How to report Link Card Abuse
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Kankakee, IL

#42 Mar 13, 2013
To the ignorant woman who said she worked in a doctor's office that takes the medical card. You should be fired! My husband and I each work full time jobs have a house and two decent cars. The only medical insurance we are offered for us and our children due to the size of our companies is 1300$ a month. So we pay 500 a month for the medical card because we can't afford the insurance were offered. So get educated before you open your mouth you dumb ass b.

Chicago, IL

#43 Jul 8, 2013
I work at a food store, And I really can not believe the money they give the immigrants,$1,000 IN LINK, And a $1,000 in cash a Month, They do not under stand a word of English, They buy Shrimp, Fish, and the best of food, And want $200.00 out of their cash, And their balance is still,$900.00 CASH!!!(WHY IN THE FFFFFFFFF AM I BUSTINGING MY AS FOR,TO PAY MY BILLS, Food, SOMETHING REALLY HAS TO BE DONE! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO F------ STAND UP FOR THIER RIGHTS, BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER!(HOW STRONG ARE YOU) MAKING OUR RIGHTS!

Fort Wayne, IN

#44 Jul 9, 2013
KaNE wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha you're a f*ckin dumass!! I couldnt tell you how many people I know with link. They all are living a better life than me and I have the joy of working for a living. I could see someone on link having all of the things he listed. I hate link! Wasted tax payers money, I would say let them all starve but we all know that if we got rid of link they wouldnt. They just wouldnt be able to afford some of the things on that list. A few friends of mine decide we would see how hard it is to get link, one friend is a pharmacist he makes $150,000+ a year, guess what? he was approved for link. Another friend of mine which is an older gentlemen I wont get into his career but he makes $200,000+ a year and he was approved for link. Its easy you just go in there and lie. Both my friends never used there cards and canceled them. Funny to because when they canceled them the people at human services didnt understand why they were canceling and actually tried to stop them from canceling and offered them other programs!!! Its all a joke! Just like you my friend!
This post is funny to me, because i make waaaayy less than ur friends, I'm a single mother of three, and i can't get foodstamps or Medicaid. So please stop with the shenanigans!

Fort Wayne, IN

#45 Jul 9, 2013
Was There wrote:
Where do you live? Because every Walgreen I've been in has a 20 to 40 dollar limit and debit card withdrawals

Chicago, IL

#46 Oct 7, 2013
uh really

Elgin, IL

#47 Oct 12, 2013
bobby wrote:
7500 for a jetski??
why bother posting such exaggeration?
obviously if these things really existed there is income coming from somewhere and the IRS would take notice automatically since these high ticket items make such a list to purposefully entrap those who indulge with their illegal earnings.
She would likely be getting rent paid for (Section 8), food paid for (link card) healthcare paid for (medicaid) and makes cash at a bar. Think of all the money saved when you don't have any of those expenses.
uh really

Elgin, IL

#48 Oct 12, 2013
get a life wrote:
i just think everyone needs to just mind their own business ....worry about yours and that should be it...i mean i bet if you could do it and get away with would do it too.. you are just mad..get over it because thats life...
<quoted text>
No I wouldn't do it. It should be a temporary system for the truly poor to get back on their feet. As a middle class taxpayer, I have the right to know where my money goes and if I want to purchase a jet ski and hot tub, I want it for my house, not someone elses!
Single mom

Dekalb, IL

#49 Dec 14, 2013
I have used link, and daycare assistance. Unfortunatly my marriage didn't work out. I am a single mom with two kids. I had no way to take care of them, and the divorce process isn't quick and easy. I am very thankfull that for time that I was trying to get child support, that I was able to get these services. I am also a full time nursing student. I am trying to work hard to give my family a good life. Without these programs I would never been able to. In the end my income will increase drastically and I will be paying more taxes than I was given in assistance. Not everyone with a link card is abusing the system. Some of us are actually trying to get out of the system.
R Muhammad

Chicago, IL

#50 Feb 9, 2017
Love wrote:
Ok you guys do realize that there are not enough jobs for everybody in this country, and there is a recession? I know a million people who would kill for a job, and hate being on public assistance, but because most of the jobs are already taken by mexicans (not prejudice at all just stating a fact) so what are they to do starve or let there children starve, because they cant find a job. Or how about the ones that are going to school to better themselves, and are taking to many classes because they want to get it over with quick and fast, so they either cant work or cant find a job that will work with their school schedule? You have to think about every scenario before you pre-judge people, everybody that is on assistance is not there because they want to be, granted that there are some that are, but not all.
I would like to report someone selling there link they just cancelled there old card because they owe money every month :Kirk wood sells his Link card #6014531149521589/ in#1319 as Bad as I need & want Link he wants to abuse his Sadd he owes me money & rather than pay me my money he disabled his Link & will sell it to the next person when I used his link I went to Walmart A meat market off of 79 Vinncenes a couple of gas stations he needs to be stop?,,Thk you R Muhammad
The best

United States

#51 Jul 28, 2017
R Muhammad wrote:
<quoted text>
I would like to report someone selling there link they just cancelled there old card because they owe money every month :Kirk wood sells his Link card #6014531149521589/ in#1319 as Bad as I need & want Link he wants to abuse his Sadd he owes me money & rather than pay me my money he disabled his Link & will sell it to the next person when I used his link I went to Walmart A meat market off of 79 Vinncenes a couple of gas stations he needs to be stop?,,Thk you R Muhammad
So when when someone reports him , they should report you also because you using it (even though he owes you money &#128514;&#128514; &#128514;&#128514; &#128514;) is illegal. WOW!
Your a joke

Chicago, IL

#52 Aug 3, 2017
citizen wrote:
Reports should be made on people here in illinois using a link card driving a new car with indiana dealer plates on it. If someone has a husband who has a car dealership in indiana
they should not be getting a link card in illinois. so just out out curiousity we followed a car from an aldi store and sure did see them 4 women heading too indiana after shopping with their link card at an aldi store here.

so if we had minded our own business when we thought something was fishy here we would not have contacted indiana police. they were stopped and arrested by the way. this is not fair too all the illinois if I see you shopping with a linkcard, driving a new car
I will take down your license plate number and call it in too spring field il where they will see who owns this car. a case worker will contact you
and ask about your newcar and reconsider your link card. so I am one who will not mind my own business when I see this going on.Because if people are doing this we should all pay attention and take action, this is our tax payer dollars they are getting ilegally, if they have new cars
they are probably not eligable for link cards.
so for all you link card people who do not qualify without telling false information on your application watch out I am out here and I am reporting all the ones I consider not right.
Ok u say u follow new cars well how bout this one. I'm a union laborer who was injured on the job a few years ago and can never work again. I have 3 cars all bought before my injury. I have a newer Toyota and i also have 2 kids and I'm fighting the comp system. State of Illinois don't give me but 300$ in public aid for a family of 4. My wife has a job that she only makes 10$ an hr and work comp sends checks when they want to. So when comp don't send a check for 4 months all we have is the 300 public aid and my wife's 300$ a week. I'm facing being homeless. So if I see u following me or my wife cause I have a fairly new car and used a god damn link card we are gonna have serious problems. Mind your own god damn buissness and get a freaking life. And I have bills rent 1000$ a month phone electric water sewer so u tell me how the hell can I survive u guys are all on bullshit.

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