hildebrand meth mobile home and DAVI...

hildebrand meth mobile home and DAVID JOE SWINK of lenoir

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#1 Feb 8, 2011
David Joe Swink along with Harry McCall both have close ties with the meth trailier that was busted in hildebran recently. Richard Rich, Jacob Stilwell have implicated that David Swink made and sold meth to them for the past few years, also they had purchased his meth making recipe along with his assistance in learning how to make the drug.David Swink's red dodge truck has been spotted at this location many times, always after he left the driveway would start getting real busy for hours and going until early in the morning. As i understand David Swink is caldwell county's biggest meth maker and dealer, i understand that the burke county drug task force will be paying a visit to Harry McCall for questioning. Recently David Swink was placed on intensive probation in caldwell county. David Swink has a long criminal record that can be looked up, and the man has never served a day behind bar's. Swink has a court date set for the end of this month on stolen goods, swink is into everthing in caldwell county, stolen property, drugs and now he is putting his drugs into burke county.

Gaffney, SC

#2 Feb 8, 2011
Seeing how U never had & never will have the BALLS 2 say all the stuff u have 2 any of the peoples faces.Just shows how,what & who U truly are.I believe u have been told these words b4..........NUT UP OR SHUT UP.....LOSSER!!!!!!
Icard Resident

United States

#3 Feb 9, 2011
Oh yes all true, just ask Harry McCall. And just who do i need to say this to? Harry will tell anyone what i printed is the truth. Harry likes to talk about his friend David Swink. NUT UP OR SHUT UP? Prove what i print is a lie, lets hear the real truth if you know it. Please tell who they bought their recipe from and also who taught them how to make the meth. You have no proof but Harry does.

Asheville, NC

#4 Feb 9, 2011
Icard Resident wrote:
Oh yes all true, just ask Harry McCall. And just who do i need to say this to? Harry will tell anyone what i printed is the truth. Harry likes to talk about his friend David Swink. NUT UP OR SHUT UP? Prove what i print is a lie, lets hear the real truth if you know it. Please tell who they bought their recipe from and also who taught them how to make the meth. You have no proof but Harry does.
icard resident

United States

#5 Feb 9, 2011
Whatever wrote:
Truth hurts, and you can't stand the TRUTH!!
harrys wife

United States

#6 Feb 9, 2011
harrys in jail dumb f7ck if he was ratting alot of dealers would be in jail so stop your damn lies david's not on intensive probation that was posted to piss you idiots off, im a first cousin to harry and david as they are cousins too so nutt this upp your lieing asses and if this is angie winkler posting these lies honey you are up for a huge conspiricy charge (:so i suggest you stfu stay with jeff blevins the hood rat and hush up that mouth, cause you and lori ann sure do and sure did make alot of trips to the icard trailor for yank b4 it got busted(: so are you two hoes the rats we know blevins is a rat, no questions no denieing, but get this harry dont want you back angie he is going back to his 2nd wife and going to church and he will not be with trash any longer. also that insurance scam loriann is pulling on her cousin well i hear her cousin has several friends ready to testify lori was on drugs wrecked the car and dragged an innocent lady into her drama with jeff,but i had a meeting with the da and i told him lori ann was so drunk off her ass and she was not hurt in either incident she is a fraude to insurance scams, and it's all going to blow up in her face soon, i also know you loriann and angie took a recipe for bath tub crank to r rich in icard for a cheaper way of making meth. and the bottle they ran with belonged to you loriann and angela winkler. so maybe burke co needs to visit you since you had just dropped off your supply to be made.angie you will never get harry back so move on dope hoe and lori ann move on with yank b cause i told em last week. all about you, he is only with you until his daddys ins pays off but guesss what it's not paying your a fraud you were driving when the car was wrecked. fraude and meth hoes supplying meth reciepts do you know just having the recope to make meth is a federal charge? well you do now or you both will soon,
morganton ex con

United States

#7 Feb 11, 2011
well i was in jail with ole harry and yes he ratted his ass off even told that swink set him up on all that scrap metal, i think harry was telling the truth because he gave details on him and swink and said that he told sheriff john everything. so yea swink is SHIT!! now the truth starts coming out.

United States

#8 Feb 11, 2011
swonk did set up mccall to be arrested that day but the girl swink ended up getting busted instead was smart she had swink set harry out up the road then when the law swarmed swink, she went to jail swink went home, later picked harry back up and kept him for 2 months then worked a deal to have harry at a residence and they got him,swink again walked away. so if harry, bones, pattons or any of the rest of them were smart they would ask to see the detectives and start telling who has had them stealing for him ,and they sit in jail while swink runs free. he is and informant for burke co , i saw them suiting him up the other day, he even has a wig for hair, seriously i was getting out and looked over to say what up swink and he turned his head got news for ya there buddy, there is no decoy for you, you have a very distinct face and you did'nt fool me at all.
payton hildebran

United States

#9 Mar 13, 2012
none of you know what really happened never been no red dodge at my bros you want to run your mouth with fake names heres my real one

Linville, NC

#10 Sep 11, 2013
for all you motherf7kers that think you know david swink "stimey" your dead wrong. he does NOT "rat" so to say on anyone. NOR is he half as bad as you think he is. All you people hear is dammmnn rumors. Gets your facts straight then come on here and run that mouth!

Banner Elk, NC

#11 Sep 11, 2013
Really? After 2 and a half years? How do people even find these old threads?

Lenoir, NC

#12 Sep 12, 2013
Nasty meth head trash, all of ya

United States

#13 Sep 14, 2013
you idiots david is in prison in sc and harrys been out about 8 months has a job and is doing well so get your lies together you dumb asses and fyi david didn'nt mess with the shake n bake he had the realk shit.you must not of dealt with him often.
why dont you nosey ass people get a better life than talking about people who has already served time or is serving time.
Scary Harry

Salem, SC

#14 Sep 15, 2013
Harry is nothing but a little pussie meth head that's to broke to buy real meth so he uses shake and bake.... Harry sets people up for narcs alllllll the time that's the only way he has any money... He is one of the biggest piece of shit nars in the entire county!!!!!!! Stay away from him!!!!!!!

Lenoir, NC

#15 Sep 18, 2013
I am laughing so hard right now. There is no shame on Topix, because no one ever has to face who they trash. David is doing great, and is cmpletely oblivious to your little rant. You must have no brains, or balls. Or both. Can't you find a hobby- like entertaing your limp dick by whispering promises in its ear?

Murfreesboro, TN

#16 Sep 19, 2013
You people are strange.

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