Mr. Checchio Blfd Daily Telegraph

Madison, TN

#21 Mar 6, 2010
Brian C. Is a Great Bluefielder and has did more for blf. than any one in a long time. You can talk all this smack about him ,but you would better your self if you looked at your own self.
A good man

Franklin, TN

#22 Apr 10, 2010
Shame on all of you. I have known Brian my entire life and gone on mission trips with him. He is a good man, but human. He wouldn't tell you that he is any less, and he had actually TRIED to help out this area when most would turn a blind eye. Most of the good that Brian does is not publicly known. He is a man of God with a good heart, so really and truly shame on all of you.
Local guy

Murfreesboro, TN

#23 Apr 10, 2010
Why would a church supported organization feud with the police? Why wouldn't the police want to spend extra time around the Wade Center to ensure the safety of the children?
I have no issue with either party, but I have noticed that the Police Department doesn't seem interested in protecting the citizens anymore.

Fairview, TN

#24 Apr 10, 2010
well well well it looks like the poilce were right about brian c. the whole time huh? check the news you retards. maybe the police arent as stupid as u think

Harriman, TN

#25 Apr 11, 2010
Are you f*cking kidding me? Who the hell do you think you are? I see that none of you fake ass people talking shit about Brian will say your real name...Well my name is Shannon and not only do I know Brian he is my daughters grandfather...yea that drug selling son you talking about is my kids father...Well Brian is too good of a person to say what needs to be said here but I am not so F*CK EVERY ONE OF YOU that are talking shit about a man you probably have never met...Brian is a good man and has done alot with the hell hole that is Bluefield...if you think you can do better then why the f*ck havent you tried...assholes

Ashburn, VA

#26 Apr 11, 2010
i think it's amazing that you people are on here judging him as if you are GOD. he has done more than any of you for the community so instead of judging him you need to look at yourself and ask what have you done for the community. your fooling yourself if you think bluefield police department is innocent. bluefield police is more crooked than most of you on here. he is an outstanding father & grandfather.

Harriman, TN

#27 Apr 12, 2010
yall so stupid you want to defend the police when you have no idea what the police here are really like....i mean damn didnt the police just kill that dude named Don...yea they did...he was alive when he went into the police station...u tell me

Clay, WV

#28 Apr 12, 2010

Port Republic, VA

#29 Apr 13, 2010
Why did he resign from wade center???

Princeton, WV

#30 Apr 13, 2010
There was a definite reason for this-I am sure it will be covered up - I hope it is made known .

Harriman, TN

#31 Apr 13, 2010
well since you "know" so much why dont you tell us?....uh thats right u dont know...anything...i am a member of Brian's family and it was for personal reasons that have absolutly nothing to do with the Wade why dont you people worry about your why your 15 years olds are running around pregnant..worry about that not why this man needs time off....and think about it if it was bad he would have been fired..but he wasnt he resigned... so get a life
we may know each other

Johnson City, TN

#32 Apr 19, 2010
Dear Jezzie wrote:
<quoted text>
Look apparently your just another Brian go smoke your crack
hey i live in kingsport tn now i moved here from bluefield, this is big red

Port Republic, VA

#33 Apr 19, 2010
we all know he was asked to resign and i am sure you know the reasons why because at this point the community does. And its not to be repeated on here. And you know what...yes it has everything to do with the wade center, and the people who go there. This person was a mentor to many people and he has a responsibility to act as one. We all pray for him and his family and the wade center, because he let a lot of people down. God forgives He needed to step down....

Harriman, TN

#34 Apr 19, 2010
well saddened...if u and the community know so much then why everybody still asking questions...and if you and the community are so free from sin than you do with an old abandoned school what Brian did...oh that right your not even a part of the pray for him by all means but not because you think you are better or because you think you know whats going on should keep your nose in harrisonberg va...we welcome your prayrs, but not your little holier than tho routine...u can keep that

Port Republic, VA

#35 Apr 20, 2010
Everyone is still asking mabey they think that you do not know. And no one at all is free from sin and will never be. No one thinks anyone is better than anyone thats silly. What is not silly is the fact that he is a mentor to many people in this town old and young. Not trying to be holier than thow no such thing. But many people do know whats going on here and that old building means nothing what happens there does. and yes my family has been and is a part of this community and supports this place. He needed to step down.

Port Republic, VA

#36 Apr 24, 2010
well that kept them quiet
nojudge here

Oakvale, WV

#37 Apr 25, 2010 harsh...first of all i am thankful that GOD will be judging me when my time comes and not some of you poeple...first of all my son goes to the wade center in the afternoons and it has been a wonderful experience ...way better than any babysitter i have paid for bpd most of them ...not all.. could not care less...but we set the standards that they live up to...each person you all are speaking of will answer for what they have or havent done..we all should come together as a community and set the standards we excpect are leaders to live by...where is our resposibility...GOD bless the BPD and the Wade center

Lerona, WV

#38 Apr 27, 2010
what about the three girls been rape at wade center that place is a joke
Personally knows him wrote:
Everyone of you are full of shit! Brian is a good man and so what if he is bailing out his "so called" drug-dealer kids, at least he is trying to help the kids that nobody else wanted to help including their own parents so before you start slandering a person's name be sure you at least know him! Now as for the Wade Center, it is a place that he started for kids to have something to do other than stay in trouble or dead for that much! People like all of you make me sick to think that God would have wasted his time creating people like you! You don't look at the good anyone does just the bad, and as for the female cop, if she wouldn't be such a bitch then maybe more people would respect her, she treats people like shit and thinks that she is unstoppable every since she got that badge! So for all of you posting on this you can kiss Brian's ASS as well as mine!

Bluefield, WV

#39 Apr 28, 2010
I am sorry to hear about that but am not at all surprised at anything happening there,and you are right that place is a joke.This S T U P I D cover up makes me literally sick at my stomach.

People are getting sick and tired of the cover up of what has gone on there.They can try hiding everything but sooner or later it will all break loose and I hope it is soon and widespread,course the local media won't cover it but hope it is revealed by media that is not controlled by some of the powers that be!Or the churchite hypocrites!!!!

Richmond, VA

#40 Apr 29, 2010
Cover Up??? I haven't seen anything on the news about this. I moved from the area several months ago and have obviously missed something important. Did the wade center close?

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