Slain teen's mom faces endangerment c...

Slain teen's mom faces endangerment charge

There are 25 comments on the Daily News story from Dec 20, 2007, titled Slain teen's mom faces endangerment charge. In it, Daily News reports that:

“Yes, a bad decision was made, but that doesnt change the fact that I love my daughter.”

Another twist in the tragic slaying of 14-year-old Ebony Dorsey unfolded yesterday as the teens mother surrendered to face charges that she had put her daughter in harms way. via Daily News

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United States

#1 Jan 3, 2008
I hope she goes away for a long time and isn't allowed custody of the remaining kids without supervision. she is and remains a crack cocaine addict. nothing but trouble. a mistake is what her relative tried to say. put that on Ebony's epitaph.
crackhead cattie

United States

#2 Apr 18, 2008
danielle aka crackhead needs to join her brother in jail. she's a two time felon and everyone knows that she is hanging with the biggest crack cocaine dealer in ambler, fonzi
crackhead cattie

United States

#3 May 1, 2008
danielle aka crackhead will be in court soon. I'd like to see how she explains her affair with the biggest crack cocaine dealer in ambler. two time loser (at least that's how many times she was actually caught doing crack cocaine). miss "feel sorry for me" isn't going to fly much longer as her drug habit is cause for an automatic sentence.
danielle aka crackhead

United States

#4 May 12, 2008
danielle aka crackhead will be in court soon. I'd like to see how she explains her affair with the biggest crack cocaine dealer in ambler. two time loser (at least that's how many times she was actually caught doing crack cocaine). miss "feel sorry for me" isn't going to fly much longer as her drug habit is cause for an automatic sentence.
the truth said

United States

#5 May 15, 2008
theTruth said...
to anyone who doesn't believe "danny" should be held 50% responsible for this tragedy i DO know danielle, and I have only known her for a few years, and not very well-- but EVEN I knew she did drugs everyday. it's a well known fact. people are saying they "all trusted" this "man" Mark??? Ebony's father didn't. why would you trust a drug-dealing-and-doing fiend AT ALL, no less with a CHILD!? he was giving coke to a mother of 3--- he was already slowly murdering someone by supplying them with cocaine... Ebony suffered a violent death that she didn't deserve in ANY shape or form. she overcame so much adversity and had a bright future in spite of her tumultuous upbringing. to people who are sticking up for this crack-head woman: if she didn't want to be the center of attention and put herself on the news, no one could have anything to say- but once you put yourself in the public eye- it's all fair game. grieving mother??? i don't know too many mothers in mourning who have a "party" with some of the neighborhood men DAYS after their child is brutally murdered. "danny" did, though. she's fake- it's SO obvious. don't try to paint a picture of her that she's not- because the truth always comes to light. i hope mark gets sodomized in jail and beat on and tortured. he doesn't deserve to die- he deserves to live and suffer. he's a murderer, a rapist, a pervert a liar, a crack head, a 2-bit drug dealer, and an adulterer. to sum it up: SCUM; a MONSTER. danielle is no better. she is too cracked out to judge anyone's character, evidently-- and it's HER fault that her daughter was in a position for something like this to happen to her. people keep saying, where was the mother? she was at her home with her boyfriend getting high WITH him!!! she admitted it to the police! she's been a known user since ebony was 4 years old, yet no one took those precious kids from her. why didn't anyone call DHS? the father should have had custody-- and he tried... but unfortunately, family court favors the mother. You don't let a high school freshman sleep out on a school night to baby sit so you can get high with your married boyfriend. this was WAY beyond a mistake-- this was a fatal error in judgement, and now this amazing young woman Ebony is dead because of it. where were tray and savanna? why did "danny" wait 2 days to report her missing? "danny" only worked 2 jobs to support her coke habit and pay for basic necessities. she wasn't doing anyone any favors. so what if you work-- if you can't take care of your kids properly, what's the point??? it's not like the father was out of the picture! he has been there from day one. MILLIONS of single mothers work and take care of their kids and DON'T SNORT COKE. why is "danny" exempt from this standard? she ABSOLUTELY knew what kind of person this trash Mark was, yet she still brought him around her children. SICK. Danielle should be sitting in jail on her way to Muncy. she's not sorry for this- she's just worried about where her next bag is coming from, let's be real.
December 14, 2007 2:25 PM
spare us her pity party

United States

#6 May 16, 2008
"With all due respect for a supposedly grieving mother, Cattie's comments
seem to be more
self-serving than anything else. This is to be exopected from a drug
addict. It's all about
them. Their dependencey makes them immune to anything else going on in
their lives.
"...there was no way to tell this was going to happen"?. Get real
Cattie! Cattie said "she
(Ebony) didn't have any problems at the house". Yes she did Cattie.
You were the problem.
You and your drug habit. Cattie said "O'Donnell's drug use had nothing
to do with Ebony".
Her denial is incredible. "Dorsey called her (Ebony) every morning to
wake her for school".
Why, mom? Becuase you were stoned? "I just miss my baby". Try missing
a few "hits" lady.
Does Cattie have any more kids? How many fathers? She went to
Immaculata. Who sent
her there? Parents who cared more for her than drugs obviously. This
woman is endemic of
the Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Dr. Phil generation of American white
trash who is intent on
playing the get high game of "who my baby's daddy?". Spare us any
future stories on Cattie."
jail time for crackcattie

United States

#7 May 16, 2008
it's a shame that the girl suffered and died, but the mother is just as guilty. she glossed over her drug use and her kids have been taken away from her many times by child protective services. she lost a job due to her drug use and that so-called date was nothing but a drug party. she got into fights with her boyfriend, too. and why would she, as the "other woman" let him take her daughter to the house of his wife to babysit his wife's child. just as guilty and deserves to have her children taken away permanently
Danielles guilty 2xfelon

United States

#8 May 23, 2008
problem is that she should have been jailed a long time ago, but race is obviously a factor here.
Philly letter re cattie

United States

#9 May 29, 2008
Posted on Mon, Jan. 14, 2008

Letters: Where's the responsibility, Danielle?
Philadelphia Daily News

RE the Jan. 8 letter from Danielle Cattie, Ebony Dorsey's mother:
While no parent should suffer the loss of a child, this letter seemed to be full of excuses. I'm curious why YOU didn't accept any responsibility for your decisions and actions. I honestly feel for you in your helplessness to drugs and the personal situation that you were in, but you made those choices.

Taking personal responsibility for the way you chose to raise your daughter in that environment is why you are so scrutinized. You didn't have to choose to be with an overpowering man. You didn't have to do drugs. Perhaps this awful situation will make you stand up and empower those in the same situation instead of questioning why people have such a poor opinion of you.

Your letter went on to state some of your feelings, but not one of loss. Why?

You seem so caught up in your defense of your decision-making that you still can't grasp the situation that you put yourself in. Have you ever thought that perhaps this ugly, cruel, demeaning world doesn't need people like you?

Kevin M. Coughlin, Philadelphia
unfit mommie cattie

United States

#10 May 29, 2008
DA's office admits that cattie is an unfit crack addict mother, yet offered a deal in exchange for her testimony. However, her statement turned out to be lies. She tried to testify that the man was into deviant sex, but she bought the anal beads and not only did she buy an anal porn dvd, but she had plenty of vhs porn tapes in her possession prior to meeting him. Her first date consisted of giving him oral sex in a van in front of three other men because as she said on the stand, "I wanted to".
timesherald tabloid news

United States

#11 May 30, 2008
Norristown times herald - Amateur tabloid reporter biased reporting as usual
Once again the Norristown times herald, aka, tabloid news, only prints part of the testimony. There was dna from another unidentified male found in several places, and there were hairs from a caucasian person found in the dead girl's mouth. The paper also neglected other testimony that is being reported accurately by other news agencies.
daniellecattie sex addict

United States

#12 Jun 2, 2008
Once again, Danielle Cattie has been proven a liar as she admitted to buying the sex toys, anal p0rn dvd, and other paraphenalia. At least one paper isn't showing its bias like the others that ignore the crimes and sickness of this female. ...

United States

#13 Jun 12, 2008
I’m a crack-head & I’m ok,
I work at night & sleep all day
$400 could have bought the kids some clothes
But I snorted it all up my nose.

Not great at meals,
It’s Micky D’s for them,
But great at cooking crack,
And that’s a fact.

United States

#14 Jul 18, 2008
83 days to go. Got the whip ready for her fat behind!
person of color

Greenwood, IN

#15 Jul 22, 2008
Ha ha, Big Bertha is waiting for her! How many days does she have now? Think I'll have a barbeque with a couple of kegs when she's finally locked up.
Jail crackhead cattie NOW

Greenwood, IN

#16 Aug 2, 2008
Danielle needs to be locked up instead of being able to hang at the bar all the time. That assistant DA said she's going to jail and I will be glad when she does! Stupid nasty cvnt probably has aids by now. I know about her and the nephew that's on the down low. Guys better wrap it up if they accept helmet polishing from this slvt!
bad decision yeah right

Greenwood, IN

#17 Aug 2, 2008
“Yes, a bad decision was made, but that doesnt change the fact that I love my daughter.”

This nasty wench is a pathalogical liar! She is nothing but a low life white trailer trash b!tch and should be locked up forever!
crackcattiehelme tpolisher

United States

#18 Aug 6, 2008
I'm not going anywhere near that trailer trash. She probably has all kinds of STD's.
jennifer is a pervert

Brentwood, TN

#19 Aug 16, 2008
JENCRACKHEAD, is a perverted loser, trying to protect crackcattie. She's desperate like that crackhead, inviting me on a date at the post. Wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. If crackcattie was on fire, I wouldn't waste my spit to put her out.
risa ur wasting taxes

United States

#20 Sep 10, 2008
"We're just concerned about her health," he said.
District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said Tuesday that her office would evaluate the matter after Plymouth Police Department concludes its investigation.


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