Gary Bowling's House of Art - evicted

Circle Pines, MN

#22 Jun 18, 2012
Without being on that BOARD as it is there are many opinions and in all probability the WHOLE truth will never be known as with so many things that happen in Bluefield.

What we hear(and this is on here notice no one with absolute facts has on so called media issued a public truth statement) is a slice of info here and a slice of info there,an opinion here and one there.

Once wvva carried that "BLAST of childishness" there should have been some statement of what happened with the truth for the divided as always.
Da Noid

Rupert, WV

#23 Jun 18, 2012
Me thinks that fat blowhard Pete Sternloff was behind it.
You didn't see him on camera but, I know he was there.

He and Gary had a falling out a couple years ago.

It would fall right into line with what the leaders of Bluefield have always done, use their position for personal gain and to carry out vendettas while the city goes to hell in a bucket.

Circle Pines, MN

#24 Jun 18, 2012
He was there and I would agree with you totally he needs to be off the so called board of directors as do ALL with maybe the exception of Mary Francis Brammer...I think she actually cares and she actually tries.

It would be amazing if the TOTAL REAL TRUTH was known and the evil sinister deeds of some people were made TOTALLY PUBLIC TO THE WHOLE TOWN!
Get your facts straight

Princeton, WV

#25 Jun 18, 2012
Pete was there, but he had nothing to do with the decision to evict the house of art. There is another board (which is not controlled by the City Board of Directors) that made the decision. So, get your facts straight before you accuse people of having something to do with Gary being evicted.

Circle Pines, MN

#26 Jun 18, 2012
This thing has blown all out of reason and IF the MEDIA had structured their reporting right and the whole thing were handled either privately-accept the notice and keep it between him and the arts board-with no media involved and if a move is required just move.
OR if you have to get the media involved handle it right and present the TRUTH and TRUE FACTS leaving out all the "blow up and drama"
People will suspect something underhanded as this goes on all the time here with the little clicks and groups and under the table things that DO go on here.Things are done sometimes"under the table" and usually not in the best interest of Bluefield as a whole....just a FEW special interest groups.
This was "played up with all drama" both on tv and in paper.I do not know who is responsible BUT the truth presented might help.
IF there are problems in payment or no payment or ending the "lease" fine this happens everyday and everywhere...sometimes some things come to an end... sometimes things "outlive" their usefulness this may or may not be the case here-however the TRUTH would have really helped the whole situation.

Athens, WV

#27 Jun 18, 2012
Maybe he should move to the wade center flea market. lol

Bluefield, WV

#28 Jun 18, 2012
this is the real truth lets see if they can take it

Bluefield, WV

#29 Jun 18, 2012
I know for a fact that Gary has been mistreated. Those people ARE arrogant and rude.

Has anyone asked why the Alliance is broke in the first place? Remember always follow the money. You will defintitely find the truth by following the money.

Bluefield, WV

#30 Jun 18, 2012
rumor has it that the Alliance used to get 30k every year from the city? Why did this stop?
Follow the money!

Bluefield, WV

#31 Jun 18, 2012
Someone needs to call up Ed Trotta and ask him if he got his last check from Ellen and W.D.?

Bluefield, WV

#32 Jun 18, 2012
If the Alliance had not wasted all their money on Ed Trotta, they would have plenty of money for Gary. Gary at least has brought money and traffic to the building. Another truth!

Does Gary even have a written lease?

a personal message from a friend to Gary...If the above is true, go see an attorney. You may have more rights than you know.
Bluefield View

Athens, WV

#33 Jun 18, 2012
Gary was not mistreated. No not at all

Bluefield, WV

#34 Jun 18, 2012
you do not understand the word mistreated. Money has been misappropriated. That is the topic we need to stick to!

Bluefield, WV

#35 Jun 18, 2012
90% of the people commenting here are truly clueless. not here to attack people. Here to find the truth. Come on...follow the money. I promise you will find our culprit(s).

It is sad to have such an arts center that cant even afford to harbor an artist. Another truth!
Bluefield View

Athens, WV

#36 Jun 18, 2012
Oh I understand plenty. Do you even know what is going on?

Rupert, WV

#37 Jun 18, 2012
Moriarity wrote:
I know for a fact that Gary has been mistreated. Those people ARE arrogant and rude.
Has anyone asked why the Alliance is broke in the first place? Remember always follow the money. You will defintitely find the truth by following the money.
This is true.
If the board didn't have anything to do with it, why were they present for the eviction?

Level 1

Since: Jun 12

Oakvale, WV

#38 Jun 18, 2012
I'm on the inside so here it is. No rent ? First 4 months paid and documented in books, 40% of money from parking meter auction, over $3000 from Haunted House, Gary personally paid 1 month out of his pocket. The recognition that Bluefield has received in WV living should be worth something. No one has put a bus tour together to come see the SUMMIT PLAYERS and with 4 plays a year the building is stagnant unless GBHOA is there. You try catching flack from people who rented space from the ALLIANCE and there employees can't be found when theres no toilet paper for there guest. Threatend with a law suit and you have nothing to do with the function. Expected to take care of Alliance bussiness just because your the one there.IT"S NOT GARYS JOB he's not paid. Gary post his hours the building has no hours posted and couldn't tell him what they were at the ALLIANCE board meeting he did attend. The meeting they brought to light in this clip was not the board, but 2 members conversation when he called them out on such issues. It effects our city so it is a city issue. The City cut funding to the ALLIANCE and if they give it back the ALLIANCE would have funds to house GBHOA, if not GBHOA (501)c3 will be forced to feed the ALLIANCE (501)c3 $12000 a year to be there. Do you SEE the power play? If the people who say they LOVE Gary and what he does for the community step up and give a little this can be resoved. As far as a Gem it's more like a seed from which the City can grow and revitalize. Question is, Do the people of this city want it or not? If not, go back to the same old same old politics.
clean house

Bluefield, WV

#39 Jun 18, 2012
The dynamic duo has screwed Bluefield again. They skipped in, stirred up their toadies, and stepped back. They now await another venue to take over and neglect. They do it over and over, and no one calls them out on it because they are so evil and vindictive. They are killing our town and we are allowing it. How many small, thriving businesses have moved or just closed up shop after having run ins with these characters???

I feel quite certain that Gary would be made welcome in the downtown Princeton arts community, or the Lewisburg community. Or Bramwell...

Lerona, WV

#40 Jun 18, 2012
Hasnt Gary already been around the world and he hasnt made it yet.

Bluefield, WV

#41 Jun 18, 2012
Finally, someone is understanding! This building has been mismanaged for years! Gary has been there just two years. Look at all the folks they have run off! businesses too. Poor Kathy in Savory Haven is struggling because people dislike the Alliance so much, they wont go in there! Wake up Bluefield. Keep following the money loss. You are getting there. The UNPRODUCTIVE Ellen needs to go...and take her useless board with her! Truly...CLEAN HOUSE!

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