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Brooklyn, NY

#126 Feb 1, 2013
A friend of mine has had her gall bladder removed and it took her about two weeks to recover. It may be safer to wait for a full month though before doing strenuous activities. If you wish to know more about bladder disorders and similar problems, added information at could also be of great help.
Ashley West

United States

#127 Feb 2, 2013
Hey I have to have mine removed and I'm looking for a good doctor can anyone help me out pls

Paradise Valley, AZ

#128 Feb 3, 2013
Recovery from surgery may depend on the patient's adherence to treatment. Generally though, it may take 4 weeks to a month for a patient to recover from a gall bladder removal procedure. You may also check for more information about problems involving the bladder, and other possible treatment options.

Lame Deer, MT

#129 Feb 17, 2013
Had mine laser removed and was out of the hospital in five hours.Walking but ever so slowly out the door.It takes about two weeks to really re-gain your strenght.Just take it easy and you will do nicely.
Nana Lori

Omaha, NE

#130 Mar 9, 2013
Shelley wrote:
<quoted text>
I had mine removed laproscopically Mon. It's almost Friday & I'm in worse pain than before. I can't sit up or do anything. I have a VERY HIGH TOLERANCE to pain also. Didnt use pain meds after birth of my 2 sons.
I had mine out Mon March 1st it is now Sat March 9th. My first two days were great!!! Not a bit of problems. However when day 3 hit, I slept all day on and off and haven't regained my energy back yet. I'm hoping it will come back soon as I have a lot to do!!!
Rev Mike

Saint Paul, MN

#131 Apr 3, 2013
secret wrote:
i had mine removed about 3 months ago and it took me a couple of weeks,but now i have bad problems with my digestive system i can rarely leave my house dont know what the cause of it is yet.
My Surgeon told me that after the removal, it is a VERY GOOD idea to stop eating fatty & spicy foods.
I personally cannot eat a hamburger or food with any spice anymore because of the fat / grease, and processed foods (some work on me bad) it is a culture shock.
Bourbon St

Zebulon, NC

#132 Apr 6, 2013
I had my gallbladder removed in mid-March 2013. I was fine before surgery (had no clue I had stones 'til a couple weeks before), and remain fine now (three weeks later), even though there was a two-inch stone and a couple other not-quite-so big ones, along with smaller stones. Surgeon had to do a five inch incision to get the stones out. He said that gallbladder is normally the size of one's thumb, but mine was six inches long with thickened walls (a good thing, I guess, otherwise it seems the stones would have dropped). I stayed with same way of eating after surgery, but I'm noticing that it's probably a good thing to avoid fats and sugars...digestive system seemed fine 'til now, but is acting up a little so I'm going to cut down on some things. I was back to work a day after I left hospital after overnight. I had lapro with the incision, but because of drain tube I had to stay overnight.

Corona, CA

#134 May 21, 2013
Shelley wrote:
How long did it take to recover from surgery & were you in a lot of pain pre-op??? I went to ER twice I was hurting so bad. Found out my gallbladder was only working 13% & I had it removed laproscopically Mon. It's almost Friday & I'm in worse pain than before. Pain Rx are not dulling pain & Im miserable. I can't sit up or do anything. I have a VERY HIGH TOLERANCE to pain also. Didnt use pain meds after birth of my 2 sons. Do you think it could be more going on?
. I had mine taken out over a week ago and I'm in so much pain, I to had all naturau childbirth, no drugs whatsoever, had a hysterectomy, vaginally and cesarian to take overies and had no pain??? I don't understand. I have a very high pain threshold!

Corona, CA

#135 May 21, 2013
Geez I can't stand it. The post op instructions are resume normal activity? They act like I should be up and running already. It's been over a week and I still can't do anything. I have had so many operations, so much pain and this is kicking my butt! Had all natural childbirth no drugs whatsoever.
Feeling Yucky

Plainfield, IL

#136 Jun 4, 2013
I had my surgery 3 days ago, laporoscopy. Had a large stone blockage. Wish they would've removed only the stone, but they took the organ. I am in a ton of pain. Being constipated from the meds and having a belly full of air is not comfortable. I'm getting a low grade fever on and off, and no appetite, but super thirsty. Been reading about the long healing time and the permanent digestive issues.

Hot Springs, SD

#137 Jun 6, 2013
Just had surgery Monday went back to work Wednesday, but I am so miserably bloated and constipated is this a symptom, any advice

Williams Lake, Canada

#138 Jun 13, 2013
I had mine removed a week and a half ago. The pain dulls within days, however, things like: sneezing, coughing, yawning, etc: are killer still. I am back to work Monday and am scared that I may not be ready. Mine may still be bad because I had complications though. I had 2 of my stones trapped in the duct, as well as an abnormal gallbladder that was attached to my liver.

Ringwood East, Australia

#139 Jul 21, 2013
I had my gallbladder removed last Thursday. It's now Sunday night and I'm still in pain but not too bad. Got some good pain meds but find I only take them twice a day. When I wake up and before bed. I'm back to work next Monday so hopefully I'm in less pain then. I've had a tiny bit of fatty food but trying to be good. Good opportunity to lose some weight ;) my husband has been really good letting me rest and sleep heaps. That has helped LOTSi think. Rest up guys!! Surgery wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Same pain as before op but meds work better and it'll end soon :)

Zebulon, NC

#140 Jul 24, 2013
Follow-up to my earlier post: I now eat every thing I did before surgery, except for white rice. White rice makes me feel a little nauseus but not bad, not nearly as bad as before gallbladder removal. I never had pain, before or after, but I'm told I have a high pain threshhold.

Ridgedale, MO

#141 Jul 25, 2013
i have to go in aug,7th to get mine removed at the surgical clinic in springdale does anybody know if this is a good place

Acworth, GA

#142 Sep 11, 2013
Had mine removed on 9/5. Feeling pretty good, able to bend and walk with little to no pain. Eating pretty much what I was before surgery (in small portions) but have removed red meat from my diet. Started feeling light headed 3-5 days after surgery. Dr said the anesthesia could still be in my system and to stay hydrated. This has seemed to help. Dr requested that I stay off work for 2 weeks. Going to use this time to rest and properly heal.

Houston, TX

#143 Sep 23, 2013
I had my surgery done 1 week ago at first I had horrible pain but know its nausea and vomiting. Is it normal? I feel full all day long. I'm only eating small amounts but it feels like I have eaten a lot.

Lake City, AR

#144 Sep 26, 2013
concerned wrote:
I had my surgery done 1 week ago at first I had horrible pain but know its nausea and vomiting. Is it normal? I feel full all day long. I'm only eating small amounts but it feels like I have eaten a lot.
I had mine removed in February and my stomach isn't straight yet. I can't eat green veggies at all.
miss Melissa

Seattle, WA

#145 Oct 9, 2013
I had my gallbladder removed yesterday. I'm having a lot of pain on my right side. Especially my shoulder and I feel bloated all over from my right side to my stomach. I have trouble getting up and im having trouble with my bowels. I can't seem to go. Plus I'm 14 weeks pregnant

San Diego, CA

#146 Nov 1, 2013
I had mine removed october 2 and was good to go a week later...just wondering if you know(since its been a month)can i do sit ups yet?

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