The apartments are so tiny, the living room is only 9 feet. If the apartment was cheaper and offered MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE then I would not COMPLAIN!!! If you call the office to report a problem, example NO Heat or No Hot Water, something serious??? The so called Management says OK I will send someone, BUT NO ONE EVER SHOWS UP, YOU HAVE TO KEEP CALLING AND KEEP CALLING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. I WENT 3 DAYS WITHOUT HOT WATER, AND WOULD HAVE BEEN LONGER IF I HAD NOT KEPT ON PUSHING THE ISSUE, THEY ACT LIKE I WAS BOTHERING THEM, THEY ACT LIKE IT IS NOT THE MANAGEMENT JOB TO HAVE THE HOT WATER FIXED (SAME ISSUE WITH ANY PROBLEM). The so called Maintenance also comes in your apartment without NOTICE, and acts like they are spraying for bugs. The office says they spray on the 21st , this was on the 9th, I was sitting on the toilet with the fan on and did not here them BUT OH BOY, LOVELY then all the sudden someone is standing there!!! That tells me they come in and snoop or who knows what... Ironic that Maintenance will show up with no notice, BUT WILL NOT SHOW UP WHEN YOU CALL WITH A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND MANAGEMENT DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! I AM MOVING OUT THE VERY SECOND MY LEASE IS UP...I HATE THE DUMP