my wife and I made a quick trip Saturday night from Perry. We'd heard good things from people about the staff and the food at Two Guys and a Pie. We were immediately pleased to see a comfortable room, a warm inviting staff and many happy looking patrons. My wife was very happy to report a clean restroom (a must for her when thinking of a place to dine). Brittany and other staff were courteous and relaxed. They made us feel like our patronage was appreciated. (lacking in so many places these days). All we can say is if you haven't tried this great establishment you are missing out. I'd heard from a friend who moved here recently from New York that it's the only pie they've found that matches those in the New York area. We also were impressed with the ability to have a light crunchy crust without being the consistency of toast.. it was limp but crunchy .. how in the world this was achieved is beyond me. We will definitely return.