Me and my husband have been regular customers at this store for the last seven years. But since the last manager Change over we have nothing nice to say.
They are clearly a discriminatory work place now. They live in what was the kitchen. Prices have been hiked up, product value has gone down! Fountain sodas taste horrible now, the straws are even crummy! The store its self has become a jumbled mess.
The EBT machine has been down for around four months now, when inquired about it I was told that the company has been slow at sending a new machine. Why lie? Just take the signs down and tell people its not welcome here now.
Prices go up and down as they want everyday it seems. My husband went in for a 44oz fountain and a pack of Camel wides, it cost around 6.30. The next morning he purchased the same fountain and a pack of Marlboro 72s, that cost roughly 6.58. Any smoker knows the error in this. 72s cost close to half that of the Wides. Today Once Again totally different price.
I never see any of the regular ol customers that came in there for a friendly face and a decent value. This store has gone downhill, regretfully our business will be going elsewhere also.