Alissa B Guernsey November 2, 2007 – ...

Alissa B Guernsey November 2, 2007 – March 28, 2009

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Alissa army

Bluefield, WV

#1 Oct 31, 2012
Our mission is to expose the corruption that led to Alissa Guernsey's murderer being released for jail in just 77 DAYS! We demand that the case be reopened and the responsible party charged with MURDER!
This case went so horribly wrong because of the MULTIPLE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST associated with the Prosecutor and the Judge involving personal and professional relationships with the defendants father, and also the doctor that treated Alissa for the 3 months that she was being tortured until she was ultimately MURDERED. PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT AND JUDICIAL MISUSE OF POWER DETERMINED THE OUTCOME OF THIS ENTIRE CASE!
The following description (click on 'see more') is the tragic story of 16 month old Baby Alissa Guernsey.
Alissa B Guernsey November 2, 2007 – March 28, 2009
Alissa was fatally beaten by her caregiver, Christy Shaffer. The justice system did not value Alissa’s short life enough to properly punish the person who took her final breath. It is also believed that Christy's father, Kerry Sprunger, had "connections" because of the position he held in LaGrange, which assured that Christy would never pay for her crime.
16 month old baby Alissa was murdered.
In November of 2008, Alissa's father, Michael Guernsey, was tragically killed in a car accident. Kelli Sprunger, Alissa's mother was beside herself with grief and unable to care for her children. Christy Shaffer offered to take Alissa and her 2 siblings in until Kelli got back on her feet. During that time Kelli failed to keep in contact with caseworkers, and was cited for Neglect. Alissa and her siblings were made wards of the state in Steuben County, Indiana and were officially placed in the home of Matt and Christy Shaffer, who were not trained foster parents, but relatives of the family. At this time, Kelli (admittedly) returned to her drug use.
Alissa was a normal, happy, healthy baby when she left her mother’s home.
It was in January of 2009 that Alissa began losing her hair and random bruises were appearing all over her body. Shaffer had taken Alissa to doctors to try and find some type diagnoses stating that Alissa "bruised easily" and that her hair was "falling out". Alissa had been to specialists in Elkhart and Riley's Children Hospital. None of which could ever find anything "medically" wrong with her after multiple rounds of blood testing.
During this time Christy Shaffer kept Alissa's mother from visiting with her, but not with her other 2 children who were also in Christy's care.
March 28, 2009 Alissa B Guernsy was murdered. The autopsy report declared her death a HOMICIDE, due to blunt force trauma to the head. According to the post mortem exam, her hair had not fallen out - it was ripped out! Alissa endured months of beatings which resulted in stitches to the head, multiple deep mouth lacerations, a broken elbow (for which she was not given her pain medication) and multiple bruising about her head and body before she was finally beaten to death. These injuries were new and old.
Christy wanted people to believe that Alissa had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or was born a meth/crack addicted baby and that was the reason she was "clumsy and always bruised" – that is wrong! According to the doctor and tox screen reports from when she was born, Alissa was perfectly healthy. You can clearly see the before and after pictures of Alissa, she was perfectly happy and healthy with her mother, and turned in to a different baby with Christy Shaffer.

Las Vegas, NV

#2 Nov 6, 2012
This so so wrong that girl should have gotten way. More charges screw the judge systems she was a babygirl who got beaten christy needs more time for killing and abbusing this angel

Las Vegas, NV

#3 Nov 7, 2012
I will not stop posting till christy gets more time in Prison christy should have never done that to a Angel Alissa didn't do nothing wrong to this baby girl I feel so bad for her family because the lady from HELL got away from killing a baby not just that a15/16 month old baby barley born into the world if I was Alissa mother I would hurt christy I understand what the mom did she gave her babygirl up till she could have got HELPED not just that gave her baby girl up to a family member some one she trusted with her kids its not mothers fault this christy girl needs to face more time then 77 days what the Hell is the justice system doing give this crazy lady 77 days in jail she needs more time and I will not stop till baby Alissa gets justice and one other thing the doctored are dame stupid for thinking nothing was wrong with her when she had broken bones cuts and wormes in her moth so the doctor should have got charged for not being a responsible. Person the doctor could have called cps or got. Alissa help christy needs more time and everyone needs to help for her justice I will not stop till she gets more time and when Alissa was with her mother she was heathy and happy unti Christy got her justice for babygirl<3

Chicago, IL

#4 Nov 15, 2012
I hope she gets what's coming to her.. The baby is safe in the arms of The Lord, she can never be hurt again!

United States

#5 Nov 15, 2012
This beautiful baby girl didn't deserve to be treated like this, nor did she want to. She looked like such a happy little girl. I'm signing this to be her voice and get her the justice she deserves. I'm a mother myself and I couldn't imagine the pain and heartache. Lets give this beautiful angel the justice she deserves!!!

United States

#6 Nov 15, 2012
My heart hurts for this poor girl. If it was my child the coos wouldn't have been able to get to her faster then me. I hope she's brought to justice, she doesn't deserve a prison sentence she reserves a death sentence. Rest in heaven baby Alissa
kathy bray

Sheridan, WY

#7 Nov 15, 2012
I just want to know what was going through this woman's head. I also want to know why her husband and the two kids that weren't hers didn't try to stop her. This makes my heart hurt and this Christy witch makes me sick to my stomach. I look at my own daughter and I can't imagine ever hurting her or someone else hurting her. I would like to meet and talk with this horrible woman. Maybe someone should do to her what she did to baby Alissa. I pray to god that she is still not able to be a foster parent. She is not even worthy of being called a parent. The only comfortbthatbi find through all of this is that she is no ongerbeing able to be hurt or abused any longer, god has his precious gift back and she is now healthy and able to be a child. I want to know how and were to go to get all child abuse stopped. Please anyone with some ideas please let me know
Lee Snider

Saint Anthony, ID

#8 Nov 15, 2012
What can you say about such a miscarriage of justice! People have gotten more time for misdemeanors,this was MURDER of an innocent little child that couldn't defend herself.The death penalty should have been on the table for this despicable person.If this is not corrected and justice is not rendered for this poor little baby than it will only confirm what most people already think of the system,that it's partial and corrupt.Please surprise us all and do something to get justice for this sweet little angel lawmakers.........
karla cassady

Valdosta, GA

#9 Nov 27, 2012
this is whats wrong with the world today, people hurting and killing innocent ones cause they know they can, and they wont stop untill the system pulls there heads out of there ass and actually turns things around and does something about it, people getting away with murder or even just recieving light sentences, and yet someone can that gets arrested for growing weed gets longer sentence whats wrong with this picture, EVERYTHING, its not the world that needs to change its the poeple in it, and its only going to get worse if things dont start changing, that baby DID NOT DESERVE WHAT SHE GOT, and that WOMAN deserves to get everything handed to her. this makes me sick, one gets away with it then another sees that and pulls the same sick shit it keeps going and multipling because why, cause the justice system is failing the innocent aswell as the colprut who comminted the horrible crime, she should have gotin the death penelty, or at least life without parole, my god people lets show the peopleof the world that this is stuff we take seriously and not lightly and will not be tolerated, that babys fate was chosen by christy herself, and now the system has failed alissa aswell, an innocent baby took her last breath at the hands of a monster, and here she walks free for what, the evidence is there, god did not place innocent lives here on earth just for otheres to use and abuse them like they was nuthin and god didnt give u that badge and degree to let people like that walk free after taking one of gods innocent creations, this makes my blood boil, people like this dont deserve to breath the same air as we do, she took that from alissa and here we r giving it to christy NO we owe it to that baby and every other innocent out there, we have to be there voice or no one else will

Fishers, IN

#10 Jan 20, 2013
Crimes against children are the worst of the worst of crimes against humanity. Most Molesters, abusers and killers of children walk away free or with a light slap on the wrist. If these monsters can do things so horrible against our innocent, the ones, we as people, are supposed to love unconditionally and protect, to allow no justice for the victims then our court system is just as monstrous as the predators. Perhaps if our court system would put to death these monsters then there would be less crimes against children.(Intentionally harming a child is killing their innocence). And I fully believe in the death penalty for crimes against children and murderers. I know many people believe that we aren't to judge, only God is to judge come their judgement day, but as humans why allow an abomination access or rights to live to harm and kill again? As parents, it is our job to make the world a safer place for our future generations, you can't do that by allowing evil monsters the right to live,get away with or be released upon the next innocent baby. Poor babies. Allowing these monsters a life to live and to eventually get out and do it all again to another child is absurd! These babies didn't get a chance to live, why do their predators?!

Duluth, GA

#11 Mar 3, 2013
This should be a federal case. It is obvious that this is an example of a business man a judge a prosecutor a grand jury who could not stand up for a baby's death. How sorry that no one in Lagrange cared that a BABY was murdered. The doctor who saw this baby girl was the second in line to defend a baby. It is one thing when the good please boy network provides coverage for an adult. WHERE ARE THE SUPPOSED CHRISTIANS IN LAGRANGE?.
Baby alissa

Capitol Heights, MD

#12 Mar 6, 2013
Like through Facebook Page. And sign her petition, she deserves her voice to be heard, alissa deserved to live she was a beautiful baby I didn't know her but I encourage everyone to share her story
So pissed

Bluefield, WV

#13 Mar 11, 2013
This is terrible and so sad. Honestly no one takes care of your child like you do. Unfortunately this is what happens when a mother is absent from her child's life. A mother is suppose to protect and love her children. No one on earth will replace a mothers love. I hope this women gets what she deserves. Careless actions of every grown up involved in this little girls life ended up in a tragic loss. May god have mercy on their souls. Rest in peace baby girl!

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