Randall Caudhill CROOKED COP
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Bolingbrook, IL

#43 Aug 26, 2010
Try to enjoy the nice weather and the family for now Randy. Once you are locked up you won't get out so often.

Bolingbrook, IL

#44 Aug 29, 2010
Got to be real embarrassing for the kids and family to have him around with everyone knowing what kind of cloth this loser is cut from.

Dallas, TX

#45 Aug 29, 2010
Good god, shut up already. We frigging get it.

Bolingbrook, IL

#46 Aug 30, 2010
Don't tell anyone Mr. Cudhill is really a common criminal and thief. He still wants everyone to think he is a fine upstanding policeman.

Does anyone know when he has to go to court and face the charges?

I hear Birkett is all fired up and anxious to roast this bad cop. Wants to make a good showing for him and his office for the media.

Plainfield, IL

#47 Sep 12, 2010
bad bad bad :(
Perry Mason

Bolingbrook, IL

#48 Sep 17, 2010
So when does this dirt bag face court. Does anyone know?
poor coppers


#49 Sep 18, 2010
Can we just agree that our cops don'
t work anywhere near enough to say that they are worth their salaries?

Bunch of crybaby cops.

How can I make it on 90 K?

Got yo number boy

Bolingbrook, IL

#51 Sep 22, 2010
Loks like there was a slight mispelling of this scumbags name in from the start of this thread. That is what you call them right RJ? Scumbags? But no worry we got RJ all reeled in.

There is a link to the article at the end of this post where everyone can go and see Randy.

Downers Grove, IL — Downers Grove police officer Randall Caudill Jr. pleaded not guilty at the Wheaton Court House this morning.

The eight-year veteran of the department is facing felony charges after investigators said he planned to help rob a drug dealer. He was charged with four counts of official misconduct after investigators said they uncovered a plot to steal up to $100,000 in a phony traffic stop.

Caudill, 34, could receive two to five years in the Department of Corrections and fines of up to $25,000 if convicted.

According to investigators, the plan had Caudill helping an “associate”— a police source who has not been identified in court — rob a drug dealer who had previously stolen $30,000 from the associate. Caudill was supposed to provide two badges to the source and another person, who was actually an undercover officer, while Caudill backed them up while in uniform and in a squad car.

They expected to net between $30,000 and $100,000 in the robbery, said Dawn Domrose, DuPage County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman. Caudill was to get a cut for helping.

The investigation into the plot dates back to May. During that span, Caudill is also accused of pulling data on license plates for personal use, said Paul Darrah, DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman.

After Caudill was arrested, Downers Grove officials drew distance between him and the department.

“I am glad, if the allegations are true, a bad apple will be removed,” said Downers Grove Mayor Ron Sandack following Caudill’s arrest.“I don’t think it reflects on the quality of our police department.”

No wrongdoing has been alleged against the department. Downers Grove police aided in the sheriff’s office’s investigation, and village officials have pointed out the department is nationally accredited and recognized for its sound policies.

Caudill’s next status hearing is Oct. 27.

How utterly embarrassing

Bolingbrook, IL

#53 Sep 23, 2010
Can anyone even to begin to imagine the embarrassment and humiliation that his Dad and wife have to experience when they go to work?

Jeeeeeeeeezus Christ Randy! For your poor Dad it must be like all the guys looking at him like he has his own little Drew Peterson. What a disgrace you have brought to him!

And what is going to happen down the road when you finally get out of prison? Is your wife going to be assigned to be your babysitter?
Sad Situation

Downers Grove, IL

#56 Oct 27, 2010
Officer Caudill is due back in court today...Was wondering if anyone knows anything? Officer Caudill answered a call at my home once and I thought he was a nice guy. The silent disappointment and shame his family must feel everyday is just so sad. What a fool!
Loser Loser Loser

Bolingbrook, IL

#57 Oct 27, 2010
He entered his initial plea of not guilty back in late August as expected. In the meantime his lawyer Jeff Fawell, who is a good lawyer. Well he has alot of political connections. Has been finding out more about what evidence there is and has been squirming around trying to figure out how he can possibly keep Randy Crooked Cop from doing a long stretch.

He was initially charged with 4 counts of official misconduct but charges of conspiracy to commit robbery should also be coming down the tube along with who knows what. He isn't going to be treated with any favoritism because because they don't like or want Randall Caudills around.

Keeping him from doing a long stretch seems to be a fantasy because DuPage is keeping the oven hot for this turkey.

Oh and Randy, everyone in the neighborhood IS talking about what a loser you are. How you threw it all away. How you selfishly screwed your Dad over. How you screwed your wife and kids over. Yeah selfishly. Because obviously you weren't going to come home from your little robbery and throw the cash down in front of your wife. No it was going to be your little kitty. BUy some stuff for the bike. Maybe a new shotgun for duck hunting. But it would be your little secret right?

But the neighbors do feel sorry for everyone you fucked over you piece of shit.

I would ask you to say hi to some of the guys on the job but NOT A ONE TALKS TO YOU ANYMORE! LOL!!! LOSER! Oh they talk ABOUT you loser but they don't talk TO you!


Have fun in jail Mr. tough guy.

Oh and why don't you atleast try to ACT like a Dad for the time being before you go off to serve your prison time? Jeeeeeeez
Future looks bleak for RJ

Bolingbrook, IL

#58 Nov 10, 2010
So when you are locked up and a CONVICTED FELON who's gonna take care of the old lady RJ? She'll probobly have to toss you to the curb anyway as she isn't supposed to comingle with criminals outside the job.

I'm sure some of the guys from the job will try to keep her entertained. She's always been a decent looker.

The dept caught them a good fish this time! LOL
Merry Xmas Randy U jerk

Bolingbrook, IL

#61 Dec 6, 2010
U suck Randy.

According to your Father and wife you make people them sick.

It is so sad how you now try to hold on to those around you who don't want ANYTHING to do with you. Can't you see it LOSER?

Get the hell out of their lives and let them live among NORMAL people you piece of crap.
Randy and Stacy

Downers Grove, IL

#62 Dec 20, 2010
The Caudill Family makes me sick! Randy has cheated on his wife many times with multiple women...Mrs. Caudill is pathetic for staying with this loser! Randy and Stacy are the town joke. First the affairs then the drug addiction and now the arrest. Fantastic example your setting for your daughters!
Ex cop Randall

Downers Grove, IL

#64 Jan 14, 2011
When is this clown going back to court???
Ex cop Randall

Downers Grove, IL

#65 Jan 14, 2011
I saw Randall driving on Ogden Ave the other day. The nerve showing his face around here! One would think since he has three young daughters that would have kept him honest but not this selfish jerk! So sad for his children. As for Stacy, girl find yourself a good honest man who will cherish you! Leave this nonsense behind! Send Randy boy to live with the parents.
Update please

Bolingbrook, IL

#66 May 1, 2011
What's the latest of this dirtbag? Seems his lawyer Fawell just keeps trying to drag this out for some reason or another.
Dad is a common crook

Bolingbrook, IL

#67 Aug 29, 2011
Whats the story with this guy? Somehow the media has been kept at bay.

The story is deeper than many realize. First he was charged in July 2010 with felony misconduct for running plates for private purposes as the following article says. Now typically running plates is not a felony but for SOME REASON this case was deemed fitting of a felony. Good work Randy. First step in making everyone proud eh?

Downers Grove police officer charged with felony misconduct

8 1/2-year veteran allegedly looked up license plate information for private purposes

July 22, 2010|By Art Barnum and Brian Slodysko, Chicago Tribune

A Downers Grove police officer has been charged with official misconduct for allegedly using police computers to look up license plate information for private purposes, according to DuPage County law enforcement authorities.

Randall J. Caudill Jr., 34, an 8 1/2-year veteran of the Downers Grove force, was arrested following an undercover investigation. He was charged with four counts of felony official misconduct, authorities said.

And then not happy enough with the first charges he goes for the gold being charged with plotting to rob the drug dealer. Too bad he didn't realize he was recorded on audio and video and that one of his co-conspirators was actually an undercover cop.

This guy has had to have had court appearances in the last year so why hasn't there been any news?
Just wondering

Downers Grove, IL

#68 Sep 16, 2011
Is R.j going to jail or what?
Former turnkey

Schaumburg, IL

#70 Oct 19, 2011
DuPage county has a long history of political agendas and personal grudges. A good portion of the current detectives for DuPage worked with Randy in the jail. Any good attorney will immeadiately bring up the detectives personal motivations and previous interactions with Randy and raise doubts from there.

My guess...he gets probation and a fine, thats about it.

Just keep into perspective the outcomes of Casey Anthony other notable cases.

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