & torture every single day.. with some results more impactful than others)

Bourbonnais, IL

#9 Oct 7, 2013
dude get a job

Since: Sep 11

London, UK

#10 Nov 25, 2013
That is a serious Topic!
Food lods Body and Soul together. Good Food does,but if the Food is no any good,then only Wikipedia can help.

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