48th District Court clamps down on costs

48th District Court clamps down on costs

There are 51 comments on the Hometown Life story from Nov 25, 2007, titled 48th District Court clamps down on costs. In it, Hometown Life reports that:

“We are diligent about keeping expenses down and reducing expenditures wherever possible”

A tight fiscal policy and a diligent program to collect delinquent court-ordered fines and fees have helped keep the 48th District Court budget in check to the extent that its budget increase request for 2008 ... via Hometown Life

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United States

#22 Nov 22, 2010
daugustini is a powertrippin wierdo she should be de throwned and tried for treason and sent to jams to pee in a cup dailey since she loves that company so much and let her blow too she must be a drunk shes a hateful crazy weirdo full of herself she is a power hungry witch with a b
Scared Sheep No More

Plymouth, MI

#23 Nov 24, 2010
I am glad to report back to you that $40,000 later my son is out of jail and out of this state where the 48th district can't reach him.
Since he left however I experienced a second home raid. The kids have gotten smarter and they all ran from the police. Nobody got nabbed. That saved their families about $4,000 each.
The nuts judges there say they don't jail children. I have the bills to prove that they do.
Here is the trick. Give them an MIP and a probation set of requirements that an adult with unlimited cab money could not meet. Once they falter on probation, they go to OCJ.
There is another bunch of ass holes. They let you out at 12:01AM so it counts as a whole day. If you are let out early for good behaviour they make you sign that you were there for the full term. In about 2 weeks (Because they are a bloated government mess) you get a letter that you owe them $65/Day for all the days of your original sentance, not how long you were actually there.
These people really only want your money for their health care, retirement and cushy job. That's all.
There is a group in Birmingham Bloomfield that is collecting support to get those 'child molesters' out of office. It will be fun to see them in the unemployment line. They don't deserve that much.
Don't forget to vote.

United States

#24 Nov 24, 2010
All you punks need to be in the OCJ!!!!! Bologna sandwiches and a pudding cup for Thanksgiving!!!
Bullet votes

Waterford, MI

#25 Dec 5, 2010
Vote with bullets. I'd love to see some of these corrupt judges dead on the sidewalk with their brains blown out. I'd pay to see pics of that!

United States

#26 Dec 10, 2010
judge dickow is a tyrant plays with her glasses while ruining peoples lives sentences everyone to jams she is the jams queen no matter what the offence jams is in order she is a power hungry troubled woman she thinks she alah chaldean lunatick if I was related to her I would recomend she attends jams pee in a cup and make her show up dailey it is the criminal justice system dickow is a criminal nazi police to they go fishing they must have laid off all of the decent cops and kept the revenuers they sit in the middle of the road with a computer that runs every single plate of all the cars that pass him then he pulls them over and throws the book at them no matter how ridiculous the charge the love of money is evil thats the bloomfield township way it doesent matter what the charge its time for a jams kickback she thinks she is in charge of the society and whats in there pee pee what a power trippin excuse for a judge just play with your glasses and ruin more lives thats dickows job dont forget jams kickbacks i could go on but down with miss dickow.
Fighting back

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#27 Jan 16, 2011
I can't wait to vote these child and family destroyers out of their jobs. Judge Dianne 'The Dragon' D'Agostini and Kimberly 'I'll make your bank account' Small.

These women jail young adults on a regular basis. I know my son spent 21 days in OCJ for a probation violation. The good thing about jail is that the incredibility complex set of probation activities stop. If you kid is tough enough, take the jail time. That way you don't have to deal with the government idiots that you will meet in the course of a year of probation gymnastics.

The Bloomfield Township police are out to get at your money and the women are there to jail your children. Many residents have lost all respect for the police who break the law when raiding your home.

I went through the system with my children. These women should be the ones in jail for destroying many families and children while they craft the 'perfect' community.

Fact: In 1980 one in 20 state employees worked in the corrections system in one form or another. Now it is almost one in three. Mostly cushy jobs with great benifits.

And we wonder why we can’t balance the budget???

Don't forget to vote!
someone who has seen it

Okemos, MI

#28 Feb 26, 2011
udge Small admitted my daughters rights had been violated yet she sentenced my daughter to ninety days work release,18 months probation reporting, took her license, and she had to do breathalyzers and attend regularly AA meetings. She had to pay court cost, fines and fees, oversight charges and will have to pay reinstatement fees.This Judge is out of control!!!!


#29 Feb 27, 2011
Dear "someone who has seen it"... you omitted the fact, but it sounds like your daughter may have a drinking problem which she has taken on the road. Best guess is that this is not her first offence either... If you noticed, all the legal papers regarding your daughter probably said; The People (that is all of us citizens who are on the street while your daughter is driving drunk) vs. "daughter". The judges don't work on commission and don't benefit from sentencing your daughter.. what they do, do however is try to keep the rest of us safe from your daughter's behavior which it sounds like you may condone. You may be the one "out of control".. I, and the other citizens of Michigan elected our judges to keep us safe and protected from your daughter and others who don't seem to think the law applies to them.. or just don't care. The question is do you care about keeping our daughters safe from drunk drivers? Maybe you should have spent some of your money on rehab for your daughter BEFORE it took the Court to do your job. No sympathy from the citizenery this time. If she violates probation, I hope they take her licence for good- I know I'll sleep better.

West Bloomfield, MI

#30 Mar 26, 2011
Judge Dagostini- Is the worst judge in the district let alone the whole county of Oakland. She does not abide by the law. She will drag out cases for months that have no merit. She does not want to hear the real law at ALL. She believes that she is the only only who knows the law. She is also believes that every police report that goes in front of her is the truth. She will not dispute any of the facts in the police report. Her main goal is to drag out cases for months so she can send people to JAMS or put them on a teather for monthts! My crimhad nothingto do with alcohol but she has mad me spend thousands of dollars for PBTS threw a 6 month case which was a reckless driving case. Her main objective is to make money or to send people to jail no matter what the case is. She is The worst judge the 48th district court has ever had. She thinks she is the law and the only one who knows the laws the law. She is crook! She needs to be taken off the bench immediatley! Its her way or the highwat no matter the facts. She will never ever let an attorney speack and explain his clients issue or his clients problems. She is on a complete power trip. And she doe not care how over crowdd our jails are she will keep send people there ( a 78 year old man on his first D.U.I. was sent to 93 days in jail) she is all about money and power. DO NOT RE- ELECT JUDE dAGOSTINI!!!!!!!!!!
Valerie Weise

Royal Oak, MI

#31 Mar 28, 2011
Bystander wrote:
First of all, that $3 mill verdict doesn't mean a thing. Media says they lied under oath but there's no proof, its all hearsay. Second, excuses don't fly. If you steal and get caught, you have no one to blame but yourself. Don't persecute a Judge for doing her job, and doing it well. What do you think she should do? Tell you not to do it again and send you on your way? If you steal $12 glasses, its only a build up of a habit that can cause more damage in the future; she sees this every day and she knows what she's doing.
Obviously you all did something wrong to put yourself before her anyway, and since you don't want to take responsibility for your actions, you blame the consequences on her. Own up to your wrongs and be prepared to accept responsibility- otherwise, take the easy way out and DON'T DO IT!
Bystander - The girl was not complaining about being punished for stealing. Her complaint was about something else. "Obviously" you do not "take responsibility" for reading/comprehending a story before passing your own judgement. Re-read her post and try again, please.

Little Rock, AR

#32 May 6, 2011
Anybody who as anything positive to say about the 3 stooges at 48th district court is an IDIOT!! Just wait till you face one of the stooges and you will completely understand where we are coming from! How can JUDGE MARC BARRON judge me when his wife is a drunk! She has 2 DUI'S and i bet she wasn't on lockdown,nor probation,nor had to go to JAMS! I also heard he's an alky 2 cant wait till i see me out anywhere,pictures will be all over the net just wait! Bystander probably one of the families drinking buddies!
bloomfield citizen

Birmingham, MI

#33 Jun 28, 2011
I would like to hear from credible people who have valid complaints about 48th district court behavior. I will need contact info from you so I can interview you. There are people who would like to stop certain behaviors at 48th district. If you are interested please reply on this post with your first name and contact info.

“Hometown boy”

Since: Oct 08


#35 Aug 16, 2011
There are lots of bad Judges; too bad the 48th District Court has so many of them.

I believe they are doing somthing illegal; perhaps getting kick-backs of some kind, and feathering their nests by their positions.

Most of them run their Courts to appeal to the Rich,White,Republican voters in their District.

Waterford, MI

#36 Aug 22, 2011
Bystander wrote:
First of all, that $3 mill verdict doesn't mean a thing. Media says they lied under oath but there's no proof, its all hearsay. Second, excuses don't fly. If you steal and get caught, you have no one to blame but yourself. Don't persecute a Judge for doing her job, and doing it well. What do you think she should do? Tell you not to do it again and send you on your way? If you steal $12 glasses, its only a build up of a habit that can cause more damage in the future; she sees this every day and she knows what she's doing.
Obviously you all did something wrong to put yourself before her anyway, and since you don't want to take responsibility for your actions, you blame the consequences on her. Own up to your wrongs and be prepared to accept responsibility- otherwise, take the easy way out and DON'T DO IT!
Im sorry bystander but you are obviously either one of the Judges in question or a member of their personal circle. I can honestly say that there are several members of the community surrounding the 48th that are not only law abiding citizens but are also in good standing within the civic structure who are nothing shot of abhorrently digusted and embarresed by the conduct and gross zealotry that has been shown by this court. The $3 million lawsuit WAS a big deal and yes the less-than-honorable Judges involved in the fiasco were dishonest under oath. I will remind you after your tirade on "THE RULES" that in the case of a Judge, who should be a paragon of the law and respect for it at the very worst of times, even the smallest deviation from the truth is a lie and an insult to thier office. This coupled with their harsh treatment of all of those who come before their bench and the Draconian manner in which they administer what they call "the law" has brought all of Oakland county under NATIONAL scrutiny. I have myself been in front of Marc Barron and can say from expieriance he is an arogant man who sees nothing but the chance to make himself look better in the eyes of those who want to hear they are tough on crime, he shows no regard for the idea of due process or any level of civil rights ammounting to a defendant's right to not make pleas or accept judgments under duress. At the same time yes his wife's own misconduct became a thing to be kept quiet. Guilty or not these Judges will attack you and continue to opperate with the attitude and accountability that is strongly reminiscent of the SS. If they are wise these judges will start to be aware that they are being watched and we the people whom they SERVE are not happy with the joke they have made our legal system into.
David L

Saint Petersburg, FL

#37 Dec 26, 2011
Judge Marc Barron has a history of convicting drug addicts to prisons sentences when they are in rehab and are focused on beating their addiction. Drug addiction is one of the worst medical problems to have. Judge Barron has on multiple occasions sentenced recovering addicts to prison not allowing them to give back to the community and teach our young adult population how bad using drugs are.
Most recently my daughter a recovering IV drug user appeared in front of Judge Barron on a bench warrant for a probation violation for a DUI., She had completed her probation but missed her court hearing a year ago. She was in jail in St. Petersburg FL. I had her arrest for stealing money from my checking account. My daughter was in denial of her addiction and was in Jail in St. Petersburg.
I hired an attorney Don Valentine a long term partner to go before Judge Barron and explain what had happened. He said he did not care and issued a bench warrant for her arrest. My daughter did not recover from her addition until November of this year, she moved back to Michigan to live with her mother and start college and continue her drug treatment program. She went before Judge Small for arraignment, at first judge Small set bail at $5,000. After my Daughter Anna explained what had happened to her and how she was focused on her rehab and was attending AA twice a day, Judge Small Set Bail at $500.00 this was on top of the bond I had posted for $1,000.00 last year.
Anna went before Judge Barron the following Week. Her goal was to admit to her DUI three years past and put it behind her to continue her rehab and seek medical attention for medical issues that resulted from IV drug abuse. She also requires back surgery for her injuries from the car crash of three years past. She told Judge Barron, that she wanted to teach high school student in the 48th district court of Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield her story.
She graduated from Lasher High School number two in her class and went on to John Hopkins for a pre-Medical degree, but got addicted to drugs. Her goal is to go back to college but to help other high school students understand how to fight back on the addiction that is so easy to get trapped into.
Judge Barron did not care about my daughters injuries that needed medical treatment, nor did he care that my daughter was willing to give back to the community. His only commitment is to teach people a lesson that he is the ruler and if you do not follow his rules that dated back to the 1960’s then you lose. She has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for her probation violation. Please use this web site to tell your story about judge Marc Barron.

Ferndale, MI

#38 Jan 10, 2012
Bystander wrote:
You people are just cynical about the fact that the system and its rules apply to you because you all messed up. I know all 3 judges, they are fair, respectable, and professional in the court room. They abide by the law, and enforce it on those who don't. Get over it and stop hating on people who are building up our society. We didn't elect them to tuck us in at night, they're elected to set the rules in stone, if you don't like it, abide by the rules and there won't be a problem.
Which judge's child are you? Or you're totally retarded. Anyway, pi$$ off!

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#39 Jan 14, 2012
I love to post in Bloomfield......

whos policing the police

Redford, MI

#40 Jun 17, 2012
first of all, the $3mil case is public record. Just like the three musketeers of bloomfield hills 48th dc use this system to persecute, how could it be flawed only when it doesn't work in their favor? and we arren't stupid, we know the judges are the one's that call themselves "bystander" and really that is a perfect name, because you are a bystander and alone. Some of these Judges have an ax to grind with the public because of misfortunate events that occured in their lives and childhood. I bet if we drug and alcohol tested all three of these judges at the JAMS in which they own under the table, they would be going to jail. Look at Baron's wife, she got a dui while he was locking up a teen that doesn't know any better, then turns around and fires Michelle Thornton costing the city $3mil. But I guess those JAMS checks they are getting under the table will cover the wife. Smalls admits to doing drugs as a teen, but i've seen her and A'gostini ordering wine at lunch during court hours. I know they play dirty and send their "police investigators" to do their dirt, but they will get whats coming to them in the afterlife. God bless america and shame on the FBI, Board of Tenure and Stae of michigan for allowing this fiascle to continue.....

Commerce Township, MI

#41 Sep 15, 2012
Is there a reason that we still cannot get rid of these "judges" with god complexes? People do need consequences, but when the punishment far outweighs the crime.....When these judges are vicious and vindictive they destroy lives. Whether they realize it or not, they are GUILTY. They have too much power and no one is able to stop them when they go beyond the law. I have heard this not only from lawyers, but cashiers and clerks who see the day to day inner workings of the 48th District court.They agree it is wrong but everyone is afraid to stop them or they can't. Shame on you - you vampire judges!
Experienced Attorney

Grand Rapids, MI

#42 Sep 19, 2012
All three Judges on that bench need to go. The way they berate and humiliate the citizens and attorneys that appear before them is totally unprofessional.

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